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Video: Batman: Arkham Origins Official Trailer Goes for the Wow Factor

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Roger Craig Smith will voice the younger Batman, Conroy to feature

Earlier today we reported that Kevin Conroy would feature in Batman: Arkham Origins, but it wasn't a cast-iron confirmation that he'd be the main voice of Batman, after previous reports of the developers seeking a younger voice. It seems that Conroy's role will be an alternative part of the cast, with Roger Craig Smith confirmed as Batman for the prequel tale, while Troy Baker will be The Joker.

Baker has featured most recently in Bioshock Infinite, while main man Smith is the current voice of Sonic, while serving as Ezio Auditore; he's also well known as Chris Redfield's voice actor, including the character's role in Resident Evil Revelations. We actually spoke to Roger Craig Smith in our series of voice actor interviews recently, and he hinted at big roles for his career in 2013. Here's what he said when asked if he was working on any major voice roles for the coming year.

I AM! BUT, and this is the worst part about my job---I can't talk about any of them! If you keep up with me on Facebook and Twitter (@rogercraigsmith), I usually do a good job of shamelessly self-promoting projects once they've been released by the folks that own the rights. But, before those moments happen, I have to remain tight-lipped. I will say that 2013 looks to be a very significant year for me and I'm really excited about a number of projects being announced. So, stay tuned!

Quite how Conroy will fit in is anyone's guess, but perhaps his role will be that of narration as Batman looks back at the events portrayed — a Christmas Eve night in a younger Batman's life when a number of assassins try to kill him.

Warner Bros. has also just released a lengthy cinematic trailer. It's a CG affair rather than gameplay, but is exciting nevertheless. Let us know what you think of it, and the casting of Batman and The Joker, in the comments below.

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Midnight3DS said:

Troy Baker as Joker, huh?

With all the changes while still carrying the Arkham banner, my interest has faded for now. 3DS will be a new feel I'm more interested in.



Shiryu said:

"Injustice: Gods Among Us" already has a near perfect voice cast, It has set the bar pretty high even without Mark Hamil as the Joker in it. I hope this won't disappoint.



Tasuki said:

@HeatBombastic: You really should make the other ones your first they are some of the best if not the best comic based games this gen.

What I find funny is that Troy Baker also did Nightwing's voice in Injustice and Robin's in the other two Arkham games.



Tasuki said:

Oh wow was that Deadshot as well? And Black Mask. Well the trailer looked good I will admit that but I want to see some game play footage first before I make up my mind about this game. So far though it looks like I am going to be eating a big piece of humble pie.



Midnight3DS said:


Though Deadshot is also a different voice, that sounds like Garrus from Mass Effect series.

And I admit, anything Garrus is massive win.



russellohh said:

Arkham City was one of the best things I've ever played. It felt very much like a 20 hour episode of The Animated Series, with a shiney more realistic facelift. Sweet Lordi that was a fantastic game.



Midnight3DS said:

Arkham City was great, though I still prefer Asylum because it's more dense and focused.



TwilightV said:

Why does the younger Batman have more facial hair than his older counterpart? Has he been away from Wayne Manor that long?



banacheck said:

Midnight3DS said:
Arkham City was great, though I still prefer Asylum because it's more dense and focused.

I agree with you, i like Arkham but Asylum is still the best.



IAmNotWill said:

Arkham City is my favorite PS3 game, so you know I'm hyped for this. October can't come soon enough.



strongest_link said:

Maybe Troy Baker will play red hood before he becomes the joker explaining the change in voice. That would be cool.



Midnight3DS said:

Conroy tweeted the following today...

"Confusion in Dallas! I am in new ARKHAM GAME coming soon, not ARKHAM ORIGINS coming this fall."



Captain_Balko said:

Did anybody notice that the box with the bomb in it said "Queen Consolidated" on it? Easter egg alert - Queen Consolidated is Oliver Queen's (AKA the Green Arrow) company. Could the Green Arrow show up in this game? I doubt it, but if he does I'd be extremely excited.



Gallimastro said:

I'm still going to play it, I suppose it's unrealistic to expect the same VAs to play the same characters forever.

I'm curious how Troy will play the Joker, I recall his work as Snow and one of the male protagonists in Saints 3 and they sounded pretty identical. I wouldn't mind a Jim Carreyesque take on the clown prince if pulled off. I just hope they don't cop out and try to imitate Heath Ledger's Joker persona.



Grayjedi13 said:

Looks like that pre-order DLC isn't going to be on the Wii U version... Sigh. Game still looks cool though.



Senate_Guard said:

This is going to be worth the long, painful wait! Love the new Bat-suit, reminds me of the second Nolan one. The new cast choices for Bats and Joker in context of the story make sense; if they're supposed to be much younger than they were in AC, hopefully they can pull it off; they're only voicing two of the greatest hero and villain of all time!

So even if Wii U owners pre-order they'll be able to play as Deathstroke then?



SnackBox said:

Pre-order to play as Death stroke. Once again pre-orders, ruined my day.

On a side note...Slade is Deathstroke?



Midnight3DS said:


I know. I 've asked this question since the first pics were released. We know Conroy could have handled it, and it would be consistant. It's looking like WB just wants Batman games pumped out, with another title (Arkham 3?) to be following close behind, likely as next gen exclusive.



DarkNinja9 said:

eh looks interesting batmans fighting though is lacking that batman feel but this int even gameplay so we will see what happens but hmm pre order item already? o.O

dont rly like the way batmans suit looks =[

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