Of the many crowd-funded projects to align themselves to Nintendo systems in recent times, perhaps Shovel Knight has been the most prominent success. The first title to come from Yacht Club Games — founded by former employees of WayForward Technologies — has attracted rave previews and waltzed past its Kickstarter target with relative ease, digging up every single one of its stretch goals in the process.

One of those achieved targets just got even more interesting, as well as the core project itself. The developer has released an update to backers with the final list of bosses in the Order of No Quarter, one of which is set to await our hero at the end of every stage. Even better is the fact that every one of them will be playable in the promised four-player Battle Mode, which is a result of that aforementioned fundraising success.

Shovel Knight is coming to the Wii U and 3DS eShops later this year — the current target is September — and certainly looks the part. Below are the quirky enemies that'll be lining up to stop you in each level. Let us know what you think of the final results and designs in the comments below.

Shovel Knight Order of No Quarter