Capcom's series of developer diary videos continue to arrive and remind us that, later this month, the glossy HD re-release of 3DS title Resident Evil Revelations will land on Wii U and other platforms. While one of the best technical demonstrations of what the 3DS can accomplish, it'll be interesting to see how the experience translates to the bigger screen.

The latest video focuses on the theme of virus threats, and some of the basic ideas behind the enemy design and the infections that affect non-playable characters. The buzz-words in this video seem to be 'repulsion' and 'horror', both of which we feel were represented to a good degree in the 3DS original.

We can't help but be a little creeped out by the comments of Kasuhisa Inoue, the game's Director:

We can't see viruses but they permeate the air around us. They get into our bodies and cause changes, giving us illnesses or causing wounds to fester. They're everyday yet scary at the same time.

That certainly sets the tone, and you can check out the short video below.