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Aonuma: Zelda For Wii U Will Contain More Unexpected Elements

Posted by Orla Madden

What's in store for gamers?

Be prepared for more "unexpected elements" in the hotly anticipated offering in the Zelda series for the Wii U, according to the producer for the franchise, Eiji Aonuma.

Very little information was given on the top-secret title, except that we should expect a couple of surprises throughout the game. Here's what Aonuma had to say in a recent interview in issue 255 of Edge magazine, echoing comments made when the title was first announced in January's Wii U Direct:

The new game (A Link To The Past 2) will play very differently to the original. I think the new additions will make players see the game in a different way. And, of course, we’ll introduce even more unexpected elements in the Zelda game that we’re making for Wii U.

It is unknown when the upcoming new addition to the Zelda series will release on the system, though this year we can at least expect The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and A Link to the Past 2 to arrive. To tide us over, however, we have Oracle of Ages and Seasons, which both released on the 3DS eShop's Virtual Console last week.


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19Robb92 said:

I'm all for experimentation. Love the 'painting' theme of A Link to the Past 2, can't wait to see what they come up with for the WiiU title!



kkslider5552000 said:

You know I like the consistency from Nintendo in terms of the direction Zelda is going. They said when Twilight Princess was coming it was gonna be the last Zelda game as you know it, then Skyward Sword comes out and does have some notable, if largely not immediately obvious, changes that are interesting, if still very typical 3D Zelda in many regards (at times it feels like Wii-Motion Plus Twilight Princess). Now everything about the new 3D Zelda is new design philosophies and surprises, it's very interesting. Also glad to hear about LTTP2, as I've been a bit worried about the large use of nostalgia in many recent Nintendo games.



hendie001 said:

I hope link gets a horse in the wii u title. Don t get me wrong, i loved the loftwings in skyward but they seemed a little out of place too mii.



NintyMan said:

Here's hoping they have neat, new surprises in store for Link. It won't be coming for quite a while; probably not until around the time Smash Bros. would be releasing.



Alienfish said:

Here's an unexpected surprise: That giant spider is actually going to be the next game's verson of Navi. That would be ridiculous. Does it follow behind, rampaging everything in its path, or does it gracefully pop out of your sword to chat with you? Both wrong, it flies and shoots missiles and has laser beam eyes. Yeah!



rjejr said:

Link should ride the spider over mountaintops.

And the graphics should be the best WiiU has to offer. (Has anybody seen some of the upcoming PS3 games? The WiiU should top that.)

And it's 2013, everybody besides Link should have actual voice acting. Im ok w/ Link just nodding.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

coop multiplayer online i bet i remember they hinted towards this when they unveiled the game last year they said why should you play alone? lol if it is any indication!



AJWolfTill said:

Not sold on the 3ds Zelda yet, I'm sure this will change but with the exception of the cool painting thing all the stuff on show seems recycled from other games. I'm aware it's an early demo though and can't wait to see more.



DarkNinja9 said:

riding the spider would be interesting xD but i doub it i think they mean more on how we look at the puzzles is what they mean by unexpected elements it probably wont be about using that one item you get in the dungeon it might mean using something else either way its good news to me after the whole weird feeling from yesterdays article D=



Scarlet5683 said:

I never get tired of looking at that picture.
Nevertheless, the amount of excitement I've acquired for this game is actually bad because I know it won't come out for awhile... but at least Wind Waker HD and the 3DS game can fill that empty void.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Just make them hard, exploration based games again. OCARINA is pretty linear. TWILIGHT PRINCESS was on auto-pilot. I want a Zelda game that's like ELDER SCROLLS. Drop me in a big world with deep NPCs and let me BE Link!



Dpishere said:

Seeing their track record, I have no reason to think that the next Zelda games won't be as stellar as the previous games. I don't think it is even possible for them to make a bad Zelda game.



Mahe said:

Just shut up already, Aonuma. You wouldn't know a good game if it hit you with a "Game Over" in the first five minutes.



erv said:

@Alienfish hahaha and standing still for 10 seconds makes him moonwalk around you. On a pair of random generated rocket shoes.



blitz666 said:

Nintendo really have to get the new Zelda right so everyone wants to play it (non Nintendo console owners)



Spoony_Tech said:

There is never too much Zelda! I vote we get hd or 3ds remakes of every Zelda made in the main series! The more the better.



The-Chosen-one said:

LOL that is soo true, even if they would bring every 6/7 months a new epic zelda game, or as you said remakes, i would buy them all, Majoras mask, i'd pay full price for a remake of that game. and i would love a direct sequel to that one.



MetalKingShield said:

I hope the next Zelda is exploration-heavy, with lots of fun (but unnecessary) things. It'd be good if you could climb onto all sorts of mounts (horses, boars, dragons) and pick up enemies' weapons like in Wind Waker.



Williaint said:

Good thinking; Maybe you'll have to use a stick to keep a door open — or keep it shut. It could be you will need to organize Armies... I'd like to see some sort of epic battle, like that.

It wouldn't work. The only way it could, would be some sort of a battle minigame. It would be similar to WoT. A two player "Zelda", where the second player controls the "Navi" via gamepad.



Capt_N said:

"And, of course, we’ll introduce even more unexpected elements in the Zelda game that we’re making for Wii U."

This doesn't really sound like much of an info drop. Though, to be fair, it's not really reading into said statement, & erroneously getting any kind of in-depth/detail message. The quote does make it obvious they want ppl to be prepared, &/or more likely hyped for more newer elements. It's just that, the statement is a very blanket-like statement. I already knew that Nintendo has said they are re-shaping the franchise. Still good to be reminded, though. Also, it's a good news point for those that didn't know prior.



mikeyman64 said:

Anything Zelda is good news, honestly. Through good times and bad, Zelda is always a highlight.



AlThor said:

I don't suppose they would ever consider episodic content...waiting 3 plus years for a new Zelda is maddening!

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