While Precursor Games gears up for a second attempt at crowdfunding Shadow of the Eternals after shutting down its initial effort, CEO Paul Caporicci continues to push the message that the suspension is to implement “new, exciting opportunities.”

In an interview with Polygon, Caporicci added that said opportunities --which he said would be revealed in “just a few short weeks” — have come in large part through collaboration with backers and forum supporters known as “The Order”:

The talent we've already seen in “The Order” has opened up new possibilities in ways we could never have done by traditional development means. This game is going to be all about the shared vision between the development team and our community.

Caporicci also said new members have joined the forum since the end of the first Kickstarter campaign was announced. Whether this support will result in more dollars the next time around remains to be seen, but currently members of the development staff are using their own money to keep the project going.

Do you think community feedback for Shadow of the Eternals will help rejuvenate its funding campaign? Let us know.

[via polygon.com]