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Ubisoft Pitching Watch_Dogs And Rabbids Movies To Hollywood Studios

Posted by Damien McFerran

From small screen to silver screen

Ubisoft has revealed that it is in the process of preparing big-screen interpretations of its Watch_Dogs, Rabbids and Far Cry properties.

This trio of potential films joins Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon, all of which are in the early stages of development.

The French publisher is packaging the three projects together, hiring screenwriters, actors and directors before pitching the movies to Hollywood studios. This will allow Ubisoft to retain greater creative control over the conception of each film.

Once seen as little more than a cynical cash-in by gamers, the art of making movies and TV shows from games has become more common in recent years, with many developers and publishers seeing "transmedia" as a way of broadening the appeal of interactive entertainment. Microsoft is known to be working on a Halo TV series with the assistance of a certain Mr. Steven Spielberg, and we've already seen Defiance muddy the waters between interactive and televisual entertainment.

Would you be interested in seeing Watch_Dogs on the big screen, or do you think these companies should be paying heed to past failures, such as Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, The King of Fighters and DOA.: Dead or Alive? Let us know by posting a comment.


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ricklongo said:

"Once seen as little more than a cynical cash-in by gamers, the art of making movies and TV shows from games has become more common in recent years"

It's still little more than a cynical cash-in, though.



MrGawain said:

Surely Assassin's Creed would work better as an episodic series just like how the games are laid out:

Ep 1. The Assassin learns to control his power to jump in a blocky imaginary bit.
Ep 2. The Assassin walks/occasionally stumble runs to an inn, has a chat with someone.
Ep 3. The Assassin sneak behind someone for a bit.
Ep 4. The Assassin climbs some buildings. Ends up on a church!
Ep 5. The Assassin walks back to the inn, has a chat with someone again.

This will all lead up to episode 40 when the Assassin actually kills someone.

Must see TV!



Midnight3DS said:

This seems a little pretentious concerning Watch Dogs. Don't know anything about Rabbids.



Nintendo4Lyfe said:

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag-- Directed by Gore Verbinski, Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer

Watch_Dogs-- Directed by Ridley Scott (brother of the late Tony Scott)



KAHN said:

watch_dogs and far cry would make great movies. these are just some ideas of what they could be about.

watch_dogs- Aidan Pierce, able to hack into the ctOS, tries to regain something stolen from him by his government.

far cry- an average man stranded on an island stuck in a revolution, survives by adapting to his environment with drugs, hunting, violence, and blood.



Jukilum said:

I picture the Rabbids movie being like the Star Wars Holiday Special. The Rabbids will be like the Wookies and you will have to pretend to know what they are saying to each other.



DarkNinja9 said:

a movie about watch_dogs would be amazing mostly cuz that is more of something that can be done with out ruining the game and such

as for assassins creed if they do it like those short films were it started with ezio's dad then yeah if its different it will ruin it



Moonhillwat said:

Is anyone else reminded of the little yellow dudes from Despicable Me when they think of the Rabbids? xD

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