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Cooking Mama Returns For A Spot Of Gardening In Japan

Posted by Andy Green

Mama and the Forest Friends heading to the 3DS

The Cooking Mama series has a plethora of games within it now and its developer hasn't restricted Mama to the kitchen over the years. She's also partaken in babysitting duties and also showed off her green fingers in the DS title Gardening Mama. She really is a woman of many talents.

Well Mama will get the chance to get out into the garden once more as Gardening Mama: Mama and the Forest Friends will be coming to the 3DS in Japan in September.

Mama lives near a forest, inhabited by furry friends who will ask her to collect flowers for them to sell in their stores - sounds like a typical forest environment really.

The more animals you help out, the more appealing and colourful the forest starts to look. These animal pals will reward Mama with shopping tickets, which she can then use to buy some decorative items for her own garden. Touch screen mini games are back too, so there'll be plenty to get up to in your little virtual garden.

There's no news yet on a Western release, is this something you'd like to see? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Icefreak45 said:

Im not gonna lie, I was sad when i saw it wasnt another actual cooking title for the 3ds....



WaveGhoul said:

1 Cooking mama was enough for me. While the DS original while innovative and unique for the time, it was extremely repetitive and mind melting-simple. It's more fun to make your own pizza in real life, and guess what? You even get to eat it! The downside? Unlike our stock processed meats, Cooking mama's virtual pepporini doesn't contain sodium nitrate, antibiotics & hormones. Zoink! Instant 1-Up.



Banker-Style said:

I'm still waiting for Cooking Obama.

surely a thread about a Cooking Mama game is not the place for political snark. thanks. k8smum



C-Olimar said:

Argh, after 4 games we still haven't cooked Mama! The title is very misleading.
Oh, this is Gardening Mama. Pass.

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