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Rumour: Best Buy Beginning Return of Wii U Basic Models Before E3

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Time to say goodbye to the 8GB system?

Earlier this week we reported on a rumour that GameStop will be returning Wii U Basic systems as part of a product recall by Nintendo. It's certainly not beyond the realm of possibility as the SKU has seemed to struggle, while a 32GB White Wii U is coming to Japan; if we were to don our guessing hats we'd suggest that the new model may make an appearance at E3.

To add further credence to the rumour, we've been sent a copy of a Best Buy weekly employee brief, and it contains a very similar message to the GameStop equivalent received by Kotaku, but in this case the return of systems looks set to begin before E3. Below is the relevant text from the document.

All Wii U Basic units (SKU 5709727) will be included on Sendback June 10-11. Stores should pull all new in box units and send them back following the normal Sendback process. Stores should expect to see more Wii U Deluxe units arriving in the coming weeks.

The document in question appears to be authentic, but in a similar manner to Kotaku we won't publish it directly. As its providence can't be confirmed with 100% certainty, we've marked this as a rumour.

Be that as it may, it's looking increasingly likely that the Wii U Basic model may be withdrawn from stores in favour of a single Deluxe offering (in white and black) for the marketplace. If you happen to have a Basic Wii U, you may end up owning one of less than a million that have been sold.

Do you think Nintendo should scrap the 8GB model, or stick with two different options at retail? Sound off in the comments below.

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SCAR said:

At least there's nothing wrong with the console. They just decided the better option should be the only option.
Really, 8GB isn't bad, but it just won't sell over the 32GB w/ Nintendo Land.
I see this as a necessary time for Nintendo to add accounts, if it ends up being true.



rjejr said:

Is it possible they could still go Basic white $299 and Premium black bundle $349 w/ 32GB in both since the black also includes a game and I believe 2 extra stands and the 10% off digital purchases? The Japan white has 32GB, yes?



drumsandperc92 said:

it's not surprising. the deluxe makes so much more sense i think the only reason i'd ever get the basic is if i was seriously intent on having white instead of black. but i actually want the black one more anyway...
i think at E3 they'll announce 32gb white for america.
i'm hoping also for a price cut (maybe deluxe down to $300?) especially if rumors of PS4 starting at $350 are true, nintendo then would no longer hold the price advantage.
we'll see in a few days...



baba_944 said:

Like I said before NINTENDO's marketing on two audience: DX = rich Basic = poor. I'm basic.



SCAR said:

It's $50 more. You get the Nintendo Land game, Deluxe Digital Promo, 32GB, the extra stand and charge cradle.
I don't even think you get the sensor bar for Wii remotes in the U.K.
You get way more in exchange for the $50 extra.



SCAR said:

Well, if the recall ends up being true. It's possible you'll get the extra $50 worth of stuff for free when you exchange it.



NintendoPro64 said:

Honestly, if I were in Iwata's shoes, I would have taken no prisoners and never made a Basic Set. I would have just stomached (slightly) bigger loss and just made the Deluxe Set the only set and have it priced at $300. Plenty of value and near impossible for Sony and Microsoft to match.



james_squared said:

I never even contemplated getting the 8GB model. It just didn't seem to make a lot of sense to me.



CanisWolfred said:

I don't want to even touch Nintendo BLand, so I'm not buying a Wii U unless they produce an SKU that that doesn't have that atrocity. Right now it's the basic unit. If they get rid of that, I won't be getting a Wii U for a long, long time.



SCAR said:

What if they give you a copy of the DLC version? They could pre-install the game on there like they're doing with the 3DS.



NintendoPro64 said:

I can respect you disliking Nintendo Land, but do really hate it so much that you wouldn't get the Deluxe Set with it bundled in? You could just sell it.



MAB said:

Y'all have been trolled but I can understand alot of people are disappointed that their beloved durango that they were overhyped about is crap... Also the OUYA isn't the WiiU killer they were hoping for too



Ukulele_Wizard said:

@CanisWolfred I too was skeptical about Nintendo Land. But if you have friends, Mario Chase, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, and the Animal Crossing games are FANTASTIC. And, personally, I've played the Metroid and Zelda games an unhealthy amount since I got my Wii U.
And even if you don't want Nintendo Land, the charging cradle and additional memory is definitely a huge plus. And I think something many people have forgotten about is Deluxe Digital Promotion (or Premium promotion, depending on where you live), which basically gives you back 10% back on every game you purchase in the eShop.
Holding off to buy the Wii U JUST because of Nintendo Land is little silly. Though I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo rolled out a new model which comes bundled with the new Mario Kart or 3D Mario this holiday season.



aaronsullivan said:

@CanisWolfred But Nintendo Land is the most fun I've had with a video game in years. Every time I show it to a new group they go instantly ga ga over it. Where did you get the idea it was bland?

All I can say is Nintendo dropped the ball on getting people to understand what a gem Nintendo Land is. My advice is don't deprive yourself because of misperceptions.



MrL1193 said:

And now, the question on everyone's minds...Will Nintendo reduce the price of the Deluxe Model if the Basic Model gets the boot? If they're ever going to reduce the price, this would be a good opportunity to do it.



C-Olimar said:

@CanisWolfred Have you even played it? Have you played every game?
There are fantastic multiplayer games, some of the best on the console. Don't like multiplayer? Metroid Blast and Crash Course are brilliant for more experienced gamers. Pikmin Adventure is a good middle ground for these.

The other games aren't as good but there is a range of genres so if you hate it you're really just being perverse.



SCAR said:

Metroid Blast is great for 5 player. I've only gotten 3 multiplayer going, but that, Zelda, and F-Zero are my favorites.
Balloon Breeze or whatever is cool, too.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I see this as a smart move on Nintendo's part business wise. They can take the 8 GB basic systems and repackage them as white 32 GB Deluxe systems and do an across the board price reduction on the black and white Deluxe systems to help move more units.



DefHalan said:

I think Nintendo should pull the 8gb systems and turn them into pay monthly versions. Like how Xbox has a cheap system that you can pay $15 a month for two years



blueeaglewombat said:

They should probably just have one-sized unit, the 32GB, but be available in both White & Black. From Day One, I've been operating under idea that no matter the size of the internal storage, you'll still need an external drive if you plan on downloading any content from the eShop. So, I bought the Basic Set on launch day. The only real benefit to me of the Deluxe set isn't the inclusion of Nintendo Land, but the Deluxe Digital Promotion. I had no interest in Nintendo Land and I really wanted the White console, so I went with the Basic set. A couple months after launch I added my external storage (1TB Toshiba Canvio) and I'm happy with my console choice.

Ideally though, if Nintendo does "recall" the 8GB model (I know they SAY they are redistributing the consoles more evenly across retailers), the Deluxe Digital Promotion needs to either end or be open to everyone. Now's the time to turn it into the Wii U's version of Ambassador Club (like they did for 3DS after the price drop).

I'm still convinced Nintendo can overcome the drought of software relatively quickly with a few quality titles from their library and a greatly enhanced marketing push. Now's not the time to quit or give up on Nintendo, folks. XboxNONE and PS4 haven't even released yet. So you can't say Nintendo has blown this generation's console race until ALL the consoles have been released. Until then, chill out and enjoy some Wii U gaming.



antdickens said:

Personally I think it's time to drop the 'basic' and go with a single package, surely that has only added to the confusion over the first year of sales? Just offer the white/black colours and people should be OK.



Yoshi3DS said:

i not exactly loaded with money atm, but i really would never buy the basic set. i believe you don't even get a sensor bar included! £50 more for a ton of great stuff is just fine for me. plus i'll be buying many eshop games when i get a wii u so the 10% off thing would help, and i prefer black!(even though ive got and prefer the white 3dsxl)



Mk_II said:

Yep, it's clear the basic model will be dropped. Iwata acknowledged that Nintendo underestimated the demand for the 32Gb version. I expect they will announce several new bundles at E3 with a pre-installed game like Mario Kart at an attractive price.level instead of a simple price drop..



Luffy said:

I got the deluxe because the basic was to horrible to face! I like having a black Nintendo this time around. MY wii was white. Its like I got my N64 back!



justintyme4u said:

Yes that should scrap the 8-GB Wii U Basic Set. Nintendo should have just come out with that 32-GB Wii U Deluxe Set in White and Black from the very beginning.



Dauntless said:

They should just keep one model to reduce confusion, available in white and or black, to keep it simple

They probably should have just discounted the basic by $50 or more and let the stock run out. I imagine it will cost more to have everything shipped back and repackaged to send it out again. Then what do they do with all the 8GB chips? Garbage?

Once you hook up a usb hard drive 32gb or 8gb becomes irrelevant. I don't see how you can argue you are getting more value with 32gb when 500gb is standard for laptops. The value is only there if you want NintendoLand and a black system. If you're serious about storage space you'll get a usb hard drive because 32gb is pathetic.

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