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Big Bass Arcade: No Limit Reeling in the 3DS eShop on 13th June

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hook, line, and sinker

Big John Games has confirmed that its next entry in its main fishing series, Big Bass Arcade: No Limit, will arrive on the North American 3DS eShop on 13th June, with a price tag of $6.99.

The series has previously appeared on WiiWare and DSiWare, so makes the logical step across to Nintendo's latest handheld. There will be 10 separate lake locations, 32 multi-lake tournaments, 50 challenges, free fishing and lots of fish, as you'd expect. The ultimate quest will be to reel in World Record Fish, with the developer saying the title "appeals to fishing enthusiasts and gamers alike by capturing the adrenaline rush of fish fighting in an arcade-style game".

We must say we've not heard the term 'fish fighting' a great deal — "fishing" is more common — but both of the previous entries earned review scores of 6 here on Nintendo Life, with positive words for the experience if not the breadth of content; we'll find out soon whether this new entry steps it up a notch.

If you're curious about what this game will offer up, check out the trailer below. The release details are only for North America, however, and neither of the previous titles came to Europe.

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Morpheel said:

I have the DSiWare version of this, it's fun but not as good as GO Series Fishing Resort, now, where's my 3DS version of that game ?

I'm not sure. But the graphics seem to be _more basic _ than in the DSiWare game



Undead_terror said:

I have the dsi ware one and I really enjoyed it, better then resort in my opinion so I might get this.



Rezalack said:

As a person who loves fishing, it's hard to find a good fishing game. The last one I can recall was Sega Marine Fishing for the Sega Dreamcast, mainly because there was a wide variety of fish you can catch and cool scenery/locations. Reel fishing had a few good games too. Games where you can only catch Bass are so.. how do I put this? Lame. So this is just meh to me. Now's the time for a decent fishing game to come onto the scene and I think that the Wii U's controller might be perfect for it.

How about a new "Legend of the River King" Natsume?



armoredghor said:

This is sure to be the highlight of next week. Forget E3, There's 'no limit' to the excitement that this will bring



Freelance said:

I won't get it, but that's only because I already have the DSiware version of Big Bass Arcade. That and the mini-retail version of Natsume's fishing game is enough for my fishing needs.

I also have 2 fishing games on the PSP/Vita so I don't really need anymore games.



Dpullam said:

I'm looking forward to the review! I haven't played a fishing game in years besides the fishing minigames in the Zelda series.

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