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Precursor CEO - Shadow of the Eternals Supporters Bringing “New Possibilities” to Development

Posted by Tim Latshaw

But will it bring more funding?

While Precursor Games gears up for a second attempt at crowdfunding Shadow of the Eternals after shutting down its initial effort, CEO Paul Caporicci continues to push the message that the suspension is to implement “new, exciting opportunities.”

In an interview with Polygon, Caporicci added that said opportunities --which he said would be revealed in “just a few short weeks” — have come in large part through collaboration with backers and forum supporters known as “The Order”:

The talent we've already seen in “The Order” has opened up new possibilities in ways we could never have done by traditional development means. This game is going to be all about the shared vision between the development team and our community.

Caporicci also said new members have joined the forum since the end of the first Kickstarter campaign was announced. Whether this support will result in more dollars the next time around remains to be seen, but currently members of the development staff are using their own money to keep the project going.

Do you think community feedback for Shadow of the Eternals will help rejuvenate its funding campaign? Let us know.


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Macarony64 said:

I dont mind if this deal make the game multyplat has long that is not pulled away of wiiu



smashbrolink said:

Ditto to what Mac said: I just want the game to come to the Wii U, if anything.
I don't care what other platforms it comes to, as long as the Wii U is one of them.



takyon98 said:

same with what everyone else is saying! i know i might get crap for this but I DONT CARE) its like with rayman legends, yea im kinda mad it's not going to be a wiiU exclusive but also 1ther consoles get to enjoy its awesomeness and 2: at least they didnt drop the ball and say "forget U!"(really crappy pun xD) like other games like battlefield, metro:last light and d!rt



Ren said:

lower, more realistic goal. And some real investor funding if it's not just a labor of love. Kickstarter isn't for paying real company salaries. It's nice that it works for peoples great projects but it's still an online bake sale; only treat it as such if you want to do multi-million dollar commercial projects.
I want this game to happen but they need management that knows how this stuff works, and can get real investor funding if they want to really do it. It doesn't bode well for the game that they screwed this part up already.



indienapolis said:

Got my refund today from the first campaign. Like everyone else I just want to see it get made. I'm still a little confused as to the current direction of the project. Do they have backing now? What's Nintendo's involvement, if any? Are they going to seek crowd funding again or do these new opportunities eliminate the need for it?



shingi_70 said:

I'm guessing when the kickstarter comes back were going to see it done a more reasonable budget as well as a few more platforms. (I'm guessing PS4/Vita/Xone)



Einherjar said:

@indienapolis These sort of question are the fact, that endanger the whole project. They really do a bad job at communicating with their customers. No one really knows whats up with the game, whats the current status and so forth. Its really a shame that such a promising project is treated that way.
That said, im still unsure about the fate of this game.



polynomer said:

@Einherjar Sigh. They said they will make an announcement about what these “new, exciting opportunities" are when they relaunch. How is that bad communication? What should they do in order that you consider it good communication?

Your complaint is essentially: "Apple is terrible at communication because they didn't announce the iPhone5, before they announced the iPhone5."



indienapolis said:

@polynomer Well, I'm a supporter of the project and I think they've done less than a great job communicating the direction of the endeavor. Worse than that, theyve let misinformation fester across the Internet. Regardless of what people's position was on Dennis Dyack, the multiple fundraising campaigns, and now the potential reboot are a little confusing to the consumer. I'm not implying malfeasance, hell, I donated money, but I think they could do a better job with public relations.



polynomer said:

@indienapolis I wouldn't say that they've "let misinformation fester across the Internet". I would put it this way: they addressed these issues, but they were ignored and people don't seem to listen, as evidenced by, for example, how debunked ideas keep popping up on comments to SotE articles on this site. People like to make things up without evidence. On the particular issue of this article, the suggestion seems to be: make the announcement before the announcement is ready to be made. This is not a good suggestion.

"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." -Winston Churchill

If you've got suggestions on how they can improve communication, please share them.



Einherjar said:

@polynomer First off: Apple is a bad company period.
Second: You again, geeze. We know that you are a supporter of that game but man, turn down the fanboyism and get real. If they have good news, thes emust go live as soon as possible, and not the moment they get their crowdfunding stuff back online. Even if these news turn out to be good and beneficial, they need time to spread and convince people. If they spread them at the start, it only costs precious time. Convince first, ask for money later, not the other way around.



polynomer said:

@Einherjar I don't see how you can accuse me of fanboyism given that almost all of my posts are simply related to correcting false statements. False statements, which anyone, not just me--fanboy or hater--could have corrected.

No company just releases news as soon as possible. Apple (or Nintendo) doesn't announce the iPhone (or Wii U) as soon as they decide to make it, because details may change. Precursor could be working out the detail of some sort of deal now, or planning how to run their next Kickstarter campaign. Whatever confusion you're talking about, it's not related to this unannounced development, which will be announced in the next few weeks.

We've made suggestions on some ways to better get the message out on their forums. And clear communication will be important if this is to succeed. But one suggestion will not be, announce the new development and launch the Kickstarter before it's ready.



Einherjar said:

@polynomer Sorry to say it but, and i hope the admins will forgive me for that, but you are a really dense brick head. Its like your skull is made out of a special membrane, that only lets informations out but never in...geeze your exhausting me to no end.
Your nintendo / apple comparison are completely bogus. These companies have a budget and are not asking for money from the public to make their products. Also, this isnt the first thing we have heard about that project. It already failed hard many times before. So, ANY good news should be spread as quickly as possible to lessen the image blow by other news. People are already speculating what kind of "deal" this could be, and when their money is involved, speculation is THE thing you should avoid at all cost. When your project already failed as hard as this one did (again, 9% crowdfunding campaign should be pretty obvious how bad the situation is) the last thing people need is a reason so speculate. They need certainty and nothing else.

And before you reply with your "professional debunkery" again: Please dont. I think my freinds would kill me outright if i had that kind of attitude.
"almost all of my posts are simply related to correcting false statements" With that attitude, youll be no.1 in everyones heart in no time. You seem to be the next evolutionary stage of the well known "grammer nazi" meme. You should stop it, before it gets mainstream or even gets olympic...
But in all seriousness, you really get on my nerves with stuff like that. Simply accept other peoples opinions on that matter and leave them be.



blitz666 said:

For the life if me why don't Nintendo financialy support this, with such lack of games surly its sense to support any company wanting to work on a Nintendo game??? Before its to late



Daz-brum said:

I loved eternal darkness on the gamecube one of the rare games i finished. Would be great to have a hd version with a few extra bits n bobs like in Super Mario 64 on the DS. WOW that would be great and i would be willing to buy chapter on chapter.

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