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Wolfenstein: The New Order Can be Added to the 'Maybe on Wii U' List

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Bethesda's playing it cool

Wolfenstein: The New Order was officially announced today, after publisher Bethesda lifted the lid on the teasers that it had tweeted over the weekend. The franchise, which is perhaps best known for the original and iconic Wolfenstein 3D that was released on, among many others, Super NES.

There have been more titles since, of course, with the simply-named Wolfenstein arriving on the PS3 and 360 in 2009, on that occasion published by Activision. MachineGames is developing for Bethesda this time around, and the new FPS is due to arrive this year on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

No mention of Wii U there, but Bethesda did also state that "next-gen" systems would receive the title, which may prompt pessimists with a Wii U to shrug their shoulders and walk away. And yet, when quizzed on Twitter by Polygon's Brian Crecente, Bethesda's Vice President Pete Hines gave a rather teasing response to suggest, for the optimists among us, that Nintendo's system may be included.

As that wasn't a flat out rejection of the idea, time will have to tell whether this title will arrive on the Wii U this year, but it certainly wouldn't do the platform any harm. Is this a game that you'd be interested in picking up? The trailer below shows some fearful looking mechanised soldiers marching through London, if that helps you to decide.

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PhoenixUltra said:

Can't wait, Wolfenstein are great shooters. This is a teaser by the way not the actual game. ^



timp29 said:

Return to Castle Wolfenstein was my favourite FPS for online play.



Mk_II said:

@PokeTune First, Nintendo desrves more credit than you will ever have to give.Secondly: It's not up to Nintendo if this game will or won't come to Wii U



DashDG said:

@Mk_II Be real... I think It's all Nintendo's fault!!! This is the 4th home console they keep loosing track on 3rd party support and the second to be deeply underpowered agaist competitors... That's why publishers think twice before releasing games on Nintendo home consoles. I turned into PC gaming to get this kind of games (more mature themes and superior graphics) plus the N consoles just for the exclusives (specially zelda and metroid) since Gamecube... And thats not fair for the loyal consumer that still believe that someday things may change on the big N. Right now my Wiiu still collecting dust... =(




I would love if this came to the Wii U we need as many games as possible right now!! I wish everybody didn't just wait til ALL THE WAY at the end of the year because it feels so barron right now........I mean not when it comes to games in general but when it comes to really AMAZING experinces it does.

Like Bioshock Infinate and Tomb Raider would feel really nice right now to easily get me over the hump. Even though I don't know why I'm whining because I have a 360 but I'm just trying to get Wii U to be the main platform it deserves to be!!



Dpullam said:

I like what I played of Wolfenstein (2009) a while back but to be fair, I only played it because a friend brought it over so I could try it out.



bunnyking said:

Bethesda may or may not release this game on the Wii U depending on how big a slice of the market share the Wii U has.

That's all this article says to me.



MadAdam81 said:

It would have to be pretty good to warrant a purchase, especially after the last one.



SpaceApe said:

Maybe probably is like saying no. WB is just not saying no today. We can save that for a future disappointment article.

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