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Ubisoft Reveals E3 Lineup

Posted by Andy Green

Will feature some "new brands and titles"

E3 is tantalisingly close now and Ubisoft has decided to announce which games it will be bringing along to the expo.

There are no shocks and as expected Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Watch_Dogs and South Park: The Stick of Truth will all feature during its dedicated presentation on 10th June.

All of these games - with the exception of South Park: The Stick of Truth - are destined to grace the Wii U at some point this year.

Ubisoft said it will be giving us a first look at its upcoming lineup, which includes "exclusive next-generation games" and "innovative editions of popular franchises and new brands and titles".

When listing the games that will be shown in its press release, Ubisoft delightfully threw on "and more" fueling speculation it could have something new up its sleeve that we don't yet know about.

In addition to all this, Ubisoft will also host an invitation-only Uplay Lounge in a space near the Los Angeles Convention Center for members of the Uplay community to get some hands-on experience with the publisher's E3 lineup.

Are you looking forward to Ubisoft's conference on 10th June? What would you like to see from it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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User Comments (52)



Wiidsguy said:

I'm. My most anticipated game is watch dogs. I think it looks way fun. So happy it's coming to my wiiu



element187 said:

Great for people in LA... bad for the rest of the country... I can't wait to try out the new Super Mario 3D game at BestBuy next month.



Bulbousaur said:

I'm actually hoping Stick of Truth will be announced for the Wii U, but with the THQ history, its very unlikely.



HeatBombastic said:

I'm really excited for Rayman: Legends release, and I might pick up some of their other games, too.



Shiryu said:

All I ask is "quality". Bring the big guns, get my money. It's that simple. You listening EA?



RoadShow said:

@Shiryu I hope you aren't thinking EA on WiiU. Have you read the news lately?

EA has no games in development for WiiU and they called the hardware "crap". EA recently received rights for Star Wars games so I guess that's no Battlefield or Star Wars on WiiU.

I love Nintendo but they have done a lot of wrong things lately and WiiU being the biggest mistake. They wanted to win back the hardcore market by releasing a console some say is less powerful than an 8 year old 360.



MAN1AC said:

I'm excited about Watch Dogs.
How Ubi utilizes the gamepad will be the determining factor on if I buy it for Wii U or PS3.



Peach64 said:

Looking forward to seeing more of Watch Dogs for sure. I'd like to see some more of the next Rainbow Six, though I'm guessing that's Xbox One/PS4 only.



wober2 said:

ubisoft has built some street cred in my book for continuing to support the wiiu.



tsm7 said:

@RoadShow: ...Watch_Dogs will be on PS360 why wouldn't Wii U be able to handle it?

I was really hoping they would port South Park.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

At the moment, I'm definitely getting Rayman Legends & Watch_Dogs, as for their other upcoming games, I'm not entirely sold on purchasing them. Maybe. Although, I'm all for bringing South Park to Wii U, that would be awesome!



ricklongo said:

I really, really wish South Park would come to the Wii U. Bummer, but I get to play it on my PC anyway.




Unlike the idiotically delayed Legends, there is nothing there that interests me. Including Sth Park.



RoadShow said:

@GoombaSlayer Damnit, you are right. I will have to comment on my normal news sites that I'm disappointed they didn't bring this to my attention.

However they still said "We are building titles for the Nintendo console, but not anywhere near as many as we are for PS or Xbox,"

The first dude said that Frostbite 2 sucked on WiiU and they weren't even trying Frostbite 3. Most new EA titles will utilize Frostbite 3 so I imagine the fewer games he's talking about is everything else they haven't moved to Frostbite.



jayblue said:

no way watchdogs will run on this system or it will just look like a 360 game,ive seen it running on new hardware.



Link41x said:

@jayblue But the Wii U is more powerful then the 360, so why can't it run on Wii U? Exactly, trolling...that's what I thought.



Williaint said:

The Stick of Truth was the Only Reason I'd buy an Xbox, and since my roommate has one, it's not a problem.



Ichiban said:

Can we have Trey Parker and Matt Stone onstage again please? Last year was hilarious!



banacheck said:

I wouldn't buy Watch Dogs for my PS3 or Wii U, Watch Dogs i'm playing on the PS4 the ultimate version.



jayblue said:

the wii u is more powerful than 360 link dont think so i own both and my 360 games blow away the wii u,i play more vc or type on my u like the now,trolling i own a wii u just sayin watchdogs will play better on nextgen.



Link41x said:

Agreed, Watchdogs will play great on Next-Gen Wii U/PS4/Xbone...

And it doesn't matter if you agree with it, the Wii U is vastly more powerful then the 360. One only has to look as far as Need For Speed: Most Wanted U to prove it.



DESS-M-8 said:

@RoadShow Im not surprised at how clueless you are about the Wii U.

Don't underestimate the true power of the Wii U.

It has a LOT under the good to offer beyond anything else on the market. It is brig released on PS3, are you also surprised that it being released on PS3 aswell then?

If I knew how to 'smiley' a face..... There would be one at the end of this post



deitypower said:

I'd like to see Just Dance 5. Even though watchdogs is in Wii U also, it might have quite a different gameplay and graphics just like what they did with wii begore but I hope this is not the case



bassoongoon said:

I would love to see South Park: The Stick of Truth on Wii U, but that is highly unlikely.



Dpullam said:

I was really hoping to get some information on the future of Rainbow Six Patriots. I would be ecstatic if it came to the Wii U but it seems to me the possibility of that is slowly getting more dim. I still have hope though!



bunnyking said:

@RoadShow I don't know if you've read the news, EA has stepped back from their comments and the Wii U bashing that was happening just a month ago has stopped with a new target to bash, the XBOXone.



XavandSo said:

I want to see Watch Dogs on Wii U at either Ubisoft's event (unlikely) or Nintendo's 3rd Party Direct. I want to see what I paid $150 for, not the PS4 version.



RoadShow said:


Some of what I said was based off what EA said about WiiU. Me I'm just extremely disappointed in the WiiU and it will be very obvious once PS4 gets here how bad it is.

I love Nintendo though! Please don't take what I say as trolling because there is only one gaming platform out there that deserves to be treated like crap, and that's because they treat their customers like crap...yep Micro$oft's XBone

Can't browse the internet, access streaming services, online play or even cross game chat without paying $60/year = $300 every 5 years.

Thank you Nintendo for continuing free online play, no charge to access streaming services or browser on the WiiU. I will get one some day but right now all my money is going to Sony.



punktendo said:

I'm crossing my fingers for south park to be announced for the Wii U. It was supposed to be released on march 5th....soooo, whats the big hold up? I'm hoping that they're working on a Wii U version. I think it's totally possible given how much ubi supports Nintendo.

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