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Poll: Wii U Hardware Revisions and Accessories, There's No Escape

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tell us what you'd like to come West

So, who had between 6-7 months for the first Wii U hardware revision announcement? If you did, "A Winner is You!!" We're not talking about bundles, here, as we've had a few of those, but actual changes to the hardware at a manufacturing level; these can involve new colours or, as confirmed today, tweaks to built-in storage. Nintendo has confirmed that a 32GB White Wii U will arrive in Japan on 13th July, which will be available at the exact same price as the black equivalent, at 31,500 Yen.

First of all, today's announcement didn't have a sneaky price-cut, for anyone wondering, as 31,500 Yen has been the 32GB model price in Japan from day one, so there's that. We also can't help but wonder whether this will trigger a phasing out of the 8GB Basic model, as reports after the system's launch suggested that it'd been a bit of a flop compared to the pricier option. It's sold some units, no doubt, but it's telling that Satoru Iwata addressed sales issues with the model in the U.S. back in January, as it became clear that in those early days the Deluxe model was selling out, while the Basic equivalents were spotted to be gathering dust on various shelves. Here's what the Nintendo President said:

It was the first time Nintendo released two models of the game console at the same time ... and I believe there was a challenge with balancing this. Specifically, inventory levels for the premium, deluxe package was unbalanced as many people wanted that version and couldn't find it.

We suspect the reasoning was simple; unless consumers had a specific hankering for the white colour, it represented poor value at $50 less. It doesn't have Nintendo Land, has less plastic stands, doesn't include Nintendo Network Premium membership, and the 8GB of internal memory is low enough to be barely worthwhile — 32GB isn't a huge amount of space, but is a more useful starting point. This new model gives new consumers a colour choice with those same Deluxe extras — though Nintendo Land isn't bundled in Japan — and if this isn't announced for the West during E3, we'll be amazed.

Two other accessories are on the way to Nintendo's homeland, one of which takes advantage of the wise choice by Nintendo to make GamePad battery replacements simple for the user to carry out. The new 2550mAh battery pack will supposedly give the GamePad up to eight hours of battery life, comfortably more than double the default offering, and will cost 3,150 Yen (about $31 / £20). There's also an official Wii Remote rechargeable battery and fast charger — 4,200 Yen (approx $41 / £27) for the battery and charger or 2,625 Yen ($26 / £17) for just the battery — and a Wii Remote/Nintendo Land bundle, though the latter may not necessarily make it to the West due to the aforementioned Deluxe bundle including the game.

We're curious which of these latest offerings you'd snap up if they come West, as all offer something of value under the right circumstances. We've also got some speculative polls for you to consider on other Wii U accessories or hardware modifications you'd like to see from Nintendo (as opposed to third parties), such as GamePad skins — here's an awesome Famicom example — console decals and more. We also speculate on alternative Wii U console colours, because they have to happen at some point, right? To avoid confusion all but the first poll are for fun, we don't have an inside track on any of these actually coming to market!

Which of the confirmed products for Japan would you buy first? (649 votes)

White 32GB Wii U - I just gotta have it


I'd go for the improved GamePad battery


Wii Remote rechargeable battery all the way


The Wii Remote/Nintendo Land bundle


None of them, thanks


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What alternative Wii U console colour would you like to buy? (644 votes)













Ugh, those colours are all horrible


My colour of choice isn't there


Rather than colours, I want more internal storage, such as 500GB


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Which of these (fictional) first-party Wii U offerings would you like the most? (611 votes)

A load of rad (and official) GamePad/console decals from my favourite franchises


NFC character figurines that can also be used for eShop payments


A GamePad Mini controller, with a smaller screen


A new R.O.B. for Wii U, because robots are surely better nowadays...


I want some other wacky idea not listed above


None of the above


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User Comments (102)



Jayvir said:

I think it would be awesome if they replace eshop cards with NFC figures. I know I'd purchase them instead of using a credit card for sure!



WingedSnagret said:

Huh, that's funny. Just before reading this article I wondered what it would be like if R.O.B. came back as a Wii U feature.

And nice to see that blue is most wanted on the color poll.



SpinelessOyster said:

A gamepad battery for sure. I havent had alot of problems with it, because Ive got it on the lowest display. But it would be nice if I had to worry less about it running out during Lego City.



Daggo said:

I'd like to see a Wii U with that gamecube-like purple xD (or orange)



b_willers said:

A capacitive touch screen, but they could start by getting rid of the rattling noise the pad makes



Burning_Spear said:

Not to be picky, but I wouldn't consider this a hardware revision. Everything offered is already available. You just couldn't get the specific combination of white and 32 GB.

But I will be first in line for the GamePad battery when it hits the U.S.



C-Olimar said:

GamePad Mini isn't wacky. I thought that when they begin selling seperate GamePads there should be a cheaper option.



bassoongoon said:

I agree with b_willers that the pad rattling is annoying. I bought the Wii U basic to save money (ironically I ended up later buying Nintendo land). What a mistake that was: terrible storage space (almost entirely used up from the day 1 patch), plus none of the extra nice things included with the deluxe. Don't get me wrong, I love the Wii U, and the games that I have for it, I just feel kind of ripped off. I should have gone with the deluxe.



bassoongoon said:

Also, Iwata-san did a better job at not making a mess when unboxing the Wii U than I did HAHAHA



ULTRA-64 said:

I just want a more finger print friendly finnish, don't mind the black( but would've got purple if it was there). Also, a deluxe gamepad with gorilla glass and with some tweaks on the design and the bigger battery would be worth getting!



Megumi said:

I miss the systems like back in the GBC/A days where their cases were all see-through.



GiftedGimp said:

Think the Wii Pro controller has analog triggers, but the WiiU one doesn't for some strange reason.
Not owned Wii or Wii Pro Controller so only going on whar I've heard, but WiiU's Pro controller definatley does not have analog triggers, I know as I do own one.



Peach64 said:

I never realised just how bad the Wii U Gamepad battery was until today. I'd have to leave the thing plugged in constantly. Hopefully those become standard sooner rather than later. Not that bothered about internal storage as it's so cheap and easy to plug in a huge external drive, but it would be a nice bonus I suppose.



FullbringIchigo said:

i voted for the Wii U Gamepad battery but i also want the Wii Remote rechargeable battery and Dock too

as for storage that's not a problem as the Wii U is compatible with external drives up to 1tb or was it 2tb? anyway it's not a problem



AlternateButtons said:

The GamePad battery isn't horrible by my standards, but it would be nice if it extended to 8 hours rather than 4-5. I'd also prefer the white model simply because I can't STAND the shiny finger print magnet color of the Black model. Seriously, WHY is it shiny?! It looks nice and all but when I play for hours on end, it often ends up looking incredibly smudged. How about a Black model that ISN'T shiny? That'd be great.




The majority votes appear to be the common sense answers at the moment. The 32gb storage cap is poor if u want eShop to succeed. The whole colours thing is just silly, black or white is fine. Wii u game pad battery needs to be better if u want the mh3u gamers to have fulfilment in that game and other similar games. The current Nintendo ups are brilliant, wouldn't mind another, but more sensibly behaved 3rd party would help a variety in the library



Gunnerholic said:

I really want Nintendo home consoles to be how they used to be circa N64 era, with the translucent myriad of colours, it made the controllers and systems very personal and also collectible.



Nintend0ro said:

White Wii U with 32 was supposed to be at launch anyway. It wasn't fair white ones came with 8 GB. Anyway, I'd rather see matte finish no matter what colour



jayblue said:

gamepad battery always cuts out playing fifa 13 im jaybirdy1 and i play with gamepad for those that a beating me with there fancy controllers lol.



nik1470 said:

What's up with the lack of votes for R.O.B I mean come on people its like a freaking co-op robot who doesn't want that!



rjejr said:

Thanks for the pricing info, got my hopes up earlier.

And I agree then with whoever sad this isn't really a revision, it's an extra color. Do you call every 3DS color a "hardware revision"?

So does this mean in Japan they offer the white w/ both 8GB and 32GB but neither has Nintendo Land? What's the price difference there and why would anybody buy 8GB?

12 days to E3.



TG1 said:

It might be a hardware revision in the strictest sense, but I also agree that the headline is a bit misleading. Now having two choices of 32 GB models is nice, but the white casing is the only change.



Lalivero said:

I'm glad I'm apparently not the only one to want an orange Wii U! White and Black are boring.

A mini gamepad would be neat too and I'm looking forward to the official rechargeable wiimote battery. Is it the Plus that will be bundled with the console?



TheAdrock said:

1. Faster CPU.
2. Upgraded gamepad battery.
In that order. Don't care one bit about colors or gimmicks.



Drewroxsox said:

I want to see green,gold, and silver Wii U's. if they released all three, I wouldn't know which one to get.



R_Champ said:


Completely agree with you. Any extra external storage could be gotten cheaper with the generic type. We saw how MS and Sony just jacked up the price but made it required (I've only used maybe 100 GB or my Xbox360 HDD and I install all my games). Longer life gamepad would be awesome. 3 hours is usually fine, but I hate the times I'm scrambling for the AC adapter when that red light starts blinking in the middle of an online match!



LonDonE said:

@MatthewRPG pro controller does not have analogue triggers, they are digital, and are either on or off, obviously analogue is better, the harder you press the more in game feed back, etc, like the analogue sticks, this type of triggers is needed mainly for driving or racing games, shame, since the game cube pad had awesome triggers which were analogue, i dont know why Nintendo failed with that, they are usually the controller kings, how much more could it had really cost them to include analogue triggers instead of digital ones



Burning_Spear said:

@R_Champ said: "3 hours is usually fine, but I hate the times I'm scrambling for the AC adapter when that red light starts blinking in the middle of an online match!"

Speaking of which, they really need to provide some kind of on-TV-screen alert that power is nearly dead. There have been times when I've gotten caught up in the game and was lucky to look down and see the red light blinking.



ledreppe said:

Longer GamePad battery life upgrade for sure. Will be keeping close eye on a western release, cause 5 hours isn't good for longer sessions without having to have the ac plugged in.



tripunktoj said:

Voted green (best option listed), but my dream is a clear (translucent) or platinum WiiU



Tender_Cutlet said:

The Gamepad battery is a no brainer - especially if you like to play games like MH3U for long periods online.

The white 8GB console's relative failure is directly related to Nintendo's poor global advertising of Wii U. It's target audience is the pick-up-and-play casual market that bought into the Wii when motion controls has their 5mins of novelty, trendiness back in the mid '00s. Sadly for Nintendo they have hardly bothered to tell these people that Wii U even exists and for those that have heard, they probably glance over at the white Wii gathering dust by their telly and think about saving for the latest Apple technology instead.

You want to sell more units Nintendo? Then put you hands in your deep pockets and spend some of that Wii cash on a proper global TV campaign!



Conkers64 said:

I would be thrilled with the colors from the later N64s or the Gameboy pockets! Heck I'd like the Japanese GC orange color. I'm just played out on black or white.



HeatBombastic said:

A gamepad mini seems like a good solution for selling Wii U gamepads for a cheaper price when there's duel gamepad support.



ccanfield1 said:

One of the features I like is off TV play of games on the gamepad. So a smaller gamepad is not something I would like, mainly because of that. Extended battery life is something that is essential for both the Wii U gamepad and the next 3DS. NFC characters would be cool too.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Improved Battery for the Game Pad will be great - hopefully I won't have to wait too long. But then, if Nyko releases their internal battery pack...



Bengals76 said:

I want a wireless headset 'made by Nintendo' and a great online coop game to play with my friends!! Can I get some yeahs?!!



Bengals76 said:

I want a wireless headset 'made by Nintendo' and a great online coop game to play with my friends!! Can I get some yeahs?!!



SCAR said:

Why the heck did people vote bigger internal memory? Just go buy an ext. HDD. They are cheaper, and can allow more space. Not only is that the only option, but it's a good option to have, instead of being forced to have one built in.



TreesenHauser said:

Nintendo Land with a Wii remote. Give us that, bundle a different game with the Wii U Deluxe models and we're in business!



TreesenHauser said:

@SCAR392 Valid point. I already have an external storage solution for my console and it's great. However, lots of people are put off by the lack of internal storage on the Wii U, especially in a gaming landscape where consoles with a bundled 320GB (and then some) of storage has become mainstream.



b23cdq said:

NFC figurines to pay in eshop? Hmm, could be cool, if done properly. But I'd rather get Pokemon Rumble U.



MetalKingShield said:

I'd just like a controller with analogue triggers and with contours that fit in your hand as well as the GameCube pad. It's probably too late for Wii U games to use analogue triggers, unfortunately, but the GameCube still needs it (and could appear on Virtual Console). Many, many GameCube games made use of the analogue triggers - far more than you might think.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i'd like a purple Wii U but I'll just get a skin for mine and make it purple anyways lol
I'd buy the White Wii U deluxe version if it comes out in the West because I don't have a Wii U yet



DrSlump said:

@Hysterical I use ni-mh batteries, wich are cheap, durable and easy to replace. A 2400mAH battery kit can last a week at least. I have really no need of a rechargable remote control, i would have to stop playing and put it on recharge instead of simply exchange the batteries.



DrSlump said:

It would be great if nintendo made a nice looking base where to put my wii u on vertical position wich includes a big 2.5" storage inside.



NiBar said:

It would be nice if the Wii U console was scratch proof, but lots of fine scratches will appear when you just dust of the maschine .Put it up in the light and it will show. You can even make scratches by sliding your finger across it. I can now understand why Iwata used gloves to unwrap the Wii U. Maybe it's only my black one, but I doubt. I will keep mine in the dark. Luckily no scratch issues on Gamepad.



murphy77 said:

i would rather have a gamepad that i could take further from my tv maybe they could make something to plug into the usb port and something you could plug into a wall socket in the area you want to play in my game pad cant go to far from my wii u



Pj1 said:

I'd love to turn my game pad into a snes decor or whatever its called, I'd love also better battery life on the game pad but it's a good way to take a break....



takyon98 said:

1:more storage because it can get pricey buying usb hard drives
2: faster CPU.
3: just a thought) maybe be able to upgrade the wiiU's RAM and core processors when its done all it can do with its hardware
4:being able to use the gamepad microphone with gameand having a mic jack on the pro controller so we won't have to use the gamepad all the time
6:i guess connecting the miiverse and friends into one app

but this this is just what i want



Zup said:

My wiimote batteries have always been rechargeable. I wasn't aware that they didn't come like that.



NESguy94 said:

My R.O.B. still works fine; it's never been taken apart and has no grinding gears. It would be cool to see anything like R.O.B.

I will probably buy a nice new battery for the Wii U that lasts longer. You might be able to buy OEM 8 hour batteries on ebay soon.



Nintendude789 said:

Heck yea! Better battery life on Wii U GamePad! I can play more Mario than ever... Well, I have the Wii U.



Williaint said:

I was going to get that "Spice" colour, but they only sold gross purple... I went with Black, and I've never seen a Purple GameCube... Or a White Wii U. I reckon I'll be seeing one, if they are 32GB...
A Great Price cut plan, to keep selling consoles during it's competitor's launch: Give the Wii U a NEW colour (Luigi Green), with "500GB" of internal memory, and keep the price the same, then drop the price of the 32GB model.

I'd like a better battery, from Nintendo, but hasn't Nyko said :

Which means Nyko's taking a little longer to release Wii U stuff, too...



Trikeboy said:

rechargeable wii remotes is old, I've had my unofficial charge dock for years now.



SwimyGreen said:

For a so called "wacky idea", I would choose a GameCube controller adapter. To me, making an adapter that works with the Wiimote or the Gampad is a no brainer. They immediately appease the Smash Bros experts and brings the Wii U one step closer to GC emulation. The only thing that could make me happer with the Wii U is a nonlinear 3D Mario game. Please make this Nintendo.



f_zul said:

They should include this new battery as a standart one, at least in deluxe edition. Then we're talking.



chiptoon said:

"Which of these (fictional) first-party Wii U offerings would you like the most?"

should definitely have had 'Games' on that list.

I joke because I care



andreoni79 said:

$ 40 for a single Wii Remote rechargeable battery and fast charger, when Nyko offers a double chargestation for $ 25... Good job Nintendo!!!



WaveBoy said:

I'd totaly go for the Rechargable Wii remote! Yet it would of been nice if Nintendo created their own wireless Nunchuck.



valcoholic said:

"Which of these (fictional) first-party Wii U offerings would you like the most?"

A gamepad with the better battery out of the box and a true 720p-screen



MegaWatts said:

I went with the 8GB Wii U after it dropped to £150. I agree with Tom that when the price difference between the Basic and Premium was only $50/£50, it just didn't represent good value for money.



GamerZack87 said:

So Nintendo's finally offering the Wii U improvements I've waited patiently to come to juicy fruition? Nice one!



FullbringIchigo said:

you know what would also be good for Nintendo to do, drop mandatory use of the touch screen for all games and include Pro Controllers in every SKU that way developers can't complain about the unconventional control system (that's the reason Square gave for no Wii U version of Tomb Raider)

they would get more third party support that way



SKTTR said:

I want a Jamaican-stripes-coloured Wii U GamePad XL 3D plus that better battery.



adrenochrome said:

i dont get why people are asking for more storage
here, the white wiiu is at 230€ and the first black is at 320€
what's the problem about getting a white wiiu for 230€ and adding a 1Tb 2.5" usb hd (which will cost less than 90€) ?



GiftedGimp said:

People often comment on lack of internal storage but I think Nintendo have done the right thing.
No having to buy a console specific hdd as the 360, no having to replace the hdd internally as the ps3, and with the WiiU you can connect 2 hdd's (or flash stick) to back up/transfer data for back up should you fill your HDD.
I brought the 32gb Premium WiiU and worked out after the fact I could of brought the 8gb white WiiU, 2tb HDD and Nintendo Land and WiiU starter Kit, consisting of WiiMote, Nunchuck and Sensor bar (everything you get with the 32gb premium WiiU except the extra gamepad stand but with a WiiMote & Nunchuck instead) for the about £20 more as the 32gb package on its own cost me... this was before all the special pricecuts some retailers have ran for WiiU. (Although I wouldn't of qualified for the premium reward scheme)
I just wish the Usb was 3.0 standard rather than 2.0.



DarkNinja9 said:

longer gamepad battery is a must like now -_- lowest brightness doesnt cut it

as for color would so be nice on the same purple color as the 3ds with majoras mask HD... ok yeah thats hoping to much but come on D=



TheRealThanos said:

To all who got it wrong: there is indeed no analogue on the Pro Controllers, as some other people have already said:
And to think that the GameCube controller not only had analogue triggers, but also an extra clickable button hidden underneath...

As for what's missing on the current Wii U:

  • The standard package should contain a better battery
  • Analogue triggers on all controllers of course
  • A scratch and smudge free surface
  • different color schemes would be nice, although for me no must-have
  • Add-on ram, such as the expansion pack on the N64 to shut up whiney 3rd party developers...

And that's about all I can come up with at the moment.
You could ask for better hardware/faster processors and so on, but that is unrealistic and will more than likely be destined for the successor to the Wii U.
People tend to forget quite a lot that this is Nintendo's first foray into HD and they are learning, just as we are, so patience and understanding, next to us supporting them is a given.



LavaTwilight said:

To be honest I'd love to see a DECENT game which can really make full use of a second gamepad... preferably at the same time a second gamepad is made available. A new Mario Party game should encourage it along or a sequel to NintendoLand... something that can really make use of it; and then let Nintendo do a damn fine job of making it a quality offering!



Moshugan said:

I predict the inevitable Classic Controller U, with analogue triggers, when Gamecube games are announced for the Virtual Console.



JJtheTexan said:

If Nintendo is never going to offer a price cut, they can make the Wii U a much more competitive value come Holiday 2013 by:

  • Providing the higher-capacity battery with the GamePad
  • Including a Wii Remote and Nunchuk, with the rechargeable battery installed
  • Increasing storage capacity to 500GB
  • Pack-in games: Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U

All that for $350, and now you've got a serious choice compared to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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