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Nintendo Reveals When Wii Party U And Wii Fit U Will Become Available

Posted by Orla Madden

Get in on the action this October and December

During the Nintendo Direct broadcast this week, we were given the slightly disappointing news that both Wii Fit U and Wii Party U were being delayed to an unspecified later date.

Wii Fit U had been previously scheduled for this Summer, and Wii Party U had been announced earlier this year and was hoping for a Summer release, only for both to suffer a push back in the year.

However, we don't have long to wait for both titles - arriving in October and set to bring family fun is Wii Party U, while fitness fanatics can break a sweat with Wii Fit U in December, perfect for those wanting to get in shape for the holiday season, in both Europe and North America. Specific launch dates are yet to be announced for both titles.

What are your thoughts on this, will you be picking up either of these games? Let us know, as always.


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Kirby-life said:

For the longest time I've felt there hasn't been much to do with my Wii U but come this fall there will be more games than I can play.



EaZy_T said:

There is finally more info for Wii Fit U, I was starting to wonder when/if it would be released.



Psychomalone said:

Definitely getting party, as my wife and kids still play the first, not 100% on fit yet, it's a possibility, but Mario will come first



GamerJunkie said:

Almost all the people that bought Wii U original game(overweight/stay at home women in 20s-40s) went with ipads and smartphones this generation or play facebook games.

Nintendo really has to focus on gamers more and not lil kids and casual women gamers.

PS4 looks so much better in every way so far. Nintendo only has 1st party games(which usually rock!) to its advantage, but even those are so delayed. Mario Kart 2014? uh why... looks like the same old mario karts but with hd graphics.



GamerJunkie said:

@Ninjuggernaut and Ps4 will have vita, and smartphones/tablets also to include with their games.

The cost of additional wii U gamepads will be as much as a vita I bet. Might as well get a Vita since it can play full games without even having the console on and does so much more.

The advantage of touch controls, camera and a 2nd screen is already lost for Nintendo, both other machines can do all of that too.

They have a thing to hold your phone on top of the PS4/xbox one controller so its right there in your hands like a wii u gamepad also.



AyeHaley said:

@GamerJunkie GamePad as much as a Vita? Don't think so, its just a screen with a connection module and buttons. All the important hardware is inside the console.



SirMario said:

The large number of casuals who purchased the Wii Fit aren't going to buy the Wii Fit U. Why? Because most of the casuals are playing mobile games exercising 5 minutes per day just using their fat pepperoni fingers. Their fingers lost 2 pounds while their stomach gained 10. Nintendo can't rely on casuals any more. The core gamers are Ninty true supporter.



GooRoo said:

Definitely getting Party, and I may get Fit to supplement my normal workout routine.



k8sMum said:


right. cause all you 30-something gamers sprang into the world with a controller in your hands. no women ever played games before wii fit. we just sat around on our large rears eating bon bons. we are lucky we have tech-savvy kids to show us how to power on a console, let alone a computer.

now get off my lawn.



tsm7 said:

I don't really think these games are being delayed for more polish. It's so they can market the hell out of the system for the holiday.



Pierceton said:

God Nintendo I don't have this much money!!! And my fat donkey needs Wii fit u and Mario!



rambosdad said:

Ya know what, back in the day you had to pay actual money for each and every go on all the decent games. It was called the arcade and it involved leaving the house, social interaction and generally having a source of income to finance the pass time (generally either a job or mugging). The elitism that has infected the lions share of the gaming community as regards their chosen weapons has become ridiculous. First and foremost might I suggest a little more worldly experience before we all start judging the lifestyles and motivations of our peers. I'm not understanding this casual gamer tag that's banded about so regularly. Spending £300 on a console, £100 on a balancer board and whatever else on leg warmers and spandex don't seem like particularly casual decisions to me. The nepotism inherent within the gaming communities might not quite be racism, but I tell you what, it's motivations are not so far away. Just because you don't refuse to play anything but imported JRPG's doesn't make you a lock in who doesn't know their RAM from their ROM.



GamerJunkie said:

@AyeHaley @k8sMum My point was that Nintendo tried to attract lil kids and stay at home moms along with other casual/new gamers with the Wii. It was a "family" machine and not a gamer's machine. Those people mostly will not buy a console this time around. They use smartphones and tablets and facebook for gaming now. The Wii motion exercise fad has ended.

Also yes, the gamepad is not sold right now because it would have to be $150+ or don't you see how nintendo charges $50-60 for even the simple Wii U pro controller?

PS4 is much smarter as they know we all have a smartphone and/or tablet so we don't need to spend all that on extra controllers for the 2nd screen.

The PS4 also uses much more powerful hardware for better graphics, faster loading, more impressive animation and bigger, better open worlds, etc. for the same price $300.

I love Nintendo games, but I think they are being outsmarted in every way this time around by Sony.



DualWielding said:

I think there is still a market for something like Wii Fit U, the problem is Nintendo make the console too expensive because of the gamepad for the casual market



MadAdam81 said:

I'll probably get both. I haven't got Wii Fit + yet, so I might get that cheap, and wait until Wii Fit U is cheap to get that.
Wii Party U I wasn't going to, until I saw the awesome E3 footage.



DESS-M-8 said:

@GamerJunkie A PS4 is $400 not $300 plus the cost of a vita at $250 total $650 to provide the same interface as wii u at $350. Yes you ey more powerful hardware but to get a comparable experience you are spending an extra $300. So all that graphical grunt isn't for free, you pay for what you get.



gavn64 said:

@GamerJunkie I dont think putting more RAM and a faster processor in your console makes you smarter than your competitor's now does it? i think making more profits does and... well NINTENDO have destroyed SONY forever in this the most important of fields.



ULTRA-64 said:

@GamerJunkie Sony is nearly bust due to lack of innovation, poor marketing and an obsession with selling hardware at a loss but higher numbers when it comes to hardware just to pamper to the 'gamers' that think better graphics make better games. The ps4 is just a pc to sit under a tv, no gaming innovation, no game designer experience and will keep all the cod gamers happy for a few more years before they realise it's the same as the last ps...
the only reason Sony have a hope this gen is due to the Xbox fiasco, Sony are just as greedy and corporate, they constantly try to lock in consumers to their own media format-mini-disk/blu-ray etc...
when I choose where to spend my money I like to use ethics and experience and fun, not chips, memory and polygons.



Mk_II said:

People seem to forget that Wii Fit is the THIRD best selling console game of all time (not counting bundled games). It made Nintendo a shipload of money and there's a huge install base of balance boards out there. Nintendo would be silly to neglect that market potential



rjejr said:

Seems like I'm always on here asking for things - well when I'm not being mean, spiteful and vindictive - but when E3 is done and all the news is digested and regurgitated a "Save your money, here's the upcoming Game Release Schedule" article would really be appreciated. Between WiiU, 3DS and eShop there really do seem to be plenty of games on Nintendo consoles coming out this year, even if we have to wait until 2014 for the ones we really want.



Mahe said:

At least they're finally coming.

@GamerJunkie The Wii was definitely a true gamer's machine, and if you can't appreciate the game design in games like Wii Party and Wii Fit, then you're not a gamer.



mercurio2054 said:

My wife used for about 6 month after giving birth, and was very helpful.
she lost more than 30 pounds



NintendoPro64 said:

Second that. Also good to see some excited for 3D World.

Anyways these look interesting. Funny enough, even though I only owned a Wii, I actually missed the original Wii Fit and Wii Party. But now that I am broadening my tastes, I think I'll pick these up!



ScorpionMG said:

@NintendoPro64 yeah.. they're fighting over pointless stuff. And i love the new kitten power ups in mario 3d world ok maybe its not a mario galaxy game but at least it has 4 players! MeOw :3
And yep i might actually pick up wii party u, not sure wii fit u tho cuz i never needed the 1st one either, neither had the balanced board.



ScorpionMG said:

@rjejr ikr people complain that not many games are coming out on wii u, but how much can you actually afford to buy? Buy the games that come out, beat them, then when you have enough money go get the next ones you want.



ScorpionMG said:

@ULTRA-64 That's where i choose too on to where my money goes. I would preffer 100 times to have fun with everyone and enjoy the game than just sit and play cod for hours doing the same s*** over and over again.



GamerJunkie said:

@ULTRA-64 Uh Sony releases all the Japanese RPGs, they had metal gear/tenchu and iontroduced gamers to stealth genre, gran turismo was innovation in racing games(tru realism), and so many other games/series that people love, they are not a FPS 1st community, that is the xbox....

No innovation? They invented the damn CD, walkman, 1st console to use discs(which made them destroy the N64 in sales) and almost any modern thing in our living rooms, Sony invented it or were one of the pioneers hahahahah.

The PS4 console has everything Wii U has. Motion controls, 2nd screen, camera, and even more. You will be able to stream your games live to the internet, has much more power to make much better looking and smooth playing games with bigger worlds.

Then they have the Vita that lets you really play your PS4 games from anywhere, not just limited to in your house how the Wii U controller 2nd screen has it.

I love Nintendo, also support Sony. I am no fanboy of any company, I talk the truth about each one. You seem to have your facts all messed up about Sony.



GamerJunkie said:

@Mahe Wii fit and wii party are games for family/women/children.

True gamers like to play RPGs, fighting games, platformers, puzzle games, FPS, sports, etc. Actual games, not gimmicks to get grandma to play air hocky vs her grandson on the controller or something to let a fat girl "exercise."

Mario kart, Zelda, Mario games, Metroid, etc. Those are gamers games by Nintendo. Those I support, but there are not enough of them so far. Just a lot of crappy ports, bad games and gimmicks.



LavaTwilight said:

Actually if you use it as a form of fitness entertainment instead of just a computer game it actually works wonders! Other fitness games tend to lean more towards the hardcore fitness fanatics, which unfortunately means they get bored of them too quickly but wiiFit strikes a good balance. Of course if you are a fitness fanatic it probably won't do much for you either. Don't treat it as a computer game though and it works well!
Those who 'pretend' to exercise with this however just miss out!

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