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The Hand Of Panda Is Looking To Slap The 3DS eShop Soon

Posted by Dylan Newcome

Kickstarter campaign for martial arts-inspired title opens

“If you're a fan of the bonus rounds found in most fighting games, wouldn't it be awesome if there was a game based solely on that?”

That’s the concept behind The Hand of Panda, which is being developed as an eShop title for 3DS. The developers behind the game are Isaias Martinez and Ross Omland, and they are asking backers to give $3,000 in total before June 11 in order to help with the publication of the title. Backer rewards range from the game itself, to a copy of full original soundtrack, and even sleek-looking Hand of Panda shirts.

The Hand of Panda features over 50 materials to break, such as wood, metal, and stone. Players use timed button presses and memorization skills to progress through the many floors of each pagoda. Each stage will be designed with a different martial arts motifs in mind, and the game’s presentation is “wrapped in an Asian theme.” The game is heavily inspired by the “Test Your Might” bonus game made famous by Mortal Kombat, but the developers promise that the gameplay will be updated and modernized for a new audience.

The 3DS is a platform familiar to Omland, who worked as a 3D modeller and environment artist on Wild Adventures: Ultimate Deer Hunt 3D. However, the developers have future plans for a Wii U version of the game if the Kickstarter is successfully funded, so that owners of both platforms have an opportunity to enjoy The Hand of Panda.

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Spoony_Tech said:

And here I though you were talking about Jon Wahlgren!

At least they're not asking for much!



SilentHunter382 said:

I thought at first that $15 was a bit expensive for the game on the kickstarter page until I read that they will give you the Wii U version for free when completed.



KnightRider666 said:

Damn, and I was REALLY hoping for barbies and unicorns to make a surprise appearance in this game...and I was actually going to donate a million dollars to this cause. Oh well;) JK! But on a seriously note, I always loved the Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2 bonus rounds. This might actually end up being decent.



Hysterical said:

Maybe there'd be more pandas if they started breeding rather than doing Kung fu. Honestly!



Schprocket said:


C'mon guys, this crew is talking about making an eShop title for both 3DS and Wii U!!!

A week left and they only need US$1300 - one of the most modest targets I've come across yet for a game.



Dutch_Cheesecake said:

A no go for me, don't like it... (well don't like the design and the panda...).
The idea is good, but if you wanna have me in, make it more cartoon than (gothic?).
I don't like those black backgrounds and weird panda from hell, impress me with a good storyline and (in the beginning) brighter colours
Just to give you my idea

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