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Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition Finally Makes It To Australia And New Zealand

Posted by Andy Green

It's available to download from the eShop right now

This week WayForward Technologies announced Mighty Switch Force! 2 would be available in North America next week, and in Europe later in the month.

However, Australia and New Zealand have been waiting on the Wii U eShop version of the original title for what feels like an age.

Well, the wait is finally over as creative director at WayForward Matt Bozon has revealed on Twitter that Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition is available to download right now.

Naturally, this version is displayed in full HD and it's presumed the update that enhanced the audio and reduced the file size of the game itself is also available as Pixel Patty, who came as part of the update elsewhere, will be available.

What are your thoughts on this, Australia and New Zealand? Let us know what you think to the game in the comment section below.


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Gridatttack said:

I wonder why it takes longer for games to be released in this region :S
(or why some dont come there at all)



Ukulele_Wizard said:

I feel so bad for Australia and New Zealand. They pay SO MUCH more for consoles than pretty much anyone else AND they get delayed game realeases, if at all (in some cases). I get that some companies won't release games in Australia and New Zealand because software and hardware sales are relatively low, but maybe if console manufacturers lowered their prices, that would change.
Anyway, it's nice to see Australia and New Zealand get some of the Wii U love.



Ukulele_Wizard said:

@Gridatttack Because consoles cost so much in Australia and New Zealand, hardware and software sales remain relatively low, so developers may not bring games over. If the astronomically high prices were lowered, then maybe sales would increase and more games would come over.
At least, that's what I've been told.



MeWario said:

Yip... Not getting it. Took way too long!!! Will be buying Mighty Switch Force 2 though.



MeWario said:

@Ukulele_Wizard It's just a Nintendo problem. Seriously, I've been a gamer since the NES era and Sega was way bigger then Nintendo down here in N.Z. There was no marketing for the NES or Snes at all. Being a Nintendo fan down here sucks! Nintendo just don't care about us. I have over 5000 club Nintendo points at the moment but were still only offered tea towels and shoe laces!



dadajo said:

Congrats Australia and New Zealand! I hope you guys have fun with this game since it is pretty awesome.



Zodiak13 said:

Well better late than never. Maybe Nintendo should rethink its business strategy down under. If your not all in, why just put your toes in the water. My sister's best friend is from NZ, and she owns a US 3ds and DL's e-shop when she visits and gets a crap ton of games. Says it way more cost effective. Thats a lot of work to enjoy some Nintendo.



Abotu said:




Sup said:

Still no Runner 2 down under, but glad to finally get the chance to play this.



Tuurtledove said:


You speak the truth. As a New Zealander I can confirm the ridiculous pricing we get here. Consoles (On Average) cost about twice as much as in Europe or in the United States, same goes for games as well actually. What this of course mean that generally the average consumer will buy less than elsewhere . Which isn't exactly great news for the companies behind these games either.

Using myself as an example here. The most games I've ever purchased in a year is five. And so far I've been unable to purchase a 3DS, purely because of the costs behind it (And my Student Budget).



DiSTANToblivion said:

I already have this on 3DS but I want part 2 on Wii U, so that means I'll probably pick up part 1 for Wii U. I don't even know if there is additional content?



DarkSplatoonLink said:

@MeWario I think that's a bit harsh; Nintendo may be a little slack down here but they still have gotten us a few cool release dates as well as Nintendo Connection Tours and stuff...



MeWario said:

@DarkToonLink I'm guessing your Australian, not a New Zealander. Yea we don't get any of that down here. I'm speaking from 20 years of experience. With Playstation, we get every game, at the same time everyone else does. Same with Xbox. I couldn't get Warioland 3 when I was a kid because they didn't bring it down here for ages. Seriously, everyone had SEGAs growing up, Nintendo has never bothered to build a profile for itself down here. I'm the biggest crusadr there is for Nintendo, I love them, so when I'm harsh about them you should know I'm telling the truth.



SnackBox said:

@Ukulele_Wizard You're right! Growing up and living in NZ my whole life I've gotten used to the prices though I don't like them. I have to buy almost every game I wanr via import for a slightly cheaper price. I sometimes wonder how big my collection was if I lived in Europe or America.



Bluezealand said:

Well, we are talking about an eShop game. I don't understand why that's such a big deal, when you can easily switch the region of your 3DS/ Wii U to some European country and download the game. Same for Bit.Trip Runner 2. You don't have to wait longer than Europe, at all.

Also, I was just on to check the prices in your region and are you kidding? ALL 3DS games are way cheaper in Australia (or at least on ezydvd) than in (mainland) Europe, because we get the same prices as you, just with a €-symbol. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity for $36? You know how much it is in Germany right now (on About $55. So, am I missing something or what's all the fuss about?

EDIT: So, I also checked your console prices for 3DS XL and Wii U. A Premium Wii U for $348 (about 250€) on is -AGAIN- way cheaper than prices in Europe and the 3DS Xl costs the same in both regions, but its lacking the AC adapter in Europe. I would love to have such prices in Europe, really. -.-



WiiLovePeace said:

The game isn't on the Wii U eShop & won't be until tomorrow (or rather, just past midnight tonight) I hope it comes on with a big discount for the wait.



MAB said:

Yeah but aussies also get better wages and don't work as hard as people in other countries do... Games and consoles are alot cheaper here now then they were 10 - 20 years ago



RedYoshi999 said:

Sorry, but you're way off. Australia's eShop charges $69.95 for most 3DS games, and some retailers will discount it to around 50-60 dollars. Wii U games charge $79.95 on the Wii U eShop, with perhaps a few retailers dropping it to around $60. (clearance sales aside)
The Premium Wii U retails for $430, that is just a big sale.
Compare these prices to America, where the dollar is almost equal to theirs (and was higher up until recently) and this is why we complain.

Switching regions isn't that simple either, you can't use the funds you have on your Aussie account towards a Euro purchase, eShop cards don't register in overseas eShops, and you might get charged foreign transaction fees with credit/debit cards. And I'm not entirely sure it's possible to swap regions on the Wii U, I've tried to change it but it automatically defaults to Australia with no way of changing it (does anyone know how to do it?)

But, prices do seem to be going down slowly. With DKCR 3D's release and I believe Animal Crossing too, the RRP has dropped to $59.95. It wasn't too long ago that Wii games retailed for $99.95 but now Wii U games are $20 cheaper. We still have a long way to go. And yes, our Club Nintendo sucks compared to yours. I've got 6500 stars lying around with nothing to spend them on.
So yeah, I wouldn't be looking at Australia with envy.



WiiLovePeace said:

@MarioPartyFan999 You swap the regions on Wii U by first going into settings & choosing UK or Ireland depending on which ones gonna be cheaper. Then you create a new Wii U account & Mii character. You can't just do a simple region swap like on 3DS, you gotta make a new account too (one for each region you're gonna swap to). You only gotta do it once but when you wanna swap back you go into settings change it to Australia, then log out of that account (click the Mii's face on the gamepad) then log back in to your Australian one. I find its easiest with the option to not have to put in your password enabled.

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