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Feature: A Glimpse Into Nintendo Life's Animal Crossing: New Leaf Adventures - Part One

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

It's oh so charming

There's one game dominating the attention of a number of Nintendo Life writers right now, and that's Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The title that's already enjoyed critical and commercial success has earned the affections of plenty of 3DS owners, with its whimsical, quirky nature contributing to its irresistible charm.

One of its various neat features is the ability to take screenshots by simply pressing both shoulder buttons at any point, meaning that we can all capture fun moments with ease. We couldn't let such a feature pass without putting it to good use here on Nintendo Life, so in the first part of many, some members of the Nintendo Life team share some favourite pictures taken to date. Stay tuned, as many more members of the team have screens to show off in the coming days.

Mike Mason

Preparing for the return of the Frog Suit in Super Mario 3D World...

Rubbing salt in a Pitfall-based wound.

A hard won win — good work team!

Rory Cocker

Holy apple! This is why I love Animal Crossing.

I look fabulous.

Katy's town is Pitfall central!

Ron DelVillano

My gardens are growing nicely. I've got a variety of fruit to keep both my stomach and my pockets full.

I'm the kind of mayor who people like to invite into their homes. I then sleep in their beds and make them watch. They never say anything about it out of both respect and fear.

I'm also the kind of mayor who is willing to protect his citizens — even in the face of the inevitable Metroid invasion, my people will stand strong.

Morgan Sleeper

Home sweet home! I'm quite fond of my little house on the hill - it overlooks a banana grove, I can hear the waterfall from inside, and my fishing line just reaches to the ocean from my front yard!

One of the coolest things that's happened to me so far in Twinseed was this surprise birthday party my animal friends threw for me, after only two days of being mayor! N.B. Tia and Sterling playing spin the bottle.

Skype dates are for squares - midnight rendezvous with my lovely fiancée!

We have a lot more lovely screenshots from more Nintendo Life writers on the way, and we'll also be looking to get you, the community, involved. Until next time, keep shaking those trees!

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bezerker99 said:

I love how Nintendo took the AC formula and shook it up a bit with some "fresh" changes. New Leaf is an amazing game!!!



Shworange said:

Hey Nintendolife staffers, why not post all of your dream suite addresses so we can check your towns out?



hYdeks said:

Love the frog suit and Metroid helmet, I really need to get this game.



SethNintendo said:

Morgan has a nice house placement. I went with the where does my house best fit (going to beach and bridge access) in my town approach when I did my house placement. My house is very close to the re-tail, close to one of the beaches access, and near a bridge to take me towards main street/town hall/train station.



Ausboss said:

Woah. I'm insanely jealous of that house location. Why can't I sell my house!?



PinkSpider said:

Game of the Year and i mean it, this will still being played for many years after to. Thank god i downloaded it i never have to take it out



Mk_II said:

Got my free download copy today in the "buy three, get one free" promotion. Thank you Nintendo!



theblackdragon said:

@Shworange: We did discuss that amongst ourselves, but sad to say not all of us have the Dream Suite stuff available to us yet — didn't the game come out just a week and a half ago or so for EU? We'll get to sharing our towns with you all in time, I'm sure :3



Moshugan said:

Can you change your house location? Is the only way to MOVE out to another town, and then move back?



Noonch said:

I picked up New Leaf two days ago and it hasn't left my 3ds since. If Nintendo wanted to brainwash someone, this would be the way.



Undead_terror said:

Oh my, I probably won't be playing/buying any games soon besides this, and I do want to buy some of the newer eshop games as well, but can't stop playing this.



Bassman_Q said:

Aww man... something about Morgan's last pic on that date by the moonlight... that just made my day! :')



Shworange said:

Lol. That's right! Wow. My bad. I've played it so much lately that its just hard to remember a time before I had animal crossing. Days have stretched into weeks and time has looped around into a grand ball of muddled confusion. Take you're time and make great towns.



Mk_II said:

This game should be illegal, it's addictive like crack cocaine. Booted it up this morning for a quick testdrive and could not put it down until late tonight.



SmaMan said:

You guys should post up your towns' Dream Numbers so we can all dream of NintendoLife awesomeness!

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