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Nintendo 3DS Image Share Now Available To Use In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Posted by Andy Green

Capture and share the moment

It's been a long time coming but Animal Crossing: New Leaf is out right now in both North America and Europe and it's not the only piece of software Nintendo has launched on the 3DS this week.

The Nintendo 3DS Image Share is now available for players to use in the game, enabling them to share the goings on in their town with the world.

First of all you can take screenshots in the game by pressing L and R together allowing you to capture whichever moment you wish to immortalise forever. Next you open up the Internet Browser from the Home Menu and head on over to From there you log in to your Twitter or Tumblr account, select the image you want to share, add a lovely little caption and hit "Post". That's all there is to it.

You can also access the Image Share site by using a QR code, which can be found here. Bookmarking the URL might be a handy little tip as well, that way you can simply access it through your favourites.

How are you finding this feature? Let us know in the comment section below and send us some of your photos using the @nintendolife handle. We'd love to see what you're all getting up to!


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Undead_terror said:

Still don't have the game due to all copies have sold out at the store and so has the eshop cards -_-*



tchaten said:

Seems cool - I tend to take a picture with my iPhone and Instagram it. I would use this stuff if it worked like Miiverse did - I share photos there all the time.



Mk_II said:

nice... a taste of things to come with 3DS Miiverse integration



Whopper744 said:

I've already been spamming my swapnote friends with AC picks...I don't have many follows on my rarely used twitter though.



euantor said:

Now all we need is access to MiiVerse on the 3DS and we'll be set. This is a great feature though and one I hope they introduce to plenty of other games.



Kyoto said:

It's a really nice and easy feature. I already uploaded a few pics



Spoony_Tech said:

@Joshers744 I'm kidding of course. You can keep sending them. Doesn't bother me a bit.

Plus if they have a problem with it and you don't even really no them who cares. What's the worst they can do delete you. I'm sure you're worried lol!



BooJoh said:

I just post my screenshots to Facebook via the 3DS browser. There's also a (Japanese, but easy enough to use) site out there called tw3ds that works with all images from your 3DS and posts to Twitter via twitpic.



Dodger said:

When my sister went to get a copy it was sold out. Tip, Gamestop sells digital codes. You don't have to use the cards. That's what she did. Another tip, check places other then gamestop for the cards. I got two $20 cards from the CVS down the road.



FriedSquid said:

And so if you're the 1% of humans that don't have a Twitter or a Tumblr, you're screwed right?



DerpSandwich said:

Can't say I'm interested. I'm highly interested in posting to Miiverse, though. I just hope they roll it out while I'm still playing the game regularly.

(Count the lack of a 3DS Miiverse announcement as yet another E3 disappointment, by the way.)



ouroborous said:

sounds totally awesome, one thing that has always been lacking from retail games is the ability to take screenshots yourself. personally it's a feature that i love to death. one caveat though, you need to be able to take pictures of ANYTHING at ANY POINT from when the game is turned on until the end of the credits roll, otherwise it's not nearly as useful.



Aqueous said:

I am finding they are using it for swapnote..... so many unwanted swapnotes..... At least the in game pictures. Maybe this will mean less swapnotes on AC:NL?



Gioku said:

...I've just been using Swapnote for that. It's very convenient, actually, but nothing compared to Miiverse.



jarreboum said:

@CaptainSquid Of course not, you can also use your facebook account is nice but really it will become obsolete as soon as miiverse comes around.



ramstrong said:

Will this image sharing site also work for New Arts Academy or is this specific to AC?

I should've hog that 3DS eShop card so I can download AC! Now I have to wait since I don't want to use my credit card for it.



japzone said:

@ramstrong I don't see why not. Should work with any image on your 3DS. Not like Nintendo is hosting them on a special Animal Crossing site or something. It's just a webapp for the 3DS to upload images to Tumbler and Twitter.



dcoughler said:

I post them to my Twitter account so I can access them without mucking about with my SD card, then put them onto Facebook for our local StreetPass group. You can post them right to Facebook, but you can't control what album they are put in, and you have to go in and approve the image.



GamerZack87 said:

I'm currently downloading Animal Crossing at the time of writing this post, so if this feature is categorised as "nifty" I just might give it a go. It'll be a good excuse to dust off my seldom-used Twitter feed.

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