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Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Knocked Off The Top Spot in Japanese Sales Charts

Posted by Andy Green

The 3DS continues to dominate both software and hardware charts

Last week saw Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D swing into pole position in the Japanese sales charts in its first week of release. The title was one of five 3DS games placed in the top five but that dominance is now over as the PlayStation 3 title The Last of Us fought through the hoards to reach number one.

However, the 3DS did continue to conquer the chart and has 12 games residing in the top 20.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon are both nestled in the top ten in sixth and seventh respectively, while New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Mario Kart 7, both of which have sold in excess of two million copies, are still holding on.

Unfortunately, there are no Wii U titles in the top 20 this week, which is certainly disappointing. New Super Mario Bros. U was holding on by its fingertips last week but a flurry of new entries has seen it drop out.

This week's software sales are below, with lifetime sales in brackets.

1. [PS3] The Last of Us – 117,465 (New)
2. [3DS] Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D – 42,247 (146,816)
3. [3DS] Tomodachi Collection: New Life – 34,286 (1,167,532)
4. [PSV] God Dimension Idol Neptune PP – 29,933 (New)
5. [3DS] Kuma Tomo – 12,705 (New)
6. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 12,491 (3,290,847)
7. [3DS] Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – 11,859 (793,519)
8. [3DS] Farewell Umihara Kawase – 11,058 (New)
9. [PSP] Storm Lover 2nd – 10,001 (New)
10. [PSP] Roukyuubu! Himitsu no Otoshimono – 9,282 (New)
11. [PS3] Terraria – 5,192 (47,741)
12. [PS3] Resident Evil: Revelations – 4,948 (165,068)
13. [Wii] Taiko Drum Master Wii Super Wonderful Edition – 4,723 (502,150)
14. [PSV] Winning Post 7 2013 – 4,413 (New)
15. [3DS] Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter: Albatross no Tsubasa – 4,079 (22,004)
16. [3DS] Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission – 3,957 (212,273)
17. [3DS] Shin Megami Tensei IV – 3,898 (245,568)
18. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Best Price!) – 3,684 (323,656)
19 [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2 – 3,191 (2,046,263)
20. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 – 3,122 (2,067,213)

There's not much change at all in terms of hardware this week, with the 3DS and 3DS XL - or LL if you prefer - both sitting pretty at the top of the table. Only the PlayStation Vita managed to sell more than it did in the previous week.

The full hardware sales chart is below, with last week’s sales in parentheses.

3DS LL – 28,281 (29,533)
3DS – 14,988 (17,602)
PlayStation Vita – 13,422 (10,664)
PlayStation 3 – 9,816 (10,872)
Wii U – 5,329 (5,983)
PSP – 5,091 (5,651)
Wii – 1,234 (1,461)
Xbox 360 – 282 (397)

Apart from the fact a 3DS game is not sitting in first position it's pretty much business as usual this week in Japan.


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User Comments (31)



Flux_you said:

The Last of Us is an amazing game. If anyone owns a PS3 I cannot recommend the game enough. Look past the fact that it is not a Nintendo game, because everyone knows that you would giving all kinds of praise towards the game if it was.



Zodiak13 said:

@Flux_you Negative. I own the PS3 and played my friends copy. Not interested and don't care. Felt the sameway about Bioshock Infinite and almost every other "amazing" realistic style games. You have and will never see me give games of this ilk praise, even if they are on Nintendo systems. I DON'T LIKE THEM. So please don't tell me what I would think, cause your wrong.



ScorpionMG said:

never liked bioshock either but the last of us is pretty cool, altho it has some glitches which i saw from pewdiepie's vids



Zodiak13 said:

I actually apologize for the tone of my earlier comment. I just can't stand people telling me what I would/should like. As an aside, I do buy games for the 360 and PS3, but only a few that I enjoy. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is amazingly fun to me, in fact one of my favorite games in the last 2-3 years. Not on Nintendo IMO.



RR529 said:

Surprising! Not that TLoU is a bad game or anything (I haven't played it, so I'm not going to pass judgement), but it seems like the kind of game that usually doesn't sell well in Japan.

Good for it



SparkOfSpirit said:

@Zodiak13 I agree with you tone aside.

I get the same reactions when people tell me I should want Retro making Metroid Prime 4 instead of the new DKC game.

DKCR was my favorite Retro game. Some folks need to deal with the fact that some people think differently than they do for reasons other than "bias".



Yoshi3DS said:

just bought donkey kong on GAME. free keyring and bag for me, but what about the tie:@



MeWario said:

Now if they would only release 'Taiko Drum Master Wii Super Wonderful Edition' in America and Europe! I'm dying to play that game =P



unrandomsam said:

I have played the Last of Us (Not to completion just for an evening when I was looking after someones kid's while they went out). The first level is great but it is like they didn't put the effort in as much after that. There is far too many cutscene's as well.

Maybe if they didn't include multiplayer or DLC and just made the whole game as good as the first level I might have liked it more but I like a consistent quality.



Rafie said:

@unrandomsam "t it is like they didn't put the effort in as much after that"

Definitely got to disagree with you there. Play the entire game man. It's a phenomenal game. I'm actually surprised as well that this game is doing that well in Japan. Normally I don't hear about Japanese players being interested in a western game. Still glad to see it doing well. It's deserved and Naughty Dog has done a wonderful job. Donkey Kong is in a well deserved spot as well. I'm ecstatic to see how well it's doing too! Great time to be a gamer!



unrandomsam said:

(Don't care about how long it takes. I am not really a fan of the genre at all on consoles I used to quite like them on a PC with a keyboard and mouse. Prefer light gun type shooters or ones like Sin & Punishment 2).

It has apparently 1:30 hours of cutscenes in it.



Rafie said:

@unrandomsam Okay that's fine that you're not a fan of that genre, but please don't say that they didn't put much effort into it after a certain point when you haven't even finished the game! That's all I'm saying.



unrandomsam said:

@Rafie Alright it seemed from level 2 to where I stopped (beginning of level 5) it wasn't as good as level 1 dunno why though. (If I thought it was I would have probably gone back today). If I play the rest of it I might change my mind.

I think it is good that someone has actually made something that is not a lowest common denominator port.



shonenjump86 said:

I did not get to far in the Last of Us, but I'm really enjoying what I played. It's a really great game, glad to see it make this list. Can't wait for my next day off so I can get some time in the game. In the mean time, I'll be going back to Animal Crossing.



wicked636 said:

@Flux_you i dont have a ps3 never realy wanted one but i ben thinkin i might get one this year for the last of us and likesomeone else said that white witch game looks sure theres others but i realy want to try them



Ichiban said:

I didn't enjoy the Last Of Us at first, but loving the hell out of it now. Incredible game.



MAB said:

The Japanese must be already lining up outside the shops for the XBone release



TotalHenshin said:

The first half hour (or section) of TLoU is great. The next two hours after that is mostly boring, just walking down a very beautiful corridor. Then after those two hours, that is when you get to Bill's town, the game really gets going and stops treating you like an infant. It's a fantastic game. I beat it the weekend it came out. Really do recommend it to nearly all PS3 owners. It really is not like Bioshock Infinite where you force yourself through the gameplay to get to the story. This has a great story and good gameplay in large thanks to the variety and refinement of the enemy AI.

That said, very surprised seeing Japanese gamers taking to this western title. I'm predicting a major drop for TLoU with next week's stats.



Oren87 said:

I still need to pick up The Last of Us. So many games to play and I just don't have time! Everyone I have spoke to about it says it's great. If I'm gonna drop £40 on it though it needs to be long enough. Is it as long as the Uncharted games?

The fact that it's hit the number one spot in the Japanese charts just shows how good it is. Glad to see DKCR doing well. One of the best games ever made in my opinion. Just beat the Golden Temple on my third playthrough last night. Great to see Vita doing well too!



R_Champ said:


I don't know if I take quite as strong of a stance, but I agree the fanaticism behind many AAA titles is unwarranted (I'd say I like about half of the AAA titles). It's funny your pic is of Skies of Arcadia Dreamcast version, because IMO, that's one of those timeless games that puts most of the annual AAA titles to shame. I'd take Skies of Arcadia 2 over FFXV, GTAV, or any FPS any day.



bahooney said:

The main reason I'm slowly becoming more and more a Nintendo-only gamer is because of the fantastical setting of all of their games. I'm so, so, so sick and tired of realistic shooting violence games. Ironically, as I've grown older my tastes in games have gone from loving GTA and FPS's to death when I was 14-19, and now I'm getting more and more invested in Nintendo. I might complain about Mario rehash after Mario rehash, but I'll eat that up over COD or Uncharted any day. Granted, I know The Last of Us and Uncharted are fantastic games, but they just don't strike a chord with me anymore. There's already so much violence in the world and thinking about killing people just really bums me out. So then the counter-argument people tell me is, "Yeah, well if you don't want a story, I guess you could play Nintendo games!" If I want something story driven I'll play Zelda or read a book.



Epicnessofme99 said:

The Last of Us actually looks pretty decent to be fair, only reason I'm refraining on buying it is because I know it'll price drop and it's not something I need right away. I also heard some people would get a game breaking bug so I figure it'll be patched by the time I pick it up, very surprised it did that well in Japan but that's always a good thing for the gaming industry.



JavierYHL said:

yup started on animal crossing first but once i start TLOU...omg no other games comes close...naughty gods!



TheHeroOfLegend said:

I thought this article was about the sales of games in Japan, not The First of Me discussion. Besides, I really dislike post-apocalyptic types of games.



Relias said:

@Flux_you Sorry The Last Of Us was not that amazing.. frankly I am wondering who is bribing people to give games like that a ten..



Flux_you said:

@Relias If you didn't play through the game then your opinion is irrelevant. I played through the game and I loved it. I believe the game was amazing and the majority agree. The game will definitely be a contender for GOTY and I'd be surprised if it didn't win many GOTY awards.



Relias said:

@Flux_you LOL.. Oh my someone completed a game.. and didn't like it.. so your argument of course has to be I did not play through the game.. well I did.. my opinion is very much based off a full play through.. I had people play through my favorite games.. ones that I thought were classic.. and did not like it.. I never came back with such a weak argument.. Just because it wins GOTY does not mean everyone has to fall in line and love it.. or even like it.. it's not perfect.. and I don't think it's as good as everyone says.. that is a opinion.. and I have as much of a right to it.. as you do to love it..

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