While many of us in the West are still obsessing over rare items to forge that sword we always wanted in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, 3DS owners in Japan are already looking forward to the arrival of Monster Hunter 4 this Summer. Alas, those of us in the West probably have quite a wait ahead of us for that one.

But still, that doesn't mean we can't gaze longingly at what's to come in the future. Gematsu has posted a lot of new screens for the title, which for the most part show the new Frozen Sea area and some of the monstrous abominations that inhabit the land. We can see some new creatures and old favourites, and lots of warriors having a bit of bother in battles.

Check out all of the screens below (click to enlarge), and wish against all hope that one of these lovely Nintendo Direct broadcasts will confirm a Western release this year. We like to dream.

[via gematsu.com]