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Video: Check Out This Footage For Swords & Soldiers 3D On The 3DS eShop

Posted by Orla Madden

Slash your sword into the port's first trailer

CIRCLE Entertainment's port of strategy title Swords & Soldiers has received its first trailer for the 3DS eShop this week.

Originally developed by Ronimo Games for WiiWare back in 2009, the title looks to have made the transition to 3D rather well, with the touch screen being used in place of the Wii's pointer controls.

A release date hasn't been set in stone just yet, but you can check out the trailer below — let us know your thoughts on the footage so far in the comments section below.

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Dpullam said:

I haven't heard too much about this game. I like the art style though.



beingvasey said:

I have this on the Wii. It's really fun, and hilarious. Absolutely frenetic, and quite challenging, too.



Number_6 said:

The original was a lot of fun; one of WiiWare's hidden gems that I rate up there with World of Goo, Lost Winds and MotoHeroz.



rjejr said:

By far my favorite Wiiware game. Also good w/ or w/o Move on PSN.

I don't see any multiplayer screenshots. We'ld probably buy it again for $5 if it has local DL vs but I don't think either of my kids would pony for just single player.



IAmNotWill said:

This one is definitely in my Top 5 WiiWare games. Praying that they make a sequel with more content!



Luigi_is_better said:

Cool, it's a great game and my wife and I still play the multiplayer! (She's too good at it though!) I always thought this would be good for co-op; maybe this version will add that. Then we'd re-buy it for sure!



Ren said:

YAHHHH! multiplayer?! please? this is maybe the best WiiWare game or top 3 at least. awesome news. only thing that would put it through the roof would be online but probably wouldn't happen. very excited for this.



MercifulLemon7 said:

I hope theirs online for this game, since I could not find anyone to play against me on the Wii ware version.



dumedum said:

It would have been great if they make a sequel to the Wii U.

I agree it's one of Wiiware's best games, along with World of Goo, Rage of the Gladiator, Nyxquest and about 20 others

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