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Project Sweat Could Come To Wii U if Stretch Goal is Reached

Posted by Andy Green

Action RPG needs £45,000 to come to Nintendo's system

Humid Games recently opened up a Kickstarter campaign for an action RPG that goes by the name Project Sweat.

It's trying to gather £25,000 so it can release on Windows, Mac and Linux but now the project has new stretch goals to include console versions as well. Should Project Sweat manage to obtain £45,000 there will be a version made for Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita.

Drawing influence from Suikoden and Chrono Cross, Project Sweat has been created using highly detailed sprites and will take place in what the developer describes as a "multi-layered environment".

The combat system is akin to Ninja Gaiden: Black but on a 2D scale with elements of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike thrown in for good measure. It's based on a risk-reward formula and you'll have two buttons to play with - one for fast attacks and the other for strong ones.

There's no news on a 3DS adaptation, however, Humid Games has stated it would "like to port the game onto handhelds" should it have the funds available to do so. At the moment it's just the Vita that has the chance of being supported but that could change in the future.

You can check out the Kickstarter video below. Let us know what you think to it in the comment section.


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Einherjar said:

Where the hell do all these "WiiU stretch goals" come from ? I mean, sure, they need money for the dev kit but man, everyone is asking for different and extremely high amounts of money. I know that its a "personal taste" thing, but the only thing that kickstarter does for me is turn me right off instead of getting my mouth wet...
Also, Suikoden, Chrono Cross, Ninja Gaiden Black and Street Fighter 3 ? Thats a whole lot of different influences and systems to mish mash together.
The sprite art looks very good, but its way too smooth for its own good. If turning your character around really takes 1sec.+ just for the sake of showing all frames of animation, its a farse to name it along with Ninja Gaiden, one of the fastest hack and slay games out there.
I wish them all the luck i can, but for such high goals and "role models", i thing it bites off way more than it can chew.

Edit: Is it just me, or is their Logo ripped from 505 Games ? (Color changed, 505 switched with Humid)



andrea987 said:

Sorry, but 2D for an rpg just don't work for me. I also prefer less 'nicer' visuals but a world full of interesting and interactive npc, explorable environments/buildings, side quests, etc. If someone's deliver that, I could even accept a top down visual.



cornishlee said:

I'm always interested in an RPG with decent combat. Hopefully this will come to light and, at that stage. be more fleshed out with less empty environments than what they can show here.



ValentineMeikin said:

@Einherjar Stretch Goals are more items they didn't plan straight up, so will need to put more work hours into.

The WiiU Dev Kit could be the same price as a retail unit, but they charge several times it so they've got a massive buffer on all the other items they also want to develop. You need to pay £130 for each phone game license on GameMaker Studio for example, and that soon adds up.

Yes, Having them declare that at £2000 they'll consider WiiU is a bit steep, but they're also paying for everything up to that point.



BlackStar9000 said:

they should have waited until they could show some proper gameplay, fighting especially, we want a preview of the games concept in motion, not just the thought behind the game



Tra_Venous said:

This kickstarter so far hasn't made much impact - it's currently only trending toward 13% of its goal. (still too early to tell for sure though)



ShadJV said:

"Humid Games". "Project Sweat". What is with these people and moistness?



ShadJV said:


If I had $7800 (or whatever it said for their biggest backing reward) to throw away, I'd totally donate to have the god named Lord of Perspiration. He would be truly horrifying to look at. Though I always wonder who actually wants to put that much into a random kickstarter game.



Einherjar said:

@ValentineMeikin The thing is, these 20000 are one of the lower goals thet emerged from kickstarter. I find i rather strange that they (not THIS dev team, more devs in general) want people to invest into their ideas but wont say what exactly that money is for. You wouldnt lend a friend hundrets of insert currency here without him telling you what he needs that money for.
Is it really so hard to tell people: "So, we need this amount for Dev Kits and licenses, we round it up to that amount for eventual, unforseen events"
Everybody moans about the high retail prices of games nowadays, many of them because they dont know what that money is for exactly, but nobody seems to care why some indi devs need truckloads of money to make games on par with some flash games seen on the internet for free.
As long as this stays the same, i wont invest a single € into whatever kickstarter camaign out there. I just want to know what my money is used for and how these ridiculous goals are messured.



AzureShadow said:

Eeh well if it will be like an RPG and something similar to Muramasa in the gameplay department I'd be all for it. RPG eeh perhaps given that there is supposed to be more characters. 2D side scroller kind of has me interested. I may back this



Nirosmir said:

It would've been nice to see some combat, other than just cutting boulders into little pieces, that doesn't tell me anything at all...



Relias said:

@Einherjar Well I am not sure.. but for some developers it could go for initial labor.. think about it.. some of these developers may go month's without a paycheck.. for all you know we are keeping a roof over their heads.. paying the cost for the equipment they needed.. plus the license and what not... besides it's really no different than giving money to the Government.. they get all this money.. but if you did a Check.. you would find out 50-75% of every penny they collect disappears.. and never makes it to what they said it was going for.. and yet no one seems to mind giving them hundreds-Thousands of dollars as long as they have a decent road to travel on.. Maybe this developer is being honest and only has to pay for a kit.. and license others are not so lucky.. But in the end if you like the RPG Genre.. who cares as long as you have a decent game to buy.. and enjoy..



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Sprites always get me, and at least the spritework on the main character is impressive. What bothers me is that the flow looks a bit clunky in the video. I suppose they'll get smoother gameplay worked out on the way, but it's keeping me a bit on the fence...



R_Champ said:


I have to admit all the goals that place PS3/4/Vita much lower than a Wii U release really make me not want to donate. I could just end up putting all my money for it to be released on a system I don't own...doesn't make much sense to me. Kickstarters in general seem like kind of a weird fad. I'm all about supporting indies, but it's like people are asking me to give them money so they can then make more's like being an investor, but with no pay off.

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