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Ubisoft: With The Right Games Wii U Will Find Its Public

Posted by Damien McFerran

"One single game can change a platform's fortunes"

Ubisoft came under fire when it decided to make Rayman Legends multi-platform and rob the Wii U of one of its more high-profile exclusives, but while rival publishers take a step back from Nintendo's console, the French veteran is continuing to display its support by developing games like Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag.

Clearly, there's a feeling within the walls of Ubisoft's Montreuil HQ that Nintendo's console will come good eventually. Speaking to MCV, EMEA executive director Alain Corre states that the console just needs to find the right software, and the rest will fall into place:

It takes time for a machine to establish itself. We've seen in the past that when more games come, the console picks up. That is what we believe will happen for Wii U. There is a place in the market for each console, and with the right games Wii U will find its public and sell in the long-term.

One single game can change a platform's fortunes - it happened for the DS, it happened for the Super Nintendo. I believe it can be the same for Wii U.

Whatever your feelings about Ubisoft's past actions, you certainly can't accuse the publisher of abandoning the Wii U — and such positive comments should only serve to endear the company with the Nintendo faithful.


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SanderEvers said:

No really, Ubisoft. Rayman Legend could've been THAT game if it was released in February when you finished it!




Zach777 said:

They are right; in time the Wii U will run the same course as the 3DS and be a successful home console.



Megumi said:

Ubisoft can make some really crappy decisions sometimes...but at least they're supporting the Wii U with all of their big games, even though I probably won't bother with them....except Rayman. lol (seriously wasn't expecting Watch_Dogs to have a Wii U version, lol)



The-Chosen-one said:

nintendo should not be depended on third party. its nintendo's fault that the wiiU sold so slow. because of lack of epic first party tiltes.
but they will come back, now with smashbros, the hype train has started lol



Shiryu said:

Nice try in trying to note common sense to "the people" out there Ubi but I am still quite upset about the whole "Rayman" fiasco. Still, you will still see my money more than once up to the end of this year. As for the big picture, common you crazy "Nintendo is doomed, Wii U is crap" people: No one can measure a home console success or failure in 6 months. I sometimes fear where we are heading with this generational mentality "I want it all right now!" behaviour.



DarkCoolEdge said:

The Rayman Legends delay was upsetting but there is no doubt about (xD) Ubi's support. It's the company that is developing more important games for the console. You've got to give credit where it is due. Keep'em coming Ubi.



ungibbed said:

If Ubi supports the Wii U, I for one would gladly return the favor with all the offerings that suit my taste. Count one for Black Flag, Ray Man, and even Watch Dogs. Hopefully others will do the same so that more developers get the message. We don't want shovelware, quality games with the right support could hopefully turn the Wii U into a "modern" SNES.



ungibbed said:

@Shiryu I agree, many gamers these days are a bit spoiled. Especially those who have gone multiconsole like I have with the original Wii and PS3. Both the Wii and PS3 had really rough starts with waggle jokes and no games on the PS3 memes for years. How the tides have changed.

I really hope Rock* considers a Wii U version of GTA V. The hardware can easily handle the game as the Wii U has no problem holding its ground with the Xbox 360 and PS3. Yet the Wii U goes ignored with the greatest multiplatform title in years. The Wii U needs that game or forever will it be the laughing stock for years to come.



RevolverLink said:

He's not wrong. Saying that a single game can save a system is probably oversimplifying things a bit, but the impact that games like Super Mario 64, Halo, Super Smash Bros. Melee and New Super Mario Bros. had for the Nintendo 64, Xbox, GameCube and Nintendo DS, respectively, shouldn't be underestimated (particularly in SM64's case - that game almost single-handedly kept the N64 afloat during the extended wait until the next wave of 1st- and 2nd-party content). Even though those first three systems didn't ultimately win their console generations (and the DS was competing on a different playing field with the PSP and another Nintendo handheld), those games moved a lot of systems and went a long way toward solidifying those consoles' relevance.

And Rayman Legends was never going to be that game, whether or not it remained a Wii U exclusive. Rayman and other non-Mario side-scrollers just don't have that kind of drawing power.



valcoholic said:

Splinter Cell should be more mentioned in threads like this. After all it's gonna be the next game to be released and looks quite as promising as all the others. In fact it's even hand tailored to fit the WiiU's special needs



MadAdam81 said:

@ungibbed my opinion Lego City Undercover is greater than at least the last 3 GTAs. The only real innovation since number 3 is adding insane amounts of swearing for the 13 year olds and reducing the amount of story.



Lassenwolf said:

Here's what no one talks about. Sony has made 3 bombs. the psp , psgo ,the vita and in some ways ps3 . ps3 is in third place but no one say they should stop making games. Nintendo could make three more systems that don't sell and would have more money than Sony. Nintendo finances are fine .Sony is the one with no money. There is no point to bring up MS. They can throw money at a console for years to come and still have billions. Being the only real American company helps in the USA also.



MadAdam81 said:

@RevolverLink Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64 did a massive job in selling the N64, with them being pretty much the only must play 4 player multiplayer games in the entire market.



Lassenwolf said:

Nintendo invented the muti player game for consoles. Without Golden eye, perfect dark and even diddy kong( yes rare made them but it was nintendo liciense and they still own part of golden eye with Microsoft . there would be no call of duty online without Nintendos lead



rjejr said:

The U in WiiU basically stands for Ubisoft as there hasn't been as much 3rd party support from any other company.

That said, the "1" game has to come from Nintendo, not Ubi, and it has to be exclusive. Fortunately for Nintendo it has 3 - Mario, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. I know Zelda and Metroid fans don't like to be left out but I see those 3 as the big system sellers. NSMBU being available from day 1 kind of shows that game can't move systems, even w/ Mario in it.



NintendoPro64 said:

I agree. Donkey Kong is really the only other sidescroller these days other than Mario that still has system selling power.

@rjer Yeah. And NSMBU could have sold the Wii U if

A: The ads didn't confuse it with NSMB Wii
B: If Nintendo had revamped the graphics and made it based of SMB2 (USA) or Super Mario Land.
C: NSMB2 hadn't been released last year.



GraveLordXD said:

Some of these comments wtf!? Lol
@wolfcreek I think what you meant to say was ps3 is the bomb not being 3rd place of consoles that bombed amirite? Considering it has some pretty good exclusives that blow Microsoft out the water and rivals some 1st party Nintendo games just look at the last of us it has a metric score of 96 with 56 reviews 27 of those reviews gave it a perfect score, ps3 also has some great rpgs like ni no kuni and others. So in my opinion the best system last generation is the ps3 hands down
@ungibbed I seriously doubt the wii u would be a laughing stock because it doesn't have gta5, please



HeatBombastic said:

@SanderEvers They're adding tons more content to the Wii U versions, and working out some hidden kinks. Really, man? I know they handled it poorly, but you're still not over it?



Lassenwolf said:

@LDXD that's your opinion and that's ok if you like a system play it . I have all the systems ,but I stated facts.



Lassenwolf said:

See that my point, If the psp sold 80 million and yet isnt even close to ds sales does sony stop making consoles. The game cube was third in sales and yet was more powerful than ps2. But the game cube had some of the best games ever.



Rect_Pola said:

I'm starting to hope the Wii U bounces back in a huge way and third parties (especially EA) get burned for their hesitation like they did with Wii.



ungibbed said:

@MadAdam81 I do have Lego City Undercover and I think it's great personally. But attracting more gamers via any of the GTA games on a Nintendo console will attract those who love the Nintendo exclusives along with hopeful third party support. Those who wish not to have GTA on their Wii U can simply not buy it or use the parental controls to keep such games off the family game system.

I know Nintendo wishes to attract families, mass appeal to the Wii U getting top notch third party support along with Ninteno exclusives would be the perfect mix I feel.

Shake the "kiddy" image and getting mass appeal in more markets (especially the US) would be an awesome stride for a "new image" for Nintendo where most "hardcore" gamers will refuse to buy a Wii U simply for the fact of it being a Nintendo console.



bassoongoon said:

Its great for Nintendo to have such a great 3rd party company supporting its Wii U endeavor (when many others are indifferent, at BEST). I will probably pick up Legends and Watchdogs.



SkywardCrowbar said:

I understand the anger at Ubisoft over the whole Rayman nonsense. That said, it's in the past. Ubisoft is Nintendo's biggest ally right now. They are still pretty much all in with Nintendo. Yes, it was BS that Rayman: Legends hasn't been released yet and it's not a Wii U Exclusive anymore, but there's no use crying over spilled milk. Let's focus on the great games that Ubisoft is bringing to the Wii U going forward.

I'd also like to point out that it is a minor consolation (at least to me) that Wii U got the free Challenges App. I've greatly enjoyed it, and it's hyped me up a lot for the final product. Also, from what I gather, the Wii U will have an exclusive stealth mini game or mode or something like that. Every version of the game will have some exclusive content. I like that idea.



GraveLordXD said:

@ungibbed games like gta5 and dark souls 2 would help out a lot I have a feeling if gta5 comes to the wii u it will be to late and people like me would buy it for another system and then they will complain it didn't get enough sales
Nintendo has always been family friendly but I think the original wii gave it that kiddie name and a system for casuals which it really isn't the wii u definitely isn't



Lassenwolf said:

I would bet any one who is hardcore gamer and plays wii u super mario bros will find it harder than most games today. There's so much content if anyone played nano assalt that indie game looks bad ass on the wii u. Look I have 2 360s. I love it. I would love to have RDR on the Wii u. Nintendo has never tried to compete with Sony or MS. But with Nintendo you get complete games without day 1 patches. It plays wii games. I love playing the rayman app it my bed on the game pad and every one else is watching tv in the other room.. The browser is better than any console. And last You play a game to play it. No pop up trophies because you watch game credits. I do think if Nintendo did add some trophie method they may sell more to the acheavment whores. BUt like Sony they could do that at anytime



ungibbed said:


I feel you misunderstood me. In the beginning of the PS3's life span it was lambasted for its high cost and few games on US shelves that did very little to impress until Uncharted released showing the muscle of the system of the time. I am not blind to how things improved over the years as when the first price drop for the system hit the shelves, I bought mine and loved it ever since. I then upgraded to the second generation "slim" which was a vast improvement and even better, had full HDMI CEC compatibility with the rest of my AV rig which happened to be all Sony. A huge jump in simplicity as all you needed to so was power on the PS3 and the rest of my equipment automatically set itself up, powering on my TV and such.

Fantastic system with a vast number of great games (I also own the Vita).

I know the system is the top console right now but felt no need to mention it as its pretty much common knowledge. Sorry if you're offended by that...

The reason I mention GTA on the Wii U is if it happened. Like many other great third party titles that will NOT be published for the system is I wish the console had more mass appeal, with that, come more great games. Need I say more? No reason for the insult...



Lassenwolf said:

family freindly is not correct. its assumed. damm whats the black and white wii game mad house I had it at one time., anyway all adult. rares conker on n 64, bmx xxx was not toned down on nintendo but sony made there's teen. no more heros was on the wii first. and on and on . say what you want but Nintendo doesnt go out and defend them selves on the lies . They just make games better than anyone.



GraveLordXD said:

@ungibbed wait when did I insult you or anyone if you feel like that I'm truly sorry, maybe you misunderstood me also but read my other post further down yeah I do get what you are saying I agree with you but I don't agree that the wii u would fail or be a laughing stock without gta5 but it sure would be great for Nintendo to have in its library on time



ungibbed said:

@LDXD The main problem is shaking the family nature if need be, after all, Bad Fur Day on the original XBox seen more censorship than the classic and collectible N64 title (which I love)

I feel that the Wii U (given the chance with such games) can still play a multiple role. It has user accounts, family restrictions, you name it. The PS3 had the same but rarely was used nor explained well if you wanted your pre-teen mowing down people with a chainsaw etc.

Nintendo perhaps likes that mass opinion but it really is showing in both quality (all the horrible shovelware on the Wii which could have been so much better had Nintendo tightened the ropes letting every developer dump the quick cash trash of the past.

I hope this never happens again...



Lassenwolf said:

If The w ii u only sell about 20 million that would put it at game cube sales but . Nintendo would be a first party only console and a second pickup to ps4 or xbox 1 or 3( ha). but they will have smash bros,pikman 3, link/zelda, mario cart,bayonetta 2, and mario galaxy 3 or whatever it is and you cant get those anywhere. so The big N still wins. those titles will give them more more than all halos and god of wars combines. Its sony and Ms that don't get it



NMH-TRI said:

Just shutup about Rayman already. Go play the challenge app, it's a FREE diversion that, imo, is an excellent consolation. I was angry about it initially too, but looking at the bigger picture, they supported the Wii with exclusives and multiplat and ARE supporting the Wii U in the same way. This is FAR more than what can be said about the majority of 3rd parties.



readypembroke said:

I will have agree with this person. Some console exclusives make people buy the console so they can play it on. Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U might be one of those games.



ScorpionMG said:

i got mad at the rayman thing, but im still gonna get the game, and im looking forward to games like Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, Ac4 etc (maybe a sequel of zombiU or new IP?)



ungibbed said:

@LDXD not sure which side of the pond you're on, but in a huge vast ocean of Wii Shovelware, it was tough to find the gems when which combed through were not that many from third parties.

That is why I hope so much that Nintendo can and will reject such games on the Wii U and have a true hardcore and family friendly platform this time around.

The potential of the original Wii yet to be truly tapped much like so late in the life of the origninal Wii, the best visuals were only wrangled out of it with Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (loved the out of focus impressionist art style that blended together with a great mix between the cell shaded graphics of Wind Waker and the more realistic look of Twilight Princess)

The third party games that looked truly great or pushed the Wii in any form were very few indeed. Xenoblade Chronicles while published by Nintendo was never thought possible by many Nintendo forums and at the launch of the Wii, the best looking games on the system were GameCube titles...

In sharp contrast, the launch games we have on the Wii U were ports from existing consoles that had over seven years of development on them getting every last bit out of them. Having both NFS:HP for my PS3 and the new Wii U release, the visual difference was amazing in every way. While poly count looked pretty much unchanged, the boost in textures and lighting were amazing! All from a developer/publisher which we may never see another quality title from.

It's a bit of humble pie honestly, but I still praise Criterion for going the extra mile and taking advantage of the extra memory in the Wii U as they are an amazing developer stuck on a leash by their publisher (EA).

Sorry for the long winded posts folks but as a former developer, I always loved going the extra mile and doing what I felt was right but constrained by time limits, budgets, and the all important part.

Return On Investment. The key focus that publishers consider when deciding what systems get which games or not. I can see why the once exclusive Rayman for the Wii U was pushed back for multiplatform for the large investment in the game. With nearly stalled sales of the Wii U, Ubisoft made a tough but wise decision.

It wasn't to upset the exclusive nature Rayman once had on the Wii U but a business decision to maximize the profit margin thus having more potential sales and capital to work with on other projects. This is why I always encourage Nintendo console owners to support third party games.

Far more developers and publishers risked GameCube releases of many games but few Gamecube owners ever bought the games save for a select few, it is the primary reason why the Wii was pelted with rubbish. So this time around, consider third party purchases on the Wii U and perhaps in the near future with this more powerful console, publishers may consider the Wii U after all. If the games come, more systems sell and we all win in the long run.

It won't happen overnight mind you, but its just how game projects are planned and proposed. Maximum ROI is the ultamate goal for any company in the gaming business.



Robknoxious1 said:

@SanderEvers As much as I loved Origins and am loving what I've played/seen of Legends (enough to pre-order) I really don't think having it as an exclusive would've been enough to alter Wii U's future or current status. The market for non-Mario 2D platformers just hasn't shown itself to be that huge.

It's going to take a 1st party killer app to make a big difference. Just my opinion.

Of course if RL would've stayed exclusive then it, along with other exclusives like Bayonetta 2 and Sonic Lost World could've helped convince people they need a Wii U - assuming they come out reasonably quick AND reviewed well.



GraveLordXD said:

@ungibbed the wii was the only Nintendo system that I actually felt the need to get another system to support my gaming needs, it had some gems though but imo it was the worst Nintendo system I owned and other m really let me down
So far the wii u is already much better for me and has way more potential just with the games coming out later this year and I can't wait to see what other games this system will have in its lifetime.
And hopefully a lot less shovelware



element187 said:

Shiryu :"I sometimes fear where we are heading with this generational mentality "I want it all right now!" behaviour."

@Shiryu I'll tell you where we are heading. Remember when the UK needed to balance budgets and decided to shave some spending off of the Uni side of things, and these self entitled little fools began burning cars, rioting, and acting like a bunch of spoiled children.

Its the whole reason why Obama won a second term. He promsied free stuff, while Romney promised hard work and self sufficiency.... guess which one the self entitled children chose.... sorry to derail, but I have been seeing this nextgen mentallity developing a long time ago, and its to a fever pitch... its only going to get worse.



blackknight77 said:

I believe one game can change the course of a console. Smash Bros. Melee was a great example of that on the game cube.

@element187 You are truthful and correct in what you are saying



ungibbed said:

@LDXD The original Wii for me was also a "companion" console to my PS3. I have a huge soft spot for classics and invested a insane amount of money on Virtual Console games (well over $400 at my best guess) and the emulation for each system on the old Wii was spot on perfect amazingly enough.

That and the retail games I've bought for it over the years, I'd say I got my money's worth but also completely outnumbered by my PS3 library which was just shy of 40 retail games not to mention PSN online purchases.

I sold my PS3 system bit by bit online to help fund the purchase of my Wii U Deluxe console and six games with a Wii U Pro Controller.

No buyers remorse as I love the hardware and all of the games on my PS3 were beaten or just got bored with them. Of the exclusives like Little Big Planet and more, my Vita does the job nicely.

My PS3 was showing signs of age and I guess my computer will do the heavy lifting for GTA 5

I could have bought the Wii U system outright if I wanted, but I prefer having some $$$ in my savings and spent enough upgrading my mobile phone from my old Galaxy Nexus to a iPhone 5



GraveLordXD said:

@ungibbed yeah I'm like that too that's what me and my friends mostly played on the wii was old school games. I swear I never get tired of those classic games



smashbrolink said:

@SanderEvers No, it wouldn't.
Don't get me wrong, though; I'm not saying that Legends is bad. Honestly, I'm a day 1 buyer for it, guaranteed, on the Wii U, but it just doesn't have the same star power as some other series that have kept past Nintendo systems afloat.



MeloMan said:

Well, despite who is saying the statement, it's a statement I've always believed to be true anyway, but try feeding that to most devs today.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

Thank goodness for Ubisoft still supporting the Wii U. I really like their game plan and how they think of the Wii U.



DarkNinja9 said:

@SanderEvers i agree!

it still pissed me off when ubisoft says these comments after the whole rayman thing cuz everyone wanted that and if they really thinking how they say in these comments here then THAT would of been the game to attract ppl and get it exclusive on the Wii U till the other versions came out .-. and why the AC pic when that game is being released on all platforms?



takyon98 said:

well im gald ghey haven't abandon it and also theyve been supporting the GOOD consoles like wiiU and ps4 xD



QuickSilver88 said:

I like UBI approach which is good, full versions of their top apps and patience. Look I think EA, Activision, and others may have some suprises when the other bigs launch their new systems this xmas. The WiiU launch has some really good MultiPlats with ME3, COD BO2, NBA2K13, AC3, BM AC. Why was it suprising that they didn't sell well? I mean these were all major releases on other systems and months or more old. What people like at launch are new titles or IPs. The only company that brought that was UBI with Zombie U and it sold well and had a good attatvh rate. The only other two new titles were SMBU and NintendoLand which also moved well. In other words no one took any risks on the shame on them basically. What have we gotten since launch...not much. NFSMW was a really nice port as was MHU, but the only other otiginal property was the Lego game. I am really looking forward to all 4 of UBIs big hits this year and if they review well plan to buy them on U....I think watch dogs and splinter cell could be very cool with gamepad eatures...lthanks Ubi please keep it up.



unrandomsam said:

The right games are not going to be from Ubisoft (Or EA). (Even Rayman Origins regardless of how critics view it is nothing more than mediocre. Donkey Kong Country Returns is a much better game. Or even Kirby's Adventure despite how easy it is is fun every second you are playing it).



Shiryu said:

@ungibbed You are absolutely right and I have been more optimistic about GTA IV on the Wii U earlier this year, but after reading a huge EDGE preview on the game, it's scope is so massive I am not sure Rockstar would be able to developed it for the Wii U since it would have to "speed port" it's 5 year development cycle to the console. Yes, it's technically feasible, but it will be a ton of work.



ungibbed said:

@Shiryu You may be right on that part as the mainstream versions (PS3 & 360) are possibly feature complete and being tested to make the September release window on the other hand, the PC, Xbox One and PS4 do not have a launch window as the systems have yet to be sold.

It's possible that the PC version may reach the supposed launch window but I really haven't followed that as I own a Mac and there's no way my Core 2 Duo Based MacBook Pro will be fast enough for the baseline specs (I've played plenty of PC games including Skyrim on my Mac but GTA 4 was too much for my Mac and Nvidia 330m after trying a friends copy who runs a quad i7 and a SLI video card setup...)
Focusing on the next gen yet unreleased game systems should allow time to port code to the Wii U, but it all falls back on if making the Wii U port is worth the risk since consoles are not exactly flying off shelves.

So the whole risk vs. reward issue comes to the point of where a decision can be made. I'm sure the game will sell very well and R* will meet it's ROI from the existing platforms. Had the Wii U sold in greater numbers as hoped, I'm sure it would have been considered.



ungibbed said:

One other thought came to mind last night as I was playing NFS: Most Wanted U. I really hope the lame naming of such games ending with U doesn't start a trend...

Okay, the real thought, do you all think post E3 that system sales will take off as Nintendo hopes and the most of us here (save for the trolls) to a point where more developers take the Wii U seriously such as Ubisoft? For mass appeal, the system needs a lot more third party love than it currently has. I do hope more systems sell and the Wii U doesn't end up as a "companion console" with a PS4 or XBONE as the mainstream system where all the games end up going to.

It was how the original Wii was used for the current generation systems got the masses but the Wii was only for the Nintendo exclusives. I have high hopes of the Wii U becoming a modern Super NES with great first party and awesome third party games, I have high hopes, but I just hope they are not misplaced.



Elhijodelrio said:

I don't think Rayman legends was the game to put the Nintendo Wii U on the map its already on the map and it doesn't need more exclusive cartoonish type games what it needs are games that are exclusive that rivals drakes uncharted or even something like watch dogs you know you need amore adult style category of games that draw people in I mean they can be rated teen for everyone but I mean reality is that I have a Nintendo you I've always had Nintendogs machines but I'm tired of seeing cartoon S type game let's all grow up now and and and get into the real world of you know not necessarily first person shooters but you know we need a killer app our machine that will rival uncharted that will rival The Last of Us that's just mean nintendo again I'm all grown up now bring on the goodness that the machine is capable of



Elhijodelrio said:

so sorry about all those typos I didn't proofread in any event the reason why people see the Nintendo Wii U as Kitty or chid like is because When exclusives come they are so cartoony nature that it automatically says yeah we're only for kids and as many people out there that think that the majority of the people that own the Nintendo Wii u are kids which its not true I know quite a few adults that have one so getting away or having a nice balance of those cartoon kitty titles and also the bigger mature titles is a must flatout

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