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Tech Site T3 Predicts What The Nintendo Smartphone Would Look Like

Posted by Damien McFerran

If you can't beat them, join them?

Love them or loathe them, smartphones are revolutionising the way people play games on the go. While touchscreen devices are still a long way from providing the same level of immersion and precision offered by dedicated games consoles like the Nintendo 3DS, the fact that they are always in your pocket and always connected means they make for surprisingly effective entertainment platforms.

With the sector growing all the time, you might assume that Nintendo will create its own smartphone eventually — rumours have been floating around for years, after all. Tech site T3 has come up with its own vision of what a Nintendo smartphone would look like, and has even guessed at its fearsome specifications.

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Would you be willing to support such a venture if Nintendo did take the smartphone route? Or do you think the company will stick with what it knows best: pure gaming experiences on hardware designed around interactive entertainment? Share your thoughts below.


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Haywired said:

Surely it would be more like the Xperia Play? WIth full button layout (and possibly Nintendo's beloved second screen) sliding out from underneath.



Shadowkiller97 said:

Since 90% of my apps are games... if this were to come with a decent weather app, maps, and a browser, I would definitely get one!!!



SuperCharlie78 said:

pure gaming experiences on hardware designed around interactive entertainment, this.
I'm not interested in smartphones, in fact I own an old (really old, believe me) mobile phone just to make and receive... er, phone calls?

Love it, the battery lasts forever, I completely forget about it, while my wife is recharging her smartphone every day



rjejr said:

Why? WHY?!?!

They have enough of a problem supporting both a handheld and home console, now they should invest more hardware that needs to be updated every year? The "Facebook phone" just got discontinued after abysmal sales, and Samsung is catching up the Apple. They could either make "App" games for iOS or Android, or make a "phone" app for the next 3DS - I make phone calls all the time on my 7" tablet - look like an idiot but it's free and it works.

No phone. No need.



dustin_g said:

i only buy nintendo game platforms, i do not own a cellular phone, i refuse to pay high monthly costs



DeadAntelopesGo said:

That is actually really cool. If Nintendo made a phone, I'd get it. I have the Sony Ericsson Xperia currently. Also a cool gaming phone.



Wiidsguy said:

When the phone went in to the game pad. My heart stopped and my jaw dropped. That was so well done.I wish tthat I was real. I want one now.



HeatBombastic said:

The OS and design of it would probably be completely inaccurate if it happened. Just because they have that sort of arrangements and tradition now, does not mean it would carry on to a smartphone.

I still like it though.



datamonkey said:

Knowing Nintendo's design ethic, it'd probably look more like a vertical standing Gamepad! lol



Dinglehopper said:

Just stick some Nintendo stuff on the screen of a generic white phone, I don't get it. I don't see anything close to Nintendo's design philosophies. Why is it so thin? They would make it thicker just for the sake of being comfortable in your hand. They would have at least one physical feature or control method that sets it apart from every other identical product on the market. If they ever even went with a capacities touch screen, they would still include a stylus to work with it.



nomeacuerdo said:

looks pretty far from a would-be Nintendo product, and it would be a suicide note for nintendo to do it, but anyway, that's the only kind of phone that would make me go away from iOS, even if it had Android.



Shanksta said:

I'd pass, looks like every other phone out there and I don't play their "games" either.



Big_Al1 said:

Looks like crap. If I could get a 3DS with smartphone functionality, I'd be all over it.



wober2 said:

looks like a samsung galaxy with different icons but still cool. A nintendo nexus a combination of nintendo and google would be awesome.



OrangeSmoothie said:

That's a beautiful device, but I just feel like Nintendo trying to make a phone is a death wish. Nintendo is too good at making games that don't make sense for a smartphone - leave Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies (both of which are fun, smartphone/tablet friendly games) to other developers and keep making us quality big console titles. I feel like once you get into quick, play-for-a-minute style games, you never quite go back.



Burning_Spear said:

Don't see this working. Gamers would lament it not having the full features of a dedicated console, and phone users would lament that their Samsung or Apple phones provide better service and a wider range of apps.



banacheck said:

Hell no, but saying that mobiles like Sonys Xperia Play you can use a DualShock3 with.



RonF said:

I don't think they would ever do it. However, the concept T3 created is actually pretty good.



AVahne said:

Tegra 5 would be too weak. Not to mention that unlike Sony, Nintendo wouldn't go for off-the-shelf parts. But, like Sony (Vita and PS4), they may at least heavily customize an off-the-shelf part since phones shouldn't be too complicated.
I don't think Nintendo will be jumping into phones just yet though. Maybe another 10 years.



FriedSquid said:

It would never happen. But I wouldn't mind having one, so long as it comes with that awesome 80's-like music.



bofis said:

pfft, that would be terrible, I wouldn't buy that POS...the answer is something with physical controls, or maybe like a slider that has controls (and a second screen) under it



artofmana said:

I hate to say it but I would no longer be interested in a phone like this. I have come to expect a level of computing power out of my iPhone that I don't see happening in a Nintendo phone. Not because Nintendo doesn't rock but because companies like Apple have been building an ecosystem and data centers for years and has a massive App Store that makes my phone a powerful companion for curating my personal information as well as for content creation.

A Nintendo phone would be awesome for games in theory because you would always have it with you but it wouldn't be the phone I'd always have with me so it's sole purpose is defeated. I'd have to carry two devices anyway so why not carry a handheld?

People have mentioned before that Apple and Nintendo should team up. I could see a hybrid iPhone that has physical controls and is the result of a Nintendo/Apple partnership. That would be something I could see having with me always because the two companies would (in theory) bring the best of their respective areas into one device. The problem is, I can't imagine a successful business stragegy in that because both companies would be wanting the majority of profits and since both have stict listening policies I'm sure problems would arise.

From the perspective of quality, design aesthetic and family-friendly image, Apple and Nintendo would seem to be a natural match. I just don't think it would make sense on many other levels from my outsider perspective.



bizcuthammer said:

I have an iphone, but i never use it for games. I make calls, use the internet and take photos with it and stuff but most app games are garbage, and i dont really care for them. If nintendo came out with a phone and put out some miniaturized mario, zelda, pokemon and others, i'd consider it. I'd still much prefer sticking with games on 3DS or Wii U though.



FiveDigitLP said:

There's a good chance I'd certainly be willing to purchase one, but I think they'd need to base it on an existing OS such as Android similar to how Amazon has done with the Kindle.

Also, as others have said, it's a must for this to come with physical controls like the Xperia and not just have it as an attachment. If Nintendo ever were to make a phone, I know they would not make one that is based solely on touchscreen controls.



NESuperior said:

If this phone was released as an unlocked affordable version I might consider picking it up. But as all my phone needs are satisfied by my iPhone I have no need for another phone. Besides, Apple has been in the market for so long I doubt Nintendo could do any better. I'd only be interested in it for its gaming capabilities.



retro_player_22 said:

Aside from always being connected and getting interruption from ppl, what innovation will smartphones delivered to Nintendo titles cuz I seen none? All I know is that it'll make a lot of games feel waterdown compare to how they were if released for Nintendo's own console or handhelds. Imagine playing games like Sin and Punishment (which required both the d-pad and analogs for movements) and F-Zero on a freaking smartphone, the control will be a complete mess.



Williaint said:

I'm fine with my Blackberry. It does the job a phone is supposed to do: Phone and text.



rjejr said:

@LzQuacker @CrabGats - I thought my "No phone. No need." comment at the end of my rant showed I had calm down, but at no point did I ever think this was real, I was just surprised that anybody could think it was a good idea.

Thanks for the concern though



ultraraichu said:

Cool video but no. My smartphone can hardly get through a day without being less then 40% just using it for talk and email.

For me that smartphone wouldn't last 4 hours just for the reason I wouldn't think of it as a phone, if that makes sense to anyone.



bassoongoon said:

I'm not a smartphone guy at all haha. I am perfectly content with my "dumb" phone.

I would fully support a nintendo venture into the world of smartphones (provided it would not distract them from 3DS and Wii U development!!); it would be a smart business move.



kereke12 said:

Yeah i would get it if Sony has Playstation mobile and if Microsoft has Xbox mobile.....Why Can't Nintendo have one as long as they put it in all carriers(we are good)....i don't see this a big deal...because i don't see this coming out soon but if Nintendo does make one in the future....Why not....I do love Nintendo...It would be AWESOME!!!



SCAR said:

Nintendo doesn't want 3 or 4G for one of their main devices. It's an extra fee people don't want to pay to play games.
I actually got rid of my iPad 2 for a 3DS a year and half or so ago. All I used it for was games and internet, so I figured I might as well get an actual gaming device.
I can only imagine how PS Vita feels. I has hardly any games, and 3G is only for games. You can't even use a PS Vita as a phone as long as Sony has control of its device.
3G isn't even as reliable as 4G(LTE), and it's expensive.



Buduski said:

Shut up and take my money!
On a serious note, it would be interesting to see nintendo shooting at a market dominated by ios and android



RudysaurusRex said:

This would kick. I want one so bad. I was like oh that's cool with touchscreen controls and stuff, but then BAM! Gamepad! I want you all to shut up and take my freaking money!



letsplay said:

I don't have a smartphone but a Nintendo phone sounds exciting. I'll take one.



TheAdrock said:

Don't try to reinvent the wheel against the likes of Google, Apple, Samsung, etc. It seems like a train wreck waiting to happen. See Blackberry and Palm for example. Remember Nokia's NGage? Make more Zelda games, and less trying to reinvent the wheel.



Squiggle55 said:

Well. I don't know if it's a good decision for them, but all I can say is that I'd buy it.



ajcismo said:

Been convinced for years that we'll have a Nintendo phone soon. I could see them teaming up with Apple and doing a special NiPhone, complete with a little Mario or his hat or a N right next to the apple. That being said, I'd totally buy it.



Emaan said:

Not that I would want Nintendo to ever have to resort to entering the phone business, but I probably would buy myself a Nintendo Phone.



Drewroxsox said:

I guess it's true that if you slap Nintendo on something, people will buy it (or in this case will want to theoretically buy it). The only thing that makes this different from an iPhone or Galaxy is that it has Nintendo features on it. The only thing that sells it for me, is the Wii U gamepad attachment.



Varia01 said:

That be neat. Games on my kindle fire hd's games lack something, Nintendo. A smartphone from Nintendo would be great with Nintendo apps and even data transfer from this to the Wii U or vice versa.



Megajack said:

I'd get it. Although, that gamepad thing it fits into was so stupid... looks like the next circle pad pro



Retr_acro said:

Problem with smartphones is that there's always a new one in about 2-ish years. People will feel forced to buy a new version, and game developers have to constantly update their games. At least with propriety gaming, the timeframe for a new, more powerful system will be longer.



Ren said:

This is a cool idea but this video is already more smart advertising than Nintendo would ever put into it. I'd get one in a heartbeat, just knowing Nintendo had woken up and realized what decade it is. Unfortunately it won't happen unless a few people at the top retire and get someone born after 1970 to help run things.



Sir_Deadly said:

@rjejr Umm last time i checked, the 3DS is the top handheld right now. So i dnt see how they are having trouble supporting. Anyways I would love to have this phone and knowing Nintendo, it would be affordable too!



cfgk24 said:

Doh, it needs to be 3d and it needs Dual Screens and to be a Clamshell type. . . .
otherwise it's just another smartphone copying all the other smartphones and they are dull. . ..



Zombie_Barioth said:

Assuming its a fully functional smartphone, then yea, I'd be interested. But then I don't know if I would trust Nintendo to not find a way to screw things up given their track record of trying to "simplify" things and keep things family friendly if left to their own devices.



Tsuchiya said:

A phone that plays games?
Make it so Nintendo, it's about time someone did that.

Candy Crush Saga indeed.. Terrible



GammaGames said:

I would love a Nintendo cell phone, but this mock up doesn't have anything 'new' that Nintendo would include with a smart phone. It seems like they would at least include 3D, or maybe be more like the Xeperia Play and have a slide down bit with circle pads and buttons.



DaemonSword said:

Totally would get. I'm an Apple fan, but can't afford their small gadgets, at Nin would make it fun, affordable, and with 3D.



wiggy said:

[sarcasm] Really inspired aesthetic there. [/sarcasm]

Must have taken all of 20 minutes to crank out that design.



andjahiam said:

when i saw the gamepad adaptor i was sold... that was beautiful, and as someone else commented, itd have to gave a dual screen, cause why would they not support their entire line up. if nintendo has merged their cosole and mobile r and d divisions together, they probably have the next big thing in the works for their 7th console and 5th mobile gen already.



Linkus said:

I wonder if they will name it uPhone or wiiPhone if they release such a phone...



ywingboy said:

I would love to have that. but if it was over 250$ I would most likely not get it
It still looks awesome though



Poketendo said:

I'm puking rainbows it looks awesome. Even though I'm not sure Nintendo will be able to make it function well as an actual phone, the concept still looks great! Even though, I don't think this is gonna make it. All those games are still gonna have to go through quality insurance and they probably won't get too cheap, so I don't think it will be a smashing succes. I would still give it a look, however.



G3ry said:

Nintendo wouldnt do that... THEY WOULD CRUSH THE PHONE INDUSTRY and apple would be sad, and later Nintendo might become power hungry and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!



CosmoXY said:

I'd get a Nintendo phone for sure, been wanting one for ages. I take my 3DS and my iPhone 4 with me everywhere I go and I always wish they could be one and the same. If Nintendo could make that happen I'd be all over it, no question. The game pad attachment is a genious idea, it allows for a sleek smartphone design to marry with physical buttons. Hope to see something like this one day.



Nestalgic said:

Clever but it looks massive. It would be better as a tablet. Hopefully it would have real browsing and email capabilities too. Otherwise it's basically a pseudo-detachable WiiU gamepad.



gc72 said:


Uploaded with
I think a Nintendo phone should look more like this ^
(except less like something I drew with microsoft paint in 15 minutes, but you get the idea)



0josemi0 said:

buah es chulisimo yo me lo pillaria, aunque parece un poco dificil lo del gamepad ese pero bueno

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