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Namco Bandai Releasing Mushibugyo RPG For 3DS In Japan

Posted by Andy Green

Popular manga series gets its own game

The Japanese manga Mushibugyo, which is written and illustrated by Hiroshi Fukuda, is getting its own game in Japan, Namco Bandai has announced.

It's on its way to the 3DS, which is doing quite well in Nintendo's homeland, and will be available on 19th September as both a physical and download release.

So far all we know is that it's an RPG and you'll get to play as the various characters in the series, battling it out against giant bug-like enemies. The game starts out with you taking control of Jinbei Tsukishima and more characters become unlocked as you progress.

Naturally, there's no news of this coming to the West but is this something you would like to see? Let us know in the comment section below.


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8BitSamurai said:

Would be interesting to see in the west, but, honestly now, I'm not getting any hopes up.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

The last paragraph could use a fix. It should be "but is this something you would like to see" instead of the "so".

Is this game Punchout-style?



Pianomanfreak said:

The 3DS needs rpgs also namco can you bring us more tales of series games for the 3DS please.



Mildudon said:

If the 3ds didn't region locking i could import and play this game. Support #EndRegionLocking and #NintendoRegionFree



RR529 said:

None of their other licenced titles (Dragon Ball Heroes, Detective Conan, and a few others) have made it over, so this probably won't be any different.



retro_player_22 said:

Considering we're seeing a lot of Japanese titles (Project X Zone and Bravely Default) coming to 3DS lately compare to the screwy DS days, I say this one got an 85% chance then again Square Enix are still screwing us with Dragon Quest V, Terry's Wonderland, DQX so we'll have to wait and see.



JaxxRaxor said:

I've been watching the anime on crunchyroll and while it hews very close to the typical shonen mode, it's still quite a lot of fun.

On the game I would say there is no chance of it coming outside of Japan. Only a handful of manga/anime franchises have enough of a fanbase to justify a release here. Now maybe if there was an Attack on Titan video game.....



TheHeroOfLegend said:

I don't know about this game because I never even heard about until now, but if the game has potential, then hopefully it can come to the West.



ollietaro said:

Giant bugs, giant monsters, I want them all ever since Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

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