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Natsume: A Western Medabots 7 Release Not On The Cards

Posted by Andy Green

"Hopefully maybe the next one"

Natsume released Medabots 7 in Japan last September and little has been said on the localisation of the 3DS RPG since.

The publisher is currently getting ready for E3 and has responded to a fan on Facebook about the chances of Medabots 7 making it to Western shores. Unfortunately, it wasn't good news:

It doesn't look like Medabots 7 is in the cards. Hopefully maybe the next one.

Sadly, it looks like the chances of it making it now are very slim but at least there is hope for any future titles.

Natsume is bringing a lot of mobile games along to this year's expo, but one 3DS game we know will be playable is Hometown Story, the new title from Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada.

Are you disappointed Medabots 7 won't be coming to the West? Sound off in the comment section below.


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BakaKnight said:

I knew the chances were slim, but I was hoping so much to see this game coming in europe DX

It's years I'm waiting a true medabots game, the only one I ever found was a gamecube one and it wasn't even an RPG, a barely acceptable spin-off I would dare to say...
Guess my wait is still far from be close to an happy ending T.T;



Yasume said:

@BakaKnight Did you ever play the GBA Medabots RPGs? They were excellent. I had a great time with them as a kid. I could ship one to you if you're interested.



McGruber said:

Why would this come here but not DBZ or anything even remotely relevant from Japan? Not saying it's a bad game, but IDK how this is news worthy. 3rd party support anymore for Nintendo is N64 levels bad...



Retro_on_theGo said:

No, that wasn't me asking on their Facebook.

I was seriously sad when I read this. I even emailed Nintendo asking them to consider publishing it in the west after this!
This sucks. There probably won't be a next one for who knows how long and this is an anniversary game! This will be the best one to localize since it'll probably be the only one with these recognizable Medabots as the main characters. Maybe if enough press ask about it at E3...
Huh, look at that. First time NL reports on Medabots 7 and its negative news. hmmmmmm Seriously though, a lot of people just aren't aware of this game. Even on the internet! It just needs some exposure. But oh well.



Placlu said:

Hm. checking out some gameplay It does look rather complicated.. I guess I'll give the demo a look and see if I can understand what the hecks going on



Undead_terror said:

But of course this would happen, to many exclusives over there, we should get more exclusives over here and see how they would react...still wouldn't want the game.



TheHunter said:

Medabots is still actually around over in Japan? This shocks me, I thought that series died yeeeaaaars ago.



Azikira said:


I still have my Medabot figures around somewhere, The only ones I know by name (without looking up) are Arc Beetle, Metabee, and Rokusho. I also have that Chameleon guy too!



Dpullam said:

I've never even heard of this series. It's unfortunate that it won't be coming to the USA since I always like trying new games out.



SyFyTy said:

I wanted this, it amazes me how many companies disregard promotion of any kind in an area where people aren't aware of the product. That's akin to selling something no one knows you have for sale! Promote it, they will buy. The east has a strange philosophy about [not] educating thier consumers.



SyFyTy said:

@Retro_on_theGo expecting sales without promotion is insane. How do these companies expect to expand without letting people know what they sell and where? Do they expect people to seek out what they don't even know exists?



Nightstar1623 said:

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?! I thought they stopped making Medabots games years ago! I still have the ones for Game Boy Advance! GIVE ME MORE MEDABOTS!



GamerZack87 said:

We haven't had a Medabots game on store shelves here since the GBA days, so I wasn't exactly expecting a new release anytime soon. Now as for a new Yu-Gi-Oh! title...well, I most certainly was expecting one last year!



BakaKnight said:

@Yasume Nope, never played them O.O;
So something cool about Medabots came out of Japan afterall!!!

Well... technically the GC game I found was NOT an italian version, I start to think the medabots games always skipped especially Italy, lucky me... If only I had internet back there >_<

Of course I'm interested in your offer (especially since it look like it's useless to wait Medabots 7 now >.>; ), but comments doesn't seem the place where talk about this and no clue how we can move in private ^^; Thanks a lot anyway



omega150 said:

I used to LOVE the Medabots anime (BUT SEASON 2 SUCKED BALLS) and I liked the games. It's a shame that none of the newer games came out of japan.

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