Toki Tori 2 developer Two Tribes has been going out of its way to engage and reward fans of the Wii U eShop title, with a meaty update and, in the past couple of weeks, a Miiverse drawing contest. Each week the studio has set a theme, sifted through a shortlist of those with the most 'Yeahs' and picked winners that'll appear as cave drawings in the game.

It's a four week deal, and Two Tribes has confirmed the winners from week two, with the studio admitting that it couldn't choose just one. These illustrations, showing Toki Tori's fictional ancestors, are below.

The third round theme that's just opened is "draw how Toki Tori spends a free day off". As before, the rules to enter are below.

  • Draw how Toki Tori spends a free day off
  • Post it on the Toki Tori 2 community on Miiverse
  • Reply to your own drawing with the text: #contest
  • Collect a LOT of Yeah’s for your drawing to get into the Top 25

We will announce the winner of the third round on June 27th, so be sure to post your drawing before that.

If you fancy appearing in the game, get cracking on your illustration and start picking up those Yeah votes. You can see the current 'Yeah' leaders in the frame below. Good luck!