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Aonuma Explains Why The 3DS Wasn't Used As The Tingle Tuner In Wind Waker HD

Posted by Orla Madden

All focus was on the social elements of Miiverse

In the original The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the GameCube, Link was given a device called the Tingle Tuner, which allowed a player to control Tingle and help with various quests in the game. This was done by linking a Game Boy Advance to the GameCube.

Zelda producer, Eiji Aonuma, was asked why the developer decided against using the 3DS in a similar way and he responded by saying the team wanted to focus on the social aspect of Miiverse, and enable players from all corners of the world help each other. The Tingle Tuner has been replaced with the "Tingle Bottle", allowing players to write messages and pop them into a bottle and send it off, only to be picked up by another player.

The Tingle Tuner was also capable of obtaining information about a current area, and uncovering secrets. We assume there will be other ways of utilising this elsewhere.

For more details on the upcoming Wii U title, Aonuma shared his thoughts in this The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD developer session.


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Linkstrikesback said:

I can't believe how stupid Nintendo are being, you have the gamepad in your hands at all times! That should have been used as the tingle tuner!.



rjejr said:

What 2 and 5 said.

Why would anybody even ask that question, have they not seen a Gamepad before?



BestBuck15 said:

I thought it was originally a stupid idea and just a ploy to try and sell GBA. Why would you use the 3DS when you have the touch screen pad for?



Nintonic said:

Wow I'm surprised. I personally wish for more home console and portable system connection. But only if I have each of course and that shouldn't prevent going forward in gameplay if you don't.



edcomics said:

I think it's a bad move. I did try out the Tingle Tuner back in the day, and it was a fun extra. This Miiverse nonsense needs to be dialed back. Nintendo's going nuts with it. They're exploiting their own service. How obnoxious!



japzone said:

The Wii U has its own second screen called a Gamepad, it doesn't need a 3DS or Gameboy. No doubt their using the Wii U's Gamepad for those missing Tingle Tuner features.



Fazermint said:

@edcomics You get your 'fun extra' on the game itself. Plus, all of us that don't own a 3DS can get it, too. Personally, I have little interest in MiiVerse, but I see no need to bash Nintendo for making use of it.



shinesprite said:

"Imagines carefully writing a message, only for the next player to throw it back into the ocean."



Einherjar said:

I do not know a single person who found this feature useful or even used it. And to be honest, less tingle is good news to me. Also, this feature does blend in pretty well into the whole scenario, i like it quite well, even though its "just" the MiiVerse



Greenalink said:

@ Einherjar
Speed runners found Tingle Tuner useful and I'm not talking about Tingle bombs. I'm talking about healing Link during a Zombie hover.



Megajack said:

I hate the gamepad, so I wish they would use 3DS. ( Don't wish they used Gamepad like most are saying ) And I actually like MiiVerse so the idea isn't a bad one to me. ( As an alternative controller, please have Wii U Pro Controller Nintendo )



nomeacuerdo said:

I just thought that the gamepad was going to be used, it is a no-brainer. But well, you can't blame them for trying to give a push to Miiverse.



Mattiator said:

Well, I have no reason to buy this now, since my Gamecube seems to have the better version of the game. Thanks for saving me the money Ninty.



JayceJa said:

got really excited when they mentioned the tingle tuner, expecting that they must be implementing it on the gamepad while using an optional pro controller for main play

instead, i got some miiverse interaction that seems really forced and not really helpful or fun



SCAR said:

I used to use Tingle just to get the secret treasure chest items for his island. Otherwise, it was pretty pointless, TBH, so I see why they cut it from the game.



LexKitteh said:

I don't understand why the Tingle Bottle is even an item. Can't you do the exact same thing by opening Miiverse directly?? And it makes sense the GamePad isn't used, because player 1 would be using it. I think not using the DS/3DS is a missed opportunity..



Dpullam said:

I was wondering why they didn't use the Nintendo 3DS as the tingle tuner yesterday so this explanation gives me some clarity.



Alienfish said:

Back in the day, I had a Gameboy Advance and used it with the Tingle tuner, but I wanted to have that tuner on a TV in front of me. It became possible when Wii was released and I could use my Gamecube's Gameboy player to light up a small TV next to my big one while playing Wind Waker on the Wii. I'm liking the Gamepad better for this, though.



47drift said:

I only ever used the Tingle Tuner once, but it was really rad. I loved having a friend drop bombs on enemies for me.



TheMagus said:

I think it was really fun being able to play with a friend while exploring the awesome world of Wind Waker... I'm really disappointed that Nintendo got rid of that in order to add a forced and restricted version of the Miiverse feature.



ShortSleevedNook said:

Miiverse is finally showing it's true colors as a social network! I really want a Wii U to see how this works!



Lobster said:

My immediate thought when they took out the Tingle Tuner was actually that they were trying to fix gameplay bugs from the original like the Zombie Hover glitch.

Terrible news for speedrunners.



NightmareXIV said:

I 100% finished it on game cube I don't need any hints from other players.

They should have given the ability to use 3DS download play, or the gamepad if you wish to use the Tngle Tuner. I know most people never used it, but the tingle tuner is a lot of fun to be tingle.

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