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Don't Look Now, But There Could Be A New Shaq Fu Game Inbound

Posted by Damien McFerran

Be very afraid

Those of you old enough to recall the 16-bit era will no doubt remember a fighting game for the SNES by the name of Shaq Fu. It took the famous basketball star Shaquille O'Neal and placed him in a fantasy world when he had to use his intense B-Ball skills to defeat the malevolent Sett-Ra.

Despite being created by the respected French studio Delphine Software (Flashback, Another World), the game was terrible — so terrible that a website has since been established with the aim of "liberating" all available copies and destroying them to "prevent other generations from feeling the corruption of this game and its evil."

The makers of that site may well be shaking their heads in dismay at recent news, however. Several trademarks for Shaq Fu have recently been filed in the US by Mine O'Mine, a company owned by Shaquille O'Neal himself.

The trademarks cover a dizzying array of different entertainment mediums, including — you guessed it — video games:

Entertainment services, namely, providing online games; Providing a website featuring electronic and video games and news, information, tips, hints, enhancements, audio-visual content, music, videos, television programs, movies, animated series, and other multimedia materials in the field of computer and video games, computer and video game characters, music, sports and entertainment.

The Shaq Fu trademarks are in addition to the ones recently filed for Shaqfighter, again by Mine O'Mine.

So what does the retired basketball player have in store for gamers? Could we be forced to suffer a sequel to Shaq Fu, or is he planning on releasing the original game on modern consoles? Maybe he's aware of the game's reputation and is looking to produce a humourous and self-deprecating update? Whatever is in store, we sure hope it's not anywhere near as bad as the original title.

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Banedracul said:

Ugh, I had a friend that absolutely loved this game when it came out, and always forced me to play it. I actually don't remember that it was made by Delphine Software, that explains why the game DID have good animation.



Shiryu said:

Can't be worse than the original. I dare you to prove me wrong, Mine O'Mine!



MAB said:

Enforcer of Justice was one of the better SNES fighters of that generation... EA it's in the game



Alienfish said:

I had the unfortunate opportunity to play Shaq Fu at a friendly tournament. I lost because I couldn't stop laughing at how terrible it was.



b23cdq said:

"Namely, providing online games"
I don't think this is gonna be a good game...



Haywired said:

Shaq Fu vs Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City. It's the crossover everyone's been waiting for!



Kyloctopus said:

Shaq-Fu isn't that bad of a game, in fact its a little fun. I probably like it because I just like fighting games. I mean, I wouldn't pick it over Street Fighter but I still think it was fine.
Unfortunately, alot of bandwagoning over the internet happened and decided the internet should hate on this game.



Einherjar said:

@Kyloctopus Isnt this usually how it goes ? I never played it myself though, but from videos, i at least can say that the animation quality is top notch.



DESS-M-8 said:

I liked shaq fu. It was utter crap but in a good way, like road runner in death valley, taz mania and the movie star wars episode I.



HeatBombastic said:

People always ask me, "Why don't you just play good fighting games, like Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter?" No, I just want to play Shaq Fu, that's where it's at. I've been dedicating years of my life to finding this rare delicacy. It's all about Shaq Fu.



SLiM said:

Back when this game came out I was a HUUUGGGEEEE Shaquille O'Neal fan. Played this game a lot even though it wasn't all that fun.



bizcuthammer said:

I got this game for $.25 at a garage sale, just because my bro and i wanted to see how awful it was. I picked up a few other games there, too including F-Zero, Pokemon Snap, Pilotwings, and, best of all, Majora's Mask. I got all of em for less than $10. But yeah... Shaq Fu is easily one of the worst games i've ever played. Not on the level of Superman 64, but its close.



Mode7 said:

This would be the greatest thing to ever happen. I remember my Genesis copy came with a Shaq Diesel CD... so good. I still have the game, but unfortunately the CD has been lost in time...



Mario500 said:

I have always liked and enjoyed Shaq Fu and Road Runner's Death Valley Rally. I did not find either game to be bad at all.



8BitSamurai said:

It can't be as bad as the original. ...Right? Yeah, the concept is funny and all, but honestly now, the game falls flat on it's face from most standpoints. Funny though.



KnightRider666 said:

Lol. Wow. I have Shaq-Fu on the game boy, and it's easily the best version. The SNES version was pretty bad. I remember when my buddy got it for his birthday. It was actually $69.99 in the store. Could you imagine paying that much for something that bad, and worse yet; giving it to your poor unsuspecting kid thinking it would be good?



Rafie said:

I feel like the minority here that actually liked the game. My cousin and I beat the game thru and thru on the Genesis. It's not as bad as people have been making it. Yes it's not that good, but it's not the worst.



B3ND3R said:

Maybe this will be a downloadable HD-remake of the OG Shaq Fu? That would make the most sense...



Urbanhispanic said:

This game sucked balls back then and it's still a flaming pile of crap it worse than the SNES arcade port of Pit Fighter?



Capt_N said:

Can't have (much of) an opinion either way. I never owned the game. I've seen a few videos, & I must say the animation looks alright. The boxart also looks pretty good, w/ Shaq's shining earring; those kind of boxart details are generally very neat.



Jaz007 said:

What ever about being better than the game, just make it better than that commercial, the advertising section of that company should have taken the person who made the commercial out back and shot him.



Fuzzy said:

I know I've played this and the Michael Jordan one (thought it was pretty good at the time, not sure about now), but I can't remember what this one was like.

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