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Out Now: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Thousands of new Mayors are elected

Your day is here, North America. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now available in stores and, as we're sure some of you have noticed, has been in the 3DS eShop since midnight in your respective time zones. It's regularly been one of the most searched and closely followed titles on Nintendo Life, and the wait is well and truly over.

Glances at the community forums or Twitter show that plenty are already well underway in their new villages, taking on Mayoral duties and watching the hours drift by. If you're still on the fence about it, you can always check out our Animal Crossing: New Leaf review, or enjoy the more anarchic side to the game in our pre-release dispatches from editor-at-large Jon Wahlgren's time as Mayor of the town of Trash.

If you've picked this up in North America, we'd love to read about your earliest experiences with the game in the comments below. Fear not Europeans, as this is now only days away, arriving in the region on Friday 14th June. Below is the most recent Nintendo of America launch trailer for us all to enjoy, too, as well as an official unboxing of the limited addition 3DS XL bundle.

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siavm said:

This will be my first one. I would have got it on the cube but it looked to weird for me at the time and smash was just the game to get. I would have passed on this but ign had to post a prediction episode while they played animal crossing. And one of them had this awesome house. So awesome it made me download this at midnight. I hope this will be good.



DrDingus said:

After downloading it at midnight last night I was faced with the ironic reality that everything is closed after midnight. I refuse to time travel, so all I could do was walk around and talk to the two awake townsfolk. Without a shovel, net, or fishing rod i f
elt naked!



k8sMum said:

due to my family selfishly deciding they want to eat regularly for the next 2 weeks i am unable to get this baby til the 25th. i will wait, but they will pay, mwahaahaaa!



zeldagaymer93 said:

Picked it up a couple hours ago! GameStop was very packed! And their computers were going very slow due to all GameStops trying to access the servers!



Funny_Moblin said:

Guys, seriously stop complaining about waiting until the morning, or 5 more days, or whatever. You can live without it. I don't have a part time job (yet), and it's a little unusual for me to get new games (sadly I get games with my parents' money for now). So, what? I can wait a month or two. You people who can always buy a game the second it releases, well good for you, but you can at least play other Wii, Wii U, DS, 3DS games while you wait. And yes, I assume you have craploads of games with all you people that can get any game you want the second it comes out. You can even go outside and play ball with your friends...

You people that were so upset because Rayman Legends didn't release in February, just because you didn't have any other Wii U games to play...guess what, I only had Nintendo Land and Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. YOU CAN ALWAYS PLAY MORE GAMES. IT'S NOT LIKE YOU DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO ANY OTHER GAME UNTIL THE GAME YOU WANT IS RELEASED.

This is very sad. It frustrates me, and I find people sort of spoiled these days.



Mr_3DS said:

I just grabbed it from Gamestop! It was worth the wait to get the physical copy!



k8sMum said:


everyone is allowed to feel excitement in their own way. i find it offensive that people feel the need to thrust their own behaviours onto everyone else. you also assume too much.

i have to wait til the 25th after some unexpected bills came up. i can't use my parents' money as i am the parent. am i disappointed? oh, yeah. do i have a right to feel disappointed without being told i am spoiled? oh, yeah.

i am behaving in an adult, responsible manner. doesn't mean i have to like it.



Gold_Ranger said:

I got it at 10am this morning, it took about a half hour to download. O__O
I L'dMAO at the opening Conversation!



sinalefa said:

Does anyone know if a microSD card (with SD adapter) would work on 3DS? I have a 32GB one that was originally intended for my SIII mini, but I thought I may get the digital version of AC using that.

Or I can wait and get this on Friday, along with The Last of Us.



Funny_Moblin said:

@k8sMum I'm sorry if I offended anybody. I'm usually a respectful person who respects other peoples' views but frustration took over me. Again, I apologize.

I'm sorry I spilled my anger on others. I'm just 17 years old and angry that I still don't have a job or even drive. That's my fault. Looking back, I suppose I did sound like a little kid.

Nevertheless, I'm glad Nintendo has many supporting fans.



RQuinain said:

I downloaded it at midnight EST! I say EST because I'm in the Central time zone, but it was available at 11PM CST. I love it, but since I was stuck at work until 3AM, there wasn't much to do in the game because it was so darn late! I woke up at around 11AM this morning and started playing and actually doing stuff though, so that was fun. Trying to pay off my house now!



GooRoo said:

Got mine in the mail on Friday and am loving it so far! I was hoping to see some specials on Animal Crossing related products at Club Nintendo, but alas, nothing (I was wanting the AC playing cards but they've been sold out for a few days...oh well).



Zach777 said:

DL'ed last night at 9:00 P.M. Pacific Coast time. We are very blessed to have the East Coast midnight launch time be a huge benefit in our favor. Every game a day early



Zach777 said:

The game is really worth every 9 it has gotten for reviews. The IgN 9.6 especially: it is nigh perfect for an Animal Crossing game!!!



Klunk23 said:

I restarted 3 times to get the right eyes. but now life is going smoothly.



Lulzwagon said:

Forgot how much I loved this series. Bought this right at midnight and I'm having a blast so far. So cathartic. It's also the most adorable debt simulator in the world.



Ralizah said:

Ten minutes in. I'm welcomed to town by being forced to live in a tent and being stung by bees.

I was hoping I'd get a character with the clockwork orange eyebrows. xD



Funbunz said:

@Funny_Moblin Don't stress! People are just excited. I don't even have a Wii U and I'm still mad that Ray man was delayed. We all have different reasons to complain or be excited. That's why video games are so great.



Jakurdo said:

Europe's not getting it until next friday. But I can't complain, I'm getting my copy free of charge courtesy of Nintendo's "So Many Games" promotion



idork99 said:

Downloaded last night!

Not too much action though as everything was closed and everyone was asleep! Lol.

Spent this morning just getting reacquainted with everything. Got my shovel, got my fishing rod, the works. Also, spent some time designing a hat...

Before I knew, I already had four hours played! I don't think there's anything I can comment on that'll define the experience. It's a unique game that will bring different experiences to everyone. There's a simple charm to this game and everyone is going to find different reasons to love it.



k8sMum said:


no problem. life can become snarky at times, for all of us. keep trying (a cliche, but true) and good luck. you have a long time to become successful, whatever that definition is for you.



sinalefa said:

@ MiMoSeTH

Thank you very much. This one is indeed a game that it is very convenient to have inside the system at all times.



Froggievilleus said:

This game is my new addiction. I picked it up, along with the guide and also got a eshop card to top off my hubby's account and downloaded it to his 3ds for his birthday.



Giygas_95 said:

Been playing it all day! Couldn't get any fish though, as the store didn't have a fishing rod. I'm glad they released it in the middle of summer because that's when all the good bugs and fish are out! LCU is almost done downloading on my Wii U as well, so I'm ready for some serious gaming!



Mowzle said:

There's no need to start your game several times just to get an avatar with eyes you like. Go here to see the answers to Rover's questions on the train and the corresponding face you will get:-
Enjoy the game for the next week you lucky Americans, while we wait in Europe sitting on our hands.



DerpSandwich said:

Headed to the eShop the second it was time. Been playing pretty much constantly every since. It's the same old Animal Crossing I love, but so many things have been added and improved. But these games take time to crack and I'm having a blast slowly delving into all this new stuff!



Roachant said:

Playin it now but alas, no bug net for me on first day! All they had was shovel and fishing rod.



mikeyman64 said:

I got the Pikachu XL, so I'll be passing on this one. Honestly though, I kind of wanted a hard copy of AC, so it's not as big a deal.



meltendo said:

Great game: only complaint...getting the network error when I leave my gates open. It's happened twice. A still screen pops up with the mole character. Then the game resets and you lose items. Very shocking every time it happened. Maybe the network gets overwhelmed?



Blathers said:

Generally due to having a faulty connection? I think it does that even if one of your visitors bug out as well.
You can minimize the damage by saving frequently during multiplayer sessions (or ask the host to do so if you're a visitor)



GovnaOfGaming said:

I forgot this came out today and i just bought Luigi's mansion on Friday, oh well ill get it when my rupee bag is full again.



Shane904 said:

Got it today after church. Fun so far. However, it is so cruel to have the floating gifts fly by when you don't have a slingshot yet... xD



meltendo said:

@HexZyle Thanks! Yes...I'm in the habit now of saving every time I get something important or even little transactions like cashing stuff in--especially during multi-player.

This game is really good. I love how it forces you to be making us wait several days for trees to grow fruits.

I don't like people calling it something like Farmville--it has a lot more charm and heart.



ToxicSins said:

@Shane904 I had the same problem; I had hoped one would get stuck on a tree like on the original. However, it sadly did not get stuck.



SethNintendo said:

Got it... Don't care about any reviews. I love it. Nothing would stop me from buying this game besides my life terminating.



Hunter-D said:

Only four more days to go

Luckily for me I still have FE and E3 to gracefully eat up my time!



H_Hunter said:

The game is so good and relaxing. An important title among the tense games you already have such as Castelvania, RE, Fire Emblem, etc..



Katzii said:

"you get your charger - VERY IMPORTANT"

So important that they only get it in the US, hahahah.

Four more days to go!



-Ace said:

Lol I stopped at a Gamestop before work and had to wait till I got home last night. Worth the wait though!



Giygas_95 said:

@Mowzle Ah, I shoulda seen that sooner! I wanted the boy with the purple-ish eyelids because that was my character in WW and CF, but I'm into the game pretty deep now, and I'd hate to back out! Thanks anyways!



Wii_Win said:

I love this game. Logged about 12 or so hours over three days already, started sunday evening

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