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Rumour: GTA V Has Been Tested On Wii U Dev Kits For Some Time

Posted by Orla Madden

Take this news lightly

Rumours have been circulating the internet for quite some time now when it comes to Rockstar's hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V potentially seeing a release on the Wii U; when a new one pops up, we have a bucket full of salt at the ready.

Let's take a small trip back to last September, when Swedish retailer CDON listed the game on its website, along with a price, but no launch date. Earlier this month, we reported that an investor's meeting between Rockstar and Take-Two on 16th May will apparently unravel information on next generation versions of the game. All rumours, of course.

Adding more salt to the rumours, Nintendo Enthusiast claims to have been holding onto a bit of information that may surprise you, or not bother you at all.

It states that a retailer source - the retailer is unknown, by the way - speaking with the site has said that GTA V has apparently been tested on Wii U development kits for quite some time. The retailer made it crystal clear, however, that having a game running on the Wii U dev kits isn't the same as having actual plans to release the game.

On a slightly positive note, this particular retailer has seemingly been correct in the past about Watch_Dogs, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. Again, take it lightly.

So, does the idea of GTA V on Wii U interest you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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McGruber said:

I think I would get it for Wii U if and only if it has Gamepad only play. Wii U needs this game though, and if I were Nintendo I would have sucked Rockstars's you know what to get this game on WiiU.



DreamOn said:

Im sure many developers are curious about how their games runs on the WiiU with the gamepad. Afterall it's a cool console. Although business decisions are another discussion. Which is a shame but that's life.

I don't like M rated content myself so this particular news doesn't affect me.



Chomposaur said:

lets hope that iwata can persuade Rockstar/2K to port this over to the Wii U, In all honesty .. the Wii U needs a blockbuster title like this



Lo3edia said:

I've played most of them on PC, I think I would much rather play on the Wii U game pad than with a keyboard



McGruber said:

I have one more thing to add...and that is that of ANY 3rd party game, GTA 5 has to be the surest bet as far as making a profit on Wii U. I always expected this to come to WiiU, so if it doesn't that is a huge mistake on Nintendo's part...



Williaint said:

I'd buy it for Wii U. Although I'd like to say "it doesn't matter", in the eyes of the public, it does.



MadAdam81 said:

I don't think I'd bother. 1, 2, 3 and Vice City were fun in small doses, but since then they seem to think that overloading it with immature swearing aimed at 12 year olds is progress.
Anyway, Lego City Undercover is much more fun and actually has a good story, and it's very funny.



Knux said:

The GTA games are awesome. There's a reason that the series is so popular, believe it or not. Even though I will likely buy this on PS3 or PS4, the Wii U needs more third party support like this, and Nintendo only gamers need to buy it.

Saying you want third party support and yet not buying the third party games that do come out for the Wii U (Black Ops II for example) isn't going to encourage third party developers to jump ship on the Wii U. The fact that Rockstar has possibly considered a Wii U version is a miracle in itself.



Urbanhispanic said:

This would be a BIG deal if it came out for the Wii U. We have all been complaining about the mostly skeptical attitude from most third party developers when it is mentioned. With Rockstar willing to release games for the Wii U, other developers will be more willing to take a chance after they see more people pick it up. To me, it's a system seller and like it or not, Nintendo needs all the support it can get; especially since Sony and Microsoft are ready to unleash their new consoles.



Yrreiht said:

Interesting, I wonder how it looked and played on the console. I'd like to see it on the Wii U



Captain_Balko said:

I can only emit a single sound after hearing this news.
I'm sorry, but the allure of GTA has never really shown itself to me. Sure, I will play for a while at a friend's house, but I can't play longer than forty minutes at a time. It's just boring to me. You shoot people. You steal cars. You kill cops. You get shot or arrested. Repeat. And yes, I know that the majority of the game revolves around missions, but frankly, I couldn't care less about the missions of a GTA game. They seem like a snore-fest.



Shiryu said:

I'm a huge fan of the series from it's humble beginnings but I never played or owned "GTA IV" (because I don't own any platform capable of playing it). If it comes, I will buy itday one. If it does not, I will not be buying another platform to play it on and just like "IV" I will just be a distant onlooker of all the mayhem.



XFsWorld said:

I remember last year when I was on, Rockstar Games said they would like to have GTA on Wii U.



ToxorAxiom said:

Nintendo does not need this franchise for the Wii U. They need to keep on with the great ones you won't find on the rival consoles, like the Monster Hunter series. (And no, the PSP is not a rival console.)



MrWalkieTalkie said:

This game should include the exclusive ability to play as Iwata, Reggie, & Miyamoto. Also include Mario power-ups. XD



Deathgaze said:

I will get it on Wii U if it's out on it. If not PS4 if it makes that. My last option would be PS3.



tsm7 said:

If it comes to Wii U this will be the first GTA I buy since GTA III.



SCAR said:

I would get it day one. I won't be getting it if it doesn't come out on on Wii U, even though I have a PS3.
It would be my first GTA game that I actually own, and I think it would be right at home on Wii U.



taffy said:

If I had a choice of buying a WiiU to play this or just getting it for my 360... I would get a Wii U, Chinatown Wars used the touch pad in really clever ways. But the fact that there are only pre-orders for the 360 and PS3 make me suspect to this ever coming out on WiiU



PK_Wonder said:

Grand Theft Auto is my favorite non-Nintendo series, hands-down, so I would pre-order this the moment it was confirmed.



SCAR said:

Thanks for bringing GTA V to the Wii U, Rock★. I plan on buying it day one off the eShop...

(Did it work?)



Elhijodelrio said:

love the fact that another M rated game may possibly come to the '' U ''. possibly may get away from the kitty machine mentality that a lot of developers/gamers have, about nintendo machines



sonicfan1373 said:

If the game does come to the Wii U, Nintendo should give it the ZombiU treatment (with special bundles, ads, and everything in between), because it would be a really important third-party title for the Wii U.



timp29 said:

Never played the GTA series. Everyone raves about it, so it would be a definite purchase for me on WiiU. Again, Nintendo can't afford to miss out on titles like these if it is going to remain competitive.



Jamester0722 said:

Grand Theft Auto IV was really good. I would definitely buy V on WiiU. I want to buy as many multiplatform games as possible on my WiiU to show my support of 3rd Parties on Nintendo Hardware.



Void said:

Considering I'm not old enough to play it, I wouldn't be buying it.




This game would show that not only that Wii U isn't a kiddie system it would show that the Wii U can handle the most powerful game the 360/PS3 has to offer!!

Just getting a simple port would be MORE then enough but if we got tons of exclusive features like motion controls for all the mini games like they did for GTA Chinatown Wars for the DS! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!

Also giving a big middle finger to EA and their efforts to try to make the public think the Wii U is an underpowered last gen system. SCREW YOU EA!!



G3ry said:




GiftedGimp said:

A game of this Nature would run a lot better on WiiU than Ps3/360 and I'm pretty sure that development would of been started for the WiiU.
Wether its still being developed for WiiU or going to be released is another matter, as its pretty apparant too many Nintendo owners only buy Nintendo games, and with under 4mil WiiU units sold thus far would Rockstar consider WiiU viable at the moment? I don't think they would, especially if they are looking at how well other 3rd party titles are (not) selling on WiiU.
I would love GTA on WiiU, but can't really see it happening, but with the majority of Nintendo owners having the reluctance to buy 3rd party games I don't blame them, same for a lot of other 3rd party publisher games. If people actually brought 3rd party games the WiiU's Userbase would be considered big enough to publish for.



Mizzah_Tee said:

I've been saying this for about a year now. I'd be surprised if this game isn't coming to Wii U. Just a hunch I've had for some time



RikuzeYre said:

If you look at the time frame it'd be released that would make that argument null and void. If they made the decision earlier though I dont think they would have developed it for the system.



MadAdam81 said:

As much as I wouldn't care one bit, it could he something that is the final it of convincing many potential Wii U buyers need.



19Robb92 said:

Watch Dogs looks a lot more interesting IMO. GTA as a franchise has gone downhill since Vice City.



Tasuki said:

@19Robb92: Agree man Vice City had class to it all the other games the main characters seem to be nothing but thugs and hoodlums. I would love to see an HD remake of Vice City.



Sgt_Garlic said:

This would be a big plus for Nintendo and the Wii U. Hopefully GTA V is released on the platform.



Peach64 said:

Why would developers be showing retailers un-announced games? I believe there's a chance GTA V could come to Wii U, but I don't believe this particular story for a second. I get that sometimes retailers will be informed of a release date for a game ahead of a public announcement of the release date, but I just cannot imagine why any developer would be showing off something like this to a retailer.



Lalivero said:

This would be an insta-buy from me if it does end up arriving on Wii U. Gamepad play would be an extra bonus.



bunnyking said:

@RikuzeYre if you can play ''The Ballad of Gay Tony'' or ''The Lost and the Damned'' you'll understand. Rockstar is all about storytelling.



DESS-M-8 said:

I would buy this game day one. As a format, Nintendo could only benefit from content from a studio like rockstar, especially as this could lead to titles like red dead and max Payne beyond a GTA title.
Would love to be able to download this from the eShop on release day



seronja said:

if Nintendo gets this game, it might get a higher 3rd party support because this IS the most anticipated game of the year period ( including for me )... still no matter what i will get this game for ps3 since i doubt that Nintendo would allow to have a game like this on their platform, but i would gladly buy it for wii u if it would be available for it...



dumedum said:

I have no doubt it will be on the Wii U. We will see an avalanche of third party announcements. It is just so cool that companies will have to take advantage of it and they will learn from Ubisoft that it's profitable. It was a bit intimidating at first with a slow start but Nintendo has been working hard to change that. It usually takes Nintendo at least a year to get things going right. Development for Nintendo always takes a lot of time and these first party games push and move the hardware.



banacheck said:

A big if, if GTA V comes out on the Wii U just hope it sells well, because that game could seal the consoles fate being one of the biggest games of 2013.



marck13 said:

I only get it if it comes for WiiU. My opinion is that this titel NEEDS to come and that Iwata must take control that it does. This is a big part of the third party support that will do good for Nintendo and the system. It will also reflect my way of thinking about Rockstar Games, because I believe GTA V would be best on the WiiU anyway and there must be something wrong with them if they don't want to bring it to the Wii U.



MadAdam81 said:

Even if it doesn't come to Wii U, it shows how easy it is to create ports, when a dev team does it for fun.



MAB said:

If they can give me a Manhunt 3 for WiiU that would be much appreciated as I haven't really been interested in GTA since 3 & Vice City... But I guess I will have to be forced to buy 5 just for the sake of my fellow dudebro's



Jock_Nerd said:

As much as I would want to support a third party game on Wii U, I would very likely buy GTA V on my 360 for the simple fact of online multiplayer with friends/family who also have a 360 and headset to communicate.



QBertFarnsworth said:

@RikuzeYre GTA games are fun. People might dismiss them because they are controversial, but they are fairly well put together. The content of the game isn't much worse than what you'd see in Goodfellas or on The Sopranos, but people got bent out of shape because it was a video game. If video games are about letting you do things you either never could or never would do in real life (be a super hero, fight in World War II, win a Super Bowl, fight a dragon, etc.), then GTA is that game that lets you pretend you are involved in organized crime.

The game can be funny both intentionally such as something characters do or say, or it can be funny with the situations that are created by game play. Some of the best games allow you to experiment with "What happens if I...". This game is chock full of "what happens if I..." situations.



erv said:

If it's good.

It's still not monster hunter in its current form. Nor is it pikmin.



Wiidsguy said:

I would check it out. Plus I would like to see the miiverese for the game. That is my favorite feature about wiiu games.



JJtheTexan said:

I certainly hope it comes to Wii U. But it could be a double-edged sword... yes, it would give Wii U some much-needed core cred, but on the other hand if it sells poorly compared to PlayStation 4 / Xbox 3 / PS3 / Xbox 360 versions, it will be the poster child for not developing core third-party titles on Wii U.



AtomicToaster said:

Of course I'd buy gtav on wiiu not even a question! I don't see this as impossible we got bully and manhunt.



mikeyman64 said:

I would love to play GTA V on the Wii U. I am planning on buying it regardless, but Wii U would be better yet.



Gamer83 said:

It would be huge for Nintendo to get this on Wii U, especially because I believe it won't show up on PS4 or the next Xbox. I'm still going with the PS3 version but the more people who get to enjoy this, the better.



StarDust4Ever said:

Lego City is basically a giant GTA clone. FYI, if GTA-V uses the gamepad in a similar fashion, I just might break my usual mold and buy it.



JSuede said:

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Nintendo showed R* the swapping mechanic in Pikmin 3 that is a lot like the one in GTAV, and Rockstar went "Hey, that's pretty cool. It works really well with the gamepad. Let's do it"....or something to that extent.

If this get's announced for the Wii U (I am optimistic that it will) it instantly becomes the platform I buy the game on. Same can be said for any third party game really. I don't know if I'll buy Splinter Cell, but if I play it, it will most likely be on Wii U. I already bought Deus Ex, played through it enough to get burnt out on it, traded it in for something else.....but I still plan on buying the Wii U version due to the changes.



StephenWizardHD said:

Iwata was apparently known in Japan for keeping good relationships with 3rd party devs in Japan. Hopefully he could bring that to North America as the new CEO of NOA and get us GTA V.



zPxVHD said:

Of course. I think that GTA 5 would be great on the wii u and with the gamepad.

Also, if rockstar managed to bring out GTA Chinatown wars on the ds, then why not bring number 5 out on the wii u.



zPxVHD said:

Yes. I definately think that gta v should come on the wii u because firstly, rockstar have bought out a few of there titles already on WII and they have already bought out a gta game on DS. So if they have done that, then I think that they should bring the proper gta third party experience to the wii u.

Secondly, the wii u has proven that it can handle 720p and 1080p (HD) with quite a few games like black ops 2, mass effect 3, assassins creed 3 and batman arkham city. Also keep in mind that mass effect 3 was an xbox EXCLUSIVE. Also think about the other games that are being released for wii u like watchdogs, splintercell, and deus ex.

Thirdly, with these games in mind, the wii u has proven that it isn't just a family or a children's console because of these couple of rated 18 games.

And last but not least, bringing gta v to the wii u would definately increase its sales by quite a big margin which would also prove to ps3 and xbox 360 owners that the wii u is a big league console like xbox 360 and ps3.



Silent_Ratings said:

I would so buy GTA 5 or any GTA if it came out on wii u it's the only console I have and I'm tired of going to friends house to play it

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