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Shadow of the Eternals Will Cost $5 Per Episode, Contains Art Assets Purchased From Silicon Knights

Posted by Damien McFerran

More details emerge for Eternal Darkness successor

Precursor has revealed some details about how it intends to distribute its Eternal Darkness "spiritual successor" Shadow of the Eternals.

Speaking on the company's official site, Technical Director Sean Thompson had this to say:

Our plan is $5 / episode, via digital delivery. However other options (bundles, etc..) are possible in the future.

Precursor has also revealed that it has purchased art assets from Silicon Knights to use in the new project.

Speaking to Wired, studio head Paul Caporicci — who used to work for Silicon Knights — had this to say:

We did purchase some art assets from Silicon Knights and we were very happy to be able to put those assets created by the talented past employees to use.

However, Caporicci has stopped short of calling this a direct sequel. Eternal Darkness boasted a unique "Sanity meter", which Nintendo patented. The fact that Precursor is avoiding infringing that patent should tell you all you need to know about why this isn't being called Eternal Darkness 2:

I think you’ve seen other games borrow that idea — Batman [Arkham Asylum] had it, for example — so I think there’s a lot of flexibility for us to be able to take themes from that.

Despite the lack of official sequel status, Caporicci has stated that his company has "a great relationship" with the Kyoto firm - echoing comments made yesterday.

With 28 days remaining, Precursor's crowd-funding campaign for Shadow of the Eternals has accrued over $122,000 of its $1,500,000 goal.

Do you think $5 per episode is a fair price? Would you rather pay a bundle price for all of the episodes? Let us know by posting a comment below.


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Peach64 said:

I want them to explain how they are offering episides 1-5 to donators when the 1.5 will only give them enough to make 1 episode.



DESS-M-8 said:

Just stop this messing about trying to pass off a knock off game as somethinnew when inclearly isnt, sign on with Nintendo to make an actual and full Eternal Darkness 2, not as sodding "episodes", its pathetic. As ultimately a full and direct sequel is what fans want and ultimately what fans will pay you for. Unless eternal
Darkness 2 is underway as te secret retro studios project and that is why Nintendo have not reeled this in already, but will allow it to infringe on their ideas slightly as long as it sees an eshop release then everybody wins



ToxieDogg said:

Episodic content....urgh.

Count me in when there's a full size game to download. None of this 'episode' crap where you can't even be sure that the next episode will ever get released at times if they don't hit their sales targets with the current one.

Hate it when publishers/devs do this, absolutely hate it. I'll wait for them all to be out and then just buy a bundle.



LordJumpMad said:

Oh joy!
I like how Nintendo takes everything that I didn't like from the other consoles, and they do it on the Wii U.
Nintendo is becoming a spoiled teenages who only wants to learn for its own mistakes, instead of others.
If it already been done, why do it?



Midnight3DS said:

Well, Walking Dead was awesome episodic content. As a general practice, I normally would avoid.



DESS-M-8 said:

Just watched the 9 minute gameplay video.

I dont care what they call it, this clearly IS Eternal Darkness 2. The content, artistically and subjectively, is the same as Eternal Darkness, the mechanics are the same, the premise is the same. Just admit and release it as such and attempt to make it as amazing as the original.



robbleshague said:

Walking Dead actually benefits massively from being episodic, there's a chance this could too.

That said, I'd much rather a full blown retail release with Nintendo's approval...and the gameplay footage shown looks mega bog-standard.



Einherjar said:

Count me out also. Ill look into it when the full game is available sometime, but this episodic stuff is bullcrap.
But theres one thing i didnt get: What was the arkham asylum comparison for when it came to the sanity feature in eternal darkness ?
About walking dead beeing an awesome episodic game. I guess it was thanks to telltales experience with that format and it beeing an adventure game, so, its more story driven. Adventures tend to be more or less interactiv "movies" which was right up WDs alley
Ill see how thios turns out. Like i said, ill be interested as soon as every part is available on the eShop.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I don't have any problem with its episodic nature but it is true that 12 episodes are a lot and it is possible that they don't get to finish them which would be terrible.

I agree in that they should just work side by side with Nintendo and turn it into Eternal Darkness 2 and sell it complete.



The-Chosen-one said:

i would buy the episodes as DLC 5$ per episode.
but then again, i hope the episodes arent short storys.
it has to be worth our money.

so yes i would buy it.



Midnight3DS said:

I think the risk in this approach is, can they end an episode leaving you wanting more. Walking Dead did that. With others I tried, I didn't go beyond the first.



XCWarrior said:

Episodic gaming? I thought this nonsense went away a couple of years ago. No thanks.



aaronsullivan said:

I'm sort of meh on this. I never experienced Eternal Darkness and so far this doesn't really look interesting enough to stand on it's own. I DO hope they make an awesome game full of passion, though.

@LordJumpMad Care to be more specific? What mistakes of others has it failed to learn from? And what does this one developer's crowd-sourced game reveal about them?



Otto-Soq said:

Full game only...but Eternal Darkness stuff....hmmmm, if it's as good as the 1st one, i can't pass.



XCWarrior said:

@DarkCoolEdge Actually it doesn't. They ended up packing the game up and selling the full thing on retail. Which is what should have been done in the first place. I do plan on picking up Walking Dead eventually, but it will be for the whole thing for $5 during a Steam sale. Betting on Xmas for that to happen.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@aaronsullivan I assume he's just being LordJumpMad in this case. The poor grammar is a dead giveaway.

Wasn't the original Eternal Darkness split into chapters anyways (a lot of them if I remember right)? So this results in episodic content that adds up to $25 ($5 * 5 episodes).

Their other decisions are the ones you should be more wary about. Like the Kickstarter as Peach64 pointed out. And having Denis Dyack at the helm.



Haxonberik said:

Even though I dont really like the idea of episodes, then there's the awesome Walking Dead game that I'm yet to play.



LavaTwilight said:

I want the return of the insanity effects. That, to me, made the game! Without it, this could be any other game.



Dpullam said:

I'd probably wait for a full retail release before considering picking this up. Well, that is assuming that this game actually turns to be worth playing.



SKTTR said:

From what I've seen this is as close to Eternal Darkness as it can get and that is great.
I don't understand why people worry about Dyack. Eternal Darkness was his game, so it's for the best when the same guy makes this (spiritual) sequel.

Episodic content is a double bladed sword. On Nintendo consoles it worked for Tales of Monkey Island Episodes 1-5 and Strong Bad 1-5, but not so much vor escapeVektor and Pearl Harbor Trilogy.

For just 5€ per episode I would take the plunge anyway. Looks good enough for that price.

Depending on the gameplay, there are easy solutions nowadays to make episodic content feel like a full game:
1) You could transfer your game data from episode to episode (like in the Mass Effect, Golden Sun, etc.)
or 2) All episodes share the same save file. The game will be 5€ including one (the first) episode, and additional chapters will be unlocked in the main menu as you purchase them as DLC for 5€ each individually. If there's 12 chapters for 5€, that's pretty much like a full 60€ retail game.
Though the game could be played completely different, with chapters standing on their own.
When I was buying The Tales of Monkey Island on WiiWare (5 episodes, 1 released each month) I realised that the charm of getting a good episodic game is the anticipation for the next episode to be released.

Whatever happens, as long as this game is much like Eternal Darkness and as good as Eternal Darkness then everything will work out.



retro_player_22 said:

Hmmm... Episodic huh? I was thinking perhaps that this was a full game like Eternal Darkness, now it's just another Kickstarter project that is just begging for money. Well so much for Eternal Darkness 2 as this one choose not to be it.



DerpSandwich said:

I refuse to buy episodic games on principal. I was incredibly excited when I heard the news of this game, but I'm not paying for it until I can get it all in one package.

But really it's not even going to get funded, so I don't know why I'm bothering to think about it... XP



bunnyking said:

I don't mind paying per level on games like TANK TANK TANK, but on real games, I kinda do.



Kirk said:

Well it's good to know the episodes are cheap, cheaper than most VC games ironically enough (and some people actually believe the VC games are reasonably priced), but I'd go for the bundle rather than each individual episode. It's just a pity I'd have to wait for every episode to come out first before I could actually do that.



MoldyClay87 said:

There's 12 episodes. The total will come to $60. That may be the going rate for retail games, but I'd much rather wait for bundles to pay less. Eternal Darkness wasn't worth $60, I doubt a crowd-funded, digital sequel will either.

@DESS-M-8 From what I understand, Nintendo wouldn't want to be a part of this after Silicon Knights' previous fiascos involving money and so on.

@Peach64 If Episode 1 gets funded, they will have the engine and everything needed for the game done. From there, they only need to make new characters and new locations, but built on the same game. It'd be like DLC. It won't cost nearly as much and they would presumably make the addition episodes from money gained out of stretch goals and people actually buying Episode 1.


1. Nintendo's not making this.
2. There are episodic games already on Wii & DSi from other publishers.
3. Even if they were, what mistakes do you believe they'd be learning from? The Walking Dead was episodic and it sold millions. People loved it. You calling that a mistake?

And do you realize how much DLC is sold, even though people whine about it?

You not liking trends that are around is one thing, but they aren't "others' mistakes" if they are successful, bro.



Elhijodelrio said:

Full on eternal darkness game would be best, also release of the original would be lovely, i cant wait for gamecube games on wii u also a few wii games on wii u s virtual console



DaemonSword said:

Not sure what to think right now. Being the Eternal Darkness fan that I am, I will still probably pay up.



Alienfish said:

$5 an episode is hard to beat for something that looks this good. 12 episodes = $60 total, that's one full game. Clearly these guys have good intentions and don't plan on scamming us like many episodic games might do. All I'm really hoping for is that episode 1 comes with a framework to add the other games on as DLC so it is all in one place. I got that Back to the Future game on PS3 and sure I could organize it to all be in one place, but it should all be in one game icon instead of five.



brokenfang said:

Not crazy about episodic format. I did buy the season pass for WD, but I felt it was very short. Each episode for 5 bucks gives maybe an hour or two at the most of play time.

But for great titles like ED and WD, I would consider buying a pass again.

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