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"Too Early" To Talk About Updates For Sniper Elite V2, Says Developer Rebellion

Posted by Damien McFerran

Studio insists that Wii U version looks better than its rivals, though

Sniper Elite V2 recently launched on Wii U, but instead of the positive response you'd normally associate with a new software launch on a game-starved console, Rebellion's WW2 shooter has met with a pretty frosty reception from players — largely because it's missing a lot of content which is already available in the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions.

There's no co-op and the DLC has not been included — which makes the developer's claims of the Nintendo port being "the definitive version" seem a little hollow.

Publisher 505 Games has confirmed that there are "no plans" for future DLC on the Wii U, and developer Rebellion feels that it's "too early" to talk about core functionality updates for the game. Speaking to Coffee With Games, Rebellion CEO and creative director Jason Kingsley said:

With the game just launched, it’s probably a bit early to talk about updates or new content yet!

However, Kingsley is adamant that Wii U players haven't been short-changed, and have in fact received the best-looking console edition of the title:

We can’t really go into specifics, but all versions of Sniper Elite V2 are running off our powerful in-house engine – Asura – which is very adaptable. We even use it to power our mobile games. The game also runs at a higher resolution on Wii U than it does on Xbox 360 and PS3 due to the platform’s hardware strengths.

We'll be posting up our review of Sniper Elite V2 shortly, but in the meantime, let us know your opinion if you've already picked it up.


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Shiryu said:

I have a feeling this game will be forgotten by both Rebellion and the public alike, a shame, it's a very good game even without cooperative online (which seems to be the biggest reason people are staying away from it on the Wii U).

PS: I bought the game nearly 2 weeks ago but it has yet to arrive. Snail mail...



SilentHunter382 said:

Ok a game can look good but with missing content is my biggest issue with it. I rather have the game looking the same and have all the content in tact then fancy graphic and lacking in content.



JHardin1112 said:

I got a review copy from 505 Games and at first I was a bit disappointed to see it was a stripped down port, that is until I started playing it. Forgot what the Wii U version doesn't have, just enjoy what it does have! Perhaps they could have dropped the price to $49.99 or even $39.99, but even still, it's a really fun game. Glad to hear Scott asked these questions, I just hope Mr. Kingsley from Rebellion will be a bit more transparent with his answers. I, as a gamer, appreciate when developers are transparent in their answers, rather than be dodgy.



wickhamfish said:

Lazy developers with little creative imagination. Why didn't they use the gamepad for coop????



siavm said:

@JHardin1112 this is a year old port. It is can be a good game but it is cheaper and has more content on other systems most of us own. And since we clamor for gameplay here this game is not acceptable at that with its missing features. Did not buy it last and I am definitely not getting it this year.



JHardin1112 said:

@siavm - I understand what you're saying. It's hard to justify a purchase when the other versions contain so much content and modes of gameplay. Personally, I don't own the other consoles, so I'm content with the Wii U version as is. Although, I wouldn't mind some DLC or multiplayer....that would have been nice



9th_Sage said:

I have to admit I'm interested in this but I'm not so sure about buying it given the stuff that really should be in this version. Maybe if they reduce the price since (despite what they say) the WiiU version is the cut down version. Maybe it looks good, maybe the game is good, but it's kind of hard to swallow that.




If I ever see this guy in real life I would RING HIS NECK!! What a load of crap I mean what kind of game are they trying to pull here? Seriously no pond intended you keep saying it's the best version (even though I don't see a difference) but according to you morons the best version of a game is highier resolution but not even HALF the content the other versions have! EVEN THOUGH THIS GAME IS A YEAR LATE!! LIKE WHAT WHERE THEY DO THAT AT!!

I swear the these western developers just don't money what so ever and have ZERO respect for the company that who without they probably wouldn't even have a JOB right now! Disgracful!!



HeatBombastic said:

@NINTENBOY Since when was online multiplayer half of the experience?

I thought Nintendo fans didn't care whether something was online or not, I guess I was wrong.



HeatBombastic said:

I want to get this game, but I still haven't picked up some earlier games I'd like to try. The lack of online does bother me somewhat, but I don't think it's a dealbreaker, just something that's pushing me back a little. From what I've heard, this is a really good port gameplay and graphics wise, and I never played a sniper elite game.



PinkSpider said:

What annoys me is the sales will be poor for this because no one will want to buy this inferior version and then when they release a new game it will not be released on Wii U because of poor sales of the previous game




It's surprising how little information there was available prior to the launch of this version. All of a sudden it was just there in the store without a single review available for it.



element187 said:

Rebellion doesn't seem to understand that we are not going to pay full price for a game missing most of the content.... I can get it on PS3/360/PC for $20 with all the content included.

Either they need to cut in the price in half or release the missing content and if one of those two things isn't done, then Rebellion and 505 can expect pretty lousy sales.... I'm probably going to rent it instead of purchasing because of the missing content.



RoryLee said:

I would have bought this at launch if it had all the bells and whistles as the other versions. Now I'm just gonna wait till the price drops down another 20 or so dollars...but by then I'd probably lose interest in the game.



ThumperUK said:

Developers and publishers whine about poor sales, but they deserve to have poor sales when they miss out DLC or other content available on other platforms, or think that WiiU owners will pay double price for a quick port of old PS3 & Xbox games (EA I'm looking at you!).



SetupDisk said:

I am pretty sure I am comfortable saying companies that make poor ports like that can go to hell.



jayblue said:

im just buying nintendo games for this system as 3rd party is crap i bought fifa13 for this system and its pure crap port my next fifa will be on 360 or xbox 1.



jayblue said:

finished sniper 2 ages ago on 360 its no to bad well worth a look just as long as its not the u version missing half the game what a mess nintendos u is doomed from crap ports of old games.



NMH-TRI said:

This game can go right next to Mass Effect 3 (In the trash). Both are good, but way too expensive considering the alternative offerings. Thanks for showing 3rd parties how it's done Rebellion sarcasm.



DefHalan said:

I am really enjoying this game and supported it not to get DLC later but in hopes to get Sniper Elite 3 on Wii U! Support 3rd Party if you want more 3rd Party



AVahne said:

Same treatment that Bamco gives their recent games on Nintendo platforms. Not worth a purchase until prices have plummeted enough.



Unit_DTH said:

I bought it, I have beat it and I love it! This game really doesn't need MP or Co-op. A sniper is usually sent out on a solo mission and this game plays to that very well. I played this on the 360 and I agree that the game looks and runs way better on the Wii U than it ever did on the 360. I would like to have the DLC expansions to get the Hitler Kill missions, but I'm still having fun with the X-ray killcam. And Kill Tally gives you plenty of X-ray kills, plus the game is best for playing to get a top score and the Miiverse community already has a user created Kill Tally Score posting page, if you really need to prove to everybody that you are a better sniper than them.



Unit_DTH said:

@DefHalan I totally agree with you on this one! I spend my hard earned money on games that I want to see more of, not regarding DLC, on the Wii U. This game deserves a purchase and if you have the other consoles, then go buy it on them. But I gladly support these devs and this publisher for bringing this game to the Wii U!



ccanfield1 said:

I hadn't played this game yet and was looking forward to the Wii U version. However, since so much content is left out why would I want to try it out on Wii U ? I could pick it up for cheaper with more content on another system. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy for these companies when they don't expect a game to sell well on Wii U and they release an inferior product. I am not going to purchase the Wii U version of a game when I know it is going to be missing out on so much content. I made the mistake purchasing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Wii U and I won't make it again.



Capt_N said:

I may get this, when I get a WU. It will depend on what features are missing. Can anyone here tell me, & save me some time googling, & maybe even some money?



DefHalan said:


From the original Sniper Elite V2 game it is missing Co-op.

Later PS3/360/PC got a free multiplayer mode which is currently dead. Also they did get single player DLC which you had to pay for.

But the Wii U version has some extra features using the GamePad and using the map on the GamePad is so helpful



Razalom said:

OK cool but call me when you add the stuff in to the game Rebellion and then and only then will I get the game Cheers!



Mizzah_Tee said:

@HeatBombastic Awesome. Love how "Nintendo fans" are of a Hive Mind and all think alike. Is there a database that discloses the tendencies of Nintendo fans?



JaxonH said:

I never understand the illogical conclusions some people reach. Now, if a person owns a PS3 and finds better value in getting the game with co-op for less, more power to them. But all I see is comment after comment after comment about how "I'm not buying the game because it don't got DLC"> REALLY??? DLC should be an afterthought, an additional pick-me-up for a couple bucks to give you an extra hour or so of fun. Now we're negating entire purchases of decent games because we won't be able to spend more money for an extra 1% of gametime? Idk about anyone else but I buy games for the campaign that's included on the disc, NOT FOR DLC. The co-op situation certainly has more merit than the DLC argument, but still, I'm not a big online player and most people I know aren't either. But all of a sudden, once they announce it doesn't have co-op, now EVERYONE says that's what they wanted in the game. Again, really? Now I'm sure there are a good many people who truly did want the co-op, and obviously this doesn't apply to them. But to boycott a game for not having a feature you would've never used anyways is MORE than rediculous. Personally, there are many good games coming soon and I can't buy all of them for $60, so I'll probably wait til I can score this one for $40 or less. But one thing's for sure, I never even thought of playing co-op in BO2, and even if this game DID have co-op, the truth is I'd never use it. But even if I was interested in co-op for this game, I still wouldn't rule out buying it



GamerJunkie said:

@JaxonH DLC means extra modes, extra characters, extra maps, huge amounts of content. If one version has it and another does not, it should be a deciding factor on buying the game or not.

Wii U is just failing at every 3rd party company you see because none of the games are selling. Wii U players don't buy FPS games, don't buy sports games, don't buy racing games, don't buy fighting games, its getting to the point where the machine is going to have just 1st party games.

Its Nintendo's fault too, they advertise the machine like a child's toy so its a big turnoff to the average gamer. For now its like the wii, a family toy with a gimmick screen/touch controls in most peoples minds.

PS4 just got more announcements of Planetside 2 and warframe today. free to play FPs games that you play online. Why? Because the devs know PS4 is played by all kinds of people and all ages, diversity in the customer. Those have a lot of DLC and extras to buy after you play the initial game. They know Wii U does not have the playerbase to support such games so they skip Wii U like everything else is right now.



JaxonH said:

I won't disagree with that... it's true, all of it. However, the phrase "mountain out of a mole hill comes to mind" here. Yes, DLC would make it better, but it's just not that big a deal, at least not to me and most people I know. Would I prefer it? Of course. Will I skip a game over it? No. And your right. I buy Nintendo consoles for 1st party, which is why games like these are a bonus, and I'm not gonna let lack of DLC prevent that enjoyment...



AVahne said:

Also, if it's too early to talk about updates to make the game complete (when compared to other version of it that were released previously), then it's too early to buy it. After Tales of Symphonia 2, I don't want to buy another beta version.



andreoni79 said:

More bucks for less options. Great.
And talking about Mass Effect 3: the WiiU version costs as much as the ME trilogy for PS3 and 360... If someone is happy of this service, I give up.



MiNiStRy said:

Played the 360 through and picked this up day one for the wii u for $39.00.
Have yet to play it as I need to finish a few games first.



Banker-Style said:

How the funk can 3rd parties gain respect from Wii U gamers,when they rip-off us with half donkey versions of over a year old games.
Devs if you must port year old games,please take a leaf of Tekken Tag 2 book.

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