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Talking Point: New Super Luigi U Opens The Door For Quick Expansions in Other Franchises

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

DLC and boxed copies can satisfy everyone

After a bit of a wait and a release lineup that, apart from the odd exception, has been drier than the Sahara desert in recent weeks, Luigi jumps to the rescue with New Super Luigi U. It's arrived in this week's Nintendo Download update as DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U, but will have a life of its own as a boxed retail release later this summer, with that version coming in 33% more expensive but functioning as standalone software. Nintendo of America has even weighed in with a promotion for double Club Nintendo coins and a chance to win a pin on today's DLC, throwing up extra incentive to tempt gamers into the eShop option.

It's a notable piece of paid-DLC, of course, and we've already considered the potential importance of this extra content on Wii U, particularly in terms of third-party games. Luigi U represents an interesting approach from Nintendo, however, as it's allowing gamers to have their cake and eat it. Those that want the most affordable option and extra 2D platforming goodness can opt for the DLC — assuming they own New Super Mario Bros. U — and others that want a nice green box for their collection can pay more at a later date. In one swoop Nintendo's making a move to increase digital revenue — and paid-DLC is a standard in modern games — while also aiming to satisfy a traditional userbase.

It's a different approach from Nintendo, not in terms of the current DLC option, but making the expansion significant enough to merit its own release. It's not completely unheard of, there are some similar examples, but typically a lot of games get later "special" releases with all DLC bundled in with the original software, making some day one buyers curse the publisher's name. Nintendo isn't doing that, however — at least not yet — but is saying that New Super Luigi U is enough of a product to sell for $29.99 on its own, with none of the Mario goodness. In the eyes of a consumer that isn't necessarily clued into the many Mario reboots or the presence of Luigi U on the eShop, it'll be an all-new platformer at around half the normal price.

Luigi U sets an interesting precedent, in that sense, but does it successfully flirt with the boundaries of being in-game DLC and a standalone game? We're playing it for our review — about half way through at the time of writing — and the current answer is yes, just about. It'd be easy to lose count of the re-used assets, not to mention the fact that you're running through the same overworld and stages utilising backgrounds and obstacles that are mostly the same. With that said, they are new levels, and combined with Luigi's different mechanics and short level times, it has a different dynamic and gameplay focus from its launch day predecessor. Whether it represents good value at $19.99 / €19.99 / £17.99 and then, alternatively, $29.99, is something we'll be able to answer after playing through the whole game.

This release does, however, raise the possibility of similar initiatives in the future. We've written recently about the strains of Nintendo's development workload, and the catch-22 of having to tempt vital third-parties with greater hardware sales, but only being able to shift more units with major first-party titles. We've seen a number of delays — leading to a bit of a software drought — and third-party exclusives lost, as it's become clear that the dual issues of maintaining high standards and establishing resources for HD-level projects has pressurised Nintendo's development teams. Games are just taking longer to get out of the door.

If big-budget and high-profile games take longer to arrive, perhaps Nintendo can leverage the upcoming lineup of releases to churn out additional spin-offs in the future, adopting this DLC/retail standalone model. This wouldn't necessarily work with everything — something like Mario Kart 8 would likely adopt conventional DLC, if anything — but other titles seem more than suitable. Obvious examples are Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World, 2D and 3D platformers that, in theory, seem ideal for a similar tie-in / standalone spin-off. Wii Fit U would in fact merely be following up the trend of the two Wii releases, but on this occasion adjusting and adopting the additional content as both DLC and standalone software. Wii Party U and, if we go back to launch, Nintendo Land, also seem like games suitable for this dual release approach.

This tactic works due to some key reasons. There's little doubt that, despite the bursts of creativity and tight gameplay we've seen so far, New Super Luigi U will likely have been put together by a smaller, less stretched development team. The building blocks and assets are all there, including the graphical engine tweaks that would have taken up resources for the launch day release. The foundations can be time consuming in any project, and developments like this can bypass that initial step and, surely, move a lot faster.

And so with various new titles — some of which have already seen delays, let's not forget — coming, those are more foundations that establish engines and tools for Wii U titles. If Nintendo looks ahead at its development cycles and sees gaps that can be filled, the reception of New Super Luigi U could potentially open the door for relatively quick and easy projects to satisfy game-hungry fans.

The balance is important, of course, when adopting a dual release and the pricing that we've seen. Even going in with an expectation that it's an expansion of an existing game, for the retail option to seem fair the content has to be relatively significant and demonstrate enough variety to stand apart from its predecessor. We're still gauging whether Luigi U achieves that, for our part, but we will say that its feel is different enough so far. And while we've given examples where this model may work, there are other franchises where it would probably be a mistake. Not all franchises should necessarily have DLC in any form, of course, while we have doubts that something like the Zelda franchise would receive spin-offs of this nature, due to the image of the series — particularly on home consoles — and consumer expectations of detailed, lengthy adventure titles.

Like so many of Nintendo's moves in the past 12-18 months, New Super Luigi U seems like an experiment and testing of the waters. It's serving to give extra life to a launch title and being released as a standalone game, and the company will no doubt be closely monitoring sales of both versions. If both succeed, and as Nintendo seeks to maintain regular releases and sales momentum of the Wii U, we wouldn't rule out similar approaches in other franchises in the coming years.

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WingedSnagret said:

I know Sakurai said he wouldn't do DLC for now, but Smash Bros. can benefit greatly from this some time after its released. Say a favorite character didn't get in? DLC can be the answer.



ZidanU said:

Got it today! It's so much harder though... And the £17 was worth it. Interesting to see the full return of penguin and helicopter suits. And those hidden Luigis in every level are awesome!



Varia01 said:

DLC for other franchises would be great! You're right, Mario Kart 8 does seem like a game likely to have DLC.



indienapolis said:

As long as the shipped game feels complete, I don't have a problem with DLC. And I agree, games like Mario Kart and Smash Brothers seem like obvious candidates for periodic additions. I've always wanted to see HD course packs from previous Karts be released. The thought of having a comprehensive Mario Kart with every track ever created is a personal dream.



bofis said:

@gaby_gabito How big is the DLC download size? I hope it's fairly small since it'll use the engine and graphics off the NSMBU disc



GamerJunkie said:

Nintendo is doing a complete boxed release to maximize money, its called being greedy. They can get money from people that already have the mario game and even tel them "the box ix for collectors, so pay more if you can." And then they also can get money from people that don't own the mario game and then hope they go back and buy that too.

Normal companies just release something like this as a cheap DLC and thats it. Also, if another company tried this, they would be called out like, "uhhh releasing a few changes and new main character is not a new game, I dare them to try this.."

But Nintendo fanatics agree with anything Nintendo dopes or says, so they will get away with it and probably praised for it, its such a joke.

The only time you see a full box release of a game is an expansion that took years to make, usually in MMORPGS. This addition took them no time to make pretty much as the machine just came out.

I got the DLC version and $20 for that is even steep.



gaby_gabito said:

@bofis I'm not exactly sure, but it took exaxtly 50 minutes total for the downloading and installing of both the update and dlc!



Spartacus3765 said:

That's the thing with Nintendo, they're really hard on themselves for shipping 'incomplete' games. I'm really eager to see the review of this one since it's an initial step for them in regards to DLC. If it's successful, I don't see any reason as to doing something similar to this in the future.

And I agree completely with your sentiment about Mario Kart. I used to feel that DLC characters were important, but you're right, newer tracks should be on a higher priority list as far as DLC goes. Also, timing with DLC is important I feel as well. When developers release DLC 2-3 months after the initial release, it really makes you wonder...

But as far as this goes in terms of DLC, I think it's fair enough to say, this DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U was more an after thought of its initial release - which is how it should be.



unrandomsam said:

They missed what made Super Mario Bros 2 (Lost Levels) so great. (The fact that making the levels possible with both Mario and Luigi lead to great level design).

Also making the levels shorter will make them much easier.

Always going small when you get hit was also a better feature.

I would have prefered them to have just released this as New Super Mario Bros U 2 (Maybe with the for expert players they have used in the past).

Nintendo level design for Mario games has sucked past Super Mario Bros 3 / World. There is a few mod's for the wii one you can use with something called riivolution that are closer to what the originals should have been.



AlternateButtons said:

Ok now this is going to seem stupid and or trolling but it's not I promise.

So I'm in a current debate with myself on what game I want to buy next.
If you can't tell from my icon, I'm a huge Mario fan and would love to buy this DLC. However, I only have three Wii U games for my console right now.

1. Nintendo Land
3. Lego City: Undercover

I love Mario however I want something fresh and new. And I've been wanting to my the Call of Duty games for quite some time (it was low on my list).

Pros to buying CoD: New experience. A reason to get a Wii U pro Controller
Cons: It's uncharted territory. I don't know if I'll even like it.

Pros to buying NSLU: It's a Mario game starring Luigi. It's cheaper.
Cons: It won't bring anything new to my library.

What do you guys think I should do?



GamerJunkie said:

@Sonicfan11589 I agree I want DLCs, but $20+ for DLCs is pricey and a boxed version standalone is kinda stupid to me unless it is a HUGE expansion that took years to make like how MMORPGS do it.



Shiryu said:

"F-ZERO UX": one 5 course Grand Prix download per month, extra car parts every week... and make them FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

As others have said, I think Kart would be perfect for DLC. New characters and new Cups would be great! As far as SSB goes, it'd be cool on the facade, but with fighting games balance is extremely important and they would have to make sure to go through those lengths so everything is good and even.

Everyone should know by the way Nintendo games get delayed that they don't ship crappy incomplete games. There might be some exceptions, but that is the rule.



mike_intv said:


No one is being forced to buy the retail version. But by making it available, they are giving people an option. This might be very important to those with limit storage space on their internal memory. And the price differential is justified by (1) no physical product and (2) no need to have the original game if you buy the boxed version.



Smitherenez said:

I am enjoying the DLC a lot! The right price for a huge amount of content. Levels are short but difficult. Everything wants you dead!



unrandomsam said:

Mario Kart is awful in the last few releases. The only decent relatively recent ones were done by Namco under license. Mario Kart Arcade GP



GN004Nadleeh said:

seems they need to have physical copies due to Nintendo offering pretty much nothing memory wise. shouldn't have to buy an additional hdd just to use dlc. just because the controller is similar to a tablet does not mean it only needs tablet memory



Spartacus3765 said:

COD Blops is a very good title on the Wii U. As far as I'm concerned, it's the title I've played the most so far. It plays very well on the gamepad. Haven't played it much with the pro controller yet since I like the convenience of the gamepad.

I recommend...both games. lol



Spartacus3765 said:

Also, you know that you can play off-screen with COD Blops on the gamepad, right? The pro controller would/could be used for when you play multiplayer.



GamerJunkie said:

@skjia Whats surprising about that?

I get free updates/DLCs to many of my PC games that are well over 1GB in size.

or did you mean its small?



Nintenjoe64 said:

@unrandomsam - Negative, MK Wii was a great game. Still fun today and a smoother and faster game than all the pretenders e.g. Sonic

@Spartacus3765 - I don't want to blow your mind with control options but I find the best way to play BLO2 off-screen is by using the charging cradle and either the CCP, pro controller or Wiimote as the controller so my hands are independent of the screen. The lack of recoil on the dual-analogue methods does make them superior to wiimote though which is disappointing.



AlternateButtons said:

@Spartacus3765 Thanks for the recommendation! And yea, I knew about the Gamepad support. But I figured it would be the best game to give me that "Traditional" control experience Iwata was talking about when this controller was revealed.



Spartacus3765 said:

Another thing, I am not, NOT an avid COD supporter/veteran. So I don't want you to take it as me just being biased towards the series, cuz I'm not in any way. I do just wanna throw it your way that it is a quality title for the system. My one complaint so far, if you play with 3/4 players locally multiplayer, for whatever reason, the person using the gamepad has to do splitscreen on the tv - which I find a little strange. So instead of the 2/3 player tv splitscreen and 1 person using the gamepad, everyone is splitscreen.



gaby_gabito said:

@Guitardude7 I recommend these in this order, considering you want to use the Pro Controller. Keep in mind that you can now use the Pro Controller for Mario Bros U and Luigi U. So far Luigi U seems similar with additional changes and a lot more difficult. These are games I have that I recommend:
Resident Evil Revelations
Batman Arkham City
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Sonic & Sega Allstars Transformed
Trine 2
Scribblenauts Unlimited

Black Ops II is great, too and is on sale at Best Buy for $30 bucks last Saturday. Not sure if it's still on sale now. Not sure if I would buy though it since a new one comes out in A few months.



Peach64 said:

£18 for the DLC version still seems very high to me. The best DLC I've seen so far has been Rockstar with GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption, and they worked out at about £12. Same price for Dragonborn and Dawnguard in Skyrim. I'd say they all had more new content in them than this does too. Then there's The Walking Dead, a full, amazing game, also about £12.



indienapolis said:

@Spartacus3765 I would love to see Nintendo set the standard for doing DLC right. I don't think the stuff they released for NSMB2 was a great start, but I think they are getting there.

As for the Luigi DLC, so far so good. In case anyone is wondering about it, each course is redesigned and shorter. No halfway points. Courses were definitely created with Luigi's controls and time constraints in mind. It's more of the same in some respects, but if you're a fan, I think it's worth the $20. I'll get a lot of play out of it, and I actually like the shorter courses given its a second run through of this material. Or maybe video games are just giving me ADD.



irken004 said:

Cue the swooning of DLC possibilities on WiiU by those who previously shunned the idea. $20 seems like quite a bit for the content but it's not as bad as it could be.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Peach64 £18 does seem like a high price for DLC but it is pretty much a full game and Nintendo charged £30 for Super Mario All Stars (SNES Version on a Wii disc) on the Wii when any other SNES game on VC cost £5 so I was actually shocked when they priced this so low.

I'm not a fan of DLC unless it gets me all the old karts and tracks from every Mario Kart ever.



Spartacus3765 said:

I'm interested in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (never played any of the games before), but I tried the demo and was completely lost. lol. The cross-play to 3DS is also intriguing. But so far, I'm on the fence since I wasn't blown away by the demo. Does it have a learning curve, or do I have to be familiar with the series to get into it?

I agree about what you said about Mario Kart. I really miss the Royal Raceway from the N64 version.



indienapolis said:

@GamerJunkie @mike_intv I bought the DLC, but there's a lot of people who flat out refuse to do digital downloads. Nintendo knows this, and that's why they are releasing a boxed copy. Plus I believe it plays as a standalone which the digital DLC does not. It helps fill out the meager WiiU shelves at retail, and gives people who need to own a disc what they want. Not that Nintendo won't take money where they can, but I don't see this double release as that. They'd rather people be downloading as opposed to retail, its a higher profit margin, but their market just isn't there yet.



JuleyJules said:

Just downloading now and will give it a go later on! Other ideas for a game to add DLC on to get players back playing is Nintendo Land. They could add in some other franchises they might be bringing back down the line. There was an article recently that Reggie said they're thinking of ones to revive. Put them on NL to guage response by fans. Also, for NL it would be great, if they aren't doing a full Wii U Sports, to add some of those games into NL as other 'attractions' that people could play. It could get some other casual fans playing again. It's still a pain to have to load the Wii menu to play older games.



GamerJunkie said:

@indienapolis Yea thats true too. But, I just feel like they did this to make a huge profit on "fanatics" since they know all their other games are delayed.

They could have given this as a free DLC or $5 for owners of the original mario U. They just know Nintendo fanatics are dying for anything to play and will buy this even overpriced.

"Its a standalone game" NO its not, its DLC for an existing game they are marketing as some bigger deal than it should be.



Nareva said:

Is anyone else having problems with the download? It keeps telling me the dlc cannot be used because my software is not up to date. My system is updated, I just checked again and Mario U downloaded and installed an update this morning. Suggestions?



GamerJunkie said:

@Nareva Go into the mario game, let it update.

After that, go back to the store and you can buy the Luigi DLC and it will download that too.

Then start mario from main wii u menu and it will install.

Overcomplicated process, but thats how it goes.



rjejr said:

@mike_intv - No need to have the original.

Thats what makes the prices ok for me and doesnt seem greedy at all.
NSMBU $60 + $20 = $80
Luigi Levels = $30
Seems fair.

And heres the thing about Nintendo and greed. I was in Target an hour ago - NSMB Wii is still $49.99. How old is that game now? I was surprised it hasnt dropped to $30 yet. Even Brawl is only $30. Whos buying that game for $50? That game and the Wii is only $129.

Good news though - played NSMBU demo in Target. A Luigi demo would be a nice addition, maybe in 6 months.

A collectors ed. of these 2 parts of the same game sounds good, but Nintendo will still charge $80 or $90 for it.



GiftedGimp said:

@bofis Initial dl is 1.5gb, but installs as just over 700mb.
Depending on network speed, and wether your using a HDc or internal memory will effect dl/install time.
3min install, 7min download for me last night... external HDD though.



Akira_1975 said:

@GamerJunkie Hey, if you think $20 is steep, guess what, don't buy it!!! That's how you really get back at Nintendo. I'll personally wait and get the green box. I am a collector and I am thrilled Nintendo is giving me the choice. Thanks Nintendo!!! Oh and BTW considering how negative all your comments are, why don't you just go and sell your Wii U, move on, and be done with it?? You're just so damn angry all the time. Take a chill pill dude!



GiftedGimp said:

Refering to thisas dlc is kind of wrong, its actually a full blown expansion pack. Whats is great about it is that although a lot of thecold assets are reused, as you'd expect it does feen different from NSMBU. The level design, the shorter time limit, the way Luigi moves all add to a different feeling than you have with NSMBU.
My only critism, is it would of been nice to have some Challenge levels tailored for luigi... but who knows, maybe thats something to come as small dlc packages.. possibly even some for NSMBU.



ballistic90 said:

Wasn't Nintendo the first to experiment with console expanded content with the 64DD? Or does the Sonic & Knuckles lock on cart count? Or the Sattelaview system in Japan? Games have a weird relationship with add on content, and it seems to be older than anyone thinks.



Turbo857 said:

Yeah, I think Smash Bros U can definitely benefit from new characters and stages added after release with DLC. Great way to extend the life of the game and it'd be a potential cash cow (as long as characters are no more then 4.99 and stages are like $2.99)



sinalefa said:


Capcom does that all the time. They even went as far as to do it twice with the same game (Street Fighter IV). And they did it with Marvel vs Capcom 3 a few months after release. A similar scenario are the countless "Game of the Year" rereleases that include all the DLC.



Fillytase said:

(gasp) An approach that offers content primarily through download, with a retail option for collectors as well? SEE THAT, CAPCOM?



NMH-TRI said:

@GamerJunkie I didn't pick up NSMBU. Guess what? This is a fantastic deal for me, No matter how you spin it, if you don't have NSMBU, this is a steal if you like platformers. If you do have it, you get the case for Luigi's 1st platformer as main character. I know three people that HAVE NSMBU and are still picking this up retail.



DarkLloyd said:

cant wait to get the boxed copy of new super luigi U in august when it releases, just waiting for a preorder option to actually show up at ebgames lol



NMH-TRI said:

@Spartacus3765 I got into Monster Hunter w/ Tri on the Wii. The difficulty grading in MH3U isn't as steep, but it's still harder towards the last tier of monsters than Tri ever was. There's also free weekly DLC (weapons, quests, challenge matches)

Honestly, there is a huge learning curve. You will learn something new even after playing for 100 hrs. The demo is garbage. It only shows the fighting and you don't even understand your skills, armor, weapon. I strongly recommend picking this game up.

The 1st few hours will teach you the basics. Look up a beginner's guide online. What's great is there are tons of resources to help you adapt to the game online. MH3U replay value is super high. You could easily drop 200 hrs on the game.



Toph6661 said:

Not to be really maths geeky and picky... but $19.99 to $29.99 is an increase of 50% not 33%



Fazermint said:

@GamerJunkie The boxed version is for people who don't own NSMBU and want NSLU without having to buy NSMBU. Nintendo actually encourages you to buy the digital version. Get your facts straight.



NMH-TRI said:

@Guitardude7 Buy ZombiU (doesnt use CCP though) and BLOPS II. Completely different experience, both net you a zombie fix, both, imo, are very entertaining.

ZombiU is a very tense experience that will probably make you jump. COD is what you'd probably expect, run and gun (zombies mode is lots of fun).

About the Pro Controller...I haven't used mine since the 1st week I bought it, but it's there for multiplayer. I think the gamepad is more comfortable and when I try to use CCP, it just feels too small and awkward. Games that need tight handling (COD) are fine w/ gamepad. I was ranked in top 10 in every category on Zombies using the gamepad. In my opinion, just get CCP for multi and continue using gamepad.



Jazzer94 said:

Thought people might enjoy this Miiverse drawing

Edit: This is not my drawing.



Lan said:

@WingedFish Adding characters to games like this all willy-nilly will screw up balance. They'd have to prepare patches to change lots of other stuff to balance it.



Nareva said:

@GamerJunkie I tried that. No dice. When I try to download the dlc it still says my software is not up to date. Any other ideas? Anyone?



tchaten said:

@gaby_gabito have you tested if Luigi U works without the Mario U disc in? I know it needs it for installation, but after that does it need it?



GamerJunkie said:

@Nareva Are you sure you have the disc in and Mario is fully up to date? Sorry about your problem.... Restart system is all i can think of other than that.



Darknyht said:

I plan on getting the Boxed version mostly because I don't want to pay $60 for NSMB-U, and I want to play as Luigi (the idea interests me as I always liked Luigi better).

Where I struggle with Nintendo right now is that I can generally purchase the Wii versions of the games they are releasing dirt cheap ($10-30) and not really miss much from the experience other than Gamepad support. Part of me wonders if this is not their biggest issue. Why buy NSMB-U when you can purchase NSMB-Wii for less and not miss much?



GamerJunkie said:

@slim80 You are the prime example I am talking about. You call $20 DLC cheap and you think they can charge $40-50 for DLC ahhahahaha. $20 is pretty much the max amount a DLC should ever be.

Go look at things like Steam and indie bundles that have full great games for $1-5. and even less.

You people that only play on Nintendo are used to high prices and being ripped off, so you really don't understand what a good deal is or not.

I play on PC, Wii U and had many consoles in the past. Nintendo is by far the most expensive system to buy games for.

Pay 1 penny and you can get this game: or $1 for the steam key version. It also includes its DLC for same price.

If you look around you can get like 20 good games for less than $10 total for all 20. This is my point. I don't understand how you brag how cheap a $20 DLC is compared to what I'm saying. I support Nintendo, I bought Luigi DLC, but it is not cheap or a great deal, open your eyes to gaming, not just the Nintendo world.



SteveW said:

@GamerJunkie They aren't being greedy at all. I want the retail copy and would have paid full price but they are making it half price!

What about all the EA sports games? Luigi U is a more different than Mario U when compared to the EA sports games that come out at FULL price every year.



sr388survivor said:

@GamerJunkie it's surprising to me because this isn't a 16GB PC game. It's half the size of the original game. I think most people figured they were reusing a lot of assets from the first game so it would only be a 100-200mb. It's one of the biggest files on the eShop, excluding retail downloads.



Emaan said:

This DLC was well worth the $20.

Glad to see Nintendo trying new things lately.



Kaabiitorori said:

The real deal about DLCs is that these additional contents must bring an expansive experience to the main game, and most importantly, value for money. Cases such as overpriced DLCs with very little content or DLCs used to unlock an incomplete game are a big no-no for me: Capcom is probably the worst example in DLC handling, let alone their retail “editions” of Street Fighter VI or Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Contrary to what some people may believe, New Super Luigi U is, in proper order, an expansion. The same can be said about other expansive DLCs such as Rockstar’s GTA IV or Red Dead Redemption, or Ubisoft’s FarCry 3: they are run under the same game and engine, but they feel like they were a totally new game and not a mere additional content. The examples I have mentioned had retail versions as well.

So yeah, I applaud the arrival of expansions such as New Super Luigi U. Once again, as long as both content and price tag are equal, they will always be welcomed, and let’s hope Nintendo knows how to handle this in future releases.



link3710 said:

About how creating a zelda game in this style is a bad idea, look at Majora's Mask (to Ocarina of Time), and the Oracle games (to Link's Awakening DX). Both were created using huge amounts of existing assets, and in far less time then usual for a Zelda game. They also are both well recieved. It could be possible for the Standalone DLC route to work for the series.



gaby_gabito said:

@tchaten yes, you still need the disc. You can only access the game through Mario Bros U Menu for now. For that reason I'm thinking about downloading Mario U. I'm going to end up having double of both by the end of it all!



tchaten said:

ah okay - I'll be buying the Luigi disc soon enough - getting DLC version too



GiftedGimp said:

Why are people moaning the about the price? 4 maps on something like CoD or something is £12 there abouts, this 82 level expansion pack is £18 as download
The Price vs Content your getting is far from expensive.



Williaint said:

So far it's great! I've been... sort of moving quickly.
Luigi's movements and the short time limit create a higher difficulty, especially when you are trying to get all the Coins!



gohanrage said:

So in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze you can only be under water a limited amount of time? that is a Question. I never played DKCR. But I own the Original SNES Trilogy. Which had long water levels and you never had to worry about dying from lack of oxygen



GreatPlayer said:

@Guitardude7 I think you may want to borrow/rent Nintendo Land before you buy it. I only like one particular mingame (Legend of Zelda) but not others. If you do not like most of the minigames then it is not worthwhile.



sinalefa said:


DKCR does not have underwater levels. But yes, it seems that Tropical Freeze will have an oxygen meter. No idea how hard that will make the levels.



Royalblues said:

DLC shouldn't just now be a new concept to the big N. Shame, shame.
Anyway, for EIGHTY-TWO new levels, I'd buy that dlc in a heartbeat.



Moshugan said:

@Nintendolife The boxed retail version is actually about 50% more expensive than the DLC version. In reverse, the DLC is 33% cheaper than the boxed version.



Tuturoopa said:

I would like for them to add DLC like new sets of fish and bugs and diving creatures for Animal Crossing New leaf



TheRegginator said:

As long as Nintendo continues to do DLC like they have so far, I am completely fine with it! I plan to get NSLU in a few days and look forward to how other Nintendo games are expanded on this way.



Gridatttack said:

Interesting to see a boxed DLC on a ninty console. When I pick up NSMBU I will get NSLU too.

Now, im just hoping for a level editor



GraveLordXD said:

@GamerJunkie to be fair this game from what I hear has around 20 hrs of gameplay don't know for sure if that is true though also there are reasons why retail games are more expensive it cost more for the box and shipment to the retailer so really all download games should be cheaper so everyone is ripping us off



GraveLordXD said:

@GiftedGimp exactly I remember borderlands 2 the mechromancer was around $10 and that's just one character I think no mater what people just like to complain I say come work for me and get some real problems



Shambo said:

i skipped nsmbu 'cause it hadn't been long since i got nsmb2 on 3ds. now, as a fan of the green shadow of mario, i'll definitely get the retail version of this. it IS a steal. and look at that green box... i couldn't possibly say no to this.

and as a collector, i'd still get the standalone even if i'd already picked up nsmbu.



schizor said:

DLC in form of new characters for the new Smash is not going to happen. The creator already said that which caracters will stay and which will hit the floor is a matter of balance in gameplay. New downloadable caracters would disprove that very statement.



WesGrogan said:

@GamerJunkie Who said it was a full game? Better question - who says that everyone has an internet connection? This allows people without an internet connection.. I know a couple near where I live.. to be able to enjoy the experience just as I did, which is something that used to be true a lot more often before the "easy download" became so prevalent. Also, no one is talking about this being a new game. It's DLC. A level pack. Is it really that unprecedented in your opinion? You're not exactly getting horse armor here.



WesGrogan said:

@unrandomsam The levels being shorter makes them a LOT more challenging. Many times already I've either run out of time or managed to get to the flag with one or two seconds to spare.



GiftedGimp said:

@WesGrogan 'You're not exactly getting horse armor here.'
Lol.. totally forgot about that Oblivion dlc... Sorry to admit it but I got suckered into buying that on the 360 version when the dlc was 1st launched.
I was younger and filled with hype for, at that time the newly released 360 in my defence.



Haywired said:

Seems like only yesterday that DLC was "one of the worst aspects of modern gaming! You'll never see Nintendo doing it. They're better than that." Strangely haven't seen that one in a while... A quite miraculous U-turn!



Pod said:

I was actually of the impression that New Super Luigi U was completely free to download if you had already bought NSMB U.

I am appalled and disappointed now.

I thought it was quite clever to offer such a mix-up for free for those who have bought a full-priced game, and then sell it for cheap without the original version to cheapskates and Luigi lovers.

The decision to sell the DLC version it for 20€ has put me on the fence with NSMB U in general now. I'm not sure I'm willing to buy it at all. Paid DLC on consoles is unacceptable to me, even when structured in the form of a traditional expansion pack.



tchaten said:

@Pod Wow - so you expect an entirely new experience with 83 brand new levels to be completely free - what world do you think you are living in - $20 is a great value for basically a brand new game/experience - this is DLC done right - I could care less about buying characters and crap for $5, but a brand new experience and complete set of level designs is great.



WesGrogan said:

@GiftedGimp Oh you weren't alone on that. It really was an important moment in defining DLC and what was worth what. If a lot of people hadn't been suckered into it, it never would have changed things for the better.



WesGrogan said:

@Pod So, because you lack comprehension it affected not only your opinion on DLC but on the entire NSMBU game itself? That is, if you'll forgive me, a bit insane. Giving away this content would be crazy of them. Take a look at Burnout Paradise.. one of the best examples of DLC done right. Some of the smaller DLC aspects were free and really enhanced the game, but the bigger DLC elements like new areas or motorcycles were paid DLC, and rightfully so. I am glad you think you deserve all kinds of things for free, but the developer and the workers deserve to get paid, and they put a lot of work into designing each level and balancing the gameplay. As I said before.. this isn't exactly horse armor you're getting here, or paying to unlock things that are already in the game.



GiftedGimp said:

@Pod I just don't get where you got the impression it was going to be free, Nintendo hasn't ever given the faintest indication that this would be free, in fact they've always refered to it as a puchase from either the eStore or at retail.
Secondly, as much as Like free dlc, I never expect it, no matter how small or big the dlc is. At the end of the day someone or a group of people have spent time & resources in creating dlc an in turn earned a wage. I only expect DLC pricing to reflect the content your getting, A whole expansion pack 82 levels long at less than £20 is really good value for money.
I know of full games costing £40+ that don't offer the amount of content you get with luigi Dlc which also sell you content that should of been included in the full game as dlc for £5 a pop.



Warruz said:

@Guitardude7 Monster hunter gets a bad Rap because capcom makes next to 0 efforts in trying to introduce new players , the first few hours are a complete bore , and the controls are a task within themselves. HOWEVER once you get past those things( takes a few hours or considerably less time if you have a friend to guide you and explain things) you are rewarded with a great action game and an even better multiplayer game.

Its alot like EVE in the learning curve but on a shorter time table.Those who are unable to get past that , hate the game. Those who do? Love it .



Donald_M said:

I don't necessarily mean as DLC, but this reminds me of how much I'd like to see further expansions of the Mario franchise featuring supporting characters.

Another Princess Peach game would be great, maybe with Daisy and Birdo along for the ride as playable characters as well.

My ultimate dream however is Wicked Wario Bros. a Wario and Waluigi centric platformer that would mix elements of traditional Mario platforming with elements from the Wario Land games.

It would start out seemingly in an alternate version of the Mushroom Kingdom where Wario and Waluigi are the heroes and the Mario Bros. can only look on jealously. Then, after you beat the game in a boss fight against a Mario and Luigi whose jealousy has driven them to extremes, you find out the whole thing was in Wario's head and the two have actually spent the whole time ripping off the Mushroom Kingdom. You then unlock a set of bonus levels about what really happened, with Mario and Luigi chasing after the Wario Bros. and cleaning up their mess.



AlternateButtons said:

@b23cdq Holy Snood that seems complicated and time consuming. But seems like a lot of fun. Thanks for the links!

@Warruz Thanks for the heads up! I think I'll get it when I have free time.



marakassi said:

I ordered the boxed version even I don't own Wii U yet (gonna buy it near Xmas). I'm a kind of collector and I don't care about DLC so much. I'm happy to pay some extra for green limited box.



Lyndexer said:

It's a strong possibility that Smash Bros, for both systems, will have DLC. Though, there will be different stages according to the platform. Would this affect the DLC chance?



Slapshot said:

...and then you're going to find that people are going to start questioning if the paid DLC should have been included in the original title.



Pod said:


I am not exactly sure where I picked up the idea that it would be free. Maybe I just didn't ever hear the bit where they stated it wouldn't be.

I never stated that I should have things for free or that I am entitled to anything. I just don't want to pay for games where it has been planned beforehand that they shouldn't actually be finished upon release, and that I will be charged for part of it half a year later.
I didn't "expect" to get this for free, I had been excited at the prospect of seemingly getting it for free.

I do not agree that it would be insane to give the DLC away for free. It would be a great way to honor "The Year of Luigi", a great way to extend life of the title for early purchasers, and a great way to add value for late purchasers who've held off, while at the same time offering the DLC as stand-alone boxed version for people who don't want to pay for the whole pie because they aren't that into Mario anymore.

So in closing, no I did not expect it to be free. I assumed it to be free to people who had already purchased the mother game at full price, and I do not as a consumer buy in to the actual business model presented.

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