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Competition Winners: The #3DSreasons That Will Receive a Copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Check out the winning videos

Not so long ago we launched a regional competition, in partnership with Nintendo UK, in which gamers had to submit a video response to the following trailer promoting the 3DS.

We had some terrifically varied submissions that responded to the call, as the UK-based members of the Nintendo Life community dug out those video cameras and told us why they love 3DS. We had silent movies, comedies, musical interludes, detailed presentations, face-to-cam chats and more. We really enjoyed watching them all, and the Nintendo Life team has now picked the five overall winners; each will receive a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf in its lovely boxed form.

Check out the winners below, and we'll package up their prizes in a lovely bow — though maybe without an actual bow — very soon. Congratulations to the winners and a huge thanks to all that entered the competition.






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User Comments (22)



JimJam707 said:

Ahaha! Yes! This has made my day, well done to everyone who entered as you all did great :)



Yipori said:

Thanks for picking me Nintendo Life! Made my week :)
Well done everyone and thanks for the comments NintendoLee.



AlexSays said:

Where is my free Animal Crossing in America. The land of freedom. Does nintendolife not like freedom or something

Actually never mind, I am too lazy to make a video



theblackdragon said:

@AlexSays: Why not congratulate the winners? Besides, i thought you had AC already?
btw you need to add me so that i can terrorize your villagers visit your town~ >:3



AlexSays said:

Congratulations to the four members with good videos
who is the fifth, nobody will ever know
Also I haven't even bought a 3DS yet, waiting till that thing goes on sale.
And finally I hope you know each of my villagers will be trained in the art of jiu jitsu. They'll have no mercy on you.



Morpheel said:

Congrats to the winners, I don't think I would've even tried to partipate at all if I lived in Europe. Making videos is not my favorite activity, so congrats and enjoy the game!

@alexsays: oh, but the thing already went on sale! Remember the original price?



AlexSays said:

@Morphtorok Well I planned on getting the XL (don't remember what that launched at though). I'll still probably buy one soon because seemingly everyone is playing AC right now, and I want to join in on the fruit picking and such. It will just kill me when I go Black Friday shopping and see that thing for $150 + a game.



Kirk said:

Can't believe I actually won one of the places!!!


I'd like to thank...

Congrats to the other winners too and respect to everyone that created a video.



gsmaciel said:

It's rare to see a creative competition where the winners are actually good! Those were very funny, congratulations everyone.



sinalefa said:


My spare time is warning me about this black hole known as New Leaf. Not sure when I will give in to it.



thinkgreen11 said:

OMG thank you so much !!! Congratulations to everyone ! NintendoLife I love you even more now !



B3ND3R said:

Wait, his name is Yipori, not Yopori... Oh well.. Haha, If only I was in the UK, I would've gone over the top with making one of these... But that's ok, ACNL will be mine in a few days... Congrats to everyone that won!



k8sMum said:

worthy winners. @:JimJam707: i feel like we have a celebrity in our midst, lol.

i added you, @TBD. c'mon @alex: get with the fruity goodness of AC:NL.

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