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Target Weighs In With Wii U Basic Model Price Cut

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Similar to moves by retailers in the UK

As the Wii U awaits high profile games to join its library in the second half of the year, the short term pressures on retailers to sell the systems are clearly taking a toll. Earlier in May, UK supermarket chain Asda sparked a mini retail war by slashing the console's price, with some — not all — rivals following suit. It seems the trend could start in North America, too.

Target has broken rank in the U.S. and cut the Wii U basic model (8GB) to $239.99, a 20% reduction from $299.99; at this stage the Deluxe model is still $349.99. There are bundle offers, too, but these have become common in 2013 as retailers attempt to shift stock and entice customers without the advantage of a genuine wholesale price cut from Nintendo. At the time of writing other retailers such as Walmart and Gamestop are still listing the standard system prices on their U.S. websites, despite worrying ongoing rumours of poor sales figures.

While perhaps good for consumers, price drops aren't necessarily welcome for Nintendo, as it shows difficulty for retailers shifting stock and increases the challenge to encourage these major players to invest in additional units. Nintendo has made noises about working with retail partners to retain their support ahead of a major push in the coming months, while a formal price cut has been ruled out to date.


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Pokefanmum82 said:

well i've seen the Wii U on sale at Walmart here in Canada too. It's on sale at Walmart right now for 267.00 for the basic model.



FantasiaWHT said:

It's still extremely unusual for retailers to cut the price directly on the console, even as a sale, as opposed to bundling in other things with the console at the same price. My understanding always was that if a retailer sells at anything other than the MSRP, they get punished by the console manufacturer by cutting off or at least slowing down restock shipments.



Ducutzu said:

It might be a sign that Nintendo considers discontinuing the basic model.



fluggy said:

They should really consider rewarding the day 1 consumers some freebies like the 3DS Ambassadors thing. I've not seen anything I want to play on Wii U for months ... Now the loyal fans who bought it early are getting stiffed again.10 GameCube games would just about suffice!!!



Jaz007 said:

@fluggy Nintemdo did that as damage controll to try to prevent early birds from feeling too angry about the price cut for the 3DS. There is reason for them to do any ambassador program with the Wii U.



hYdeks said:

Umm, isn't it a sale? lol Ohh well, for people that want Wii U at a great price, run to Target, I guess Personally, I think I will be getting a Wii U very shortly. After seeing what the competition has to offer, I'm not exactly impressed by them, Wii U seems to be the only one trying to bring something different (Xbox One feels almost like a step backwards -_-) Maybe it doesn't have the best graphics compared to One and PS4, but I like the gamepad and it's a really must have for me now. Seriously, what the hell was Xbox thinking? A controller with no touchpad thingy at all, there probably gonna miss out on alot of great stuff.



Rezalack said:

This is tempting.. but I really want the black console and bigger storage. I could care less about Nintendoland though. I'm probably just going to wait for the next bundle, hopefully it's a different color system than white.



GN004Nadleeh said:

Nintendo needs to release games, not dress their executives in luigi caps and watch them play with pikmin dolls. I remember skyward sword, he was play ing with with a plastic sword and shield......... Nintendo really is ONLY for children. all their boxes say 8 and up... serious gamers will buy a serious console with games.



Barbiegurl777 said:

Whether its a price cut or a sale either way sounds good to me.

By the time august rolls around to when I get my wii u if it has a price cut I'm not at all opposed to that instead more on the happy side because I'll be able to get my wii u for cheaper. Still going to save up the $350 for the wii u just not thrilled about it. Think it's still over priced. Sorry... Hoping for a price cut so I can get the wii u cheaper. Plus if there's a price cut it would probably get alot more gamers to pick up the wii u besides just me.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Elhijodelrio said:

nintendo should have probably had the price point inplace lowwer from the beginning no matter if it was next gen or not, i still bought mine at 350 but alot of poeple see older machines more games bigger install base as better than newer tech small installbase not as many games. Reality is xboxone/ps4 are pretty much one machine, the specs are so similar, the '' u'' may not be more powerful but it s different. Noone still sure of what it has exactly underhood, only some specs are for sure at this point, hopefully it won't be that far behide in what games can come out of it or produce, power on all machines from last gen to this gen are not that far apart graphically, biggest noticeable jump is nintendo, sd to hd is definitely a difference you can see.. The other two 360/ps3 might as well keep their machines for now and than in a few years buy ps4/xboxone by that time the price will come down, also the games are not that big of a leap from what they have already now



Megajack said:

Wow this is perfect. XD I was actually going to go to Target today and get a basic Wii U set. So weird. o.O ...



Dpullam said:

Unfortunately this doesn't affect me since I would prefer to get the deluxe Wii U if I bought one at all.



Bengals76 said:

What do you mean? You can play Mario Bros. from Nes, Snes, N64, Wii and Wii-U!! Lol



rjejr said:

Thanks for the article, only 20 hours after my forum thread

I think this is somewhat of a big deal as there have been a LOT of WiiU deals, but almost all in the form of gift cards, so you still had to pay full price to get a $25 or $50 GC. This way you only need the $240.

This says only online, but Target has a price match policy, so it shouldn't be a problem in store either. OK, it will be a problem, but you should get it at that price in the end.

I'm still waiting for a Pikmin 3 bundle as I want the extra storage but not NintendoLand. And besides, buying a new system 3 weeks before E3 seems like a bad idea.



Wii_Win said:

Here's my opinions:
1. We need games. IMO gamecube VC is a great idea, it could be an easy way to get games out.
2. We need a $50 price drop for both packages. It seems like Ninty is targeting the casual market, who are not going to research a bunch of specs. Unique gameplay and a MUCH lower price is definitely going to attract them.
3. Finally, games need to use gamepad features. PS4 and Xbox One are really kinda the same machine. Since Wii U will be behind on graphics, we cannot win a war if we are the same as them, in the end the graphics is the differentiating factor for many gamers. If we provide a different experience, we can attract our own variety of customers and avoid much of the competition.
4. Finally, we need to realize who the true enemy is: Smartphones and Tablets. They are kinda dominating the gaming industry ATM. IDK what to do about them, but I personally consider them more of a threat than the PS4/Xbox One.



Scyphir said:

@GN004Nadleeh You know what a serious gamer does? Drops money on a PC. My computer is at least as good, if not better, than XBox One/PS4 will be at launch. Plus, I can use it for more than games, and I can upgrade. I bought a WiiU at launch because Sony and Microsoft lack innovation. The Gamepad is great.



DerpSandwich said:

Even when the Wii U sells well they're still going to have trouble getting rid of those basic models. They're just not a good value, and they're ugly to boot. Nintendo should stop making them.



ramstrong said:

@FantasiaWHT My understanding always was that if a retailer sells at anything other than the MSRP, they get punished by the console manufacturer by cutting off or at least slowing down restock shipments.

I doubt that is the case. The fact is retailers still have to pay the cost. My understanding is that consoles cost MSRP, which means retailers profit is zero. Any price reduction that is not official simply means the retailers eat the cost, instead of being reimbursed by Nintendo.



bunnyking said:

The Wii U can only compete with PS4 and XBOXone with a price point of about $200. Especially since the XBOX price can go as low as $299, Nintendo should drop their prices, sell more systems, and take a loss instead of hold down prices and take a loss.



Ren said:

yeah, because everyone wants a deal on a "next gen" console with all kinds of downloadable junk and no storage. Lower the price of the other one and drop that useless white one for good.



thanos316 said:

hmm so should i get this basic model from target or should i get the deluxe version. i have to admit that im still on the fence as to whether to buy the wii u or not. i still play many games on my wii. my 3ds gets a lot of play time and i still play my dsi sometimes. but which model is better to get, let me know before i go make an impulse buy. hard to pass up a sale in these tough times



thanos316 said:

@bunnyking i don't see the ps4 or xbox one being priced any lower than 350. if they do price their systems below that price then i feel as if they will be losing money on the systems they sell. xbox one is a media center piece. it wants to take over the living room space but that comes at a steep introduction price in my eyes. so ninty might have the inside track right now



P-Gamer-C said:

No one wants this thing next gen is around the corner from whats in this thing it should be priced around 200 250 for delux tops that should help sales but the reveal of the next consoles are not making it easy for nintendo all my friends who held on to this thing have sold it to save up for the next gen consoles



Aylin2482 said:

I picked one up yesterday at Best Buy since they price match. I also picked up Mario on sale.

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