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Flipnote Studio 3D to Hit North America Early August, Subscription Pricing Revealed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Details ahoy

While Flipnote Studio 3D is set to arrive in Japan on 3rd July, Nintendo of America has now launched a new official website packed with details about the free title, including a release window and details on the optional subscription service to be offered.

Though there's no precise date, it's listed to arrive in early August, while more details are given on how the gallery system will operate. The free Friends gallery will be an area that you can open and share with users on your friend list. You can create or participate in galleries with up to 20 others, where you can rate, post comments and download animations that you like. You can run two galleries at any one time, and they remain open for a 15 day period; when one closes, you can open another. It seems like a system ideally suited to organising themes and contests with buddies.

The World gallery is more in line with the Hatena service from the DSiWare title, and Nintendo has confirmed that it'll carry a cost of $0.99 for a 30-day license in the U.S., with prices to vary depending on regional currencies. You'll be able to access this service for free between 3pm and 7pm every day on your local time, but posting comments, rating Flipnotes and downloading those you like require you to spend in-game coins, and you'll receive a set amount with each 30-day subscription.

You can also earn these coins by picking up points through your actions; as a Flipnote Creator you'll earn Coin Points if your posted flipnotes get rated highly by the worldwide community. Alternatively you can be a Flipnote Collector, where you find, rate and collate quality Flipnotes into a collection that then serves as a gallery for others to view; if a lot of visitors check out your gallery, you pick up Coin Points. Though the details are yet to be fleshed out, performing well in either role will earn you a free 30 day pass, saving you the $0.99 subscription for that month.

You can check out the full description of the services and features at, which will be updated further before launch. So, are you excited about showing off your artistic skills in August?

Thanks to Joey Cummens for the tip.

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TromboneGamer said:

To be honest I am definitely not a fan of this whole subscription fee and coin earning stuff. Perhaps at this point in time I'm a bit ignorant of the service, but I doubt I'll grow to appreciate it :/



ThomasBW84 said:

@squashie No European site that I can find at this point, but I'd predict it'll arrive the same day in both territories, due to the idea of the "World" gallery



Yrreiht said:

I didn't use Flipnote much on DSi and it was free so I can't see myself paying a fee for the 3DS one. Guess I'll pass.



Captain_Toad said:

Release date is August? Ugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......
The (optional) subscription price isn't bad though....
But the release date.. Ugggghhhhhhhh.



manic221 said:

People are complaining about 99 cents? really people imangine how much the servers costs for Nintendo to run 99 cents a month is nothing whatever it translates to in the UK i'll be more then happy to pay that money.



Mr_Vengeance said:

Hmm... not sure about this whole subscription idea here. Rather disquieting to see Nintendo even think about subscriptions to be honest. I'd rather pay up front if it was all the same :/



Nintendude789 said:

First of all, the money is not for Nintendo, its for Hatena to generate the the service.

Second of all, the fee is not expensive at all. 99 cents? You call that expensive? How come you pay for Xbox Live or PSN Plus if they're about 30 bucks each month?

I can totally afford the fee.



Pixelrobin said:

Glad its (almost) free. Probably wont be using the world service very much though...




Wolfgabe said:

If you really are complaining about having to pay 99 cents a month then you are just being a a whiny cheapskate



Windy said:

Not happy about this online fee. Would like to see something more like a game. Next thing you know there will be a fee to use Colors 3d. At least the app is free. 12 bucks a year to post art you made and Nintendo will use to advertise the app. Hmmmm.... not happy at all sorry @wolfgabe I'm complaining about this one and I'm being a cheapskate who has spent 100's of dollars in the Eshop



Wowfunhappy said:

12 dollars a year is a lot considering that Flipnote Hatena is a pretty darn basic service.



bahooney said:


Seriously, there are sooooo many whiners on this site about the most miniscule stuff. "Oh, my SNES games are EIGHT DOLLARS?! I 'AINT GETTING /NOTHIN'!/ But if it were FIVE dollars..." "NES GAMES FOR FIVE?!!?! THEY SHOULD BE GIVEN FOR FREE! chews on toothpick." The nerve of some folk...



Windy said:

Heck convince sega to bring out Phantasy Star Online now you wouldn't hear me complain one ioda....who uses ioda anymore? Haha



Windy said:

@bahooney yikes! No need to blow a gasket there were just posting opinion. I have spent hundreds in the Shop if not Thousands so far. I think this app is out of line asking for 12 bucks a year



Wolfgabe said:

@Windy Yep might as well do it now because probably more people are gonna complain about the price when it isnt all that much



AceSpadeS said:

99 cents, but the amount of actions you can take for that price is limited? Not so sure I like this system... Not that I made many great notes back on the DSi anyways.



Tertis said:

1 dollar for a whole month? SWEET!
That means a 5 dollar foot long can also buy you 5 whole months of Flipnote Studio 3D.



3Daniel said:

Id rather pay for the app and have free reign online then the other way around. These terms are fine for those with our own bank accounts but explaining them to nongaming parents might be off putting for most. Id pay upwards of 10the bucks for the app with lifetime online service included.



ramstrong said:

Looking at the terms, this is rather confusing, so I'm guessing this is more than just about money. This is only one person's opinion, but I think the reason it's 99 cents is because they don't want to charge money for this.

If you look at various conditions that lets you get free access/coins, you will see that good work is being rewarded. You can still view the works for free, and since it is tied to your System Preferences, can you simply roll back the clock to extend viewing time? Sure. I don't see any problem with that.

How about posting and commenting? If you repeatedly make good posts, then you get coins. I think that's the trick. If I remember correctly, on the last service, it was difficult to find good posting. Even different channels did not help. Too many JB lovers/haters flip. So, this maybe less about money, than it is trying to weed out spammers/wallers.

I don't get why personal galleries is limited on days. I'd say maybe they want you to have good collection of Flips indefinitely. I'll wait until I see it in action before making judgement on it.

99 cents per month? Sure, I can pay that. And if it means that my critics will be reasonable, and helpful because they're skilled and/or paid good money to do so, then I'm happy.



Tertis said:

Also, limited actions is a good thing, remember all the star-beggars and false-reporters in the old Flipnote Hatena community? It's probably to prevent them from overtaking Flipnote Gallery too.



RR529 said:

Never really interested in it in the first place, so the fee won't affect me (it's not a big one, anyways).

@Windy (comment #20), actually they did just release Phantasy Star Online 2 (released on PC, Vita, & iOS) in Japan, but unfortunately there are no plans to bring it west (it has to do with the type of free-to-play model it runs on).



ouroborous said:

well the subscription is really cheap so that's good but what a pain in the butt to have to pay to use the extended online features (that any other program would have for free).
excited about the app in general though, just really confused about why anyone would pay for the subscription part.. or moreso why it's even a pay-required feature.



HeyLuigi said:

it's a 3d animation maker that I actually have a chance of understanding. I'm just exited for it, subscription or not 0_0



Alienfish said:

It's a good deal if you do a lot of Flipnote. I'd rather pay something like $5 up front for the entire thing and everything after that is either earned or free, but if they include a FULL color palette with thousands or millions of colors and tons of features then it could be a good value to pay monthly. Need constant persistent updates too. As long as they keep working to make it better instead of sitting back and collecting monies all day then it should be fine.



mikeyman64 said:

I honestly don't really understand any of this. I get flipnote, but was Nintendo losing enough money from the way it was that they would have to charge? Albeit the amount is small, and I guess the answer is yes since they are charging, but I'm still fairly confused.



Nintendude789 said:

''Flipnote Gallery fee is $0.99/month!''

''Xbox Live! Fee $30/month!''




Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I'm not a great artist by any means, but I love doing flip-notes the old fashioned way. This should be fun when it arrives. The "world" gallery will be worth it. This Japanese girl I follow on Miiverse blows my mind every day with her drawings on the GamePad. Happiness and smiles for .99 cents? You betcha.



rjejr said:

It's free for up to 20 people to share? I think we can live w/ that. Thanks Nintendo.



mikeyman64 said:

It makes sense that Hatena needs the money for the service. I suppose people just aren't used to sub fees from Nintendo.

Oh, and, while I haven't been an XBL subscriber in about a year (partly due to the stupidly high price), comparing the cost of it to flipnote is apples to oranges.



mikeyman64 said:


Yeah, I know what you mean. As much of a gamer as I am, and always will be, I still have to admit that the gaming community is full of hypocrites.



FriedSquid said:

@Nintendude789 - Excuse me, please do your research. PSN doesn't have a fee and Xbox Live is only $5 a month. Take a chill pill and stop spouting fallacies... Not to mention that no one said anything about PSN/XBL.

Anyways, the fee doesn't really bug so much as the in-game coin system is a little confusing. If I don't have to pay but I'm limited to 3-7pm and have to use in-game coins, that's fine. If I pay and those limitations are lifted, that's also fine. But, if I have to pay and I still have to use it only at 3-7pm and use in-game coins, THAT would be totally unfair. I'm positively sure they wouldn't need that money just to run a server for four hours a day. That's ridiculous, so I'm hoping that's not the case.



SirQuincealot said:

@rayword45 i meant million users not million myself lol, they said its not cheap running the servers, but with the amount of people that will subscribe i imagine they will come out of this with a profit



123akis said:

Although the 3PM - 7PM free usage is good.. we will now be seeing alot less comments and ratings because people think $12 is alot in a year!!

SERIOUSLY THOUGH.. so why arent people whining about PS plus and xbox live?



takyon98 said:

im hopping that i can pay them for as ex; 5 months in advance(like the XBL cards) but with the money i put into the E-shop cause what if flipnote gallery: world gets hacked and your credit card gets stolen?

thats why i like how sony, xbox and nintendo have those cards so i wont have to give them my credit card



takyon98 said:


well if youre paying every month i can see why you're complaining but if you get the one year thing in advance with the cards its easy cause you can just set aside 50 or 60 bucks each year so you wont have to worry about paying every month :U



AVahne said:

Nice price for the optional subscription. Glad to see it's still very possible to do everything for free.



MagicEmperor said:

Champagne problems!

Sighs "99 cents a month? That's just obscene. Forget this!" Proceeds to buy a $0.99 music track (if not pirated), a meal multiple times the cost of $0.99, possibly donate spare change to charity, maybe buy a gumball with a single quarter... "Good thing Flipnote Studio is not getting MY hard-earned dollar a month!"



FilmerNgameR said:

There was so many fun flip notes on Flip Note Hatena. I can't wait to watch more flip notes in 3D on the 3DS.



Magikarp3 said:

... ergh, I might stick with Colors3D then. I mean sure, an entire year of subscription will cost 12 dollars and that's seriously cheap, but making animations sounds like the biggest timesink ever.

...I'm going to printscreen this comment because I'm probably going to be addicted to flipnote a few months after it comes out...



chiefeagle02 said:

I might try the world gallery subscription for a few months because the DSi's gallery had some really creative and funny animations on there. I'd love to see what animators can do with the 3DS.



iphys said:

99 cents a month sounds really cheap, but for how much it would add up to over the years, it's not worth it to me for how little I would probably use it. I only ever posted 2 flipnotes for the DSiWare version. I'll just share with my friends, but it's disappointing we can only share with 20 and not our whole friends list of 100.



Jaz007 said:

They restrict rating flip notes with coins when you pay the subscription. That's completely rediculous on so many levels. Restricting any of that stuff with coins when your subscribed is rediculous. This is a terrible subscription deal, extremely basic features are restricted when you subscribe. This is quite expensive indeed for what it offers.

@Nintendude789 PS Plus is $20 for three months and $50 for year. A far cry from $30 a month.



Jukilum said:

It's not actually going to be only 99¢–There's tax to pay on it as well. It's not that expensive though.

People complaining about the subscription cost for this aren't neccisarily the same people that pay for XBL or PSN Plus, especially if they've never owned a non-Nintendo console.



FriedSquid said:

@Nintendude789 - Yes, have you? It still isn't $30 or $50 dollars a month as you have said. It also still stands to reason that nobody here has said that they pay for either services, so you're just putting words into people's mouths. XBL/PSN are also very different than the simple Flipnote service. Your argument is extremely invalid.



SuperCharlie78 said:

"People are complaining about 99 cents? really people imangine how much the servers costs for Nintendo to run 99 cents a month is nothing whatever it translates to in the UK i'll be more then happy to pay that money."
You don't say...
So let's pay for Miiverse and Postbox too, you'd be even happier, wouldn't you?



DarkNinja9 said:

reading the tittle for this i was like "oh great its probably going to be pricy" but hey not to bad for 99 cents actually ._. and your able to get a free trial is you earn the coins or w/e so eh

the DSi version was rly fun and some ppl made some funny ones so i might check this out or try to earn that free trial for sure as for paying not sure yet xP



citizenerased said:

$1 per month means you're paying $48 for the rest of the console cycle (assuming 4 years). If this game and the service are worth that much to you, go ahead.



b23cdq said:

@SuperCharlie78 Difference is that this is a free app, and you pay for full access. MiiVerse is only for WiiU users, a console you pay a lot for. See the difference.



b23cdq said:

@rayword45 .99 a month for full access to the online part of an othervise free app, vs 10$ a month or 60$ a year for access to the online part of games you pay up to 60$ for (something the competition offers for free). That is, if you're not somewhere games cost upwards of 110$, like here.
See the difference?



KAHN said:

well, i do have $15 dollars in my back pocket... ahh hell, i'll just get a year subscription if it's that cheap!



SheldonRandoms said:

I bet the release date will be August 12, just like the original. in the meantime, i'm going to rev up those ideas.



baba_944 said:

Off Topic: Is it bad I'm excited to see my name up there?
On Topic: $.99 for 30 days? I will subscribe a year's worth too.



rayword45 said:

People fail to realize, it's not 99 cents unlimited, we don't know the details yet.

If, for example, we're given 5 coins every month to rate/download flipnotes, that's a BS deal.



Nintendude789 said:

Who said you have to pay every month? You can stop paying for a month so you can peacefully work on a flipnote. The following month pay, and pray to God your flipnotes get popular so you can earn that free month.

That's something I would do.



retro_player_22 said:

It's free if you just want to create a Flipnote shorts or share it online. The dollar fee only applies if you want to do all the extra stuff like downloading favorite shorts, commenting on ppl's work, and giving rating. Besides creating stuff on Flipnote 3D will earn you more coins if it's popular enough.



3Daniel said:

99 cents isnt going to break the bank, i havent seen anyone say that 99 cents is expensive. Wanting it for free doesnt mean people cant afford it. I have no problem paying Id just rather pay for the app for the convenience then having to add 99 cents for the month. Hopefully they offer a year subscription option and better detail this so a 9yryear old wont have to relay this info to their parent.



Captain_Balko said:

It's really unfair for people to say that complaining about this is wrong. It sounds fine and dandy on paper - it's just a dollar after all - but suppose after the free trial, you get hooked. You decide to pay every month. That adds up to 12$ a year. For the rest of the console cycle, as @citizenerased said, that would add up to 48$. For 48$, I could buy, say, Mario Kart 7, and have unlimited online access for as long as their servers are up, plus a fantastic single player experience that could basically last as long as you want it to. This just gives you access to a community that was free on the Dsi equivalent.
Plus, that isn't even taking tax into account. I know I have to pay a 13% tax on that money, and people in some countries have to pay even more.
Also, I'm assuming this money comes out of your eShop account. Not everybody has a credit card always available - some people don't yet have credit (myself included) and have to use a parent's card when adding to their account. They don't have the ability to add willy nilly considering it isn't their card to use. Furthermore, lots of people don't even have a credit card in their household, and have to use prepaid cards. This 'measly' one dollar per month adds up, and eats away at your eShop money. It will cause you to have to go out and buy eShop cards more often, which might be an inconvenience to people that don't necessarily live near somewhere where the cards are available.
Lastly, people will sometimes feel obligated to continue paying that dollar every month even if they don't use it enough to warrant paying that dollar, simply because they don't want to feel excluded from the Flipnote community. I know I will feel that way if I start paying.

Frankly, I would have been much happier if they charged a straight fee that gives you the service permanently instead of this monthly fee garbage. I don't like that I have to pay for my phone on a monthly basis, but I need my phone for practical reasons. I really want to have the Flipnote community, but I really DON'T want to pay for it monthly even more. My phone is mandatory, this is not. Actually, one of the reasons I choose Nintendo is because of not having to pay monthly fees... but this looks like it's going to change...



almoore said:

Everybody just shutup and get it! If your not back for the next month who gives a flip, at least go to the community to watch others work who can afford 99 cents! I know I'll be there, chiiiiiiiiit, da fuuuuuuuuuuk!



SuperSah said:

This makes zero sense. You can access it free 4 hours a day but need coins etc. to comment?



AJTsuki said:

This sounds both cool, and a little confusing. But definitely going to check it out on release.



Schizeon said:

I'm not going to argue about the price, because it's actually pretty good. .-.
However, for the people that can't afford it, we should at least be able to download a few Flipnotes.
Honestly I like the old Flipnote studio better. It's less confusing and somewhat fair to use.. xD



kyuubikid213 said:

For a dollar a month (whereas I make around $360 per month) I'll definitely get a subscription.

Will the subscription be handled in the eShop or by a Credit Card?



kyuubikid213 said:

@Captain_Balko Just to look at the beginning of your argument... Chances are since we have the internet at our disposal, devices to access the internet, a 3DS to begin this conversation in the first place, and the money to get the games we talk about on the forums; I don't think asking for a dollar a month is insane. If you're serious about the service, you'll pay a small fee of one dollar a month.

And who takes two years to save up for Mario Kart 7?



Captain_Balko said:

@kyuubikid213 When flipnote studio for Dsi came out, I was around 14. I had no job, and relied only on birthday money and the occasional gift from my parents to buy games for me. I remember saving for a year and a half for my DSi. I absolutely loved flipnote studio. However, if the service isn't free, parents won't be keen on lending their children online money to pay for "a service". Lots of kids that may be serious about making flipnotes (I know I was, I spent countless hours on that little application) don't have any way of paying this monthly fee if their parents won't allow them to. Internet may be in their household for their family. They may get a 3DS as a gift. That doesn't mean that they aren't on their own financially when it comes to buying games. And my argument that not everyone can use a credit card or go out and buy prepaid eShop cards stands.

I still think that a straight fee is the way to go. Monthly subscriptions, no matter how cheap, are both annoying and much disliked.



LordGeovanni said:

I really find this entire section of comments funny and yet infuriating. We don't know everything yet. As simple as that. Additionally, by what I understand, the fee is only applicable to people who want to post online, view other's FN creations, and comment on those. We will still be able to make our own and send them to our friends for FREE. It is just the capabilities to allow random people on the internet to see them that will be impacted.

Even further: Why do people think that $.99 is such a big deal? The $.99 is NOT a huge amount for one person. It IS a lot when you add it all up... but it is also to pay for the service to work. The DSi version probably ate A LOT of money. Data storage cost money. Uploading data costs money. Downloading cost money. VIEWING IMAGES costs money. It is that whole "bandwidth" thing that people talked about years ago. It still exists. That $.99/mo. will help alleviate the cost. Would you rather pay $10 to get the service and then decide that it is not for you? I will take up a few months... to try it out. I have NO artistic talent... ...and if I don't like it, I will just stop the subscription. And, you know..., just send my creations to people on my friend list...



MarlowMisery said:

I'm confused. Is downloading Flipnote Studio 3D free or do you have to pay for it? Yes I know 99 cents is not a big deal, I actually like it cause flipnote studio was very big and it should have a fee. But is downloading is free???



waterlubber said:

99 cents is cheap, no doubt about it compared to 30 bucks a MONTH for XBL. It's not **how much** it costs, its more of a whether or not you have to pay thing. A parent will easily give there kid, say, 10 bucks. But they won't give them their credit card, or take a trip to the store to buy cards. Unless your 18, have a job, or have rich parents, you'll be on your own. Let's say you did buy it for 99c. If they raised it a penny, or even a buck, you would still continue. I can see it as a spam filter, that was smart. All a subscription really does is buy you coins. What I want is just them to change the hours to the morning a little (I'm more of an early bird). Don't like it? Go play minecraft. No monthly subscription for that!



StarShock said:

@TromboneGamer Yeah, I don't like the subscription thing either. Nintendo's getting kinda greedy about it. It's only $.99 but still. That adds up. Hate the subscription thing. :/



DemonnPrincess said:

I have been waiting since I saw it was August. I really really need to know the release date. I really want flipnote back. I gave up my beloved DSi for my 3DS and have been regretting loosing flipnote, so I NEED this Lbs I do though.



PhilChamp85 said:

Free between 3 and 7. Lol paying would be stupid. I would use this everyday. And first 30 days free? AWESOME! Besides I cant get any cash -_- So free time? HELL YA!



DemonnPrincess said:

I just heard that it's been delayed in Europe because of heavy use of it in Japan...I hope this doesn't affect the release date in America.

Still I feel bad for Europe



Buzkeel said:

I'm not a big fan of the coins and paying to post. Honestly it was fine just signing up to post even thought it took really long!



kyuubikid213 said:

Okay. It's now August 14th. Did I miss something or is it not coming out "early August"? With 31 days in the month, it'd have to release tomorrow to hit that deadline. By the 16th, we've reached mid-August and the 17th starts late-August.



I812 said:

Come on Nintendo. It's almost back to school, And we're STILL waiting. Man, Why does Japan always have to get the good stuff?



MyDog0000 said:

Too bad its almost 2014 and still nothing... And its been 4 months since the last post. Lol



PhilChamp85 said:

2014 and nothing. I think Nintendo forgot. I was really looking forward to this. love YOU NINTENDO.
Please watch the profanity — TBD

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