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June CoroCoro Reveals New Pokémon and Rival Details

Posted by Dylan Newcome

Meet another Fairy type

Last night we got some new details about Pokémon X & Y at an E3 developer roundtable, and today Japanese magazine CoroCoro has more news to share.

The magazine shows four new Pokémon in total:

  • Kofukimushi is a Bug type Pokémon that evolves into Spewpa, another Bug-type. Spewpa later evolves into Vivillon, the pink Bug / Flying type Pokémon we saw in yesterday's Nintendo Direct.
  • Shishiko is a Fire / Normal type lion cub Pokémon. It learns a move called "Battle Cry" which lowers the opponent's Attack stat.
  • Furabebe is a new Fairy type Pokémon who learns an as-of-yet unexplained move called "Fairy Wind". Furabebe finds a flower or plant, then protects it for the remainder of its life. It has been hinted that we may see Furabebe holding onto other plants in the game. It is the smallest and lightest Pokemon to date, standing at 0.1m tall and 0.1 kg.

Also revealed were the names of the rivals in Pokemon X & Y. If you choose a male avatar, your rival will be girl Serena, and if you choose a female avatar, your rival will be likely lad Callum. In addition to these rivals, there will be three other trainers who join you on your adventure. Sana, Tieruno and Toroba are all starting their journey on the same day as you from Asame Town, and you can expect to see them throughout your adventure. Two more characters were shown: Pansy, who is seen following the player character, and Hakudan City gym leader Viola, a master of Bug type Pokémon.

What do you think of the new Pokémon? Will you be raising any of them on your adventure?


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Wonder_Ideal said:

Hooray for Poogeymanz news!
The new fairy type looks cool and so does the fire/normal type lion.



Auracle said:

This is looking very nice! I'm always game for new Bug types. That new fairy sounds very interesting as well.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Please keep in mind every name every is from the Japanese version and will change with localization. Except one or two.




steamhare said:

So Shishiko is the third type in the normal/elemental trio? Interesting. Hopefully it's more of a deerling than a bidoof.



AVahne said:

This gen looks almost as bad as gen 4 so far. Gen 5 wasn't great either, but was still cooler than gen 4.



Haxonberik said:

Ok the only really bad pokemon up to now is that horsea on meth that might possibly become the new tentacool.



Bucho said:

I'm liking this so far, the Unova pokedex had a few ugly pawkormans but so far gen 6 is looking really good, favourites so far, Pancham and Xerneas.



Void said:

How is Shishiko so adorable? (And I actually read it as Sisko the first time... I think I need to stop watching so much DS9.)




These four new Pokémon look pretty meh! to me. But on the other hand, I think that lion cub will most likely evolve into something awesome!



GamerZack87 said:

@steamhare: Technically it's the seventh, since Jigglypuff is (presumably) Normal/Fairy; Girafarig is Normal/Psychic; Meloetta is Normal/Psychic (in Aria Forme) or Normal/Fighting (in Pirouette Forme); and Helioptile is Electric/Normal. And that's not counting the oodles of Normal/Flying Pokémon!



sinalefa said:

This makes me want to buy a 3DS.

The worst part is that I already have one!

What I should do is beat White 2. Only 4 months to go now, and tomorrow I order New Leaf. And Fire Emblem Awakening arrived today in the mail. I really need time now.



Tysamu said:

The story should be pretty interesting since its 5 trainers journeying together lol



Marks said:

Pansy and Viola look good. Friends look weird but hey, that's okay. Pokémon look decent.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Pokemon still look way better the gen 5. Oh yes, fairy type is a good idea. Dragon is an overpowered type in general.



Expa0 said:

I don't really care what the rivals look like just give me a option to name them and if possible keep the silly pokemon psychology thing at minimum.



ollietaro said:

I like that they made Fairy a type since fairy Pokemon have been in the game since the first gen. Can't wait for this game! B&W environments were so ugly!



jpfan1989 said:

I was hoping Fairy would be strong against dark, Dark is just as unbalanced as Dragon IMO

Also Shishiko :3 soo cute it already is 100% better than shinx



Expa0 said:

None of the other type match-ups have been confirmed, so it could be. Though I really don't see how dark is particulary OP, but whatevs.



TheMagus said:

I just still don't see why Nintendo feels the need to nerf Dragon-type even further... I mean, there's already no such thing as an advantageous type matchup for a sole dragon type! What we need is something Dragon is strong against which isn't also strong against it... I can't actually think of a single dragon-type pokemon that wouldn't benefit from being a different type instead.

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