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Third-Party Characters in Smash Bros. to be Kept to a Minimum

Posted by Dylan Newcome

Mega Man is a "special case"

Smash Bros. and Mega Man fans alike are probably still buzzing over the Blue Bomber's inclusion in the latest Smash Bros., but series director Masahiro Sakurai has made it clear that including such third-party characters is something of a rarity. Players will remember that Super Smash Bros. Brawl was the first game in the series to see non-Nintendo fighters, with Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog and Konami's Solid Snake.

In an interview with Kotaku, Sakurai had this to say about the inclusion of third-party characters in the upcoming Smash Bros. games:

But I think I can say generally that there won't be a trend of adding a lot of third-party characters. You can sort of think of Mega Man as being the special case.

Also interesting was what Sakurai shared about the development process; specifically, the dynamics of creating Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U at the same time:

The reality of the situation unfortunately is that there are certain limitations on the 3DS. The 3DS and Wii U versions of the next Smash Bros will have the same library of characters. So we're forced into the situation where we may need to reduce some characters to a certain degree. but we're really working hard in order to include as many characters as possible.

Some may take this to mean that characters from previous iterations of Smash Bros. may get the boot, but it could also mean that certain characters may need to have their abilities "reduced" to work on the 3DS. Some context may be necessary to determine whether or not Sakurai is considering roster cuts or extremely limited roster expansion to make the game possible on both platforms.

What do you think about Mega Man's foray into the Smash Bros. universe? Are there any other third-party characters you feel deserve a shot to duke it out with Nintendo's finest?


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GamecubeMan said:

The developer did say "Mega Man isnt just going to be like that in my game." Something like that.... so Im not surpised. Also that is good because I want to see younger Nintendo character added to the roaster. Like Chrom and Waluigi. :3



Kosmo said:

I'd like for Sonic and Snake to come back. I'm really going to miss them if they don't.

And Diddy Kong can go...



Jaz007 said:

Snake better still be in there. I also kind of wish there was no 3DS version now that I learn it's holding back the game.



erv said:

hm I really dislike that the 3ds holds back the potential, kind of worrisome. Just give it the boot then, if it doesn't work there's no need for it.



SilentHunter382 said:

Its great to hear that they are keeping it to a minimum. Maximum of 4 is fine for me, anything over that may be too much.



McHaggis said:

With digital distribution getting better on Nintendo all the time, I'd hope that any cuts to the roster would be reintroduced in DLC packs.

It seems unlikely that all the previous characters will be returning, in any case. I'd guess they'll swap out Ike with Chrom and keep Marth, as an example. Which is a shame really, because Ike was my favourite character in Brawl.



Placlu said:

I don't see why they have to make the same characters on each version.
It has no cross platform play.. so there's literally no need to do it.
If the SSB3D is going to have stages based of Handheld games like spirit tracks, add in Toon Link. If SSBU is going to have Skyloft, add SS Link. Have characters based off it too. Obviously mario and stuff would be universal but stuff like that would be really neat and make it different.

If they are going to have like (and this is just me saying numbers) 20 stages. 10 Universal and 10 unique to the platform. Do the same with the 20 characters.



The-Chosen-one said:

Nintendo really should buy the Megaman franchise, i always loved that model.

i dont think that snake will return, unless they bring the new metal gear solid for wiiU also.

i want at least 50+ characters for wiiU, and 3 third party characters,

i also want the character, from the Nintendo/monolithSoft X''enoblade''
the only weird character should be wiifit character, no more weird characters.



MeWario said:

Yea I don't want too many third party characters. Megaman and Sonic are musts, apart from that there should be room for maybe only one more.



Melkaticox said:

Oh great. Just what I wanted to hear. The 3DS version will hinder the progress of the Wii U version...

It was a VERY bad idea to develop a 3DS version of Smash Bros 4, Nintendo. I've been saying that since day 1.



WaveGhoul said:

Simon Belmont, Pacman, Arthur(Ghosts 'n Goblins), Bill Rizer(Contra) and maybe Leon Kennedy(he would be a much better replacement for snake. )



zenarium said:

@Melkaticox No, it was not a bad ideia. I have been waiting for Smash Brothers on 3DS for much longer than you on Wii U. It will be great on both consoles.



LasermasterA said:

@Melkaticox The 3DS version should be there as that would boost the 3DS lineup even more while being unique and different from the Wii U version. It should NOT however hold back the Wii U version! I hope that they change this decision or something so that we can get the best possible 3DS and Wii U versions of the game.



GearsOfWarU said:

Arthur & Firebrand from Super Ghouls N Ghosts , Simon Belmont From Castlevania, Keep Sonic + Pac Man ... Drop Snake has nothing to do with Nintendo's Consoles ... Can't wait to play my 1st Smash Bros looks Awsome!!!!



WaveGhoul said:


Snake did star in MGS: Twin Snakes back on the Gamecube, and then there's Snake Eater for the 3DS, but meh....He just feels completely out of palce. And as for Firebrand making it in, that would be too awesome for words but it's highly unlikey since the franchise aint' so hot these days. But Arthur? There's a strong chance...I just don't like to build myself up over all of these crazy and exciting possbilities only to be let down like i was with Brawl.



LasermasterA said:

Nintendo don't limit the Wii U version due to the 3DS! I have a 3DS and love it but would not want to see the Wii U suffer for it. What the people need to see is the Wii U's power and how it can handle an awesome Smash Bros. game and limiting it to being similar to a high graphic 3DS port is not going to help out!



CowLaunch said:


I'm not an admin, nor do I technically have the information to answer your question, but I'm quite confident that the 3DS version will have online multiplayer.

If it doesn't, there could well be rioting in the streets.



zenarium said:

@CowLaunch If it has multiplayer, I will buy it for sure. If it doesn't have multiplayer I think I am going to take Nintendo's president down.



Placlu said:

@zenarium Why Would an admin know? They know just as much as we do. lol.
The game will have online multiplayer.. Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus Uprising, Luigi's Mansion 2 all do.



Buzzthebatgirl said:

I'd like to see Rayman, mostly on the grounds that he can actually fight and his cartoony style suits the Smash world. I really don't get why people want the likes of Sonic and Snake back, they have had their time to shine, time to the likes of Megaman to have their time in the spotlight.



DualWielding said:

The only third party character I would have been interested on was Sora, and now that KH3 is not coming to Wii U he is unlikely to be there......



AJWolfTill said:

Unless the Wii U is getting the next Metal Gear game there is no justification for Snake returning. Since Capcom already have their mascot featuring I think the best candidates are Sonic due to the strong relationship with Sega and Rayman due to how supportive Ubisoft have been to the Wii U. Not who I want to see the most but are probably the most deserved.



Swedishdolphin said:

Sonic should return, and as Namco's developing the game, Pac-Man should be in there as well. Snake should be removed, and no more 3rd party characters should be in there.
Mega Man makes sense, since he started out on the NES and all of his "Main" games have been on Nintendo consoles (Mega Man 8 wasn't originally, but it was part of Mega Man Anniversary Collection for Gamecube) and I think most people, at least older, think of the NES games when they think of Mega Man. As for Snake, sure he had like two games for NES, and then that Gamecube game, but he's more of a Playstation character and felt out of place in Brawl.
Sonic just fits, can't really say why, but he's still a legendary character.
Pac-Man would fit quite well for the same reason as Sonic.



zoroarkrules25 said:

We need geno! He may be thrid party but he is a mario character. Also sonic has no reason to leave with the partnership. Snake is in it acccording to a tweet by his new voice actor. I'm pretty sure there is a thread for it to.



MrGawain said:

Having Chase McCain, a 101 character, Bayonetta, Phoenix Wright and/or Layton would make sense as they are all 3rd party characters who can call Nintendo their true home-Same as Megaman. I wish for Simon Belmont, but the reality is Konami seem a little less connected to Nintendo these days, even though Castlevania was built on the Back of the NES. Sonic has become a familiar face on Nintendo, so I don't think it would hurt to have him still.

Personally I can see 20-25 characters in this game. This seems to be the number of character you can have in a fighting game before I muddies the water. I would say 19 characters are dead certs, leaving 2 to 6 spaces left:

Donkey Kong
Wii Fit Trainer
Olimar/Pikmin character



BlackShyGuy said:

All i want is Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia, Little Mac and Robin from Fire Emblem.
And for the love of god take out clone characters or at least give them new move sets. I'm looking at you Ganondorf



Vinson916 said:

I think there is going to be cross-platform play if their developing both games to be run equal. Thats bad burro though in my opinion. Not everyone has 4 controllers for their wii U so your friends or family members can play along on their 3DS hopefully over online too.



NintyMan said:

I hope Sonic stays, and I don't care about Snake, so he could stay or leave. Pac-Man is the only logical third-party character left, and after that they should stop. This is a Nintendo beat-em' up, not a general video game beat-em' up.

As far as the characters between the two versions, I really hope they don't cut certain characters in one version from the other. I want to play Wario in both versions! It would be better if they tone down the abilities a little without interfering with the balance.



Denkou said:

I don't see why certain people think that the 3DS version is holding the series back. The only limitation that the 3DS is currently posing is that there won't be a huge number of new fighters. The only downgrade that is being made overall is that the graphics will be somewhat worse and the controls will probably suffer a little bit. Its not like their completely altering game mechanics to make the game fit on the 3DS; they're just not adding as many characters as possible. I honestly think that a few less characters are a worthy sacrifice to be able to play Smash on the go. Besides, fewer characters means that the characters who are their get polished a lot more. Technically, brawl had roughly 39 different characters (counting zelda and sheik as two, samus and ZS Samus as two, pokemon trainer as three) and some of the new characters were unbalanced as all heck. Having fewer new characters to balance and make fair is a whole lot easier when there are less of them.

Also I don't have a wii u so the 3DS version is the only one I can play. There are actually people in that situation.



Varia01 said:

@miletich3 I wouldn't like that.

That is partially disappointing, but I guess it is fine. If all of the characters shown on the screenshots and videos shown are on the game, that is fine with me. If Nintendo starts to add first-party characters, then I got three ideas. Mii, Waluigi, and Athony Higgs (Other M).




Haxonberik said:

Sonic MUST be back after that Sega deal a litlle ago. Who knows, maybe Smash Bros is counted as the third game of the deal



Zombie_Barioth said:

I think they should have made both versions their own game, with their own exclusive characters and everything. That way it'd be worth getting both for more than just having a portable Smash Bros. game and they wouldn't have to compromise to fit the same game on both platforms.



Haxonberik said:

Sonic MUST be back after that Sega deal a litlle ago. Who knows, maybe Smash Bros is counted as the third game of the deal



RudysaurusRex said:

Simon Belmont or King Arthur should join, I love those gothic heroes. I also really hope Snake returns, he was one of my favorite characters.



RudysaurusRex said:

@MrGawain They aren't going to lower the roster size. If they change the size at all, it will get larger. I mean there were 36 characters in Brawl, they can't lower that. Fans wan't more content than the last game, and it won't fly if they lower the roster count.



AugustusOxy said:

I'd much rather have two different games than have one format hold the other back. All I can hope for is that they don't screw this one up like they did with brawl; and by that I mean the utter lack of downloadable content.

Downloadable characters and alternate costumes would print money for Nintendo and they'd have no excuse not to do it, no matter how much sakurai hates the concept, I personally think hes a sort of troll who loves pissing off his fans. Cough Wii-fit trainer.



BATRA said:

sakurai said on ign that he wants only nintendo characters in the game so we will see toad and wart and more characters as well so people should be contented in the game i heard that nintendo is pushing wart to be a playable character in super smash bros wii u to me i like that very much



TheHeroOfLegend said:

A Tekken or Tales character should join Smash Bros. because Namco Bandai is working with Smash. If Pacman joins, I'll be mad.



Banker-Style said:

Keep Sonic,and add Pacman or a Tekken character(Nina),and I'll be happy.
I'd like a character roster or 30-35.



RadioShadow said:

@ JQuest: I think his first appeance was the MSX and was a much better game than the NES version.

Although Solid Snake used in Brawl is based on the Metal Gear Solid series, which started on the PS1.



Lyndexer said:

Fans are going to be requesting Sonic like mad for SSB. So, expect him to join the bash. I'm also thinking Pac-Man will join along in SSB.



Lyndexer said:

@ngamer155 They'll do a popular character just like Pac-Man. In fact, I think Pac-Man would be awesome in this game. Just my personal opinion, heh heh.



SonataAndante said:

I don't think anyone really realizes what it takes for a 3rd party character to be in a Smash Bros game. Look at the 3 that did make it. Sonic made it in most likely due to Sonic and Mario being rival series back in the day and the fact that Sega and Nintendo seem to be quite good friends these days. Look at all the Nintendo exclusive Sonic games and the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games titles. I'll be surprised if Sonic DOESN'T come back. Snake getting in was the most surprising but I believe that one had more to do with Kojima being a fan of Smash and asking for Snake to be in back when Melee was being developed. As much as I'd like to see his return, Snake might be out for SSB4.

Mega Man, in case nobody noticed, has very deep roots with Nintendo. The iconic Mega Man appearance is the NES version thanks to the original SIX NES games he had and the two NES styled games made in more recent years. Never mind the huge pile of Mega Man games on the GameBoy/GBA/DS and at least the start of the X series on SNES. There are a LOT of Mega Man games that released only on Nintendo platforms.

Don't go around expecting just any old 3rd party character to be added to the game, which is exactly what Sakurai is trying to say. Mega Man is special. I was going to say that Pac-Man is a ridiculous and unlikely idea due to having next to no ties with Nintendo and not being super relevant anymore, but I recalled that Sakurai is working with Namco-Bandai for SSB4. Namco worked on the arcade Mario Kart titles and Pac-Man and Co slipped their way into those games. Granted, Sakurai is probably more stringent on who he includes. Pac-Man's inclusion would hinge purely on the Namco partnership alone, and I doubt that's a good enough reason for Sakurai.



Cotton said:

I don't care as long as link toon link ganondorf and zelda is on there they were always my favorite also there will probably be dlc for new characters so don't worry



AlbertoC said:

Continue speculation.

1. Sonic and Snake will probably not be in this game, which is a shame.
2. I don't want to play differently on WiiU and on 3DS because of watered-down moves, so if that's the case, i'm just getting the uncut WiiU version. This is specially important because i mainly use Zelda/Sheik.



Arminillo said:

For years, if you wanted to play Smash Bros., you had to have Nintendo's home console. You couldn't play it on the Game Boy, GBA, or DS. 3DS owners are not entitled to have their own version, especially if it limits the console version...



retro_player_22 said:

3rd party characters I want in the Wii U Smash Bros. alongside Mega Man:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega)
  • Bomberman (Hudson)
  • Lloyd Irvin (Namco)
  • Geno (Square)
  • Rayman (UbiSoft)
  • Simon Belmont (Konami)

That's 7 guest characters from 7 different companies who appeared to make impact on Nintendo's console. I'm surprise Bomberman hasn't been mention, he had games on every Nintendo systems both handheld and console. He too needs to join the rank of Ninty's legends.



SparkOfSpirit said:

As long as Sonic is in I'm okay. But if Konami were to have a rep it would be nice for Simon Belmont to replace Snake.



retro_player_22 said:


Namco and Nintendo had being very close together ever since the GameCube and Namco had helped developed games for Nintendo system more than once. Games like Pac-Man Vs., I-Ninja, Soul Calibur II, and Tales of Symphonia were solid hits on Ninty's console and continuing from there with the Donkey Konga games, the Mario Kart Arcade GP games, Baten Kaitos and Dragon Ball Kai: Attack of the Saiyans (working with Monolith on those games), Star Fox Assault, Tales of the Abyss (3DS) and Phantasia (GBA), and finally this game. Whoever Namco put in Smash Bros. is up to them so I had to say they deserve a spot in Smash Bros. due to their continue support with Nintendo. At least Namco isn't arrogant and begging Nintendo for inclusion of characters ppl doesn't want like Solid Snake and Meat Boy.



KingMike said:

With Namco-Bandai working on this, there HAS to be the possibility of the yellow and the pink eating machines battling!



DarkKirby said:

I'm not expecting Nintendo vs Capcom, but come on, put Bayonetta in there to rub salt into the wounds of those upset about Bayonetta 2. And what happened with the partnership with Namco? Last I heard after it was announced Namco said their full attention was on Tekken games and they weren't working on Smash at all.



RichardsShadow said:

Without cross play, I don't see a reason to limit the WiiU version due to the 3DS's limitations. Hopefully, if sacrifices must be made, it will only impact the 3DS version, and not the WiiU version.



ZeroxGT said:

All I can say is the magic number should be about 30 characters and I dont see why the 3DS version should be cut... if anything it can do without some modes that would be great for the console version if thats the case. all the 3DS version needs is its story,arcade,VS, and Online modes and maybe the little tidbit stuff that wouldnt do much but give info on anything obtained for 100%ing the game. After all that add anything that could fit without hurting the game at all. Also, I dont think Movesets will be hard to deal with.. I usually use the Dpad if anything which is fine by me. Ill use thumbstick if I had a wii-U though.



BennyFresh said:

Simon Belmont should be in Smash Bros. The style of his character would be pretty different from most of the existing ones and his whip and all of the special items would give them plenty of variety when deciding what moves he should have. It seems like the perfect fit for smash bros to me, especially when Castlevania is one of the most iconic game series for Nintendo's early systems.



retro_player_22 said:

3rd party characters I want in the 3DS Smash Bros. alongside Zero:

  • Alex Kidd (Sega)
  • Bonk (Hudson)
  • Pac-Man (Namco)
  • Sora (Square)
  • Earthworm Jim (Interplay)
  • Soma Cruz (Konami)

That's 7 guest characters from 7 different companies who appeared to make impact on Nintendo's handheld. I'm surprise Earthworm Jim hasn't been mention, he had games on almost every Nintendo systems both handheld and console. He too needs to join the rank of Ninty's legends.



shinesprite said:

Send Sonic in, and I'm good.

As for character reductions, the 3DS version will probably have less-textured, lower-poly models. . . but seeing as the hand-held's display is considerably smaller, it probably won't be such an issue.



GrandSparkster said:

This is what I get for dreaming too big.

This might mean we'll never have Sparkster or Klonoa, no matter how much I want it to be.



Caryslan said:

@retro_player_22 What has Alex Kidd done on Nintendo systems? Barring an apperance in Sega Superstars Tennis and his Master System & Genesis titles being out on the Virtual Console, he really has made no impact on Nintendo platforms.

A far better choice would be Shinobi or Nights, given they had new games on Nintendo platforms and are fairly popular with Sega fans.

Personally, I would love to see a Shinobi character join. It would give the roster a much-needed Ninja Character:)



RR529 said:

Am I the only one who liked Snake?

I'd prefer it if there were no more than 4 or 5 3rd party characters. (Snake & Sonic should stay, in addition to Mega Man). As a big KH fan, I'd love to see Sora, but it won't happen

As for first party characters, I'd love to see Vaati, Fawful, Chrom, King K. Rool, & Tatanga (for total randomness) added.



Marioman64 said:

one thing i'll say, is that if it's gonna run great on the 3ds, it's gonna run BUTTER SMOOTH on the Wii U



Gridatttack said:

I dont know what the limitation of the 3ds could be.

Not enough space for the character select screen?
I hope they arent trying to make the menus exactly on both versions. The 3DS has 2 screen in which things will fit in if done nicely.



Znerd said:

Sonic Needs to come back for the sole reason that he is half Nintendo character now.
as for snake dont really care if he comes back but sonic is a must those were the real 3 mascots back in the day Mario Sonic and Megaman



UnseatingKDawg said:

I hope Sonic comes back! As for characters, there's an SD card for our 3DS's - if they can't fit some characters on there, why don't they make some as free downloads? I know it's not the best option, but it's at least an option if they're having trouble on the 3DS.



Nazo said:

sonic and snake better be there also
wouldn't be cool if you play your mii character in smash bros



Giygas_95 said:

I'd love to see Rayman, Commander Video, and Dillon get in the fight, but I doubt any of them will happen.



Teaqq2 said:

If anyone, I'd like Toon Link and Wolf to get the boot. Possibly Ike and Snake (Ike could be replaced with Crom), but I want them in Smash Bros!

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