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Pikmin 3 Will Need to Gather 3950MB to Download onto Your Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

That's 31,840 blocks in old money

Pikmin 3 is getting so close that we can almost smell the flowers, right before we ruthlessly hurl Pikmin at them. It arrives in Europe on 26th July and North America on 4th August, and we shouldn't forget that fans of the GameCube originals have been demanding this new title since the early Wii days. Nintendo's taken its sweet time.

While plenty of gamers are likely to opt for the traditional physical retail version, a good number may decide to download it from the eShop. The good news is that, assuming you have a Deluxe / Premium model, you won't necessarily have to hook up an external hard drive to pick it up. We can confirm that our European copy — we expect the North American equivalent to be identical or very close — takes up 3950MB of space, which is just over 3.85GB. It'll just about fit on the 8GB model if you've downloaded very little, but will have a decent chance on the 32GB equivalent if you've been picky about eShop games so far; if you do have an external hard drive, than you're surely wallowing in free space.

If you treat every individual Pikmin as a "bit" of data, that means the game's file size accommodates 31,600 of the little creatures. Consider that to be your useless trivia of the day.

So, how many of you are planning to download, and do you have enough room for it on your system?

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johndevine said:

What is the cost for the Downloadable version...?
I dread to think.

£31 from Amazon is gonna be hard to beat!



erv said:

I'd love downloading it, but I think nintendo is going to overprice it again

The entire market has this one for 40 euro's and nintendo consistently prices its games at 60. Shame, as I'd easily choose the download version over a digital one.



DreamOn said:

If Im getting it and I likely will I'll be dowloading it. Less space than I thought it might use on me. I can put off buying an external drive a bit longer then.



GiftedGimp said:

Thats a small download, DVD based games are around 7gb, Lego City Undercover is over 20gb. Its not really a problem since those who have 8gb WiiU's surly would not be intending in downloading retail games and those at 32gb should of have space.
Besides Most WiiU owners who prefer Digital downloads would have or are planning to buy a HDD which are cheap enough.



Yoshis_VGM said:

I always go retail. I don't know, I just feel more confident having the physical copy. I mean, I'm quite sure Nintendo would transfer my purchases if my Wii U suddenly dies, but there's always the chance they might not, and I don't want to have to purchase the game again.



Kifa said:

@Mahe I feel excluded...

Seriously though - what would everyone expect, a 40MB limit again? Still the game is far less than the supposed Wii U disc capacity (22GB), so I guess that it's Wii roots are still evident even on technical level.

But that does not change the fact that Pikmin 3 is a day one purchase for me without any doubt.



Katzii said:

Retail for me - Amazon are selling at a great price plus I have some credit there for trading in some books I wasn't using.

If I get any gift cards for my birthday, it will be even less!



rjejr said:

Though my hopes for a bundle are gone, and Nintendo still doesnt do collectors editions - though I have a coin from Mario Galaxy - I still think 1 of my many local retailors will throw a gift card my way if I purchase this and WiiU together. You can rarely get great deals w/ DLs.

As for the size - honestly seems small.



b_willers said:

@johndevine Yeah Amazon almost always seam to have the best prices, but online discount codes are pretty easy to find for sites like Tesco and Zavvi. I would love to download straight to the system but it will probably be nearly twice as much for the privilege.



booker_steve said:

I am considering downloading the Game digital version. It is £35 at present but that should equate to around £3.20 ish of Nintendo Network Premium points (Assuming it is considered to be at £40 value that the direct eshop download costs). Also about 80p of Game points. A bit long winded but I have been downloading 3DS games using game and it is working very well.



bahooney said:

EESH! I wanna save some of my hard drive room for the bevvy of indie eShop titles and VC titles I'll eventually buy. I'll be picking up the physical disk along with Mario and Luigi Dream Team on August 11th for my BIRTHDAY! It's going to be such a good birthday, sweet crackers.



WarioPower said:

I could easily fit that on my 500 gb harddrive. The question is whether it's worth it or not.



Grackler said:

"If you treat every individual Pikmin as a "bit" of data, that means the game's file size accommodates 31,600 of the little creatures."
In actual computer "bits", its 32967000000!
...we're gonna need a bigger Onion...



V8_Ninja said:

As Grackler said, the conversion rate of GB to bits rounds to over 30 billion bits from 3.85 GB.



T1m1 said:

i still got like 900GB in my USB hard drive so this won't even scratch it.



booker_steve said:

I cannot confirm it, but the Nintendo Network Premium website says:

"with every purchase or download code redemption, you can earn points... blah blah"

So I am pretty confident.



Samurairu said:

I've never had a Nintendo system fail, but I will only be using my onboard storage for VC and games I want which don't have a physical copy. The only way I'd consider downloading is if Nintendo discounted the titles enough to make up for having no physical copy to potentially trade in or play on other systems.



tchaten said:

Going with the disc version - for me I like collecting for the TV consoles - handhelds I'm more good with digital.

For Wii U - I'll be loading the internals up with VC titles and eShop only releases.



tchaten said:

@datamonkey I prefer their choice - they opted for solid state storage instead of hard drives that are less reliable.

Nintendo chose to create something less prone to failure and for that I'm glad - for those that want to buy every retail title digitally get an external hard drive. 32GB is plenty for what I'll use the internal space for.



ikki5 said:

people are wondering of the price for this when really.... they should assume it is a regular prices for a Wii U game....$59.99...pretty much the same as any new released game unless they said otherwise....

as for the downloading, I won't be, I like getting the discs and I'll keep my hard drive for VC titles and other e-shop titles you can only get downloadable.



FritzFrapp said:

Don't be daft, lad. Pikmin sold over 1.5 million. Pikmin 2 sold 1.25 million. Not exactly low selling games.



bassoongoon said:

I still need to get an external hard drive for my basic, although I do very little downloading, I might in the future, and want to have a decent amount of space. I know for certain, however, that I will be getting this one retail (as I do with practically all my games).



SonyFACE said:

3.85 GB is really a pretty small download for HD games these days, considering Pikmin 3 looks to be a pretty large game in terms of content.



Bulbousaur said:

I'm going for retail, the £32 price on Amazon is so good, I'm considering getting the game before I get my Wii U!

Also, you got your review download version a month early? Lucky you!



james_squared said:

@GreatPlayer No disc boxes to keep around. Not everybody trades in old games. No discs to get scratched. Don't have to get off the couch to change games. Almost instant gratification by purchasing the download version (depending on your download speed).



SchamMan89 said:

I kinda wish it required more space-- I need to put at least a dent in my 1 TB harddrive!

Hopefully this doesn't mean the game isn't as expansive as we hope.



SCAR said:

I think you still get the premium. It's the same as buying an eShop card, then choosing a game.

I will go digital. I don't plan on ever getting rid of this game. The story mode should last a long time, then there is still challenge mode and vs. that I will play with my brother.
Also, my brother will be playing story mode, too, so it will put my Wii U to good use.



DerpSandwich said:

I'm extremely, extremely worried about this game not having a lot of content. I was already worried, but after this...

But man, I really don't know what to go with on this one! Pikmin is like my favorite series, so I know I won't want to sell it, so I should go digital. But I systems fail, and without an account-based system a disk is safer, so I should go physical. But I'm going to be playing it all the time, and I don't want to be switching out the disk, so I should go digital.




BeatOli said:

Still plan on getting the physical version - I'm more old fashioned in that sense, plus, I adore the cover art.



Tony_342 said:

That's a little worrying, actually, that the file size is so small. This is a series that has always gone for that "photo-realistic" look, that makes you feel like you're really playing in an actual garden. You would think that with all the HD, high resolution textures, the game would take up much more space than that. I would expect this game to be, at the very least, 7 or 8 GB.



Mahe said:

@Frapp I'm being figurative, of course. Not a lot of people are interested in Pikmin. Thus, it suffices to say that "Gamecube fans" are interested in the new game, and few others.



Fredrik1ST said:

I've got a 2TB hard drive sitting under my Wii U, and the prices for digital downloads are usually better than retail here. I feel like I have to put as much of that space as possible to good use.



Megumi said:

Eh, haven't decided yet...I would say digital, but I hate dealing with big downloads. (seriously, with my internet speed, this is big, lol)



Marioman64 said:

oh cool smaller than I thought it'd be. I don't know what people are talking about with this being big. also, eShop stuff is tax-free for me so WOO



renaryuugufan92 said:

definitely a midnight download for me on august 4th~ i'm all for digital, i mean the console runs cooler since there is no disc spinning, and instead of getting a external HDD i'm using the adaptor method for SD Cards, which actually works really well, i moved NFS: Most Wanted U onto a SanDisk 32GB Ultra UH-1 30Mbps card and it ran off it wonderfully~

i do hope tho that Nintendo updates our accounts so they are more server based rather than tied to the system, thats the only real negative to me, but besides that i like the idea of having digital copies of my games, since i'm such a stickler (meaning super careful & not let anyone touch them) over my discs.. lol~

also since pikmin 3 if you add the usual day one update for wii u games is going to be just over 4GB it makes me wonder how big Wind Waker HD, and Mario 3D World will be, although Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. Wii U will surely go well above the 6 or even 10GB marks~



Shining-Void said:

I'd download it, if the case wasn't so awesome. Besides Id like to see my collection of blue cases increase :3



ShortSleevedNook said:

Just a thought, but did you ever think that maybe Nintendo made the hard drives so small because they wanted to promote buying retail games? Ninty loves their relationship with retailers right now, so it would make sense...



Kage_88 said:

@46 - Don't judge the breadth a game's content based on its file size.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 used only 1.5g of a 9g Wii disc, whilst its predecessor used over 3g. Yet, a game like LEGO City used 22g - and no-one would accuse it of providing an insane amount of content; especially compared to GTAV, which will fit on a tiny little Xbox 360 DVD.

In comparison, MGS4 used a full 50g of a dual-layer Blu-ray disc. While that game had a lot of content, the main reason it was so large was because uncompressed video and 7.1 audio.

Just because a game's file size is relatively small - it doesn't mean the game's actual content follows suit. It's all about smart programming. After all, how else could Nintendo have fit so many huge games on those little 1.4g GCN discs?



Kifa said:

@SanderEvers Source? Because I can't find any information about Wii U discs being able to store more than 25GB of data, and certainly haven't seen anything about dual layer discs.

@Tony_342 Modern GPU's have the ability to utilise texture compression, which allows four times the resolution without increasing the file size. As Wii U's graphics chip is based on (roughly) Radeon 5000 series of PC GPU's, it can not only decompress textures on the fly with 4:1 ratio, but also use normal map compression (3Dc). Thus, I'd not worry much about graphics quality here. ;]



element187 said:

I just picked up a 1.5tb Western Digital harddrive for my White Basic Wii Umodel (I love that I got the system cheaper than the delux with the option of adding my own storage instead of being forced to pay for the 32gb of flash space)

Doing the math I can download Pikmin 3 a total of 344 times before my drive gets full... ha I hope I can end up with that many Wii U games by the end of the generation.

I had an epiphany that Nintendo's first party games are so good its nice to have them in easy access that I can keep coming back to over and over again... where as third party games, I get bored of after a few months and never seem to find the motivation to put it into my system, so its time to trade em in... where as I don't think I have ever traded in a Nintendo game in my life.

So i'm going all digital when it comes to Ninty games from Pikmin onward (I have physical copies of NSMBU and NL, I wish I could trade them in for the digital version)



element187 said:

@datamonkey Why do you look at it that way? I look at it as Nintendo didn't want to force you to pay for more than you need. Alot of their customers may never download anything more than just VC titles... so why would you make those customers pay for a proprietary harddrive with absurd mark ups? ... by using these small spaces with the option of using an external drive they allow their customers to DECIDE (I know choice is so terrible) how much or how little they need... and for their customers that have some extra hard drives laying around they can just plug one in for free.

I see nothing wrong with letting the customer have choice and avoiding gouging their customers like Microsoft/Sony do by forcing a harddrive on you.



Tony_342 said:

That's good to know. Thank you for the information. It's funny - I have a degree in Computer Information Systems, but it's been so long since I've actually had my hands in that sort of stuff, that I'm a bit rusty on all the new tech these days. And I agree with you - Pikmin 3 is definitely a day-one buy for me, as well!



Clayfrd said:

@Mahe Is that supposed to be a joke? Pikmin 1 and 2 are outstanding games and are well worth your time.



Clayfrd said:

@Mahe Well I think plenty of people are looking forward to it, so your derision was unnecessary and childish.



Big_A2 said:

@Mahe Then I don't think Pikmin 3 is going to do much to change yours, or anyone's, view of the series. You're acting like everyone is only excited for Pikmin NOW. That's not the case.

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