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Tomodachi Collection Famitsu Article Falls Foul Of Unfortunate Timing

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Whaddaya think of this happy face my husband is making?"

Japanese star Mari Yaguchi used to be in the band Morning Musume, and is no stranger to the world of video games — she starred (virtually) in Sega's Yakuza 4. She's also a regular columnist in the popular Japanese video games magazine Famitsu.

Her most recent column was based around the 3DS game Tomodachi Collection: New Life, and in it she writes about how she likes to cuddle up to a virtual representation of her husband, 27 year-old actor Masaya Nakamura. "Whaddaya think of this happy face my husband is making?" Yaguchi queries in the piece. "Aren't we so lovey dovey? How embarrassing."

Not quite as embarrassing as some other recent news regarding Yaguchi, we'll wager. Japanese magazine Josei Seven has recently published a piece claiming that the star was caught by her husband in bed with a 25 year-old male model. It has also been claimed that the couple have been separated for three months.

Yaguchi has already issued a public apology regarding the incident, and has cancelled recent TV appearances, citing ill-health.

Talk about bad timing.


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Gregor said:

News. On NINTENDOLIFE people. This is not NBC of Japan Nintendolife admins!



Araknie said:

Erm, i love japanese news but do another site. Advertise it here when you have it and i'll come there.
Not here.



hYdeks said:

It's funny how someone well known in Japan, can be completely unknown somewhere else....I have no idea who that girl is lol

I fail to see how this is Nintendo news but sure, ok?



Jaz007 said:

Isn't this news for a tabloid? This isn't news relating Nintendo. What she did has nothing to do with Nintendo. Don't us tell her writing about a game makes it Nintendo related either, she said she loves her husband and then an article was posted saying she cheated on him, not Nintendo related. This a pointless article that belongs in a tabloid.



Damo said:

Thanks for the feedback, guys. Granted, the item is a little different to what we'd usually run, but it is Nintendo-related, as the Famitsu column is regarding a 3DS game. Granted, what happened outside of that is clearly beyond the realm of video gaming, but it's an interesting example of how promotional activities - even seemingly innocent ones — can be scuppered by real-world events.



Bluezealand said:

Nintendolife just dropped the ball. This is even below the standard of your average daily tabloid paper. -.-



placidcasual said:

@Damo I dont see why pepple are so negative about this. Thought it was an interesting piece on japanese culture and its related to a 3ds game...



EdJericho said:

Well most of you did complain that there was too many Nintendo is Doom articles as of late so I guess this is a different change of news.



Morpheel said:

Oh wow the pleople who frequent this site never cease to amaze me with their negativity.

Maybe you guys should make this a pay-per-view site, that way they would have the right to complaint.



Luis_Gimpy said:

My question is, what the hell is she eating? Crunch with bowl of chololate covered in sprinkles?



accc said:

Did Nintendolife get hacked? Somehow it's redirecting me to



bahooney said:

Frickin jeeze... this comments section looks worse than the comments section on a Kotaku article about Mars sand. Seriously, guys, lighten up! This was an intriguing little piece that not only pertains to Famitsu, but Tomodachi Collection as well. What, your whole day is ruined now because you /chose/ to click on an article that wasn't 100% Nintendo related?



MonsieurRosbif said:

She was writing about a 3DS game so I guess it's kind if relevant on a slow news day.

And yes. I would.



ramstrong said:

Yes, cute Japanese chick. But maybe next time you should concentrate on the Tomodachi article rather than the extra-marital affair. I am more interested in finding out whether or not we should lobby for Tomodachi to come here, or Animal Crossing would be good enough, than reading tabloid news. Thank you for your consideration.



gavn64 said:

Damien strikes again, he previously brought up the horrific murder of a british soldier connecting it to the release of resi revealations HD and brought up Iwata resigning when it was just for sensationalist reasons. Please loose this writer nintendo life he sounds like a late nineties playstation magazine writer pathetic.



brokenfang said:

I just wanna know if there is a video involved with this...

And if so, where do I pre-order?



Neram said:

So, Nintendo Life is reporting on Japanese celebrity tabloids now? Why do I feel like I'm reading People Magazine all of a sudden...



TheKingOfTown said:

I like how everyone is mad about this article. They probably didn't even read it and didn't realize how she wrote about that Tomodachi game for 3DS, a NINTENDO console. Seriously, lighten up



WinterWarm said:


Haha, nice. XD

While I somewhat understand people's irritation, because it really was un-called for to nose around in someone's personal life, why couldn't @Damo say something else like "Although there was a falling out between the couple, said to have taken place 3 months ago when they had an argument." It wasn't necessary to say she was caught in bed with another male.

But, it kinda was Nintendo related...



Gregor said:

@Damo her situation and the game have absolutely nothing to do with each other. What you are doing here is trying to tie two things together with strings made out of air. Similar to when I say on Miiverse "This is not twitter" this is not a Japanese gossip site.



DarkNinja9 said:

all i got from this article was to stare at how cute she is :3 so point taken!

but hmm thats like 3 days now with slow news? xD



slidecage said:

nothing better for breakfest then a crunch bar in a chocolate sprinkle candy holder LOL ...



WarioPower said:

This article does not belong on Nintendo Life, it belongs in a tabloid or something..



TheRegginator said:

I don't want to see this crap on NintendoLife. Delete it. I'd rather have no news than filler news.



d-devo said:

Did anyone else notice that half eatin scrumptious crunch bar. Yummy! lol

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