We'll forgive you for not being aware of this — because we certainly weren't — but ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut was a Blockbuster-only rental in North America. The 2D fighting title is therefore pretty rare already, but it's near-impossible to find with a mint instruction manual, mainly because people who rent video games don't tend to look after them all that well.

For this reason, the instruction booklet for this game is worth a considerable amount of cash. How much, you ask? Check out this auction, which is currently at $1,023 with five days remaining. This is just the manual — the game isn't included.

According to the seller, the last manual to be listed on eBay collected a cool $1,125, despite having a bend in one of the pages and a few other imperfections. Expect this one to fetch even more cash.

[via gonintendo.com, ebay.com]