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Video: Capcom Gets Silly With Monster Hunter X Street Fighter

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Because... why not?

Capcom Unity is a fun resource for fans of the company's franchises, and useful for those that get utterly confused by the many intricacies of something like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It's also a site where the company's community mods aren't shy of self-parody, which is worthy of some credit.

Often happy, it seems, to amuse us with frivolous fun, the site has now put together a video for Monster Hunter X Street Fighter. Plopping retro Street Fighter sound effects over other coverage is old hat, of course, but this is pretty well done. Awesome sound and two monsters duking it out in a CG battle? What's not to like?

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Einherjar said:

We had the giant "Lost Planet" mech in tatsunoko VS capcom. Why not a wyvern ? Also, that wouldnt be the first monster vs monster fighting game I personally love the idea



Marakuto said:

I wish it would've been that fast to kill the Agnaktor with slime in MH...



steamhare said:

I was hoping to see Ryu fighting some leviathons, actually. This was OK, too.



element187 said:

Well if Capcom actually turned Monster Hunter characters into a fighting game, I would buy it in a heartbeat.



Zombie_Barioth said:

A Monster Hunter fighting game would actually be a pretty cool take on the genre, you don't see these sort of games very often anymore.



b23cdq said:

Based on the games I currently like the most on my Wii U:
Monster Hunter X Lego City Undercover. Make it happen.



zionich said:

Me and my buddy just got done attempting the Brachydius a couple of days ago....... lets just say werr back to farming high rank gear.



LeVideoGamer said:

This is why Capcom is my favourite third party developer. I don't even like Monster Hunter, but that was awesome.

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