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Squids Wrapping Its Tentacles Around The 3DS and Wii U eShops

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Expected to arrive this summer

If you like your tactical RPGs wet and whimsical, then Squids may be able to serve something up for you on the 3DS and Wii U eShops this summer.

Squids, made by The Game Bakers, originally came out for iOS and was later released on other mobile devices and the PC. According to French website, Nintendo’s versions will contain levels from the original title and its sequel, Squids Wild West. Brand new levels and characters will also be included.

The basics of gameplay involve yanking back on your playable cephalopods’ tentacles and sending them careening around levels, slamming into enemies, sort of like a top-down Angry Birds. RPG elements come in the form of managing each squid’s stamina and special attacks each turn.

Does Squids sound like a good fit for Nintendo’s eShops? Pull back and fire a comment at us below.


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squirrelguys said:

seems interesting to say the least. might end up picking it up after I hear some reviews.



AMR said:

Watched the trailer and was quite impressed, don't let the Angry Birds comparison put u off (it's just referring to the sling-shot mechanic the game looks a lt deeper). I'll be watching closely to see how it develops. If its a well done iOS port like Kung Fu Rabbit The Game Bakers will deffo be getting my money



Captain_Balko said:

Looks pretty neat. I'll certainly keep an eye on it, although for some reason I suspect that the RPG elements won't be as deep as I'd like them to.



Pod said:

Squids is a VERY cute game.

Here's hoping Nintendo's systems do them good!



Dpullam said:

I'm not sure if I am interested in this particular game but I could always use more options if it turns out to be worthwhile.



Magikarp3 said:

"Do you like your calamari with a side of pain?"

Why did I find this so funny! Oh man I'm still laughing hahaha



NintendoPro64 said:

You know Nintendo's doing something right when their consoles are the first/only dedicated gaming platforms to get ports of indie games from android platforms and PC!



T1m1 said:

After seeing a few videos of the the first and second game, it looks pretty neat, the gameplay reminds me of Metal Walker for the Game Boy Color which has a battle system very similar to this game.



rndethan said:

The only thing this has in common with Angry Birds is the slingshot mechanic. The SQUIDS series are RPG based. I own both (SQUIDS, Wild West) on iOS and I'll definitely be buying this when it comes to the Wii U. I highly recommend this game to RPG lovers and those wanting to try something that's new and creative (:



Ralizah said:

I won't pay more than $4 at the most for it. Looks... decent. Here's hoping it turns out well. Haven't played it as I am an Android person.



artofmana said:

This is one of my favorite iPad games. I highly recommend it to anyone interested and I am excited to try this on the Wii U. It may work on the 3DS really well, too. I'd like to see maybe a mini map on the top screen or maybe they could put some animation in the top.

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