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WWE 2K14 Set To Skip Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

A low blow

Back in February Take-Two snapped up the WWE license after the demise of THQ and duly filed it under its 2K brand of sports titles.

During its financial briefing, 2K Sports announced a 29th October release date for WWE 2K14 in North America, though unfortunately it won't be showing up on Wii U as Eurogamer has been informed it's only down for a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release.

The last WWE title to be made available on a Nintendo console was WWE '13 for Wii - it seems Nintendo is having a tough time pinning it down.

As we already know, Japanese studio Yuke's, which has worked on the series for some time now, is grappling with the development of the upcoming release.

The UK version of the game will be available on 1st November. There's no news yet on a version for the next Xbox console or the PlayStation 4.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you disappointed there'll be no WWE game for Wii U this year? Let us know by elbow-dropping a comment below.


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Peach64 said:

And all those people laughing when this got rumoured last week. It's clear that they're just publishing the game that Yukes were making for THQ, and since THQ didn't put it out on Wii U last year, they probably didn't again.

I think for next year, it will be a fresh start, a proper 2K game and should come to Wii U. Hopefully they get rid of Yukes too. They've been cutting and pasting for too long.



Shiryu said:

I fondly remember Game Cube's "Day of Reckoning" 1 and 2. I even go far back as to N64 "Virtual Pro Wrestling" series. I don't really mind not having a WWE on Wii U, I would much prefer a decent wrestling game without any license that would be fun with 4 players. Even a 2D "Fire Pro Wrestling" update would be awesome.



RoryLee said:

Would've been great to customize your character on the gamepad. I usually spent a ton of time on that feature alone. Hopefully we can get a TNA wrestling game instead.



Lalivero said:

For freaking sake...I was really hoping to see the next one on Wii U since we missed out on '13. I hope @Peach64 is right and they start fresh by releasing '15 next year.



ArkOne77 said:

Anyone remember M.U.S.C.L.E Men based off the anime/manga Kinnikuman? That would be a cool marketing idea and possibly a cool wrestling game without the massive WWE licensing hurdles. To add to the idea how about possibly re issuing the 2" pvc figures with nfc functionality??? Just a thought.....



RoadShow said:

Wow really? What is Nintendo thinking?

Nintendo should have done more with the WiiU. Just because Wii was behind the times and succeeded doesn't mean the WiiU could do the same. Yes WiiU will be okay but I expect numbers to be low, like 25-35 million lifetime sales.

I have a list of complaints about the Wii too which actually is making me rethink buying a WiiU but anyways regarding WiiU. It's just not powerful enough, Nintendo should have gone all out for the WiiU and made it at least almost as powerful as PS4/720 will be. Because now you have all these developers not developing for Nintendo and that's not good.

No Battlefield has already been confirmed so WiiU already lost a major battle there. But now EA has scooped up Star Wars rights and since Frostbite 2 never the less 3 doesn't work well on WiiU you can kiss Star Wars goodbye on Nintendo too.

This game is no big deal, add this game not coming to WiiU with the list of others, the fact the console is not as powerful as current consoles (depends on who you ask, FB2 works well on 360/PS3 but not WiiU) and that Nintendo left a bad taste in my mouth with the Wii makes me not want to get one.

On the Wii, Nintendo should have done more to get game costs down. Donky kong being $40, 3 years after release is unacceptable. Having 5 games on the nintendo selects list sucked too. Having only 1 good mario game sucked and not getting the right wii ware games (i've been dying to play Star Trek game from Super Nintendo days).



DESS-M-8 said:

The only decent thing they could offer for wii u that I'd be interested in is a virtual console release of WWF No Mercy. BEST WRESTLING GAME EVER.
If yikes had ever made a decent wrestling game I might be upset, or if 2K had hired back the AKI staff to make it, or if they'd given the licence to a totally new team for a fresh take I'd be interested.
Yikes are the worst there is, the worst there was and the worst there ever will be!!

But seriously, N64 No Mercy on virtual console, make it happen and watch your register fill with money at £9.99 a download



edhe said:

I'm fed up with reading through comments on these kind of posts and seeing all the denial.

"GOOD! I don't like them games anyway! Thbbbbbbbpt!"

This as a BAD thing. Stop kidding yourself.



BetweenTheTrees said:

This is one game i am glad is skipping the Wii U. just terrible. do people actually play this crap?

but at the same time, it is no good. we can't be skipped by everyone. any game is welcome, even if it's this crap.



DESS-M-8 said:

@RoadShow SNES star trek was balls.
The Wii U is way more powerful than ps3 and 360.
FB2 will be fine on wii u as will FB3. If they can't get it to run then it is just lack of experience and time available to spend on learning new hardware. They are one team focused on making their own engine and massive game on formats try already know. To suddenly switch to include a port for a new format would cost time and money that dice don't have right now. AND EA spitting their dummy out with Nintendo only fuels the negative press surrounding no battlefield 4 right now. It has never been said no chance, only not right now. It may never happen, but we'll see.



nickysilks said:

The wii u is certainly shaping up to be the worst 3rd party supported console in history. I'm staring to feel a little ripped off, escpecially now it's a £100 less than what I paid a few months ago. How about some N64 Ambassador games for early adopters? Mario 64 on the gampad would ease some of the pain.



Splat said:

My decision to pass on the Wii U and just stick with the PS3 keeps looking better and better.



Kevin said:

Does anybody honestly buy wrestling games on Nintendo systems anymore? I don't...and haven't played one in years anyway.



megamanrulz14 said:

@ArkOne77 Yes, I've heard of Kinnikuman. It was a manga that ran in Weekly Shonen Jump starting in 1979 and became 3 anime TV series which were all animated by Toei Animation(best known for Dragon Ball franchise and One Piece). The first 2(1983-1986)(1991-1992)aired on NTV in Japan, while the 3rd one aired on TV Tokyo in 2002. The 2002 anime was dubbed into English by 4Kids Entertainment(the same company that dubbed early seasons of "PokeMon" and "Sonic X")as "Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy" which aired on FoxBox(now no longer in service).

Yes, It would be a good idea to market the series without those horrid WWE hurdles. In fact, it should come to Wii U, N3DS, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox Infinity as simply, "Kinnikuman". NFC characters would be a good idea for the Wii U and 3DS version as well(hopefully nothing like the Skylanders' Portal of Power, though.).
It should be published by Namco Bandai Games and developed by Yuke's, whether or not Yuke's LIKES developing games for Wii U or NOT.



Wolfgabe said:

@nickysilks First off, practically no dev has said they have no plans to support Wii U. The only one who said flat out no really has been Deep Silver and they are a small publisher to begin with. You need to remember this is a business and in a recent article earlier today an analyst did say the devs are always hesitant to jump on revolutionary tech from day 1. The reason is likely business as it would make no sense to stretch resources porting your games to a tiny user base. As Bobby Kotick said, pretty much anything outside of PS3 and 360 is considered a gamble



megamanrulz14 said:

On second thought, maybe syn Sophia(formerly AKI Corporation)would be a good developer instead of Yuke's.



Link41x said:

This is disappointing, I guess it's a good thing I have a PS3 as well then...



ecco6t9 said:

Could be THQ didn't want to do a Wii U version and 2K sees no reason to invest in it until they supposedly let a new team take a crack at the series with 2K15?



Midnight3DS said:

I don't get how people think it's good these games aren't coming to Wii-U. Some people actually do like Star Wars, (american) football and wrestling games.



XCWarrior said:

Though it's a big deal this isn't coming to Wii U, it's not a system seller. After all the first party titles come out this year, we will see wrestling next year.

I'm going to pick up this past year's version on PS3, because it has the Attitude Era stuff. The current wrestlers don't interest me nearly as much. Late 90s and early 00s were the peak of wrestling.



gameboy1975 said:

Really sucks for fans of the wrestling games (like my nephew) and ultimately the library of the Wii U, but really no big loss to me. Let's be real here, ever since AKI stopped making them the wrestinggames have been ****ty as all get out. Actually, the last one that I purchased was WRESTLEMANIA something on GC. And the last that I played wasn't much better. Ah well, I may have purchased itif only for my nephew who still loves wrestling, but now that's 1 that I simply won't even have to consider. Like I say, they're only games man. Toys if you will. That's money that can go somewhere else. Or better yet to a dev who may need or want it.



gameboy1975 said:

Really sucks for fans of the wrestling games (like my nephew) and ultimately the library of the Wii U, but really no big loss to me. Let's be real here, ever since AKI stopped making them the wrestinggames have been ****ty as all get out. Actually, the last one that I purchased was WRESTLEMANIA something on GC. And the last that I played wasn't much better. Ah well, I may have purchased itif only for my nephew who still loves wrestling, but now that's 1 that I simply won't even have to consider. Like I say, they're only games man. Toys if you will. That's money that can go somewhere else. Or better yet to a dev who may need or want it.



nickysilks said:

I've never heard of that Hyperscan, thanks for the education. Ok I was being a bit OTT but its starting to look like the Wii U is going to be 1st party only to any great degree. I was just hoping things were going to be different. Certainly some of the sounds from Nintendo pre launch led me to believe this. So I think part of my post was valid- some free games would go part of the way from leaving a bad taste for the lack of games and price reduction.



MAN1AC said:

No surprise here.
I'm expecting a lot of this for the rest of the year. Hopefully they can turn this around.



Ryno said:

Cant remember the last time I played a wrestling game. Playstation era, maybe?



nickysilks said:

@Wolfgabe @
Good business practice is really not my concern, I just want to be able to play all the major franchises on my brand new £300 console. If ninty is so cash rich shouldn't it be incentavising 3rd part support much better than this? The EA situation is a joke too.Looks like I'm going to have to get a ps4 to play FIFA 14!!



Macarony64 said:

@Whirlpool The 2k investors metting documento says that the game is coming to all mayor platforms is just that like always eurogamer exsagerated everything and because the this site dosnt know how to investigate they fall for it.



OGGamer said:

Who cares , what should be released is a proper no holds barred wrestling game like Ultimate muscle !



shonenjump86 said:

WWE games aren't what they use to be. WWE 13 was not bad though. Sucks that Wii U won't be getting this. If 2K14 turns out ok I may get it on 360.



ledreppe said:

Seems ridiculous that they release it on last gen systems and not the Wii U, surely to God the Wii U isn't SO underpowered that it can't run a game that runs on PS360?!



CaPPa said:

The Wii U's power has nothing to do with WWE14 not coming to the system, it is purely down to the size of the userbase. Therefore had Nintendo made the Wii U as powerful as the Nextbox/PS4 then it would have been at around a $500 price point, which probably would have resulted in an even smaller userbase.

The Wii U's power has nothing to do with EA's junk not coming to the system either (as they have Frostbite running on iOS/Android now), that is just down to EA being a whiney little $%#!& who were butt hurt because Nintendo wouldn't let them make Origin their online system.



Macarony64 said:

@SavageBlackWolf And ign got it from the investor document. People by know should stop beliving web sites things unless is said by the developer of is obvius by the way they behave.




After the N64 and the PS2 wrestling games really started to suck honestly soooo. At the end of the day it's their lost not ours.



Sgt_Garlic said:

It's amazing how little third parties care about the Wii U. It's the N64 all over again.



JusticeColde said:

WWE 2K14 is skipping all next-gen systems, 2K wants to wait until next year or the year after to start on those systems.



MadAdam81 said:

Last wrestling game I liked was TNA's maximum iMPACT, of course the fact that it was done by Midway and it had a lot more deveelopment time than the yearly churned out WWE games helped.
Of course, if WWE were to have a GM mode and storyline mode more like the 2006 game again I would be more tempted to get another WWE game.



Rei7 said:

And more games will be skipped on the Wii U. This sucks, maybe I should sell off my Wii U once i'm done and bored of MH3U



MadAdam81 said:

@CaPPa I think $500 is being generous. As a Wii U bundle in Australia is cheaper than some 360 & many PS3 bundles (Wii U was AU$350 & $400 at release, and many places have them $50 cheaper), I'm expecting the new MS & Sony consoles to be closer to AU$600 or even more at release, especially if every Xbox comes with a $200 Kinect 2.0 in the box.
Hopefully when they come out Nintendo bring out a new bundle - with a second gamepad for about $50 extra.



sweetiepiejonus said:

I get that people are upset that we aren't getting some of the 'current gen' games and that the general consensus is there is no 'killer app' yet. But that is going to change and then people will be buying up all the Wii U's that got sold off because it didn't have any 'good games.'

Sorry for the overuse of quotes and buzzwords. Just have to use them because I don't believe a single one of those statements.



Dpullam said:

I was actually considering getting a WWE game for the Wii U. It's a shame that won't be possible for at least WWE 14 and possibly some future entries in the series as well. I'm pretty bummed out about this news.




That sucks. There goes another potential to quickly diversify the Wii U demographic and better opportunities for game devs D:



PopeReal said:

Yukes makes terrible wrestling games in my opinion. I still feel bad for WWE fans who want a version on the Wii U.

AKI made my favorite wrestling games of all time way back on the N64.... (No Mercy, Wrestlemania 2000, WCW vs NWO Revenge). It is a shame that with all the technology available to Yukes they can't match the fun of those games.



DaemonSword said:

Honestly, the last good wrasslin games were made for the N64. WWE's loss, TNA's gain, I hope.



millarrp said:

I hope this is wrong...I've never really gotten into them but I know people that have and they'll be dissapointed



XxGame_LoverXx said:

All "Wii U Owner's" shoulda expected this i mean let's be real ain't none of the older smackdown games ever realease on a nintendo console beside the wii anyway!!!! Nintendo always went on it's on route make'n their own form of wrestling game like no mercy, wrestlemania 2000, wrestlemania x8, Day of the reckoning 1 & 2 and so on i thank it would better for them have their own game made jus for it system!!! they coulda at lease let WWE allstars be made for the Wii U, look how long it took em to make 3ds version.... i thank they derserve some kinda wrestling game.....hell let TNA make a new game for the Wii U...I'd be proud of that!!!!



Tasuki said:

Does TNA even make games for the home consoles anymore? I know that they had one by Midway a few years ago and that another company bought the game license when Midway went bankrupt but all I see that other company do is mobile TNA games they have yet to release any on a home console.



Drobotic said:

People need to stop making games skip Wii U because of the userbase.It's a new console and if they released games like this,we can get MORE people to play!



retro_player_22 said:

No major loss, WWF Day of Reckoning 2 was the last great WWF games anyways. The newer WWE games nowadays are kinda disappointing to me.



Morph said:

Shame, ive skipped wwe games for a few yrs but did plan to pick up this year if it came wii u, oh well no great loss same with fifa really



XxGame_LoverXx said:

It's funny how they give more praise to the Wii then Wii U and imo I thank the Gamecube was far better then the Wii. I know the Gamecube is alot older but for real smh the Wii never did excited me when I played it unless it was a multiplayer game or something like that. Developers are getting lazy as love all they care about is the money. If they really wanted to make a bad donkey wrestling game they could because they have all the technology they need to do so. Every time I thank about getting a Wii U I get online and hear more bad news and that's the same way I was feeling about the 3ds then i turned around and got 1! I hope round holiday season the Wii U pick up the pace!!!!
Watch the profanity — TBD



TheAdza said:

Is a WWE game not coming really a big deal to Wii U owners? I don't even understand why this pseudo sport is even popular in the first place. But it obviously is despite my extremely low opinion of it, but how many Wii U owners would be fans of it? I'm hoping that the answer is not many, as I would like to think us Wii U owners are a bit more classy.



Linkmaster9 said:

Why do we even try? Something is going on with EA and the big N, even with the wii all EA sports game came, even if no one bought them. Im fine that WWE 2k14 is skipping wiiu (I was not gonna buy it anyway) but EA passed the line when they announced that the next Madden was not going to be on wii u.



element187 said:

No mention of PS4 and "other next gen systems"

So if its not coming to next gen, why would we think it would come to wii u... but again, if you are an adult and still think professional wrestling is cool, then .... I'm not going to finish this thought, you should already know.




I'm sorry but this is bullpoopies, I'll be trading my wii u for sure tomorrow

goodbye nintendo



hYdeks said:

ouch, yet another franchise usually on a Nintendo system as well, is skipping the Wii U. I feel sorry for the people who bought a Wii U and aren't getting ANY GAMES AT ALL! Seriously Nintendo, something needs to be done, FAST.

@sonic-doom I would like to say "wait till after E3 than make that decision" but I don't really blame you either



GarinT said:

I'm real close to trading my wii u in towards a ps4. I'll wait to see what happens with whatever Nintendo has planned for their version of E3.



RoadShow said:

@DESS-M-8 I hope by balls you mean it was awesome because that Star Trek game was the best console Star Trek game ever.

Wii U is supposed to be more powerful than PS3/360, I've seen conflicting reports and if it is then only by a tiny little bit. This was supposed to be Nintendo's bid to return to the hardcore market but instead it will be left behind when the true next gen arrives.

Also I read that EA said that Frostbite 2 showed poor results on WiiU and that they weren't even trying Frostbite 3. That means no Battlefield and no Star Wars which is a huge hit against Nintendo. Adding things like Rayman being multi plat, this game and many others not coming to the console...a console that really needs games is just a very bad thing.



RoadShow said:

@GarinT Nintendo will not be holding a press conference at E3. Hopefully some great games will be announced.

I'm very interested in Yarn Yoshi and the new 3D Mario game rumored. But I would love to see another New Super Mario Bros...I want a New Super Mario Bros World.

Also I hope that Nintendo doesn't do with the WiiU that they did with the Wii. Keeping the game prices high. They should be around $30 a year after release, not $40 3 years after release.



Lalivero said:

Even I'm getting bothered by everyone instantly filing games under T when they aren't coming for the system. More games is only a good thing, so why the 'oh well it's garbage anyways' mentality? Would it coming to the system somehow magically force you to buy it, even if it isn't your taste?

As hard as it is to believe, there are still wrestling fans out there. It may not be as good at times, but it can still be entertaining hence the E in WWE.

Yes, it's scripted, but to act like the wrestlers don't work their asses off to put on a show for us fans is pretty ridiculous(it's also a really busy profession at that). It's just like any show out there, those interested enough will set aside kayfabe and treat it as if the incidents are really happening, regardless of what they know as reality. You do realize that the majority of TV is for entertainment purposes don't you?



ToxieDogg said:

All of these 'who cares anyway, it's trash' comments are silly. I really don't enjoy games like Call Of Duty, but I'd have to be an idiot not to care if say Activision decided not to release the next CoD on Wii U because there's still an awful lot of gamers out there who do like it. WWE is a fairly major brand so not having the next version (at least) not released on Wii U is yet another blow whatever way you look at it. Better to have a variety of games on any system rather than just be stuck with the choice of a few first party exclusives and little else (however great those exclusives may be).



Dpishere said:

It is a shame that 2k doesn't seem to want to support Nintendo's systems as though I do own a 360, I would much rather play Bioshock Infinite on a Wii U. I wish all developers would jump on board with the Wii U, that way I can have Nintendo's superb first-party games with the third-party games I also want to play! Though thanks to publishers this seems very unlikely to happen unfortunately.



MikeDanger said:

You know what Nintendo? Go make your own wrestling game and make WWE14 look weak.

We know you can do it! Just don't make it a Mario game.



Caryslan said:

@Dpishere I hate to say this, but Nintendo deserves some of the blame on this one. You can't really blame publishers for not jumping onboard when many of them are gearing up for the PS4 and next Xbox, and the PS3 and 360 have a much larger market share. What does not help is this stupid mindset that "Well, I don't need that third-party game because I have Mario and Zelda!"

These companies have market research, and it might be out of the question that they browse video game websites. When they see statements like that, it only renforces the notion that Nintendo owners only want Mario and Zelda.

The best way to get third-party support is to buy the titles that do arrive on the system. Vote with your wallet and companies will take notice. Even EA will overcome its "my way or the highway" beef with Nintendo if they see market potental.

There are costs to porting a game, and putting a version out that does not sell is not appealing to many publishers. The "Well, I don't need that game, I have Mario and Zelda!" mindset only leads to problems, and causes a vicious cycle.

Publishers hold back their support until things get better, and gamers cry foul since it looks like they are being screwed over. This is a cycle that has existed since the N64, and it does not look like it will improve. As I said before, if you want third-parties to take notice, but the games that do arrive on the platform. Nothing will change their tune quicker than seeing games sell.




Traded it, I am no longer a wii u owner

I will always have love for nintendo, and if they get their poop together I'd buy another one.

but for now it's bye bye nintendo and hello sony



P-Gamer-C said:

@sonic-doom U abandoned nintendo y did u have to sell it wait another 7 months it will all get better who needs games anyway that web browser is kick booty



Dpishere said:

@Caryslan Yeah, what worries me is if the third parties all choose to develop for just the PS4 and 720, and not for the Wii U, then Nintendo gamers will be missing out on a lot of quality games. I plan on getting a Wii U and PS4 at some point so I will be able to play all the games I want, others might not be so lucky though.



SetupDisk said:

Dude are you that much of a fan of WWE games? I bought 12 and didn't even bother with 13 on my PS3 since they were so horrible.



RoadShow said:


EA said that WiiU is crap and is not even as powerful as an 8 year old Xbox 360 which of course is less powerful than a PS3.

They said that Frostbite 2 (Battlefield 3) showed such poor results on the hardware that they weren't even trying Frostbite 3.

Ubisoft has developer kits collecting dust. Nintendo needed a more powerful console to get the "Core" market they were supposedly coming after. How do you expect a weak console to compare when the real next gen arrives?



SetupDisk said:

EA didn't say it, it was a EA developer on Twitter. Plus that conflicts with most other companies saying it is more powerful. Spreading misinformation is is not cool.



P-Gamer-C said:

Well ea has more games on the wii u than nintendo or ubi right its clear that its not as strong as most would like but its nintendo dont know y anyone is surprised they will now forever be a generation behind they have always done that with handhelds using 3rd rate hardware but the portable market is not as tough as the console market nintendo is not the king of the jungle anymore they have to put there back into it the 80s are over



123Nutty said:




rocknrollchick5 said:

that made me so upset when I found out that they weren't gonna come out with a version for the wii! I have every wwe video game that's ever been invented and now I can't get this one. I feel left out!

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