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Shadow of the Eternals Expected To Spook Its Way Onto Wii U Next Year

Posted by Orla Madden

Crowdfunding begins on 6th May

The "spiritual successor" to Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem will embark on a crowdfunding campaign on the 6th May, this coming Monday.

Titled Shadow of the Eternals, the upcoming cult classic sequel is said to be in development by Precursor Games. The crowdfunding won't be done on Kickstarter as it's a Canadian company - a requirement of starting your own Kickstarter project is that you are based in the US or UK - and the target is $1.1 million. Denis Dyack, who had a hand in producing the predecessor for the GameCube, will be involved this time round again.

Details are quite scarce at the moment, but it's being said we'll learn more this Monday and Tuesday.

There had been previous speculation on this topic, as we previously reported that Nintendo renewed the Eternal Darkness Trademark for the fifth time.

You can check out the trailer to the upcoming game below.

What are your thoughts on this, are you looking forward to hearing more about the game?

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bezerker99 said:

Really excited about this one. I heard some sound effects from Eternal Darkness in the game trailer!



Bluezealand said:

"The crowdfunding won't be done on Kickstarter as it's a Canadian company - a requirement of starting your own Kickstarter project is that you are based in the US or UK..."

I don't know where you got this from, but it's not true. You can do a kickstarter from everywhere in the world.

EDIT: ok you were right, I just looked it up and it's indeed only working for US and UK residents. There are many projects from other countries, though. All you need is a friend, who is either living in the US or the UK.



nik1470 said:

Promising, very promising. I look forward to seeing how this project developes



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Hopefully they keep this game exclusive to Wii U and PC, and get some of those "blah blah blah hate nintendo blah blah blah" people to ponder their stupidity. Nintendo is nothing but good, perhaps a little ignorant in some areas, but for the most part good.



childofacid said:

@Dude213 When I first bought the game I couldn't play it. I was just too terrified! My parents even considered taking it back and getting a different game. But I eventually got over my fear and completed the game - I absolutely love this game to this very day.



Dpullam said:

After checking out the teaser trailer I can say I am fairly impressed with the game so far. I hope that it reaches its crowdfunding goal since it has potential.



Peach64 said:

I think the fact Dennis Dyack is involved will put a lot of people off. Silicon Knights output after ED wasn't exactly great. I love ED, but don't think I want to risk my money on this one.



Xilef said:

Does anyone trust Dyack to make a game right now? Almost seems like the only reason ED became so well received was because Nintendo's involment. Besides, doesn't Nintendo own the patent for the Sanity something, which was a key gameplay feature?



JFug said:

Looks great but Nintendo should get publishing rights so they can make it a RETAIL release.....Wii U needs all the retail games it can get and this game could looks like it could certainly move units if it were a physical copy.



Shworange said:

The video says "removed by user". I'll be checking back so I can give money for sure!



Best_ said:

I can't see the video. I still have the original--can't wait for this one!



retro_player_22 said:

Why can't they just called it Eternal Darkness 2? Calling it Shadow of the Colo- umm.... I mean Eternals is gonna make it sound like it's a new IP and not a sequel.



TheRealThanos said:

To all you guys (and girls):
new video link here:
Play it full screen in HD with the lights out and the speakers turned way up, I dare you...
@Game0ver_Gavin You really should buy it now: or
It's a true classic and although the graphics will now seem somewhat dated, the atmosphere is still great and there are so many great and insane surprises hidden in the game that'll hit you when you least expect it in the middle of playing this, that it would be a shame to miss out on this if you like horror/survival games. If you do, you will not regret trying this game out!

@retro_player_22 Because Nintendo owns the rights to the name "Eternal Darkness", simple as that.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Nintendo should publish this themselves!! Would be beneficial to both the developer & Nintendo!!!



Henmii said:

Lol, the movie has already been removed!

Update: Saw it on Vimeo now! Looks pretty nice, but if it gets finished it probably will be a download-only affaire!! Wich is a shame, it should be on disc!!



GraveLordXD said:

Lets see eternal darkness was one of my favorite games for the cube so yeah to say I'm excited for this is an understatement
Reading some of the comments has made me a little concerned I hope it turns out good



Ren said:

I would buy a WiiU for this, fast. first one was amazing.



McGruber said:

Sad to see it has come to this, but pleased to see a sequel in any form. Nintendo needs to start taking risks like backing something like this. Nothing announced by NIntendo for Wii U has been surprising other than Bayonetta 2, which is a sequel to a game that never got released on a NIntendo system...



Gregor said:

@TheRealThanos so make it a first party title. If there was ever a need for a M rated title in Nintendo's library I say it should be a horror game like they did before. That's where all their pent up creativity lies, you have to remember, these were the people who made Majoras Mask!



SpaceApe said:

This is not a Wii U exclusive so that is a huge fail right there. The majority will buy it for the PC.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I had a dream last night where this game failed to reach its needed amount, but then Nintendo swooped in and funded the whole game to ensure it as a Wii U exclusive. XD



SpaceApe said:

@LDXD No. All I am saying is that this title should be a Wii U exclusive. Not having it as an exclusive is a problem.



GraveLordXD said:

@SpaceApe I see where you're getting at but this title is more of a cult classic not a huge system seller
I'm just glad that we are getting another one



GraveLordXD said:

I'm confused when they say Nintendo renewed the eternal darkness trademark and I didn't even know they've done this 5 times, to me it seems like they should've just flat out bought the rights to the entire game and make it their own



3Daniel said:

I'll hold my breath. With Dyack invovled we'll be fortunate if he doesn't embezzle all the crowdsource funds. :/ in all seriousness tho I'm excited. Doesn't nintendo own the rights to the sanity system?



Pikamoon said:

The trailer looks promising and I really loved the sound of it. It sounds so much like Eternal Darkness and this is a very good thing. Hopefully, this game becomes a reality and can life up to it's spiritual predecessor.



TreonsRealm said:

I'm curious why they are going for the crowdfunding direction. The $1.5 million budget is a literal drop in the bucket for a game like this (most games like this have budgets in the tens of millions) so why isn't Precursor Games going directly to Nintendo for the funds? It's also curious that Nintendo literally owns everything about the original but the new game features things such as the Cathedral level from ED (simply upgraded to HD) which makes the legality a bit murky. Maybe Nintendo is allowing the PC version to happen in exchange for console exclusivity for the Wii U? It's also possible that Nintendo is allowing Precursor to experiment with the crowdfunding to see its viability for indie companies to handle other obscure IP's they own. I could see this as an option to revive games like Mach Rider with little risk (they could allow an indie developer access to an old IP to see if it can be revived while they retain core ownership). Just a thought.



darklinkinfinite said:

I'm honestly not excited for this given that Silicon Knights is spearheading the project. If it was announced that Retro had been given the task of making an Eternal Darkness sequel, I'd probably need a new change of pants. Unfortunately it has been written that the reason Silicon Knights was only as great as it was in the Eternal Darkness days was because they had Nintendo to keep them in line. Given Silicon Knights' output since then, I feel compelled to beleive it.



Peach64 said:

A lot of people seem confused about the situation. It IS a new IP, it's not an official sequel because Nintendo own the Eternal Darkness name (they still need to keep renewing the trademark on it regardless), and they are not involved in this game. This is being done by Dennis Dyack's new studio. With regards to the comments about Nintendo funding the kickstarter and making it Wii U exclusive. That cannot happen. You can't start a kickstarter, promise it on one platform and then change it it later. If the kickstarter failed, THEN Nintendo could come in and fund it, but at that point that may as well just make Eternal Darkness 2.

I really suggest everyone read the Kotaku piece about Dyack and SK. There's almost no chance of this being any good. I wouldn't even expect it to come out if it did get funded. It's worrying to see comments such as people going out to buy a Wii U now for this game, or kids blowing all their birthday money on the kickstarter. Please don't do that before you've done some research!

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