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Rewind, EA Is In Fact Developing Games For The Wii U

Posted by Orla Madden

Um, what?

It's been less than a week since we brought you the news that Electronic Arts confessed it had zero games in development for the Wii U. This didn't sit particularly well with you lovely readers, especially when Senior Software Engineer and Architect at EA, Bob Summerwill, blasted Nintendo's latest console on Twitter.

Time to backtrack just a little bit, as during the Stifel Nicolaus 2013 Internet, Media and Communications Conference, EA's chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, reportedly stated that the company is indeed developing games for the system.

Although this all well and good, it was also mentioned that EA isn't making as many games for the Wii U as it is for the upcoming systems from Microsoft and Sony.

When asked which console would go to the top of the podium this generation, Jorgensen had this to say:

You know, I think Nintendo's business was more [an] extension of their last console.

I think what the consumer will find is a lot more powerful gameplay with the new boxes that are coming out, and a lot of excitement, but it'll remain to be seen as to the services associated with those as to how consumers decide which direction they might want to go.

What are your thoughts on this news, are you happy EA is now involved — as promised before — in expanding the Wii U's library? As always, let us know by dropping a comment below.


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Neram said:

Well, the Xbox One is just an extension of Microsoft's last console, so I think this guy is wrong about the "new boxes" being more exciting.

I get the feeling that EA really doesn't know what's going on out there.




I'm glad Ninty is trying to do what they're doing with or without EA. Consoles are tending towards just become computers nowadays and frankly if I wanted that I'd just buy a computer. good to see Ninty still into making a game console.



C7_ said:

EA needs to stop announcing total partnership, and then immediately supporting the competition.

Seriously, you're making yourselves look silly as well as a terrible corporation with cancerous business practices. The Xbox One conference was an insult to gamers, but at least I have Nintendo exclusives on the WiiU and perhaps I may pick up a PS4 this time around if there's enough original IP on that as well. Sports games don't improve enough to justify yearly releases, and I can guarantee all of the fancy new AI they boasted about will go almost entirely unnoticed by the vast majority of the players anyway.



Ichiban said:

Cant wait for everyone to change their tone from 'EA sucks' to 'EA has great games!' Blah blah etc



Auracle said:

I must have missed the announcement for National Developer Flip-Flop Month.
If EA wants to support Wii U, more power to them. I can't say any of their games are particularly appealing to me, but it's nice to have some third parties.



Tertis said:

Make up your mind, you're almost as indecisive as I am when debating over getting the new Zelda or 3D Mario game.



BraveBold5 said:

EA do a THQ please
Let all your Ips and the good workers you have go to another publisher so that you can save all the good IPs that you are trashing



ueI said:

I know some are sick of the "unprecedented support" joke, but... I really don't know of any precedent to this.



tsm7 said:

Disney..Star Wars ..done... Making more for the competition was always a given anyways.



Luis_Gimpy said:

EA was on a date with Microsoft and at the end of the night NIntendo was the only one there to drive them home safe. I think EA is going to figure out soon enough that the game industry is for games not to earn money form the consumer. Money is just a medium for the drug that cumsumes us all.



Tertis said:

But, still, this is good. No EA support for any console is embarrassing, really, they support all mainstream consoles out on the market now.



Sgt_Garlic said:

I wonder if this is Disney's doing. I expect Disney wants Star Wars games on the Wii U.



Yosh said:

I was a little relieved they weren't going to shovel garbage onto the wii u, but oh well



Aviator said:

I'd like to see where Jorgensen actually said this. The article posted other comments, so that one shouldn't be too hard to find.



Zup said:

so.... why do they always have those words in brackets when they're quoting someone?



bassoongoon said:

Haha, seems they have already lost all support from Nintendo fans. I liked how this guy trashes on the Wii U by saying that it is more of an extension of Nintendo's previous console. Not the best thing to say when making such an announcement.



CasuallyDressed said:

It's 2:30am and I'm really tired. However, I've read this quote about 20 times now on three different websites. Where does it say, or even imply, that EA are making games for Wii U again?



MadAdam81 said:

@MeowGravy EA publishes some pretty good games, especially the Bioware and Criterion ones, and when they bought Maxis Sim City 2000 & Sim City 4 were pretty good. FIFA is okay, but most of the rest is not that great.



Sean_Aaron said:

The only thing I want from EA is to fix the repeat crashing in Need for Speed Most Wanted U when I press the Home button after a long play session.

Otherwise it would be nice if they had some kind of spokesperson who represented them and spoke when there was something to say - you know, like a normal company?



bizcuthammer said:

I dont really care about EA itself, but they do own bioware and star wars now, and i like those. But EA's games they develop themselves are mostly garbage. And EA treats consumers like trash, too, so its gonna be really hard for me to bring myself to buy games like mass effect and star wars knowing EA profits from it, but if its a truly good game, i'll end up getting it at some point... Possibly used lol, just to piss EA off.



rjejr said:

@Savino - funniest thing I read all day.

Since there weren't actually any quotes, any possibility EA representatives are confusing Nintendo with WiiU, as in no WiiU games but 3DS games are coming? Or no games with no new IP for WiiU? All we ever get are soundbites. EA is pretty big, maybe 1 division doesn't even know what games the others are publishing?



ajcismo said:

Again, they keep assuming people will flock to a powerful machine, but yet nobody will mention a price.



SirQuincealot said:

and they wonder why they are hated?

honestly all i want from them is a decent version of an nhl game on the 3ds



ajcismo said:

Disney does NOT want to alienate the Nintendo audience, who would comprise much of their audience already. It would not surprise me if the Disney brass has already informed EA to "fix" its relationship with Big N. Personally, I believe EA will be bought outright by Disney by the end of 2015.



Captain_Gonru said:

For me, I'm not that interested in what they've put out lately. I could, however, be won back. Give me Command and Conquer with touchscreen control, and I'll give you money. Or a new Mercenaries game. Or, dip into your Genesis/MegaDrive history for reboots/remakes. General Chaos, anyone?



Trikeboy said:

Maybe they realised that Xbox One looks like crap and people who want to play games are yet to be convinced by the machine. It is more likely that Disney wants games on the Wii U though.



Link41x said:

EA will continue to see Horrific sales on Wii U especially considering they alienated the core audience from day one.....



andrea987 said:

"You know, I think Nintendo's business was more [an] extension of their last console," Jorgensen said today. "We are building titles for the Nintendo console, but not anywhere near as many as we are for PS or Xbox." - Polygon



SirQuincealot said:

@Link41x man why does everyone in gaming have to be so petty? the fans the companies even the reviewers and the retailers? can't we all just grow up and respect that we all share the same love for gaming?



DarkKirby said:

What happened to EA's commitment that Nintendo was garbage and the other new consoles will kill the Wii U? Did someone from EA outside of the sports games mass manufacturing department see the Xbox One reveal?



jon45030 said:

i still think the wii u will be better because i just wacheed the new xbox one conference and my opinion is that it kind of looks silly in my appinion its looks exactly like a CD-i lol



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

So first Microsoft can't make its mind up on the One's features (Used games, always online, etc.) and now EA?

Can no one make an announcement without making a big U turn these days? @_@



UnseatingKDawg said:

OK, at this point, I really don't care. What I wish is that these guys finally make up their darn minds.



ungibbed said:

Having support from EA if you like them or not, is crucial to survival for any game system. Even if you can't stand a majority of what they put out.

That and keeping shovelware off the Wii U.



DarkNinja9 said:

eh it makes them look rly rly stupid if you ask me not to mention they dont even know whats going on or what to do just passing back and forth going well maybe or maybe not like the gif above me xD

but maybe they decided wii u might be easier to bring games after the whole xbox one thing?



AVahne said:

EA showed me that they're the biggest suck ups in the entire industry during the Xbox One unveiling, so it's not surprising that they did a backtrack while glorifying the two upcoming consoles.



R_Champ said:


EA still sucks IMO. Doesn't matter what system they are or aren't on. Any company that can ruin an amazing dev like Bioware is nothing but bad.



TomJ said:

I feel the way you look, Reggie old pal.
@MrSRArter: How is the XBox One controversial?
@TwilightV: How do you insert videos and pictures like that? Please explain, I'd appreciate it.



Wintendo said:

I laugh at all the people in these comments that think they know more about the gaming industry than EA.



marck13 said:

Truly no one cares unless they deliver good software. ..and THAT might takes some time.
On a less cynical note, I am really sad they act like complete idiots, they could have and still could earn some love by putting out a great version of the new sim city on the Wii U.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

The only thing I'd buy from them right now is a great Star Wars game for Wii U, or perhaps on 3DS. Everything else they can shove somewhere not eager to be shoved.



GamerZack87 said:

Meh, all that interests me from EA is The Sims and Spore anyway. The PC/Mac releases, not the console spin-offs or iOS shovelware. If I want to play a game on my Nintendo consoles, it will likely be Nintendo IP or Sonic the Hedgehog.



Pichuka97 said:

It's funny how that unprecedented partnership never turned out the way it was planned. Now games are disappearing and sort of appearing on Wii U from EA. Then at the Xbox reveal, surprise surprise, EA is 100% in it for the Xbox One. My first thought is WTF, why would you screw Nintendo over like that after all the good years you've had bringing games to Nintendo systems. Then it hit me, this is EA were talking about. Nice one EA, you pretty much just punched me (and other fans) in the gut and are leaving it at that. Somebody give these guys a medal.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@CasuallyDressed I'm not hating in Orla, she just left out a line in the quote and paraphrased it instead. Here is the full quote:

“You know I will ultimately let consumers vote on PS vs. Xbox. You know I think Nintendo’s business was more of an extension of their last console. We are building titles for the Nintendo consoles, but not anywhere near as many as we are for PS or Xbox. You know, what I think the consumer will find is a lot more powerful gameplay with the new boxes that are coming out, and a lot of excitement, but it will remain to be seen as to the services associated with those how the consumers decide which direction they want to go.”

-EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen



Meaty-cheeky said:

@Midnight3DS that's a big possibility, Nintendo losing the EA Sports games would be a huge loss to the Wii U. Even though Most of us here in NL know that most of their games are poop.



Daggo said:

At first I was a bit concerned for lack of EA "exclusivity", because my little brother loves playing soccer on Wii, but then I remembered he actually plays PES, so no problem here if they go Xbox One second-party or something XD



Yodelman64 said:

Yeah, I am happy that EA has some game for wii u because they ahve alot fo big IPS. But are they going to put any of their good games onto the wii u or just fill it up with sport games and the such. that is the really important question



Kage_88 said:

So... EA lied?


Still, any 3rd-party support is good for Nintendo; regardless of my personal feelings.

Heck, maybe everything will be forgiven if I get another Boom Blox, EA...



lerobadey said:

You know, I just came here to tell some things that are really bothering me. First of all, EA will go back and forth until it really finds the best-selling console to put games on. I live in Brazil and I was searching around national gamers sites and the only thing I saw were articles said to be comparing next generation consoles, but only PS4 and Xbox One were there. Stopping to reading one of them, I found this: Because Nintendo Wii U console does not have the graphical capacity as Sony and Microsoft consoles, it is already out of the competion of the new generation's best console. IT JUST PISSES ME OFF. Here everyone is really, REALLY a "yo dude look at this poop lmfao" fanboy from Sony and Microsoft. What they want are just better graphics and a first-person shooter where they can kill everybody. Sorry, I just wanted to tell you this. Not to mention that, for example, when Wii U arrives here, it will cost around R$1800 (~U$900), if not more.



Jukilum said:

If I were Microsoft I would have asked EA to please not use the word "partnership" during the presentation. I can't help but think that there's a disaster waiting to happen. Again.

The only EA game I plan on buying is a used EA game from now on.



nik1470 said:

Wow that was faster than I expected that U-turn, mind you the "excitment" for the new consoles does seem a little muted to me.



AcesHigh said:

Called it when everyone was getting uppidy about them sayin' they had no games in development. (sorry. LOL!)

Simply put, it would be financially irresponsible of them to ignore 1/3 of the installed userbase (or 1/4 at the least) for simple ports in the very least. There was never any danger of them not making games for Wii U.



Williaint said:

I couldn't have said it better myself. Last E3 Microsoft was insisting on all you needed was the 360 to toast your bread, start you microwave, etc...



MasterGraveheart said:

Just give us the Mass Effect Trilogy and you can go about your business EA. I can go back to ignoring you. As for sports games, I'm a baseball/hockey guy, so you have nothing for me.



valcoholic said:

@MasterGraveheart Oh yes, ME Trilogy!
Although NFS Most Wanted U also is one hell of a great game, so it would be sad to miss the next game from criterion.
But in the end, it was all about Star Wars. My guess is, Lucas Arts used to have some kind of understanding or maybe even a partnership with Nintendo which is now moving things like they are. Certainly it wasn't EAs plan to get back to Nintendo that fast, but in the end I'm glad. EA may suck like hell, but still they are huge and having at least the Star Wars support from em will help the WiiU.



Luffy said:

mark my words I'll never buy an EA game ever again. Thats it. MY LOSS! I DONT CARE! I'm stubborn as hell like that.



Gorlokk said:

"I think what the consumer will find is a lot more powerful gameplay with the new boxes that are coming out, and a lot of excitement,"
You know what? I'm getting tired of hearing stuff like this, especially when it's EA saying it. Powerful and exciting gameplay, huh? I feel like I don't really see that often nowadays, and quite frankly, when I do find a good, game, it isn't usually a graphically intense game at all. Why do companies insist they need better hardware to make better games? That is just false.



Einherjar said:

I hope that EA doesnt cound on their stuff to sell after that twitter accident Thi sis hilarious, i mean, how untrustworthy, how unlikeable and simply, how evil can this company get ?



PinkSpider said:

Im not the biggest sports fan but after EAs childish comments about Wii U they have lost any sales from me.



mingzu said:

Sorry but i can't see this as a reason that EA is making real Wii U games right now. Maybe they will bring some dance or music games to the Wii U but nothing more.



The-Chosen-one said:

lol, because both ps4 and xbox one Conferences, really sucked, and they did not add anything new, it was really to soon for a new console, they havent even used all the abilities of the ps3, and now they are coming with a ps4, and new Xbox One... while in graphics it doesnt add anything new, only minor details which i dont even care about, to pay like 6/700 euro for it lol. i think i'll just stay with my WiiU, my PC, and my X360



Omarsonic9 said:

After 3 days:
EA is not developing games for Wii U.

After 3 more days:
Oh, EA IS developing games for Wii U.

and so on..



Burning_Spear said:

Nintendo's new console is an "extension of their last console" but PS4 and XBox One are not extensions of their predecessors? To me, Wii U represents the sharpest turn by any of the three new consoles. Of course, he used that word "powerful." Why use your imagination when power is available?



dumedum said:

What does the consumer "find" when they choose EA as the worst company in the U.S of A?

I know what I "find". I "find" that I'm never buying EA crap, not even those games that are good on the Wii U, and I'm buying Nintendo games which I prefer.

So all this EA stuff should go to EADeath and not NintendoLife at the end of the day.



dumedum said:

I just realized I own two games by EA in my library: Dead Space Extraction and Boom Blox Party. Ugh.



Dogpigfish said:

Pretty bold going gunghoe on unproven systems. It's doubtful they will do well in America.



hYdeks said:

the wii u won't see as many as ps4 and one...hmm...maybe cause the games they won't get are the shooters and sports? doesn't hurt my feelings one bit, I play sports OUTSIDE lol And for shooters, unless it's like Borderlands, Fallout, Bioshock, or some kinda first person 3D contra game, I could care less



Marshi said:

@C7_ Totally agree dude.At least now we know that all the "hate" coming from ea was just a business decision as clearly this partnership with m$ was made months ago.Maybe now people will take all the unproffesional and downright rude nonsense ea was spouting about wiiu as exactly that...



FritzFrapp said:

Dear Mr Jorgensen of EA,
I'd be prepared to put my house on a bet that I have more "powerful gameplay", whatever the hell that is, and fun on Wii U than on PS4 or Xbox The Last One.



banacheck said:

What does it matter because EA are not making some of there biggest games for Wii U anyway.


Think before you speak Borderlands is FPS, and unoriginal according to you...

And Nintendos games are mostly rehashes of older games, which some have been going of many many years, yes very original.



LordGeovanni said:

This actually ticks me off even more. EA decided to say "Screw Nintendo and the WiiU". Then when their actions have consequences that they don't like they "correct" the "mistake in explaining" their WiiU activities. I think that they just started a game today/yesterday and are (correctly) stating that they are working on a game for the WiiU.

I really love Soccer (Futbol for the traditionalists). I have never actually played FIFA because I just hate EA that much. I actually was planning to get this game. On the WiiU. Even if they release it I still will refuse after all this.

Just keep in mind that they screwed us over yet again and then want to suck up to us because we told them "NO!". EA is just a petulant child that always wants things their way.



FullbringIchigo said:

i'm guessing all this talk of a bit more support for the Wii U is because MS bombed at their press conference

and maybe Disney also told them they want their Star Wars games on every platform because we all know Disney love money so they wouldn't want to pee off the Nintendo crowd think how much they would lose with no Star Wars on Wii U and 3DS

still i wonder what this "special partnership with Microsoft for xbox one" (stupid name) that EA said they had is all about



Moshugan said:

This is really confusing PR. Who are these people?
BTW, am I the only one who sees some promise in Xbox One? I predict that it will have good commercial success.



Volmun said:

@banacheck that's generally the point in sequalls and prequalls.... look at haw moste franchises diy as soon as thay change the game too mutch... best example i can give of the top of my head is Ratchit and Clank past Crack in time all the recent games have bean dredfull. Fand continue to buy mario1 2 3 ect as thay WANT TO PLAY Mario.. not something thats nothing like it.



Rect_Pola said:

Whatever. EA's practices (over years and years) have made bearing their logo a warning sign.



LittleIrves said:

Not sure if someone else has noticed this, but looks like Bob Summerwill or whatever his name is (EA guy who slammed WiiU) hasn't tweeted since May 17th. Hmmm...... looks like someone got the umbrella hook around the neck.



TheAdrock said:

More developers the better for the U, I suppose. Personally I couldn't care less if EA went straight to hell and we never heard from them again.



Sir_Deadly said:

I hate when some singles out a console and say its and upgrade or extension of the last one. But correct me if i am wrong but isnt that the point of a gen of consoles? they are all upgrades and extensions of what they were before.



GiftedGimp said:

So after treating WiiU owners like sh** in one way and another they decided that now it won't upset the partnership with microsoft they will actually tel WiiU owners that some EA games will be released on WiiU.
You know what EA.. Stick em up your booty!



Dpishere said:

Personal feelings aside, it is good to see EA being on board for the Wii U, even if we won't be getting as many games as the other consoles. This gives me hope that we will get the Star Wars games, as another Bioware developed Star Wars rpg would be a great addition to the Wii U's library.




SCREW THIS A-HOLE!! I'M NOT BUYING ANY OF THEIR CRAP!! Some people actually are eating this crap up!! He still had to say some BS in his statement:

"oh it's an extension of the old console"

"I feel consumers will find a much more powerful gameplay on the new boxes"

Whatever EA the only way you'll get a PENNY out of me is if you put Battlefield and the Star Wars games on the Wii U LIKE YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING IN THE FIRST PLACE!! Otherwise GET OUT OF MY FACE!!



BATRA said:

i think that disney has something to do with this wind disney tell ea to jump they jump to the wii u



Judah_83 said:


Nintendo begging EA to come bacC? Child Please!!!! After that lackluster snooze fest that was the Xbone (lol) reveal I would say nintendo is sittin pretty. chuuuuccchh

LMAOOOO that 50 cent ish is hilarious! Ninty is ROTFL at xbone



Judah_83 said:

I bet konami is pissed off lol. They wanted all Wii U soccer fans to flock to PES 2014 if and when its announced without the threat of competition from EA's juggernaut, FIFA. Oh well you cant win them all and I guess competition makes everyone better



element187 said:

@MeowGravy Nope, sorry, still cannot stand dudebro games, so EA is still irrelevant to me. I'm not interested in modern combat shooters, I'm not interested in space marine shooters, and I'm not interested in Football/Soccer titles... I am done with dudebro games.

I just wish Criterion would shop around for a new publisher... NFS:MWU bombed because it had the EA logo on the box.. .if it said Ubisoft or Activision it would have moved 10 times as many copies.



MasterGraveheart said:

@valcoholic Y'know, the funny thing? It /might/ have been Disney who asked EA not to break the partnership with Nintendo because they get along with Nintendo and want to reach maximum markets. So, because of them, we /might/ be getting the Star Wars titles at least.

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