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Weirdness: Just How Much Cash Do You Need To Buy The Legend Of Zelda's Hyrule Castle?

Posted by Martin Watts

Around $113,807,400, apparently

Have you ever wished that you could live in Hyrule Castle? Does the thought of enjoying the scenic views of one of gaming's most iconic locations whilst enjoying a nice cold Lon Lon Milk appeal to you? If so, then you might want to start saving those pennies, because a recent infographic over at Movato Blog estimates that the legendary fortress — as it appears in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time — is estimated to be worth whopping $113,807,400.

The method used to decide how much Hyrule Castle is actually pretty clever, using comparisons with real world locations to determine the land value and in-game guards to measure the size of the castle.

We've embedded the infographic below for you to see in its full glory. If you somehow managed to get your hands on this insane amount of money, would you ever attempt to build a real-life version of Hyrule Castle?


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NintyMan said:

Interesting; they should try to do Peach's Castle next. I wouldn't have thought Hyrule would be similar to Italy, but I can see it now.



gavn64 said:

How much would TALLON IV cost, Christmas would be awesome in the Phendrana drifts.



gavn64 said:

Oh and do they take all the giant head-size royal jewels(rupees) into consideration when adding it all up.



Gregor said:

Never really liked hyrule castle anyway. How much is the clock tower in termina



Holmfry said:

Neat, but what does that work out to in Hyrulean Rupees? My wallet can only currently hold 999.



Sun said:

I am a bit short at the moment but I will try next month. LOL



Captain_Balko said:

@DarkCoolEdge Surprisingly, although Canada uses the metric system, when we refer to homes we still usually use square feet. I suppose it's the American influence.



timp29 said:

I want the ocarina of time.
Go future, get lotto numbers.
Come back, buy all castles.



JebbyDeringer said:

It's not as easy as switching to metric. Builders all over the country would need years to adjust fully and their not about to start.



sweetiepiejonus said:

Wasn't there some site that had exchange rates for game currencies? It might have been in a Game Informer but it was a while ago. Wonder what the rupee total would be.


That can be said for anything. The English language (whether it's European or American) is stupid. I can't recall how many times teaching my son to talk where I had to say something like 'Well I don't know why but in this case you say it this way. Just trust me.'

When I think about metric it just makes sense. The conversions are easier but since I grew up in America it would be a bit difficult to grasp now.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Looks like @sweetiepiejonus beat me to it.;P

Most people see things done differently in other countries and find it completely backwards, its all based on perspective and what people are used to. Not that it can't be confusing for them too.



devilwaffle said:

"The method used to decide how much Hyrule Castle is actually pretty clever..."
I might be wrong, but this looks like a grammar mistake, and it kinda bothers me.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Happy_Mask Well know with all of the undead guards and a potential celestial object crashing down on your head the Ikana Castle can't really be worth that much.



Spooky said:

@Dev Working the numbers for Peach's castle would be a lot trickier, I mean would you calculate the internal dimensions of the contents of each of the paintings or just the castle itself?



Neferupitou said:

Seria muito interessante comprar o castelo da Zelda, no entanto, teriámos que levar em consideração os ataques contantes de tipos como Ganondorf, que pelo amor.. isso eleva considerávelmente o fator "vizinahnça ruin" baixando o preço do imóvel.



StarDust4Ever said:

@Spooky You bring up a valid point. Excluding the paintings (their really just warps to other worlds), I believe the internal dimensions of Peach's castle are a bit larger that the external dimensions, however the contents are a bigger issue. No bedrooms or kictchens; where do I eat or sleep? All these giant rooms that lead nowhere? Hardly a hospitable place by that logic. If I was going to live in Peach'es Castle, I'd prefer the one in Paper Mario or even the isometric universe of Super Mario RPG. But the Paper Mario one is even less realistic in that you have some very long hallway that couldn't realistically fit inside of the building.



Spooky said:

@StarDust I think that someone got a bit trigger happy with a portal gun and put paintings up to hide the evidence! This would make the castle only its 'face value' size because they take you to different locations instead of it occupying a larger size internally than externally TARDIS style maybe? Would a Paper Mario one be worth less because it only occupies 2 dimensions? How did I never notice the lack of amenity's in Mario 64!?! Every princess needs to poo!

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