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SEGA Dishes Out The First Details For Sonic Lost World

Posted by Orla Madden

Includes content unique to each system

SEGA has unleashed the first details for its upcoming Wii U and 3DS exclusive, Sonic Lost World, after we were recently treated to the game's debut trailer.

Sonic's nemesis, Dr. Eggman, is up to his old tricks again and has harnessed the power of the Deadly Six, six menacing creatures. However, this doesn't go according to plan as they overthrow the evil Doctor, so Sonic must team up with the heavy-set one to destroy the new villains. He'll use new parkour moves and improved Colour Powers - returning from the Colours releases on Wii and DS - in order to successfully defeat the enemies.

As well as a single player adventure, both versions of the game will feature competitive multiplayer modes, with unique features taking advantage of each system's capabilities. The Wii U version allows you to control the Colour Powers by tilting, touching and aiming. It's also playable on the GamePad without the TV, while a two player "support mode" will be included.

The 3DS version will include exclusive Special Stages and Colour Powers unique to the handheld system.

Chief Content Officer of SEGA of America, Hiroyuki Miyazaki, had this to say in the press release:

We are proud of the strong relationship between Nintendo and SEGA and look forward to continuing success with Sonic Lost World on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

The game marks an evolution of the Sonic series and fans - both old and new - will be excited by a story which sees two of video games biggest adversaries, Sonic and Dr. Eggman, joining forces for the first time to help defeat a new deadly threat.

In case you missed it, here's the trailer again for your viewing pleasure.

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User Comments (82)



Funny_Moblin said:

I hope this game is challenging. SASRT already left a good impression on me in terms of challenges.



Gioku said:

Teaming up with Dr.Eggman? Maybe he'll be playable??? That would be awesome! And new colors powers! I'm extra excited now! This'll be cool in 3D or HD (I'll be going with 3D)!

...not to mention multiplayer...
This had better be good, SEGA!



StephenYap3 said:

I like Sonic and all, but I want to play as other characters too

Regardless, this looks promising



rjejr said:

Well Deadly Six sounds like a lame name, and having the hero team up with his main nemesis is a bit cliche, but who cares, lets have some fun!

BTW, that may read sarcastically but I'm sincerly looking forward to this.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Watch Eggman suddenly turn on Sonic the very second they defeat the final member of the Deadly Six.



drumsandperc92 said:

meh. sounds like Sonic Colors 2.
Dont get me wrong i enjoyed colors quite a bit, it beat every other sonic game this gen besides Sonic Generations.
but i was really hoping we would get to control some of sonic's friends. i loved in SA and SA2 the different gameplay options via different characters. More so SA1 because you chose your character and played thru the story thru their eyes, thought it was great. Even all the way back to Sonic 2, Tails played different than Sonic.
It's an integral part of Sonic games and i keep wishing they bring it back but they aren't doing it :/
I would love to play as Tails or Knuckles, even if, no, ESPECIALLY if, the only difference is a couple of unique abilities (flying with tails, gliding/climbing with knuckles, homing attack with sonic)
One can dream i guess?
Not putting this one down for the count by any means but i'm severely less hyped than i was the other day when the trailer first came out.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Really excited for this. Loved colours, but this looks like Sonic done right. (see Whirwind Stage from SONIC ADVENTURE)



SparkOfSpirit said:

I'm glad that they changed up the Gameplay. After Colors and Generations there was little else they could do with it.

The spindash is back!



XFsWorld said:

Wow, so I'm getting the new Mario & Sonic for Wii U and Sonic Lost Worlds for 3DS!



FriedSquid said:

Wait, they're bringing back the Color Powers? WHY?! Okay, Sega, you had me for just a second, now you've lost me...



BulbasaurusRex said:

Hmm, the ol' "team up with the arch enemy to defeat a greater threat" scenario. Other than the last level of "Sonic Adventure 2," I think this is a new one for the Sonic series.

I don't have high hopes for the competitive multiplayer modes, though. In the entire history of the Sonic franchise, only two games have ever had a good competitive multiplayer mode (and not for lack for trying): "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" and "Sonic Adventure 2: Battle."



Klunk23 said:

I am starting to get pretty exited for this. I hope there is more info on this at the e3 nintendo Direct. This and the wonderful 101.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@SirQuincealot That's pretty much expected in this scenario. I've seen one TV show where the heroes lampshaded the expected betrayal to the point of preparing a specific countermeasure in advance for it.



WinterWarm said:


Thanks! It's from 'Star Trek: Into Darkness'! The actress's name is 'Alice Eve', if you look up, "Star Trek Alice Eve Picture' you can save it to your 3DS camera application( if you have one). .'-)



sonicfan1373 said:

I will try to get both the 3DS and Wii U versions, but my priority will be set on the Wii U version.



manny_aaa said:

Ive never played a sonic game before and i might as well start with this one. Looks good and will complement my wii u library quite well.



Banjogeek said:

Sonic and Dr. Eggman, joining forces for the first time

This statement is false they teamed up in SA2 and Sonic Advance 3.Sonic Team always forgets about Sonic Advance 3.



XavandSo said:

I felt disenchanted with the Sonic franchise, post-2006. My favourite Sonic game was Sonic Heroes on the GC.... Virtual Console release, please? Hopefully Lost World can regain some faith and I plan to purchase it Day 1 on both 3DS and Wii U.



Vincent294 said:

Interesting. Colors redeemed my faith in the Sonic series, so here's hoping this continues that tradition.



dadajo said:

Can you really blame Sega for forgeting advance 3 when no one knows about it? Seriously the portable Sonic games are really underrated. People always complained about the bad console Sonic games forgetting about the ones that came out on ds and ganeboy advance that were good. It is a sad truth that comes down on portable gaming in general though where the portable games always get overshadowed by their big console brethern. :C



Meaty-cheeky said:

I still need to get Sonic Colors for the Wii, also I am looking forward towards the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost Worlds.



Banjogeek said:

@dadajo the thing is they also teamed up Sonic Adventure 2 how they could forget that game.They just did a HD port of it!



Aerona said:

Oooh, you team up with Robotnik? Probably just in the story but cool. If they're well received (and not direct ports) I'm willing to buy both versions; did the same with Colors.



TwilightV said:

"The game marks an evolution of the Sonic series and fans - both old and new - will be excited by a story which sees two of video games biggest adversaries, Sonic and Dr. Eggman, joining forces for the first time to help defeat a new deadly threat."

What about Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood?



KongFu said:

I cannot decide which version I should purchase. The 3DS Version of Generations did not blew me away like the PS360 versions did. But I prefer the 3DS over the Wii U as a gaming system. Maybe I should wait and see......



DarkCoolEdge said:

I'm not a Sonic fun at all but I migt get this one. Probably the 3DS version. It would be my first Sonic (no rocks and stones please).



-KwB- said:

@DarkCoolEdge Same here ! Maybe just because of the Nintendo-Sega agreement that I'll buy the game ! But first NL review, then hesitation and maybe then ..



Ketchupcat said:

It would be cool if, whenever you defeat one of the Six, they become playable! Maybe they were brainwashed or something.



NintyMan said:

This isn't strange considering Bowser helped Mario a few times before, but I still wonder how genuine Eggman/Robotnik is. I guess I'll have to play the game to find out, and I may get both versions. The Wii U one is the first choice.



Varia01 said:

Yes! The color powers return! I wonder which ones though? My favorite color power was the yellow drill (My favorite color is actually blue), so I hope it makes a comeback.

It's a bit confusing to see what the game is more like. The recent Sonic games (Colors Wii and Generations 360 and PS3) has similar gameplay, but then again, those platforming techniques seem to be from Mario. I guess it's 50% Mario and 50% Sonic.

The story is kind of neat, Eggman creates the deadly six to stop Sonic, but they betray Eggman and overthrow him. He goes to help for Sonic to stop them. I'm definitely looking forward to to this game.



Araknie said:

Sonic must be played on the big screen. I don't need to explain.
As far as gameplay goes, i've seen that, on the Wii U, you will have 3 set of velocities from witch to choose.
The third one is the ball form from the 2D games, that's why there's no turbo.
Also the stages are created from the concept of Sonic Xtreme that was revolving around creating 2D stages and than exploring them in 3D.
This is the real evolution of 3D Sonic from the 2D, IT'S AMAZING!



Ristar42 said:

My first reaction to the trailer was the cancelled Saturn title 'Sonic X-treme', and the internet confirms I wasn’t the only one...
I'm slightly disappointed I can’t get the game on PS3 as I'm always interested in new Sonic games, but I have a 3DS at least.
If enough games arrive to make me want to buy a Wii U, I'll get this one.



Whopper744 said:

I like it! I've always wanted to see a game with Sonic and Eggman having to team up! I can see how watching those two communicate could really be funny. The gameplay itself sounds good as well!



hYdeks said:

I'll be getting this game for both Wii U and 3DS, I love Sonic, and this game looks amazing!



WindWakerLink said:

I was hoping this would be like more like Sonic Adventure because the original picture announcement on the last Nintendo Direct had Tails flying his plane while Sonic rides on top of it. Oh well. I think I'll be getting both games. Looks like it will be really fun!! ^__^



element187 said:

Competitive multiplayer? Does this mean one person on the gamepad and the other on pro-controller/TV ?!?!

This is the setup I was imagining would be in the next Mario game... I hope SEGA can figure out how to make this 60fps.



Pikachupwnage said:

@rjejr True but since when did anyone care about the story in Sonic?

Jumpsmon hype train

I have always been a sonic fan. Not a dedicated sonic fan but one nonetheless. I played one of the originals at my cousins house years ago and I loved it. I also have sonic heroes. I really need to expand my sonic catalog...



dadajo said:

Yeah I was thinking about that right after I posted the last comment. Sega will be Sega? Though teaming up with Eggman for the third time sounds less epic than the first time so maybe marketing reasons.



SuperSah said:

Villians look silly as hell, but i'll probably play this on 3DS if they finally manage to break the elusive Sonic Cycle.



Shadowflash said:

"Sonic and Dr. Eggman, joining forces for the first time to help defeat a new deadly threat."
SA2? Sonic 06-/shot/

On a side note, I hope the 3DS version isn't a lazy port like Sonic Generations 3DS. I hope I'm not disappointed.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I'll be going for both versions.

@Shadowflash: Sonic and Eggman did team up in those titles, but it wasn't until the end of the story. I think what they're billing here as "first time" is that they're teaming up from the (more or less) get-go.



Skeet102 said:

The wisp are back!? Apparently, they have been enhanced. I hope they have some new ones though.



banacheck said:

The originals are still the best and always will be, SEGA then the music kicks in.



Awest813 said:

I haven't been this excited for a Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2. And Dr. Eggman is my favorite Sonic character other than the blue hedgehog himself, so now I just need a Wii U...



Tsuna said:

I don't Mind if Sonic is the only Playable Character. Hopefully the 3DS Version won't get as bad as the 3DS Version of Sonic Generations.

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