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PES 2014 Will Not Be Dispensed On Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

Poor PES 2013 sales means there's no 3DS version either

EA created quite a stir last month when it confirmed FIFA 14, its next iteration in is popular football franchise, would be skipping the Wii U and would only be making it to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One - when they arrive.

Of course that means there's a market for another player to come in and claim the spoils, although that player certainly will not be Pro Evolution Soccer as Konami failed to give any of Nintendo's home consoles a mention upon the unveiling of PES 2014 earlier today.

While PES 2013 was on the 3DS, the next game in the series will not be, nor will it be available on the PlayStation Vita. It's down for a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PSP release and will be skipping all of the next generation consoles.

Commenting on Twitter, PES European community manager Adam Bhatti said the reason for the lack of 3DS support was simply the fact that "no one bought it". Fair enough.

The Pro Evolution series has lost its luster in recent times and FIFA has dominated play for the last few years. PES 2014 brings in new features but it remains to be seen whether it can get back on level terms with EA's behemoth, especially with it being available on fewer systems.

Pro Evolution fares much better in the Asian and Latin American markets, therefore it is likely that Konami is leaving out next generation versions due to the fact the adoption rates of the new consoles in those parts of the world will be much slower than North America and Europe. Using this reasoning it's possible the 2015 version will make it to Wii U.

Are you disappointed PES will not be dispensed onto a Nintendo system this time around? Let us know by dropping a comment below.


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Yoshi3DS said:

first fifa, now this. still annoyed that fifas not coming to wii u, it would definitely sell



Burning_Spear said:

Cue slew of responses saying, "They should make it anyway ... support Wii U ... blah blah blah." No consumer interest = no profit.



Einherjar said:

Since i never had any interest in sports games, i cant say anything of worth to the matter. Its sad that the WiiU again, gets one less game but...its a football game, meh
The only thing i could do is repeat myself again with the usual: Blind devs blah blah didnt try, call it a failure anyways blah blah, no games means no buys means no money means no games blah know the mantra by now.



Exile20 said:

It is cycle, release no games then complain there is no install base. The Wii U has been getting late/poor ports and they expect people to buy them.



Azooooz said:

After PES 2011, the only things have been changed after it is game UI and player's stats. Other than that, it is the same.



GameLord08 said:

Naturally, somebody has to bring up the Wii U's "victimisation", when it clearly states that none of the next-gen consoles will be seeing a release, neither the 3DS or Vita in addition.

On topic, I don't quite understand why they deem it best not to release it on any of these consoles, to be frank. Seems primeval to me, but I suppose they're the ones with the sales goal to achieve.

Well, maybe it's to early to determine the amount of potential interest on PS4/XBOne, while the Wii U, 3DS and Vita seem to lack considerable consumer interest (consumers in general for both the Wii U and Vita, actually).



Peach64 said:

Why do people keep blaming third party devs for Wii U's poor sales? That's not how business works. Hey, let's make this game for Wii U. We'll lose a couple of million on it, but it might sell more of this other company's hardware... yeah, not their responsibility.



Hunter-D said:

It was expected, especially when you look at the 3DS PES 2011 & 2012 sales and they were decent football games too and I enjoyed the 3D effect but the servers were also being wasted as hardly anyone was ever online.

@Ryno Probably another MGS remake at some point (which wouldn't be bad) but I'm with @Shiryu, bring on Mario Strikers!



belmont said:

I would prefer Pro on Vita but I will just get it on PSP.

Believe it or not Pro is very popular in many European countries. I live in Greece and Pro is the only game with Greek voice commentary so it sells very well here. Also the only other game with Greek voices is the latest God of War.



brandonbwii said:

Finally someone tells it like it is. It didn't sell. It's ashame though, considering how well the PES series did on Wii for awhile.



ikki5 said:

I've never heard of this I don't think I'll be missing anything. lol



Intrepid said:

Are you disappointed PES will not be dispensed onto a Nintendo system this time around? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

I read it as:
Are you disappointed PEZ will not be dispensed onto a Nintendo system this time around? Let us know by dropping a comment below.



Intrepid said:

Honestly though, it's a shame that PES can't step in and succeed where EA failed. I understand their decision, though.



inky_bob said:

I guess I'll just be playing pes 13 for a bit longer than I was intending to on the wii.



bonesy91 said:

Well soccer is the most boring of all sports games... I'm sure my Iife will go on



Milton_Burle said:

NOT FAIR! No-one bought PES 2013 because it was IDENTICAL to PES 2012 and 2010. The Wii U is perfect for PES, I want bigger new Master League with tactics on the controller screen. We don't get this but you can be sure there will be plenty of sh*tty "Petz" games and useless movie tie ins coming. SUCKS.



SkywardCrowbar said:

Not a big deal. Second rate soccer (football if you aren't in the US I suppose) game.

Too much doom and gloom in these reports of games not coming to the Wii U and/or 3DS. Most of these titles that are skipping the Nintendo systems are inconsequential.



uximal said:

If only PES 2013 was on the eShop and the results would have been different. I honestly couldn't get it in any of the Stores.



WWammy said:

The market is saturated and it seems developers are spread too thinly across multiple platforms having to make the hard choices like developing for one console and not another and generally fewer releases.



TG1 said:

You'd think Konami would see the increased potential given EA's lack of a Fifa entry ... while some would buy it because it was the only option available on Wii, U I bet others would buy to stick it to EA as it were. They should seize the chance while they have the market to themselves, as it surely won't last.



andrea987 said:

I was looking forward to 2014 on Wii U and 3DS. Konami, you disappoint me. Twice.



ricklongo said:

I think they're losing an opportunity there. The lack of FIFA means the football/soccer game segment on the Wii U is ripe for the taking.

I sort of can understand it, though. I'm going to get this for my PC, but probably wouldn't get it for my Wii U, even if it was released there. It's usually cheaper and better-looking on the PC anyway, and it's just not the sort of experience I usually look forward to in my Nintendo consoles.



datamonkey said:

Nintendo really need to show some new 3rd party support at E3 as it's getting ridiculous now.



Rafie said:

I guess if Wii U fans want to see some futbol/soccer gameplay on the system, they gotta wait for the next Striker Charged game!



nungi said:

In this time and age these big developers can't get a hold of what they have to do to make a good instead rip off some old port and don't even try to make it a new experience for gamers and expect in this time where money is hard to come by just give them $60 dollars or whatever for just a port no DLC and think that gamers should beg them for DLC.Thats why Nintendo always give you the most innovative experience to offer by taking their sweet donkey time and give you something you talk about for a lifetime.By the way tell them don't bother bringing poop games to this new console.might as well don't develop for it.its like these developers get paid off by Sony and Microsoft to boycott Nintendo.The big N gave them a hance so they could shine and none took that as a ok.WHEN games that take full advantage of the system come out that's where I think my money should be spent so hopefully this changes or just lost a cheap developer trying and cash in quick with some garbage.A bunch of sorry donkey lazy people porting poopydoodles from one console to the next with no innovation seems to me they're going to be out of business soon and its not the gamers faul



Parasky said:

I laughed sooo hard at the fact there is a PSP version. I will be picking that one up.



inky_bob said:

@andrea987 me too won't be able to pes up without it. I would have bought the wii version just to get my pes fix but no ninty console getting it is a pain in the backside



WebHead said:


I don't play sports games much, but this is getting kinda rediculous. 3DS I guess I can understand. But they aren't gonna bring it to a new console but they want to bring it to a dead portable?(PSP)



TheHeroOfLegend said:

Dang it. More pessimistic ''not coming to the Wii U'' articles. I really wish this would stop and same with the shovelware coming.



JavierYHL said:

hmm my wii u been collecting dust lately but i will have a great time playing the last of us on ps3



MOHAMED55061 said:


I've played all the PES games on 3DS since 2011 because Fifa for 3DS is kinda bad. PES for 3DS is better I hope they have one for 2015!!!!!!!!!!!

But if you have PES 2013 add me on 3DS at 2079-6416-7235 My team is Pescara and A.c Milan and Everton



6ch6ris6 said:

disappotining slaes of 2013 on 3DS?
that is konamis fault. and only konamis fault.

the 2012 version was excellent for a handheld football simulation. the 2013 version had NO changes at all. just a different name.

konami, you should not wonder that the sales were disappoting when you litterally spit in the face of your fans.

i am still playing the 2012 version for 3ds even after 260hours of playtime. i hope konami realizes it's misbehaviour and makes an improved PES for a possible 2015 version. because i would totally buy if it is worth



NoirUsernameHere said:

Meh,I'm not suprised nor disappointed. If I wanted to play Soccer,I would go buy a Soccer Ball and play Soccer in my Front Yard. U_U



GiftedGimp said:

Its worth mentioning that NO next gen consoles are getting this and only the PSP is on the handeld front.
Obviously its down to wanting to hit sales targets. PSP often outsells Vita especially in Japan, Ps3 and 360 have huge install base. Had the last one sold as expected on 3DS then this edition would of probably went to the System.
Next years edition you will probably find they release across all platforms and depending on sales decide which systems to support in the future.
If EA still decide not to bring Fifa to WiiU it's obvious Pes will do well so in the long term don't worry about missing this years edition. Worry next year if they miss out the WiiU version.



KongFu said:

I'm really disappointed that no competitive football/soccer game comes to the Wii U. I hoped that I did not have to buy two consoles in this generation again.
Interresting facts. Here in Germany a couple of years ago everybody said that PES was better, but everybody played FIFA. Today nobody talks about Konamis Games anymore...



Discostew said:

Skipping future games because of low sales on a recently released system with a low install base vs last gen systems is not a logical approach, because that would mean all newly released systems will not get said games.

If you're not helping to make a system improve, then you're helping to make it deteriorate.



chewytapeworm said:

Loved the Wii remote control scheme on the previous releases and I was hoping they'd continue with it as an aside from the Wii U control pad probably being a preferred option, so the news of not releasing one at all has devestated me. I honestly can't see myself playing 'FOOTBALL' games any other way...



Pichuka97 said:

This is what happens when you don't advertise games for consols. They don't sell as well as they should.



SkywardLink98 said:

Can't help but laugh at the people blaming the devs/publisher. If no one buys it on the Wii U, no one get's it on the Wii U. It's how this stuff works.



Razalom said:

By next year after all the Mario/Zelda/Sonic games are out and the Wii U is selling well all these games will suddenly be coming to the Wii U again



CaPPa said:

PES 2013 was on the 3DS? I bought PES 2011 and PES 2012 on the 3DS but wasn't aware that there had been another release, so it isn't surprising that nobody bought it when they didn't even know it came out!

It's a shame that there is no Wii U version too. The PES games on the Wii were very innovative (for a couple of years until they started copy n pasting it), so I was hoping that they'd do something similar on the Wii U.

Guess I'll just stick with PES 2012 on my 3DS for my footie fix.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Hmm, my father rather liked PES 2013 for Wii. I guess he'll have to stick with that for another year.



MrCharles77 said:

It's really sad for me. I love playing soccer, and I have no option on the WiiU. I'm trully disappointed, never thought I'll have a console that has no soccer games.



GraveLordXD said:

There are articles of it not being released for the ps4 or the xbox1
Looks like no next gen systems are getting this



Vincent294 said:

Wait? PSP release? I can see skipping Wii U, Xbox One, & PS4, but PSP in favor of not having a 3DS one? It's not like that sells on that system, does it? Then again, I don't really know, but I'm doubtful that version fared any better.



dimi said:

No, we don't need Pro Evolution Soccer or Fifa...just new Rayman! Its like these comments on Windows Phone forums..."nooo we dont need Instagram on WP, its sucks anyway...facebook sucks too...". These are signs of an early doom for the system. Its like N64 all over again: "Who needs Final Fantasy VII anyway; We got banjo-kazooie!"



Mizzah_Tee said:

@Peach64 You can't complain there is no market on a certain console if you don't take thr risk to create one. Fine, the 3DS version didn't sell. Sports games don't sell well on any handhelds. Why not give Wii U a shot? You have ZERO COMPETITION thanks to EA's "unprecedented partnership." No one is blaming 3rd parties for Wii U sales. We are blaming third parties for not trying to making a serious effort in BUILDING a market for their game on Wii U.

Shoddy, watered down, late ports isn't going to cut it. It's business. Risk and reward. Reward isn't guaranteed, but without risk, I guarantee there will be no reward.



jon45030 said:

i totally hate ea they totally don't do a good job.

please stop with the profanity. k8smum



MadAdam81 said:

@Burning_Spear I assume they made a loss on their cutback and cheap FIFA 13 Wii U version, so it doesn't surprise me. However, the one I really want to see is Sega's Football Manager on the Wii U - its far and away the best soccer/football game around, and I rack up 100's of hours each year.



AppealPlay said:

Don't care about PES but not having FIFA or Madden really brings me down. I don't want to have to buy a PS4 just to enjoy a couple sports games.



AppealPlay said:

@Razalom This is basically how it goes down. I just hope they make quality sports games for the Wii U and not just cheap shovelware knock offs.



Kosmo said:

The Wii U is not host to the CoD/Fifa "gamers" ("yeah, I'm a gamer, I play CoD, lawl, Nintendo is for kids, go play some real games where you shoot people").

Those guys will play on Playstation anyway. No loss here.



Ezra said:

I'm not in line with the majority of the commenters here: this is a huge loss, a title that I, as european, was really looking forward to. I'm starting to ask myself what really this WiiU does/is allowed to play, since every single heavy-weight third party multi-platform title is avoiding the hardware carefully.
As a WiiU owner, I'd like to have a vast library of games to choose from, actually as vast as possible. I don't get the point of all the sarcasm going on.



Stargazer said:

LOL poor PES 13 3DS sales? No one could even tell me the game got released and I've never seen it on store shelves.

Konami, you are a hollow shell of your former selves.



inky_bob said:

I also wanted pes 14 for the wii u and was looking forward for playmaker style and hd graphics as well as hoping I would be able to play pes against ntsc gamers. But given the lack of effort to promote the wii u I can understand why they didn't support it this year but I'm still surprised at them not making it available for the wii, it was the only game I ever pre ordered



Arcamenel said:

Alright on one hand no next-gen consoles are getting it, but they left out the Wii and opted for the PSP? I don't think that makes sense.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

I know PES hasn't been any good for a long long time and I know most people don't play football games on Nintendo machines but this is yet another game that won't be coming to Wii U. At this rate by the end of the year Nintendo will be the only developers of games for our console. It's getting a bit worrying to be honest. I bought the Wii U to play Ninty games but I also thought that given the power under the hood, I'd be able to play some great 3rd party titles as well. So far all of the ports have been average and the planned 3rd party games are also coming out on other consoles as well. Couple that with the Wii U Games being dearer than 360 and PS3 and, putting your love for the big N to one side for a moment, you must admit the future isn't looking great. I would buy a 360 or PS3 as well but I don't have enough time to play on my Wii U never mind another console as well.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

Why oh why have Nintendo not been pushing the Wii U? Unless you followed it on Nintendo's website, Youtube or in the mags, there was virtually no coverage at all.
Since launch Nintendo haven't been bothered to do anything about it either. I know there has been the Nintendo Direct but they haven't exactly been explosive have they?
Now E3 is next week and Nintendo won't be taking the big stage by storm. So unless you follow Nintendo, you will probably miss their Direct broadcast. Whereas Sony and MS will have coverage on the E3 site, the news, all over Youtube and in many multiformat magazines. Either Nintendo has something big up their sleeves or they don't seem to have much confidence in their new console.



GamerJunkie said:

This is the #1 worldwide sport, no soccer game at all is terrible for any system.I don't play them much, but it still is a bad sign.



Daggo said:

Bad news, I hope it gets PES 2015!
(Or even a Mario & Sonic at Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014)

If Nintendo do some neat WiiU announcements this year at E3, TGS and Nintendo Directs to get the ball rolling on sales I bet common games like this are bound to come in sooner than later!



inky_bob said:

Although bitterly disappointed in this news I have hope that it will be on the wii u for the 2015 version if not then I'll just have to play pes 2013 in wii mode for longer than I was wanting to



Akiak said:

It's very sad, I thought the control scheme in PES Wii was absolutely fantastic. I play terribly with a joystick, but being able to aim with the Wii remote is just perfect. I hope any future Wii U versions will include this control scheme.



TTGlider said:

This is a message no one will read. I just bought PES 2013 on Wii for a super cheap price. It is awesome. I don't know if it's the type of game I'd buy on day one, but it is really well made with some cool physics and awesome replay tool. I hope it does come back at least once on Wii U and supports the same awesome wiimote nunchuck control scheme.



Milton_Burle said:

@TTGlider I'm still playing PES 2013 today, it's the best football/soccer game I've ever played (and I've played them all). A Wii U version could attain perfection with touch-screen tactics, share-able replays on Miiverse, updatable (DLC) team rosters and a deeper, statistic-filled Master League. I can only dream...

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