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Star Wars Pinball Bringing the Force to Wii U on 11th July

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Patience, padawan

When Zen Pinball 2 was released earlier this year, there was a delay before it landed in North America, while Wii U fans were disappointed to miss out on the Star Wars tables as DLC. It may have taken a while, and they've already been available on every other platform for a good amount of time, but it's been confirmed that Star Wars Pinball will arrive as a standalone release on 11th July in North America and Europe, priced at $9.99 / €9.99.

This seems to be the same standalone release that's also arrived on other consoles, which includes three tables — Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett and Star Wars: The Clone Wars — and some additional features to flesh it out. You have the chance to choose sides between the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance, with dynamic front ends and leaderboards reflecting your individual XP and the broader community's choices. It'll also have the familiar GamePad features, with off-TV play or a dot matrix display on the additional screen.

This has been on a number of pinball enthusiast's wishlists for a while, we suspect. Will you be picking this up, or would you have preferred the option of buying individual tables?


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Zodiak13 said:

Heck yes. Now I wont have to play it on my stupid PS3. So happy right now.



DrKarl said:

Standalone release? <sigh> I'm guessing they feel it will sell better that way. It really is a pain to purchase the DLC for Zen Pinball.

Now we just need The Pinball Arcade to get here!



Rafie said:

@DrKarl The reason for the standalone version (which is a better me) is that Nintendo doesn't have an import tool like the PS3, they (Zen) felt it was better to go the standalone route. It's going to be awesome.

Oh and btw, The Pinball Arcade is coming to Wii U in September with Packs 1 to 16 available at launch. Hope that's some good news for ya!



bofis said:

So does this mean it won't hook into Pinball FX2 that I already have and will instead occupy it's own icon space on the main home screen of the WiiU? I'm fine buying the tables as a package, like Marvel Pinball, but why does it have to be it's own stand-alone application?!



Rafie said:

@bofis Well it's not Pinball FX2 (that belongs to Microsoft). Oh and yes that means it will occupy it's on space as a standalone game. For the reasons I stated above is why it's a standalone app. That reason came from Barbiebobomb...Zen's community manager.



Freelance said:

It seems the Nintendo systems get all the pinball games last. I mean, the 3DS version of Zen Pinball.Marvel Pinball doesn't even have a single DLC table yet, and The Pinball Arcade may not even make it to 3DS after all. On the other hand, a new 3DS game is coming out from the same people with lots of tables from Williams and Gottlieb so that's better than nothing. At any rate, it makes me glad I have a Vita with access ton all the tables.

Have fun, Wii U owners. I feel sorry that you have to wait until September to play The Pinball Arcade. I love that game more than Zen's offerings.



Daz-brum said:

Def get this i was putting of the PS3 verson in the hope the WiiU got the game WOW made my day.



KaiserGX said:

Yes finally a Pinbal game I like! Glad I didn't buy any tables on Zen Pinball 2. I don't like Marvel.



Tethers said:

Why a standalone release?

Now I will wait for a lower price, because I don't want to support such senseless release-desicions...

@Rafie: Why do I need an import tool? They just should have bring the Star Wars tables as DLC for ZP2, I see no problem in that...



shingi_70 said:


They hold the current license for star wars related video games, but the Zen Pinball tablet was licensed months ago. Also i'm not sure if the EA lisence covers pinball (diigtal or otherwise) as well. Activsion has most of the Marvel game lisences but Zen Pinball still came out with the Marvel tables.



KaiserGX said:

I'm happy as **** that it's a separate release. I don't have to see the games I don't have staring me in the face.



iphys said:

I'll be getting this just as soon as they un-lose the high scores they claim they "lost" for me on 15 tables on Zen Pinball 2. I don't trust this company anymore after their ridiculous leaderboard fiasco the past two months.



DrKarl said:

@KaiserGX Ha ha, nice! I'm in the opposite boat. I went hog wild when they put most of the tables on sale a couple months back. Oh well, another icon on the home menu. No big deal.



Rafie said:

@Tethers "Since the eShop doesn't allow importing DLC from one game to another, we decided to go this route rather than add the tables to ZP2 and miss out on the SW features."

That's a direct quote from Barbiebobomb. Here's another one...
"The purchasing process is something that we don't control, we've tried to make it as seamless as possible, but it's ultimately up to Nintendo how they set up the eShop/DLC purchasing"

I can see why they took the standalone route because it offers really neat features that Zen Pinball 2 doesn't. The choice to be a Jedi or Sith and to rank up the more you play is awesome. Versus having it for Zen Pinball 2 and then having the Star Wars standalone version, then having to pay a price. That's the whole issue with the import tool. Had Nintendo had one, then you can buy the standalone version and get it for free from the import tool. Makes sense now?



LittleIrves said:

Did Farsight announce the Sept release date for Pinball Arcade? I've been waiting many moons to hear about that...

And @Donjwolf, what's this other game for 3DS with Williams/Gottlieb tables? A sequel to Pinball Hall of Fame?



Shiryu said:

This isn't the Star Wars game I was looking for. Moving along, moving along...



MadAdam81 said:

Going to get this, and very soon will get the non-Marvel 4 pack. I got Epic Quest a week or so ago, and I have had lots of fun with it.
The Marvel ones just dont seem to grab me, but it's hard considering you need more than just the short demo to find out how to really do anything in a pinball game and whether you like it

It's funny how the only RPG in the eShop is a Pinball table...



GearsOfWarU said:

Finally !!!!!!!!!! I Can't wait to play the New Star Wars Pinball Tables ... especially The Empire Strikes Back !!!! Lord Vader .... its Pinball Time : )



Drobotic said:

I'd rather have it as DLC.Yet again,a lot of people would probably still be confused why the tables aren't unlocked even after they bought them.



Rafie said:

@GearsOfWarU Nope. It's a standalone version strictly for Star Wars tables. Trust'll love it!

@LittleIrves Yup FarSight is releasing Pinball Hall of Fame with all of the non-emulated tables from Williams and Gottlieb. That's all that has been said about that.



Freelance said:


I wouldn't call it a sequel but yes, they're making a new game. Rafie has already said what was needed to be said, so I'll leave it at that. I presume they're doing it because ROM emulation apparently isn't very feasible on the 3DS hardware, so they want to make it up with this new game.



hcfwesker said:

As long as the sarlacc pit burps when my ball falls in it I'll be happy I actually like these will be stand alone from the ZP2 file block.



Senate_Guard said:

I might get this... partly because I want a new Star Wars game to play. But pinball is only interesting for so long before it becomes mediocre.

One SW game that I've been wanting to see a release for the longest time, is the awesomely-epic SW Trilogy Arcade!

That would've been a PERFECT game to port on Wii!



defrb said:

instant buy, took long though ;p , im the pro champ of the world, and will master these tables to keep my position^^



RetrogamerFan said:

@Rafie great news about a release date for The Pinball Arcade on Wii U. I still prefer playing many of the tables in the Williams & Gottlieb collections on Wii to the ZP tables.
However, i'm still interested in Star Wars pinball, i hope Zen have solved some of the problems/glitches apparent in Zen Pinball 2.



JJtheTexan said:

Mildly disappointed by this being stand-alone instead of DLC, but I've been excited for this a long time and had almost given up hope... also this is probably the only Star Wars title we'll get on the Wii U for a very long time, since EA holds the license now



SmaMan said:

What exactly do they mean by "import tool?" I'm still trying to figure out why we can't just have these included in the main Zen Pinball 2 game.

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